Lady Arianne’s Domain

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Laying in the hospital bed, Jess thought back to when she had first met her Mistress, she remembered the day as if it were yesterday…

Walking up the walkway through the gardens up to the castle’s door, Jess felt a slight apprehension and nervousness tingle up her spine. Before she had decided to come here, she had gone out and bought what she felt to be more appropriate attire for why she was coming here, rather than her normal dressy, business-like attire. After searching several stores, she had finally settled on a black leather corset top and skirt that laced up, as well as a new pair of stiletto heels. To top it off, she had purchased a black velvet choker. Feeling confident that her new apparel was more fit for her circumstances, Jess had left for the castle promptly; she didn’t want to keep the head Mistress waiting.

On her way from her car to the door she took in her surroundings, looking around at the beautiful gardens and felt a calmness settle over her. The gravel walkway made crunching sounds beneath her stiletto heels as she walked up the rocky path to the door. Stepping up the stairs, Jess gently knocked on the door. Almost immediately the door opened, and there stood an extremely beautiful Woman, who no doubt, must be the Head Mistress. She stood confidently with a warm, greeting smile and ushered her inside.

“Hello, you must be Jess. I am Lady Arianne, I am the Grande Mistress here. Welcome to My Domain. Please, Come in.”

“Thank You. I appreciate You making time to see me on such short notice.” Jess said as she marveled in Her beauty and grace. She seemed to move in fluid, feline movements, graceful and confident in every stride She made.

“Not a problem, My dear. Come, follow Me.”

Jess promptly followed Lady Arianne through the doorway and gazed at the exquisite interior of the castle as she followed Her to what was obviously Her office.

“Take a seat. Would you like some tea?” She said as She sat gracefully in the chair across the table from her, crossing Her long exquisite legs tantalizingly.

“Sure. Thank You.” Jess managed to mutter.

As if beckoned by a silent cue, in walked a girl with a serving tray with tea, cream and sugar, and two china tea cups. Jess did her best not to stare at the girl in awe, as she was completely nude except for a leather collar, ankle bracelets and a chain that went from one nipple to the other.

After the girl poured T/their tea she quietly left the room, but not before being excused by Lady Arianne. Once she had left and shut the door, Arianne gazed at Jess and smiled before beginning Her conversation.

“Thanks, again,”

“you’re welcome. I like a bit of civility before dark…when all the needly little slaves show up.” She took a sip of Her tea before continuing. “I can read anyone who walks through this door, and know their desires–sometimes even before they do. Why do you think I selected china and table linens?”

“You like fine things, I suppose.”

Lady Arianne smiled. “Or maybe I knew you’d like them. Same way I know you enjoy most of the superficial trappings of civilization.”

“I’m that obvious, huh?” Jess teased, though felt slightly unnerved that she had just met this Woman and already She seemed to know things about her that even her friends didn’t know.

“Only because you try not to be. you spend your life uncovering what goes on beneath the surface of civility and acceptable behavior. So it’s a release for you to indulge in something like high tea when it seems, if only for a moment, the world really is civilized.”

Jess was taken aback by how exactly She had nailed how she felt. It was like She could read her inner thoughts and feelings like an open book. she just sat silently listening as She continued.

“The most telling thing about anyone is what scares them.” She slightly leaned forward and lowered Her voice as She continued. “And I know what you fear more that anything, Jess.”

Curious as to how She seemed to know all these things about her, Jess prompted Her to continue. “Which is?”

“Being known. you can’t accept that I might know what you really desire, because that would mean that I know you. Something, for whatever reason, you spend your entire life making sure no one does.”

“Lady Arianne, You can tell a great deal about people, how You can read me like an open book after having just met me, I’ll never know.”

“You can only control those as well as You can read them.” She smiled. “More tea?” Lady Arianne asked, smiling at how well She could read her, and noticed how that seemed to unnerve her.

“No thank You, I’m fine.”

“Alright. Now then, back to the business at hand. you came here in search for answers. What I offer here is a chance for submission or control, whichever is required. Sometimes a client doesn’t know what she wants until I show her, though i know exactly what you need. you crave to be Dominated, even as Dominant as you may try to be, you have inside you a submissive desire, one that I can see clearly.”

Jess blushed, feeling naked before Her, casino oyna by how well She could see her inner self. No matter what part she played publicly, she sensed She would always be able to see through the facade and see who she really was inside. The thought of that terrified her; to be known, meant you could be hurt, used, cast aside and forgotten. Something she had promised herself she wouldn’t allow to happen again.

“I profit from the theatrics of pleasure, allowing people to play out their fantasies. Something I could easily do with you.”

Jess bit her lower lip nervously. “You seem to see right through me, and see my inner thoughts.”

“Do you like My lipstick?”

“Why?” Jess asked, taken aback from Her question.

“you’ve been staring at My lips.” Lady Arianne said, Her lips curling into a deviant smile.

“You have lovely lips.”

Lady Arianne stood and closed the distance between T/them and pulled her from her seat, bringing her close and looked into her widened sapphire eyes. “you keep Me in proximity when I walk away and when I’m close, you watch My lips. Are you losing your hearing?”

“I’m losing my balance.” Jess managed to whisper as her body became more and more aware of the closeness of Her body to hers.

“your sense of self?”

“No. I know who I am.”

“Do you?” She questioned, feeling Jess’s slight hesitation and hearing her own disbelief in her voice.

“Yes, I do.” Before she could stop herself, Jess gently caressed Her cheek and inched closer. she didn’t know what was coming over herself, she just had the sudden urge to touch Her. “You can always say stop.”

“So can you.” She whispered hotly in her ear and pulled her closer.

Jess felt her knees weaken and her pulse quicken as Her lips locked over hers; Her tongue pressed her lips, demanding entry. Opening her mouth, she offered to Her all of herself, even in just that one kiss, Jess could sense She had even more control over her, and that scared her. Trepidation surged throughout her sense. Startled at how easily She had clouded her mind, Jess frantically pulled back.

“I’m…I’m sorry, I…I…”

“I think I just heard you say ‘stop.'” Arianne said, feeling disappointed.

Gathering her senses Jess rushed toward the door, but something inside her cursed herself for running away. she turned as she got to the doorway and faced Her. “I’m terribly sorry, but I must go.”

Lady Arianne nodded. “you’re dismissed, but you will be back.”

Jess nodded silently then walked out the doorway and headed back toward the main door. Stepping out into the warm evening, she felt the breeze graze over her exposed skin and let out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.

Rushing to her car, Jess almost stumbled on the gravel path in her stiletto heels. “Damn!” she cursed under her breath as she tripped. Collecting herself, she slowed her pace and got into her car, not taking her precious time before driving away.

It had made her terribly nervous that She had known so much about her, when she did her best to keep herself unknown, so as not to get hurt again. What scared her even more, was that deep down, she liked being known by Her.

There was just something about Her, she couldn’t quite place what it was, exactly, but whatever it was she secretly desired it, wanted it, needed it more than anything. And that terrified her.

Needing to clear her thoughts, Jess decided to go and take a steamy, luxurious bubble bath to ease her tensions. Stepping into her bathroom, she closed the door and began to undress, letting her newly acquired clothing to fall carelessly to the floor. Reaching behind her head, she unclasped her hair, letting her long silken raven locks cascade across her shoulders, breasts and back, the darkness of her tresses contrasting with her alabaster flesh; her skin had a porcelain, almost flawless appeal to it. her ivory skin and ebony locks really made her sapphire eyes stand out, the slight flush to her cheeks enhancing them even more, giving herself an almost angelic quality. Innocent. Virginal.

Jess walked quietly over to the sunken-in garden tub and started her water, adjusting the temperature before adding her milky bubble bath, Julep oil, and rose petals for added beauty and serenity. After she had her bath started, she grabbed a towel down from the cupboard and set it down on the counter beside her CD player.

Turning it on, Jess inserted her relaxation disc and put it on one of her favorite classical pieces to relax to, Johann Sebastian Bach’s Overture No. 3 in D major, and selected repeat before walking back over to the tub.

With the tub nearly full, she turned off the steamy water and gingerly slipped into the water slowly, as to allow her body to get used to the temperature of her bath. Easing back, Jess rested her head on the back of the tub, relaxing in the water as she closed her eyes and allowed her mind and thoughts to drift away as she listened to the music playing softly in the distance.

Jess let out a soft sigh of contentment. This is what canlı casino she loved most about her home, the large garden tub, it was her own little oasis, a haven, her place to go and escape the world’s atrocities and just be herself and not have to worry about anything. Save, maybe the water getting cold.

After soaking for a good thirty minutes the water turned tepid and Jess released the plug, allowing the water to drain as she slowly eased herself up to stand. As she stood, the milky water cascaded across her skin, almost blending with her alabaster complexion, the crimson rose petals adding color to montage. Jess reached for her towel and began to pat herself dry before stepping out of the tub.

Wringing out her long raven locks, she quickly twisted her hair back and clasped it in place. Hanging up her towel, Jess reached and picked up her discarded clothing before turning her music off and heading for the door.

As she opened the bathroom door she was welcomed by the cool breeze coming in from her hall window she had cracked open when she got home. Slightly shivering, she walked down the hall to her bedroom and placed her laundry in her laundry basket before walking to her closet to pick out something to wear.

Seeing as how she lived alone, she decided on her red lace and silk chemise negligee. With the lace on the top portion of the negligee, her alabaster skin showed through adding contrast, and the satin of the chemise flattered her curves, hugging her in all the right places. she loved the way the cool silk glided over her fevered flesh, sending small waves of pleasure coursing through her. The sensations of the satin caressing her skin sent feelings of wild eroticism flowing throughout her senses.

Jess pulled down the satin sheets of her four-poster bed and turned on her small lamp on the bedside table before turning off the main light and curling up on the bed. she gently lay back, her raven locks splayed across her pillow in a sensuous disarray as she closed her eyes and though of Lady Arianne. She was utterly beautiful in every sense, a Goddess in modern times.

she imagined Her here with her, in her room, her bed, the thought of the latter caused her panties to dampen. she envisioned Her standing here, with Her raven hair smoothed back, her beautiful complexion radiating, Her lips painted a crimson red and pursed into a delectable pout as Her eyes, ablaze with lust, desire, and ravenous hunger swept over her body, spread like a wanton feast before Her.

Jess licked her lips and felt her breathing quicken as her fantasy continued. she was lying there bound; her wrists in manacles and stretched out toward the posts of her four-poster bed, her ankles in fetters, also spread wide and attached to the posts of her bed.

“Mmm, you look like a delicious feast, prey. I shall enjoy ravishing you.” Arianne said as a grin danced across Her face as She glided forward and took Her crop in hand. She allowed the crop to skim across her flesh, enjoying her body’s responses. She smiled when Jess’s body involuntarily arched and writhed as She ran the crop across her breasts and administered a sharp thwack to her nipples. Immediately her nipples hardened and she moaned softly, her back arching from the mattress.

“Thank You, Mistress,” she softly moaned.

Stepping closer to Her prey, She removed Her long cloak and draped it across her dresser, revealing that She wore only a leather corset which began just under Her breasts, allowing them to rest freely over the leather, and ended just at Her waistline. She had the most beautiful breasts that she had ever seen, Her entire body was beautiful and perfect, enough to make Aphrodite Herself jealous with envy. Jess licked her lips in anticipation, she wanted Her to use her, to take her, to take all of her and make her Hers.

Easing up unto the mattress, Arianne pulled out a long crimson satin scarf. Jess’s eyes widened slightly, curious as to what use She would find for the scarf. Straddling her waist, She trailed Her hand slowly over her ribs and over her breasts to her neck, raising her head slightly as She placed the scarf beneath her, and crossed it over her neck so that it went all the way around her neck once, but still was long enough for Her to wrap around Her hands and have slack when She wasn’t pulling it taut. Jess looked at Her wide-eyed, not sure of what She’d do next.

“I am using this satin scarf as a garrote, bitch. It is used to control your breathing, which will heighten the experience for Me. you will breath when I allow you to breath.”

“Yes Mistress.” Jess whispered softly.

Lady Arianne wound the scarf around Her hands and pulled slightly, letting her get a taste of the power She held. Slowly, She licked a hot, wet trail across her neck and collarbone, feeling her pulse pound beneath the surface of her flesh. Jess felt as though her blood was boiling as the heat within her mounted and she could feel the definite moisture growing between her thighs, her arousing scent wafting through the air.

She raised up and sampled the air, Her nostrils kaçak casino twitched slightly, then relaxed. “Mmm, it is enjoying this…I can smell it’s feminine musk from here, bitch.”

Jess let out a soft whimper and arched up, aching for Her to touch her. “Please, take me, make me Yours.”

“Oh you will be Mine, that is for certain. your ass, cunt, all of you will be Mine. you will serve Me until death, whore.” She commanded as She lowered Herself so that She was resting on Her stomach between her thighs. Her eyes burned into hers as She intertwined Her fingers on the waistband of her panties, the scant silk barrier that hid Her prize. With a quick pull, She ripped her panties from her body and smiled when she gazed upon the shaved mons of Her prey, just how She required. “Good girl, you’re shaved.” No sooner had the words left Her lips, She dove between her thighs and started licking her vulva, taking her folds into Her mouth, tasting her sweetness on Her tongue. Mmm, she tasted so sweet, She gloried in the honey She found there. Her own excitement mounted and She relaxed Her jaw and allowed Her incisors to come down from the roof of Her mouth, She was going to enjoy this slut.

In a single bite, Her canines sliced the soft flesh of her inner thigh and Her anticoagulant and anesthetic saliva flowed over the wound as the slut’s blood came to the surface and flowed across Her tongue. ‘Mmmm…Fuckkk…’ She thought as She sampled her, not only did she taste sweet, she also tasted pure. A taste She lavished like it was ambrosia.

She raised Her head and looked at Her wanton bitch lying there smiling at Her, her mind foggy.

She smiled back at Her prey and returned to her luscious little cunt, flicking Her tongue over her clitoris. She worked a finger inside the bitch’s gash and started to slowly finger-fuck her as She continued to lap at her cunt, enjoying her taste.

Jess moaned and arched under Her touch, sensations flooding inside her, it felt so good, she didn’t know how much more she could take before losing control. Arianne raised Her eyes meeting Her prey’s from between her thighs, She smiled and allowed a hint of fangs to be visible to the bitch. She continued to stroke Her finger, going deeper inside her sex with each thrust. The slut was Hers, now and eternally. Wanting to savor the bitch’s taste again, She lapped Her tongue over her delicious clit, and began sucking, rolling it between Her lips.

Jess gasped and her body tensed and she arched up, her back raising from the mattress, feeling her orgasm within reach. she began thrashing her head from side to side, her fists twisting in the satin sheets as She relentlessly sucked her clitoris.

She could feel her body tensing and knew her orgasm was close as She slipped in another finger into her cunt and smiled as her muscles clenched Her fingers. She increased the tempo even faster and pushed harder and deeper into the bitch’s gash, as She sucked on her clit.

Jess cried out, a throaty moan, almost animal-like ripped from her chest as her climax flooded her senses. her thighs trembled, her body shook as she fisted the satin sheets, arching under Her skillful fingers and tongue.

Arianne pierced her femoral artery with both incisors and released Her poison. Her poison surged throughout her bloodstream like fire in her veins. The heat rising and centering on her cunt, turning her from her naive self into Her wanton bitch to serve Her. Jess moaned feeling Her poison surging through her and looked at Her with passion-filled, sapphire eyes, she was ready to serve Her.

She smiled at Her transformation slave and released Her prey from her restraints, allowing her to come to Her. Jess came to Her and took Her nipple into her mouth, suckling intently, and was overcome by the powerfully erotic taste of Her in her mouth. she slowly trailed her hand down Her side, across Her thigh and cupped Her sex and entered two fingers inside Her, and moaned softly against Her breast when she felt how hot and wet She was.

Arianne raised Her bitch from Her breast by her hair and commanded her to fist fuck Her. Doing as she was told, she put her fingers together and slid her hand, up to her wrist, deep inside Her. she worked her hand in and out of her slowly and carefully. She smiled at Her prey, reassuring her.

Jess smiled back, she loved how She thrashed back and forth and moaned in pleasure. Reassured by Her smile and obvious enjoyment, she went back to suckling Her breast, nibbling and slightly pulling on Her nipple as she continued to move her fist rhythmically in and out of Her.

Arianne threw back Her head and let Her gaze dwell on the canopy of Her bitch’s four-poster bed, as She underwent the profoundest experience of ecstasy She had ever encountered. She had attained that supreme degree of sensibility where the divine intimations of pleasure merged with the impassioned sensuality of emotion. She felt the numbness climbing Her legs as the sublime mixture of pleasure and pain from Her prey’s nibbling of Her nipple and the intense inner fire from her fist fucking surged through Her. She pulled Her bitch closer and moved her head to the side, seeing her vein pulsing, She closed Her mouth over her neck and bit down, piercing deep into Her prey’s soft neck and fed as She orgasmed.

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