Lady Fitness Ch. 02

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After my afternoon of fun with Sara I decided that I would walk back to my hotel through the shopping district that I had seen on my way over. It was a cool fall day, the last leaves of autumn rattled dry on the branches over my head and you just knew that the first winter snows couldn’t be too far away. As I strolled along the wide sidewalks I did my third most favorite thing (sex is number 1, shopping is number 2 and window shopping is number 3) looking at the beautiful window displays and checking out the walkers, shoppers and sales staff as I went. Suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks and gazed longingly at a display of fur coats. Last year I promised myself that I’d buy one just for me before the snow came again, so I figured, why not check out this store.

A discreet chime sounded as I opened the door and strode confidently into the fur shop. “Good afternoon madam, may I help you?” a pretty sales girl asked. “Yes I’d like to look at some full length coats, mink or sable preferably. A modern cut and style please I don’t want to look like my mother!”

“Ha ha!” the sales girl laughed, “I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening.” she said as she did a quick head to toe look at my figure. “With your coloring I’d recommend something that is darker in the body and light at the cuffs and collar. If you’d come this way I can show you 5 or 6 different coats that would make you look even more stunning than you do.” Now this girl certainly knows how to butter up the client for a sale I thought.

I tried on a couple of coats but they didn’t really do anything for me, you know how it is when you find something that’s just right for you there’s a feeling that ‘this is it’ right? The third coat I tried on struck a chord that said, this really might be it. It was a full length black mink with sable cuffs and collar and it looked spectacular. “This looks really good on me.”

“It certainly does, it flatters your figure without hiding it and the coloring complements your face and hair.” the sales girl said. I kept it on for a little while, walking around the store and checking out other coats. There were many nice coats but none of them really grabbed me like this one. “I think I’ll take it and in fact I’ll wear it. Do you have a carrier bag that I can put my other coat into?” I asked. “I’ll just slip back into the changing room and pack up.” I said when the girl gave me a nice, heavy duty zippered carry bag.

Feeling quite naughty I slipped into the change room and carefully hanging my new coat up I quickly removed my short skirt, pantyhose, panties, bra and blouse, stuffing them all into the carry bag. With my knee high boots and the coat length below my knee no one would know that I didn’t have anything on. God I was getting wet just thinking about walking around in my new coat with absolutely nothing on underneath. Coming out of the change room with the zippered bag I took care of the bill and giving the sales girl a wide smile and a wink I walked out.

Back on the street I had 3 more blocks of window shopping to enjoy with just a few little gusts of cold air slipping under my coat hem to cool my tingling pussy. My nipples were as hard as rocks and my clit begged for some attention as I carried my naughty secret down the street and into the hotel lobby. It was 5 pm and I thought that I owed myself a drink before going up and calling for a room service meal canlı bahis to let me work on my presentation. The bar off the lobby was very dark and nearly deserted this being a Monday night. I saw a single woman with long raven hair sitting at the bar and decided to take the stool next to her. A barmaid approached and asked me what I wanted so I pointed at my neighbour’s martini and said “I’ll have what she’s having please.”

My fellow drinker turned my direction and I let an audible gasp out. She was so beautiful with her dark hair setting off a complexion that looked like it was made of milk and honey, but most noticeable were her vibrant green eyes. “Hi, my name’s Mandy. What’s yours?” she said holding out a long slender set of fingers tipped in red. Taking her hand, my own nearly shaking, I shook it and said “I’m Wendy mind if I join you in a drink?”

“Not at all, I’m from out of town and it’s not much fun being in a new city and not knowing anyone.”

“Well now you know me.” I laughed taking the martini from the barmaid and holding it up to touch the rim of Mandy’s glass. “Cheers” I said turning toward her to look into her eyes. “That’s a very beautiful coat Wendy.”

“I just bought it on my way back to the hotel and I couldn’t resist wearing it right away.” I swiveled on my stool so I was facing more toward Mandy and as I did so I saw her eyes go quite wide and a smile lit up her face. “What?” I asked. Mandy put down her drink and pointed at my chest, “It looks like you are really enjoying your coat!” she laughed brightly. Looking down I realized that the coat had popped open and my left breast and hard nipple were clearly visible.

With only a little blush and hesitation I replied; “Well you know it’s the first fur coat I’ve ever owned and the feeling was so good I just had to try it nude.” Mandy looked into my eyes and asked, “Are you completly nude Wendy?”

“, yes I am” I said in a little defiant voice. I twisted so I was completely facing Mandy and opened the bottom of the coat to reveal my naked legs which I spread ever so slightly to give Mandy a quick look at my shaven pussy. Her gaze was riveted to my crotch and I could see her pink tongue dart across her full lips. “I’ve never been so bold myself, not that I haven’t considered it though Wendy. I don’t know whether I’d have the courage to go completely naked under my fur coat though.” spoken without looking at my face I could see her hands wavering as if she wanted to do something with them but wasn’t sure. ” I spread my legs a little wider and in a soft voice said, “Go ahead touch it, I can see that you’d like to.” With a quick look to determine the barmaid was down at the other end of the bar doing glassware Mandy used her left hand to stroke my coat, then my leg and finally touched, ever so gently, my pussy. I could hear her drag in a breath as she fought to control her voice. “That’s very nice Wendy, I had given up having any fun on this trip but now I think it might be possible.”

I took her hand and very gently rubbed her fingers across my swelling pussy lips forcing the tips between my outer lips and wetting them with my moisture. Not one to miss an opportunity Mandy slipped her index finger between my inner lips and into my love canal. As she retrieved it we both noticed that it glistened with my pre-cum. Lifting it to her face she inhaled the smell of my sex and then sucked bahis siteleri each finger erotically to savour my juices. “Delicious, can I have more please?” she asked in a soft little girls voice. “Yes you may.” I said taking her hand back and sliding it to my pussy, “But don’t make me come as I’ll ruin my new coat” I warned her. “Why Wendy?”

“Because when I come I gush juice and it will ruin it.” I stated in a matter-of-fact tone. Mandy was already stroking her fingers in and out of my pussy and had started to zero in on my stiffening clit. “Oh..oh…I don’t think you should do that Mandy.”

“Why don’t we go up to your room or mine then, please?” Mandy asked.

we downed the rest of our drinks, paid off the barmaid and scooted out the bar door towards the elevators. “What floor are you on Wendy?”

“The top floor!” I replied. Mandy held my arm as an elevator full of people closed its doors and left the lobby. “Let’s wait to take one by ourselves.” she whispered in my ear. We quickly scampered into an elevator with no one around it and pushed the close button and the 38th. floor button. No sooner had the doors closed when Mandy was in my arms kissing me and grinding her body into mine. “Let me see you please Wendy.” I stepped back from her, and only briefly considering whether there were cameras in the elevators, I opened my coat fully to show off my body. “Wow, you have a beautiful body, just the right proportions and so smooth and firm!” Mandy said in a frank tone of admiration. She quickly stepped into me and kissed her way down from my upper lips to my neck and then to one of my breasts where she suckled briefly before she continued down my belly. Sinking to her knees before me she said; “I don’t want to miss the opportunity to taste you before the elevator stops Wendy.” All right with me I thought as I lifted one leg to drape it over her shoulder giving her a wide open view of my wet pussy.

Mandy inhaled the aroma of my arousal and licked the length of my outer lips, catching the drops of pre-cum that glistened on the outer folds. “You taste like liquid gold!” she cooed as she proceeded to drive her tongue between the outer folds and opened them with her fingers to allow her access to my inner lips and vagina. She was like a wanderer in the desert looking for that miraculous oasis to drink from, she couldn’t get enough of my sex or my juice and forced her tongue to lick all surfaces including my now rigid clit. “Oh..umh…that’s nice..keep licking my clit and suck it please.” I ordered. Quickly Mandy began to piston her mouth up and down the length of my clit with just the right amount of pressure on it to bring me to my peak. “I’m going to cum Mandy, don’t waste any of my juice.” I groaned grabbing at her head and forcing it into my quivering pussy. I came violently peaking with three or four tremors forcing cum into Mandy’s mouth, down her chin and soaking her blouse. She rocked back on her heels and I dropped my leg letting my coat close just as the elevator pinged to sound my floor. “Unbelievable Wendy, I’ve never met a woman who came like that. You gave me more cum than most of the men I’ve sucked do. Thank you.” she said as she rose up to kiss me on the lips, my juice still smeared on her chin and neck.

“Let’s go inside my suite and continue, I’m frankly so horny that I’d attack you in the corridor and strip you right here!” I said, running for bahis şirketleri the door to my suite. Mandy rushed after me and slammed the door behind us. Turning around I dropped my coat and then said to her “Strip for me my little slut, I want to see your body right now!”. Mandy dropped her coat on the floor and it was quickly followed by her designer dress and underwear. Standing before me I saw that she had nicely sized tits with large nipples, her bush was neatly trimmed and her hair color I could verify was natural. “Do you like what you see mistress?” she said in a very subservient voice. “Yes I do, please go to the bar and fix us drinks.” I ordered. With a little swing of her hips she quickly went to the wet bar and concocted two very dry martinis which she brought back on a silver serving tray. Kneeling down in front of me she lowered her head and raised the tray with both hands; “Is this what my mistress wanted?” she said quietly. I took one of the glasses and ordered her to stand and take the other. We toasted each other and I told her to go and stand by the window through which the last rays of the setting sun outlined her curvy body and lit up the room.

“Sit down on that chair and spread your legs, it’s my turn to taste you.” I ordered Mandy, pointing to a straight backed chair by the windows. When she had sat down and spread her legs wide on the arms of the chair I knelt down on the floor and breathed in the smell of her sex. I took a final sip of my martini and dribbled the smooth drink over her pussy. “Oh that’s cold Wendy!” she yelped but I immediately dove into her cunt to lick off the gin mixture and to lick her lower lips so that they’d open for me. Taking an inner lip in my fingers I licked and sucked it till it filled with blood blooming like a flower petal and opening for me. I repeated this with the other lip and was quickly rewarded with a fully blossomed pussy, Mandy was enjoying the attention and her clit became visible just peaking out from its protective hood. Her vagina was visibly moist and I tasted her juice with joy. “I’ve got to make sure you enjoy this as much as I did Mandy.” I said as I used my tongue and lips to tease and apply pressure to the clit before me. I could tell that Mandy wasn’t going to be able to last long before she came, she was flowing pre-cum freely and beginning to thrust her pussy into my face grunting that she wanted me to suck and lick her to make her come. I will never tease a lover so I responded by driving three fingers into her vagina, pistoning them in and out in a forceful fucking motion, in the meantime my lips fastened onto her clit and I began to suck it with some pressure. “Oh..oh…Wendy…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…I’M CUMMING…..!” she screamed grabbing my head and holding it to her sex as she forced her clit into my mouth. I felt a rush of liquid on my fingers and hand as her cum flowed out of her vagina and I quickly began to drink it and lick my fingers so I wouldn’t miss a drop.

“Thank you Mandy, I really needed that.” I said, meaning every word. Still quite cross-eyed from her orgasm, Mandy gasped, “Thank you Wendy, the pleasure was all mine.” We both collapsed on the floor and lay in each others arms recovering from our lovemaking. “I think that we had better get something to eat before we get something more to eat, if you know what I mean.” Mandy laughed, “Oh I know what you mean and I couldn’t agree more. I need real food before I eat your pussy again!”.

(That is the end of part 2 of the Lady Fitness stories, thanks to Coni for the reminder about how wonderful fur feels on bare skin. Happy orgasms all – love Wendy)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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