Lady Belinda’s Awakening

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(Those readers who have read Lady Belinda will know how she lost her virginity in a rape whilst at college by Oxford undergraduates and how her interest in sex was rekindled by Johnnie, a theatre director, in the back of her Merc. Her friend Lois had confessed her interest in the guy and Bel decided to do her a favour.)

Belinda couldn’t remember when she first fancied studying and fondling the body of her friend, Lois. Certainly, Lois is very beautiful – almost too beautiful, in a way. With a perfect oval face, large turquoise eyes, she closely resembled Audrey Hepburn’s look of pure innocence, a flawless skin and bone structure. Excellent figure. Belinda herself was not exactly plain, but her pale looks were more down-to-earth. A blonde version of Nigella Lawson, perhaps. Her face was rather more square, with eyes a moist pale brown, her nose a tad too long, with a wide mouth and fairly thin lips. She had a smooth skin, a good figure, and always dressed elegantly, though sensibly, but Lois always managed to look like a model. Tall, slender and stylish.

In fact Lois really was a model in her way. She was a dress designer of some merit and, several years earlier, had been commissioned by Belinda to design her wedding dress. She now ran a very successful design house, dressing many of the aristocracy. Of course, being chosen by Belinda, the future Duchess, for her wedding outfit had given her seal of approval and introduced her to many other high society clients. Lois had done well out of it. The sumptuous city apartment they were now sitting in was evidence of that.

It was during that period of seemingly unending fittings that the two women had become close friends, and Lois became Belinda’s confidante, a relationship that had lasted. Lois discovered that the future Duchess was a normal woman with normal, naughty feminine interests. Other society friends were part of the circle, all of whom indulged in their passion for the stage by becoming members of the local theatre group. Indeed, Penny had been a professional actor until she married a very wealthy twit, whilst Jean was a college friend who now controlled her own family estate. They all loved to tittle-tattle about other people and men in particular. As secretary of the theatre group, Belinda heard much gossip.

There had never been any physical relationships between the women, though they shared a feminine interest in things sexual. For Belinda, fancying Lois wasn’t a feeling that had suddenly come over her. Not at all. It had crept up on her but it was only now, when she looked across the coffee table at her friend, chatting about a mutual friend, Johnnie, that she found herself wondering what a lover she might make. She studied Lois’s sensuous mouth with lips that seemed to be begging to be kissed, her mysterious eyes and flawless skin. Would her vulva reflect her facial qualities? She had often wondered in a casual way. There had never been any sexual pull between them, though they shared their sexual intimacies.

Of course, during fittings of intimate clothing, Lois had touched Belinda’s body in several private places, with a suggestion of sensuality at times, Belinda thought, but all in the line of professional work. There was no question of getting turned on. Lois knew a lot about her client’s figure.

In fact, Belinda had a low sex drive. Not that this had always been so, but in the last few years other interests had taken precedence. Her husband, the Duke, had married her for her elegant beauty and social standing more than anything else, and certainly sex between them had not been too satisfactory. John had a whopping big cock for a start, which did not suit Belinda at all. Some women claimed size was everything. But not Belinda. It hurt during intercourse.

She was not a virgin when she married. She had been raped whilst at college in Oxford by a couple of undergraduates, which left her with little respect for the male sex. Her wedding night was uncomfortable, spent trying to keep her husband’s monster cock from full penetration. On the occasion that she failed, with his enthusiastic thrusting, he had torn her fourchette. It was very painful and took some time to heal! But she was already pregnant and used that as an excuse for abstinence.

After their son and heir was born, the Duke was discouraged from having intercourse with her, and encouraged to find his sexual satisfaction elsewhere. Belinda contented herself with occasional masturbation when the need arose. But now in her late thirties, she was aware of a growing interest in sexual matters. She was masturbating more than usual and found herself looking at men with a heightened sexual curiosity.

Right now, Lois was telling Belinda how jealous she was when she heard the details of Belinda’s lovemaking with Johnnie. Belinda had known for some time that Lois had fancied Johnnie, so lost no time in sharing her experience with her. In fact it was their friend Jean who had first whetted Belinda’s appetite for him, telling her that he had claimed to have made love to all the eligible women in the theatrical group. Well, he hadn’t approached casino siteleri Lois, nor had he even made a pass at Belinda, much to her dismay, so she determined to do the reverse. And she did! It was a really memorable adventure ending with an out-of-this-world orgasm to complete the renewal of her interest in sexual activity. She realised what she had been missing all these years!

Perhaps it was the talk of seducing Johnnie that brought the possibility of caressing Lois’s body into Belinda’s mind. It was true that she had shared with Lois details of her love making with Johnnie. In fact, it was she who had engineered the encounter on the back seat of her Mercedes, during an after-show party in the large house of the group’s chairman. Fully aware that it was the chairman, amongst several others, whose ambition was to get into Belinda’s knickers, it was Johnnie who actually did. It was Belinda who had put him there. She thought it would be very sexy indeed, to place that same cock into Lois’ welcoming vagina. So she set to work to arrange the event.

‘I started by letting Johnnie grope me whilst sitting on the arm of his chair. It was so thrilling, with all those others around.’

‘Grope? You mean between the legs?’

‘Of course! Where else?’

‘That’s not very becoming of a Duchess, behaving like a common slut.’

‘Don’t you believe it! We can all be sluts deep down! Don’t you agree? Even a Royal Princess can let a footballer score between her goal posts, and have a polo player ride her bareback. She really was a royal slut! Couldn’t get enough cock, I was told – in confidence of course!’

‘And all over the tabloids!’

‘Exactly! So I can perform with a theatre director, can’t I? A handsome one at that! Discreetly! Anyway, no one would possibly imagine it of me would they? The duchess having her soaking wet pussy groped in public!’

‘God, no! You are the image of uprightness – staidness and charm personified!’

‘That’s the public image expected of me. I do have a lot of public engagements to perform darling. It would never do for them to snigger behind my back at these dos.’

‘No, of course not, darling! But you mean nobody noticed? Him with his hand up your dress. Not very chic, my dear. Where was his wife, anyway?’

‘Charity was being groped in the dark, under the staircase!’ she laughed, ‘whilst discreetly tossing off her partner.’

‘And that’s a very sensitive place to be groped! Sounds like a sex orgy.’

‘For one or two, yes. Anyway, like the princess, Charity is fairly free with her favours. Hey, all this talk of sex is turning me on, Lois! Stop it at once!’ Belinda laughed, teasing her friend.

‘It’s you who’s doing all the talking!’

‘Anyway, I confessed to him that it was you who really fancied him. I was just trying him out first!’

‘Really, darling. That wasn’t kind!’ But Lois was curious! ‘What did he say?’

‘Nothing. He was too busy suckling my nipples.’

‘I’m green, darling! Green!’

‘I know. And I’m getting turned on. Must be the memory of that lovely cock.”

‘Well, you can always masturbate, darling. There’s no-one here to stop you!’

‘Ah! I’m not sure a public display is my cup of tea,’ she smiled. But realised with surprise that she wouldn’t really mind at all, in front of Lois. The thought of doing so both astonished and thrilled her. Could she actually be interested in masturbating, or even making love with Lois? What she didn’t realise was that Lois was making a pass at her, trying to encourage her to expose herself. Lois fancied Belinda. She was a bisexual at heart. Although she loved to feel a good stiff cock inside her, another woman was rather more subtle in matters of sex.

‘Hardly public, darling. This is my drawing room, for goodness sake. Besides, you can’t go through the rest of the day feeling frustrated. Get it out of your system. In fact, you’re turning me on, as well.’

Belinda laughed in disbelief. ‘Are you a regular masturbator, then? Do you realise, Lois, that in all these years the two of us have never discussed masturbation. Well, not in detail.’

Lois laughed. ‘Too busy talking about the real thing! Besides, I thought you’d be embarrassed.’

‘Embarrassed? Me? Well … I don’t usually discuss such intimate details, that’s true. But I’ve never really thought of you doing it to yourself.’ She looked Lois in the eyes. ‘Do you do it?’

‘Oh, when there’s nobody suitable around, I have no choice. And a beautiful body like mine needs constant attention. What about you, darling? You have your husband, of course.’

‘No dice! Haven’t had sex with him for years. Finished shortly after I gave him his son and heir. John has his mistresses, of course. No shortage of offers I believe. But not me. But I do need the odd orgasm now and then. Too risky having lovers. Oh! Johnnie was just a flash in the pan. Very pleasant – but a flash.’

‘I wouldn’t mind him flashing in my pan.’

‘Never actually thought of you as a sexy sort … apart from the usual gossip. You look far too innocent.’

‘We’re all sexy slot oyna sorts under the right circumstances. You obviously don’t know me as well as you thought!’

Belinda realised with surprise that her vulva was decidedly leaking. She could feel her pants filling up! And, in some embarrassment, she wondered if Lois was in the same condition. It amazed to realise that she wouldn’t mind finding for herself. She’d really love to press her fingers between her friend’s thighs and feel her. But Lois anticipated her questioning.

‘Darling, I’m wet through! Do you think I should phone Johnnie and ask him round straight away?’

Belinda laughed at the thought. ‘He could make love to us both! I’m soaking as well. Why don’t we arrange a coffee morning for him, you and me?’

‘A you fuckoffee morning?’ They laughed.

‘And we’ll ask Jean, and his old flame, Penny? I’m sure she’d be game for a bit of fun.’

‘Four to one?’

‘Then you can join the club.’

‘Club? What club is that?’

‘The Johnnie-fucked-me club.’

Lois laughed. ‘Why not? I’ll tell you what! We’ll have a lingerie party. He’d like that.’

Lois opened her dress to display her underwear. A white silk halter bra with matching French knickers trimmed with the finest Brussels lace. Hooking her thumbs into the top of her knickers, she eased them down her long legs before stepping out of them. She faced Belinda with a smile, swinging her hips first right, then left, in the manner of a model, to show off her narrow waist and broad hips. Belinda was rather taken aback by the mass of dark pubic hair that spread down her inner thighs and peaked up as far as to her navel. No good for a bikini unless you’re an exhibitionist, Belinda thought.

‘Do you think he’ll approve?’ Lois asked.

Belinda swallowed hard as she watched her friend unhook her bra and whisk it away to allow the full-cream breasts to fall forward, showing the wrinkly brown areolas, each with a circle of several goose-pimples round the perimeter and dark hazelnut nipples. Lois ran her hands over her pear-shaped breasts in a sexy, provocative manner, lightly rubbing the teats. Belinda’s imagination ran riot. She speculated on what Lois’s vulva looked like. Her eyes were drawn to the loins. The hair was so thick that the lips of her vulva were completely hidden within the curls. But not the stands of starchy liquid that had seeped onto them, evidence of her aroused state.

‘I’m sure he will,’ Belinda muttered after taking in the gorgeous vision. ‘And he’s not the only one!’

Lois moved towards Belinda, speaking in a low husky voice. ‘I am Aphrodite, darling, the Goddess of love and desire. Within me is my dark secret, the shrine of desire and the altar of love at which man may worship.’

As she whispered the words, murmuring with pleasure, she ran one hand over her flat belly, her swollen groin, over the clitoral hood and between the slick lips below, before her fingers parted the labia, the middle finger slipping into her vagina, giving her a sensual flick in the loins. Removing her finger, now coated with her juices, she laughed lightly, pursed her lips and put the finger between them. Unable to prevent herself, Belinda put her arms round her friend’s narrow waist and gently raised her face to kiss the full nipples, one after the other. She rolled her lips round them, revelling in the feel of those hard marbles in her mouth.

‘What about your lingerie, darling?’ Lois breathed softly. ‘I imagine that you too have a delicious shrine hidden within those milky thighs. Trickling with the honeyed lava of desire. Our bodies were intended by nature to be attractive – to be worshipped – to be penetrated by man’s cock. Often. We should pamper ourselves, darling. Let’s see.’

Lois put her arms round Belinda, kissing her lips tenderly. Belinda enjoyed the feel of a smooth soft cheek against hers, rather than the rough textures of a man’s face, the sensuous lips with the tongue prising them apart. The stiff tongue snaked into Belinda’s mouth, exploring her inner cheeks. It was long and probing and thrilling. Belinda responded by pushing her own tongue between Lois’s teeth.

Lois took the sides of Belinda’s sweater in each hand and lifted it over her head. That done, Louis kissed the side of the neck and behind the ear lobes, sending thrilling shivers down Belinda’s spine, whilst lifting her to her feet, before undoing the fastening at the side of her skirt and lowering the zip. The skirt fell to the floor, leaving Belinda in her knickers and bra, in a daze of pleasant eroticism, in the arms of her friend.

‘We need a rehearsal,’ Lois whispered. ‘Take off your bra and pants.’

Lois eyed Belinda up and down, taking in the details of her body as she undressed. Very lovely, she thought. Belinda removed her underwear and stood facing her friend. Their eyes met and Belinda knew by the look in her eyes that Lois wanted her body. Although she had a few ripples of fat here and there, with a thickening waist perhaps, her skin was smooth, her full breasts were nice and firm with smallish, well-defined smooth canlı casino siteleri areola and small nipples, perched on top of the boobs. Her blonde pubic hair was not too profuse, and neatly trimmed. The inner labia were plainly visible in the gash of her plump vulva. She looked defenceless and meek.

Sitting on the edge of the settee in front of Lois, she trailed her fingertips over her friend’s thighs and hips, kissing her navel, running the tip of her tongue over her taut belly and into the plentiful bush of hair. She heard the sigh of pleasure and felt the ripples of delight run through Lois as the legs parted. Falling to her knees, she moved her mouth to the area between the thighs, she muzzled the stiff mound and buried her nose in the peak of the vulva, rubbing it against the engorged clitoris. She breathed in deeply to sample the smell of the damp, warm aroma of Lois’ perfumed sex, as she parted the labia with her nose and tongue.

Lois felt the turmoil building in her groin. She didn’t want to come so soon – she wanted the thrill of a new experience to last. Playing at lesbians was not new for her – though she suspected, rightly, it was for Belinda. She thought of Belinda as casual and cool, if not exactly an ice-maiden. She would have to give her friend the orgasm of a lifetime to convert her to feminine love. Kneeling to face Belinda, both women were now as randy as hell, full of anticipation. Belinda was unsure of herself and her newfound sexuality. Their gleaming eyes were fixed on each other, glowing with lust. Their lips brushed each other’s repeatedly, nibbling and tonguing, as Lois gently eased Belinda into the corner of the settee, cupping her hand gently against the wet gash. Then she slowly hinged the thighs wide, to expose Belinda’s firm vulva in all its golden glory.

Belinda looked down on her friend, whose eyes were glued to her feminine charms. The neatly trimmed pubic hair, the damp soft lips. She could feel her vagina leaking, clogging up the mouth of her secret passage. Lois was stroking Belinda’s body that was responding with shudders of delight, her eyes glued to the view in front of her. She was idly fondling the inside of Belinda’s elbow, giving her a sensual thrill. The idea of another woman inspecting her genitals for carnal enjoyment, was a confusing but exciting thought. It was a curious reflection that she herself had never really examined her own genitals at close quarters. Mirrors are not the same. Lois would already know the intimate details her body better than she herself.

The tiny tongues of pink flesh that surrounded the puckered opening to Belinda’s secret passage, were flexing open and close, with the instinctive jerking of the inner muscles. Lois was fascinated. The saliva-like love juice was seeping from the dark interior of the vagina. At the top of the gash, peeking from its hood, was the small button which could trigger untold physical delight. Swelling from each side of the hood were the inner labia, generous flaps of coral-coloured, lightly crumpled flesh flanking the urethra. The vagina itself was set rather higher than Lois expected. But then, all women are different, she thought. Like men, thank goodness. The whole pink picture was framed with tender, plump outer lips, lightly covered with silky golden hair, shimmering in the shaft of sunlight that fell across her thighs.

Belinda was desperate for Lois’s approval. She took Lois’s face between her hands, encouraging it to close in on her vulva. The feeling of cool breath on her labia increased her anticipation. Her body lurched suddenly as Lois tongue flicked the clitoris. The attention paid to her genitals was now swamping Belinda’s thoughts. Her whole body was alive with trickling sensations. Her skin tingled. Her groin lurched and twitched inside. The feeling of excitement grew stronger in her. Her muscles tensed and tightened, like a coiled spring. Her thighs trembled and shook as she reached to her very core for her orgasm.

Now panting and writhing with a growing tautness in her muscles, the whole of her loins were shaking with a craving for relief. Trembling legs were straining to reach that wonderful moment when the tension snaps. It was blissful agony. She desperately wanted her orgasm, yet wanted the sensation racking her body to last forever. It was sheer ecstasy for her. Moaning with agonised rapture, the waves of lust shuddered throughout her being. Louis’ mouth was driving her crazy, clinging on to her labia, licking and lashing, her tongue jabbing in and out of the hot vagina. Her tight rosebud entrance didn’t escape attention, either. The long, stiff tongue penetrated it, after licking carefully around the rim, where the honeyed vaginal juices had trickled. God! Lois was working her body like a delicate instrument.

When she felt Lois unexpectedly pushed her index finger deep into her anus, that did it! It triggered the orgasm. Belinda’s body jerked violently. Her whole body shook and trembled. Huge spasms, one after another, shuddered her loins and thighs. It seemed to go on forever! Her loins were clutching at the orgasm, spasm after spasm, lurching wildly as the climax finally erupted from the very pit of her being, bursting through her like an exploding rocket. Belinda’s agonising scream was almost silent, as though she wanted to keep the intense joy to herself.

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