Lady Aphrodite Ch. 02

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Ianthe held her breath as she was slowly retreating from the living room to upstairs. Her hands were shaking. She felt dizzy. Slowly she snuck back to her bedroom and sat on the bed. She had to face the reality – her daughter and son just kissed with great passion in the living room not being bothered if they got caught.

She was thinking “How did Ami manage to pull that off?”, “Am I standing a chance with a younger girl?”, “Should I try to wreck their relationship?”.

Next, she started scolding herself for having such thoughts.

She dropped helplessly onto the bed thinking about the times when the kids were little.

Her first big orgasm. That memory sends chills down her spine. No one has ever told her she will be able to climax during breastfeeding. She felt terrible about it. But it was coming back to her as she watched her children grow. She has this thought always in her head.

For years Ianthe developed traditions with her kids. Cleaning the house, going to bed, cooking, and having fun – all had the element of familiarity to them. That may sound boring, but there will be a time for “thrill in their lives” thought Ianthe.

When kids were smaller since they always knew that for example, if it’s Friday, they will have ice cream for dessert, or it’s Sunday, so it is the family movie evening. It felt safe and kept the little minds busy with the next “pretty-much-every-week” activity. The stability of family life gave them space to develop and grow.

The tradition that shaped them as adults was of a different sort. And Ianthe wasn’t the one who came up with the idea.

Ever since Jack was little he wanted to make his mum and sister feel special. He was making things for them, learning poems to recite to them and reading them books when either one was sick or sad. They both were his favourite people, and he wanted to protect them.

Very early, Jack requested that he wants to take them both to a restaurant for a date. He was a very stubborn 5-year-old who didn’t take no for an answer.

That is how they bursa escort started going out. All three of them. Of course, not every week and not all three, but that was a special thing they did.

That was the moment when she understood she could fall in love with this kind of protector.

When Amalthea was spending her afternoon with her friend at sleepovers, Jack would stay up late with his mum. Some other time, she was taking Amalthea out for fun and shopping topped up with ice creams while Jack was at his friends’.

The late afternoon outings turned into evenings at restaurants as kids grew up.

It was a magical time for all of them – just joking, talking, and enjoying each other’s company.

As Ianthe was laying on her back and remembering her children being teased by her, she wondered when this whole kissing could have started.

She remembered the latest signal she ignored.

It was when the kids turned 18, they all went to a new Italian restaurant to celebrate. The waiter was a very talkative person, who liked to joke with the customers.

When they sat at the table – Jack was next to his sister and both were across the table from their mother.

After a short moment waiter showed up.

Jack’s heart raced and his head spun, when a waiter suggested that Ianthe is a chaperone looking after the young couple.

– Aren’t they too old for this? – waiter joked winking at Ianthe – They are young and clearly in love. You should let them live through their feelings, let them kiss, hug and do whatever they feel like doing.

We all laughed, but Amalthea accepted the challenge.

– But my mum doesn’t mind anyway. – She pressed her body against Jack’s. She turned his face with her hand and kissed him on the cheek and wrapped her hands around him. She caught him off guard.

– You see, I need to look after them. They’d hump each other like bunnies if we weren’t looking. – They both chuckled.

Meanwhile, Amalthea’s lips moved closer to Jack’s ear and kept kissing. He put his hand on Amalthea’s knee.

bursa escort bayan That’s just a kiss. Isn’t it?… – She whispered.

Jack smiled at the waiter and his mum and turned his head so that their mouth met in a shy, hasty smacker on the lips.

Ianthe looked at them feeling that she should stop them, but she was so mesmerised by the beauty of the scene, that she didn’t. She started realising that she wanted them to carry on.

Amalthea was a bigger tease than Ianthe thought. She broke the kiss and looked at her mother with an innocent look on her face.

– You shouldn’t worry mum, Jack and I aren’t ready for it yet. – Her voice was sweet and soft.

– I know. I am sorry. You two are an amazing couple indeed. – Ianthe pierced them both with her gaze as she said that.

– Ow, thank you. – Jack took a deep breath and continued. – I guess that we are ready to order, honey?

Jack turned to Amalthea and put his left hand around her waist. To his surprise, his sister purred gently. As he moved his hand down below her waist it disappeared under the tablecloth to rest on her hip.

– Yes, we are. – Amalthea said looking him in the eye with the kind of spark he has never seen before.

Ianthe asked for recommendations and they ordered different types of pasta.

The waiter was gone with the order.

– You look good together. – Ianthe sighed with a dreamy look. – But I must ask you… – she lowered her voice – to slow down until we are back home, OK?

Their quick, deep breaths indicated to Ianthe that she managed to intervene at the very last moment, although she also felt aroused by the prospect of reaching for the forbidden fruit.

They ate the delicious Italian food and kept teasing each other until they were home. After that, she has never seen them in a similar situation.

Until now.

Ianthe got up from bed and took off her clothes.

She went to her en suite bathroom to take a shower.

She couldn’t stop thinking about her children.

Her thoughts went to fantasy land. She closed escort bursa her eyes letting the warm water run down her body.

Ianthe was imagining Jack reaching his hand to her as Amalthea kissed his neck.

She would sit behind her daughter and kiss her son.

He would hold his hand on her waist while she’d hold Amalthea’s breast.

Ianthe’s lips would meet his. He’d move his strong arm along her side to hold her face still and he’d unleash his hunger, his desire upon her. He’d force his tongue deep into her mouth not letting her protest.

– Oh, Jack. – Ianthe said.

Her hand was stimulating her clit in a frantic movement. As she was getting there, she admitted to herself that she wants Jack to take her. S|he wanted his strong body to slap against hers.

Ianthe put her left hand over her mouth to silence her moans.

She didn’t want to be heard.

She didn’t want Jack to hear her moan his name.

The waves of pleasure took over her body.

Ianthe dropped to her knees. The water was running down her face. On all fours, she reached out from the shower and opened the drawer.

In the back of it was a tucked-away toy.

It was a dildo.

She washed it hastily and placed it on the floor.

She was lowering herself on the silicone cock with her eyes closed.

She was still imagining.

She was thinking about the moans Jack’d give her when she does that to him.

She was thinking about his hands on her body.

She was thinking about his cock being pushed to where it came from.

Ianthe struggled to face her desire at first.

After every pleasurable image, she’d scold herself.

But the image of Jack’s and Amalthea’s faces pressed together in the passionate kiss made her let go.

She felt the floodgates of pleasure, desire and love being opened. She was drowning in love.

– Oh, Ami! – She moaned softly. – I don’t want to take him away from you. I want to be part of this.

Ianthe was now imagining her Amalthea.

Her daughter’s face was next to hers. They’d kiss while her hands were exploring Amalthea’s pussy.

Ianthe came again.

For the first time, however, she didn’t feel bad about her desires. She felt born again.

She just had to figure out how to make her fantasy real.

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