Ladies Who Lunch

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Annie and Lucy went to lunch weekly. It was guaranteed. Nothing disrupted it; no appointment, no date, no crisis was enough to postpone this lunch. Today was the day. They were meeting at a local pizza place, known for its great salad bar and quick service. They both worked and had busy lives, they just wanted to connect regularly.

They met Freshman year in college, that first day when everything was so exciting and overwhelming. They stood there, at registration, both wondering why they had left the security of home and family, wondering if they would ever be as assured as the upper classmen running the registration. When they bumped into each other in several lines, they finally laughed and introduced themselves. They spent the rest of the day together, braving the crowds as a team now, not just one lone lost girl. Mid-day, they found out they would be in the same dorm and took that as a sign also.

They were unlikely friends. Annie was short, small, quiet, shy. She had dark hair that she wore in a little cap. Her brown eyes were soulful. When amused, she giggled to herself. Her style of clothing was sedate, even then. She had come from a small family, with only one sibling, quite like herself. She was incredibly intelligent, but too shy to share her knowledge.

Lucy was so different. She was tall and full-figured. With flaming red hair and sparkling green eyes, she attracted every male who crossed her path. Her sense of humor was nearly over the top and her laugh boisterous. Her clothing style reflected her flamboyance, bright and hip and, very often, abbreviated. Her family was huge and she had fought for her place in it, loudly proclaiming her opinions and thoughts. She continued this practice at the dorm and in class. Lucy was the definition of gregarious.

As different as they were, they loved each other. They found in each other a soul mate of the best kind. There was nothing they couldn’t share, couldn’t talk through. By their second year, they were roommates and remained so until graduation. Then, as planned, they picked a city and moved there, together. It was decided they would live apart, because they were grown-ups now. But they remained incredibly close, sharing every secret in their young lives.

As expected, as they made other friends and frequently fell in and out of love, they drifted apart. Demands of their jobs also interfered. So, they set up the weekly lunch. It was a time when it was just them, no one else was ever invited. They sat together, over frequently untouched food, talking about the latest man or job strategy or family situation.

Annie was looking forward to lunch. She had some new clothes and wanted Lucy’s opinion of them. She had gone shopping over the weekend, spending all of her yearly bonus, going for a more grown up look. She had always admired Lucy’s style and wanted to change her own, become more striking.

She nearly spent all her bonus at the lingerie store in the mall. She hadn’t realized that underwear could be so much more than functional. She walked in wonder amid the beautiful colors and fabrics. Carrying armloads of gossamer items to the dressing room, she tried them all, almost unable to make a decision. She wanted them all!

She selected beautiful bras, in black and red and the palest peach. She picked panties, different styles and textures, which clung closely to her curves and made her feel sexy. Annie had never worn a garter belt before, and wanted one so badly. The saleslady helped her find one that fit perfectly, and made her legs look fantastic. She could have shopped here all day. The stack of items she had to have kept growing. It took great willpower to finally walk away, purchase just what she had and not keep looking for more.

Next, she went to a “cool” store, one Lucy might frequent. The clothes were so interesting, so remarkably not her. With the help of another friendly saleslady, Annie was able to put canlı bahis together a few outfits that weren’t too outrageous, but still perfectly different.

Today, for work, she had worn some of the new lingerie under a very sophisticated dress. The garter belt felt extremely naughty, with the sheer black hosiery clinging to her thighs, leaving bare skin above. She loved the black lace demi-bra also, pushing her breasts up and out, giving her enviable cleavage. She had even bought some very elegant heels, which made her legs look incredibly long and shapely.

Annie arrived at the restaurant a little early. During the summer and on weekends, the place was crawling with kids, vying for the video games. But on weekdays, it was an adult hangout, the only ‘kids’ at the machines wore ties and dress shirts. Today, as Annie sat at the table and waited for Lucy, she couldn’t help noticing the extremely handsome man skillfully winning at one of the machines. His hands moved confidently on the buttons, his long fingers nearly a blur of activity. He had dark hair, slightly gray at the temples, a blue dress shirt with a very busy tie, bright red and blue. His body was long and lean, the shirt sleeves rolled up to reveal tanned, well-developed forearms. He was totally enjoying the game. His eyes, a beautiful powder blue, were twinkling with the joy of playing. He laughed aloud occasionally, deeply involved in the challenge.

Maybe it was her new clothes, maybe it was just finally Annie’s turn to explore, but she stood and walked forward as if drawn to him. She stopped at the change machine and got a handful of quarters, then moved into the noisy play area. She picked the machine right next to the man. Standing there, looking at the screen, trying to decide exactly what was required, she glanced helplessly at him. She didn’t have to feign ignorance, she honestly had no idea how to play. The timing was perfect. He looked up just as she sent a silent plea for help.

Annie had never done something like this in her entire life. She rarely dated and most of the love adventures had been Lucy’s. Annie was slow and methodical in all aspects of life, including love. She had dated a few men, but always seriously, always with the understanding that this was a “relationship”, not a casual mating. But there was something about this man, something that appealed to her, made her want to spend time with him, get to know him. Even ‘casual’ sounded good, if it meant she could be in his company for awhile. Grinning, he walked over to her, leaning down to explain exactly what she needed to do. With his face near hers, she could smell “Obsession”, her favorite men’s cologne. It took her a moment to realize that he was explaining the theory of the game and some great strategies. Then he laughed out loud when he realized she didn’t even know how to make it start.

He began again, speaking slowly and demonstrating like an airline stewardess. “You need to insert your coins in here, then press the START button. The goal of the game is to reach the Galaxy far, far away with time to spare.” He continued to explain, punching buttons and shifting levers as he instructed her. Without thinking about it, he moved closer, finally standing behind her and reaching around her to play. She could sense his warmth, feel his body so close to hers. The scent of Obsession filled her head, making her heart pound with desire. God, she never did this! Annie felt him step closer and she could feel his arms against hers, feel his body wrapped around her as he played. The amazing thing was she could also feel his cock, pressing against her ass, demonstrating his interest in things other than space aliens.

Annie wanted the game to never be over. She wanted to stay here, cocooned by him, encased by him, forever. When the game ended with an explosion of colors and sounds, she could feel the laughter in his chest, he was that close. She turned and found bahis siteleri her face inches from his. It seemed so natural to kiss him, to let him kiss her. So they did. Now she turned fully, their bodies separated by the thinnest amount of air.

As they pulled apart from the extraordinary kiss, he spoke. “Hello. My name is David. I am obviously very pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Annie. Thank you for helping me with the game, I’m a bit techno-challenged.” She blushed and looked down. He touched her chin with his finger and lifted her face to his, once again kissing her very willing mouth. His tongue slipped out, washing her lips, tracing their fullness, flitting into the sensitive corners, making her breath catch. His fingers moved to her cheeks, caressing her and holding her in place. As if she could move!

He kissed her senseless. She was totally under his spell and he knew it. Rubbing against her, his erection pressed into her tummy, making her grow wet and ready. This was so unlike her! It was completely Lucy’s style, though. Oh, no! Lucy! Lucy would walk in any minute and take this man away! Not deliberately of course, but there was something about her that appealed to men, that just drew them in. When she arrived, attracting every eye in the restaurant, David wouldn’t even notice Annie here in his arms. He, too, would be caught up in Lucy’s web.

They continued to kiss, pressed together, moving together. Even deeply involved in a kiss, Annie knew the minute Lucy arrived. The air was different. The sounds were different. It was as if the people parted for her to enter, making way and paying tribute as she passed them. Annie braced herself to be released, discarded, forgotten. Lucy approached them, smiling.

“Hello, Annie! Who have we here? Will you introduce us?” she asked.

Annie was ready to become invisible. This was a story as old as their friendship. Usually, she didn’t mind, feeling that the spectacular Lucy deserved to shine. But not today, not with David. She really wanted him.

With a sigh, she pulled back from David and introduced them. Then, the most amazing thing happened, something that had never happened before. David looked at Lucy, smiled at her, then returned his gaze to Annie, holding her tightly. He kissed her again, deeply, then handed her his card, before releasing her for lunch. “Call me, Annie, this afternoon, when you get back to the office. I will be waiting for your call. Don’t disappoint me!”

While waiting for his order, David looked at her and winked. His own lunch date and Lucy might as well not have been there, he only had eyes for Annie. She found her own gaze drawn to him repeatedly, the memory of his lips on hers burned into her mind.

Finally, David walked over to the table and asked to speak to Annie privately. When he asked her to go outside with him, she quickly agreed. He left first, she followed. As she stepped out the door, he grabbed her and pulled her against his arousal, his hands already exploring her tiny body. She wanted him! Annie moaned into his mouth, pulling his tongue deeply into hers, sucking it, teasing it. Her nipples were hard against his chest, aching with the need for fondling. There was no privacy here, and they needed some desperately. David stepped back, taking her hand and pulling her to his car. It was clean, smelled fresh and had tinted windows. They settled in the back seat, attacking each other with renewed fervor. His fingers were everywhere and she encouraged them. Her mouth moved over his skin, down his neck, kissing and nipping a path of desire. She pulled open his shirt, leaning to suck on his nipplets, loving the soft groan he made. Her hands slipped in, embracing his warm, firm flesh, kneading his back and sides.

It wasn’t enough. She needed to feel the cock that had been teasing her. Her small hand fell into his lap, finding his engorged manhood and caressing it. His eyes closed and bahis şirketleri he groaned again.

His hands slipped under her breasts, cupping them, discovering the hardened nipples. He reached inside the dress, tracing the fullness of her, his fingers demanding. Now, it was Annie’s turn to moan and arch her back. The demi-bra left little hidden from him, and he explored her softness fully. He pinched her nipples, enjoying her reaction, enjoying her delight. He leaned down, placing his mouth on the sloping mounds, licking and tracing with his eager mouth. Annie continued to slump in the seat, until she was nearly lying beneath him. Her legs were open, her scent filled the car. Outside, people were arriving and leaving, car doors slamming, voices calling greetings and goodbyes. Inside, Annie and David were consumed with lust and need. Fingers reached all touchable areas, clothes were rearranged or removed completely.

When David finally slid his hand up her silky thigh, Annie sighed with pleasure. She willed him to find her curlies, her wet curlies, willed him to reach further, to find her swollen slit. Finally, when it seemed he would never touch her, she felt his fingers on her mound. Jumping, she pushed her hips against his searching hand, ground her aching pussy into him. His long fingers slid into her, finding her deepest pink and making it his new home. She loved the fullness, loved the rhythm he set up inside of her.

Her own hand continued to caress his cock. She attempted to open his belt and pants with one little hand, but wasn’t successful. Somehow, David was able to help her, able to remove the obstacles, allowing her to reach her desired goal. Finally, her hand wrapped around his dick. It was beautiful. Hard, hot, incredibly engorged and wet. She could trace the veins in the shaft, her fingers teasing.

Their mouths continued to dance together, tasting and learning the other. Annie loved kissing and was very good at it, making love to David’s mouth as her hand moved into his curlies and massaged his aching balls.

His wet fingers searched for her clit, finding it engorged and throbbing, tiny and powerful. He knew just how to touch her, just the right pressure and pattern. Now, she held her breath, waiting for the explosion that was imminent. Her legs tightened, her thighs slammed together, trapping his hand against her pussy. Her own hand moved faster on his cock, stroking up and down rapidly, enjoying the look of hooded passion in his eyes.

He watched her, judging her excitement, knowing she was close to coming. He continued his massage of her clit, occasionally dipping into her dripping pussy to gather more juices. Annie could barely breathe, and lost all consciousness of the busy traffic right outside the car door. She centered all her thoughts on the tiny tag of flesh under David’s fingers, the most sensitive area in her body. Now, she rushed toward orgasm, unable to stop. Unwilling to stop. He covered her mouth with his own, swallowing her cries of completion, continuing the massage of her hungry clit. Finally, her spasms slowed.

She became aware of him again, of his hard cock in her hand, of his need. She slid her palm over the head, gathering precome and massaging the shaft, picking up the same rhythm he had used. His hips thrust forward, meeting her strokes. His eyes glazed, his breathing was ragged. She felt him grow even larger and was unable to wrap her fingers completely around him. Then, he stilled for a moment, before emitting a guttural cry from deep in his chest. She felt his cock throb, felt the warm come cover her hand. She held him as he released his semen, held him as he began to breathe again.

Finally, he seemed to just melt against her, holding her close. He kissed her gently and completely.

Suddenly, Annie was aware of Lucy waiting for her, wondering where she had gone. They sat up, rearranging clothing, trying not to look too happy. Slipping from the car, they walked together into the restaurant. At her table, David kissed her one last time and squeezed her hand.

“Please call me, Annie. I would love to lunch with you again.”


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