Lady In Red

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Jia Lissa

Brad curses at the car in front of him. It’s going at least 10 mph below the posted speed limit and he is in a hurry to get home. His girlfriend, Rachel, called him before he left work and told him she was horny and needed him.

Brad loves it when she builds up to the moment like this. She told him she would be wearing a red dress that just barely covered her perfect ass. It would have a plunging neckline that allows her c cup breasts to strain against the fabric and it would tie behind her neck. She promised to be wearing sheer stockings and, of course, red high heels. Just thinking of his girlfriend dressed like that is making him hard.

Finally the car in front of him turns off and he races down the 2 lane road. When he walks in the front door Rachel is waiting for him. She looks just like she promised. Her long blonde hair is cascading down the front of her dress almost hiding her perfect tits. Brad can’t wait to start. He knows what the color red means…it means Rachel wants it a little rough tonight and he is more than happy to give her exactly what she’s asking for. Rachel is a very giving lover but on the nights that she wears red she is in the mood to be ravished. Brad can’t wait. He feels his cock stiffening just at the sight of her.

“Welcome home honey” says Rachel. “I’ve been waiting for you all day” Brad puts down his briefcase and takes off his suit coat and tie. Rachel begins to walk up the stairs, shooting him a wanton look over her shoulder. As Brad follows her up he hangs back a little to get a good view. Shit! It is better than she promised! Her sheer stockings end just under the hem of her swishing red dress. The black garter straps attach to a lacey black garter belt. Her perfect little ass is twitching back and forth as she walks slowly up the stairs. Her tan cheeks are wonderfully exposed by her barely there lacey black thong.

“Oh my god baby, you look so sexy tonight.” Brad whispers. When they reach the bedroom, Rachel turns and presses against Brad. She can feel his growing erection and loves what she is doing to him. Brad is so sexy. He is 6’3” with broad shoulders and wavy brow hair. And his cock, oh his cock. When fully erect is almost 8 inches long and very wide. Rachel shivers in anticipation. Brad begins to kiss her. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, invading her roughly. Rachel presses harder against him and grabs his head, pushing his tongue farther into her mouth. Brad throws her onto the bed and she lies back, waiting for him to take her. She loves it when he has control over her.

Brad starts to kiss her neck, istanbul escorts nibbling at all the right places. Rachel writhes underneath his body, grinding her hips against his cock. Brad reaches behind her neck and unties her dress, cupping her gorgeous breasts as they spill out of their confines. He licks from her neck down to between her breasts leaving a hot trail of saliva. Rachel grabs his head, pulling on his hair. She is moaning in pleasure

‘Oh, Brad, you’re getting me so wet” Brad licks her right breast in circles. Getting closer and closer to her erect nipple but never quite touching it. Rachel groans in frustration and tries to push his head onto her nipple. Laughing, Brad reaches over in the nightstand drawers and pulls out the velvet lined cuffs they use for nights like this. Kissing Rachel slowly and deeply, he gently cuffs one wrist and then the other to the headboard. With her arms stretched out above her head her breasts point straight up, just waiting for him. Rachel looks at him with lust in her eyes and squirms as he runs his hands down to the waist of her dress and pulls it off. Rachel knows she looks like a whore. Laying there, cuffed to the bed in her lacy thong, garter, sheer stockings and red high heeled shoes, but she doesn’t care. In fact it excites her…..she likes to be Brad’s whore. All of a sudden Brad stops teasing her and stuffs her right breast into his mouth. Rachel stiffens and arches her back.

“Oh YES Brad, oh yes baby, just like that” Brad sucks and bites on her nipple causing her to undulate with pleasure. He pulls her legs up so her knees are bent and her bare ass is exposed. While he pulls and twists her left nipple and sucks and bites her right one, her raises his other hand and lands a resounding slap on her ass cheek.

“OH GOD BRAD” Rachel screams. Rachel loves it when he gets a little rough and her pleasure causes Brad to get rock hard. Unable to resist her mound any longer Brad begins to kiss his way down to her juice soaked thong. Powerless to contain himself he rips and tears at the panties and garter that are in his way and not even bothering to remove the sheer stockings buries his face into her sweet, juice soaked pussy. Rachel’s body shakes with delectation as he digs his fingernails into the tender flesh of her inner thighs. His tongue flicks and teases her swollen clit.

“Oh, Brad, tongue fuck me baby” Rachel breathes. Brad reaches up to grab one of her still erect nipples and pulls on it. He knows what Rachel wants; she wants to feel like a whore.

“Is that what you want me to do istanbul eskort slut?” Brad asks his quivering lover. “Do you want me to tongue fuck you, you little whore?” He punctuates his question with a pinch on her bare ass.

“Oh yes, Brad, tongue fuck your little whore. I’m your slut” Brad shoves his tongue roughly into Rachel’s waiting hole. Rachel raises her hips to meet his wonderful tongue.“Oh god you feel so good, Brad” Brad revels in her sweetness, lapping up her juices and he rams his tongue into her as far as it will go.

He raises her up and puts her knees over his shoulders. Rachel screams in rapture as he spanks her on her ass. With every thrust of his tongue, Brad strikes Rachel’s ass and thighs. Rachel’s cries and moans of euphoria heighten every time Brad’s hand makes contact wither reddening cheek.

“Oh Brad I want to feel your cock in me. I want you to fuck me like a whore.” With Rachel’s knees still over his shoulders Brad undoes his pants and pulls his pants and briefs to his knees.

“First, slut you’re going to deep throat me.” He slaps her on her ass again and then gets up off the bed to finish undressing.

Rachel eyes his pulsing cock appreciatively. She squirms with delight when he straddles her and places the tip of his cock against her waiting lips. Rachel begins to suck and nip playfully down his shaft and Brad moans in pleasure. He undoes Rachel’s cuffs so she can pleasure him with her hands as well. Rachel digs her fingernails into his ass pulling him into her mouth as far as he will go. With gusto, she sucks him slow and deep, cupping one of his balls and applying slight pressure to it. Brad’s knees almost buckle and he can feel his load building.

“OH Rachel. Yes baby!!!! That feels so good. Swallow my cock like a whore” Rachel becomes even more excited at his language and pumps furiously with her mouth on his swollen cock. Brad pulls away from her suddenly so he doesn’t cum too soon. He begins to ravage her chest and stomach, biting, sucking and pulling.

“Oh Brad, FUCK ME” Rachel screams. Her screams turns to whimpers and moans as she thrashes underneath his mouth. Brad flips her over and re-cuffs her. He slaps her reddened ass and her thighs a few times as she moans and cries with frenzied enthusiasm. When Rachel is in this mood there is only one way she wants his prick; Hard and fast from behind. He pulls her up on her knees and she wiggles her ass in anticipation. Brad moves in behind her and reaches around to cup her breast. Giving her nipple a hard yank he shoves all eight inches of his rock eskort istanbul hard cock into her waiting cunt.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHH” Rachel screams in ecstasy as Brad’s balls slap against her swollen lips. She rocks her hips back and tightens her muscles around his huge cock. Brad grabs her long hair with one hand and pulls her head back as he thrusts into her harder and harder, each time his balls slap into her pulsating clit.

“Do you like that you little whore?” Brad asks. “Do you like me fucking your little slut cunt?” Rachel gyrates with her hips, meeting each of Brad’s thrusts with her perfect ass. She can feel the muscles of his rock hard stomach collide with her cheeks. This combined with him filling every inch of her with his cock and his balls slapping her clit is sending shivers of pleasure through her body. He’s filling her and stretching her and it feels so good. Brad begins to punctuate each of his thrusts with a slap to her hips and thighs.

“Oh god Brad, you feel so good” Abruptly, Brad pulls out and positions himself between Rachel’s legs. Grabbing her ass he pulls Rachel down onto his face and begins to suck and bite her swollen clit. Rachel screams in total abandon and Brad pushes her over the edge. As she climaxes Brad slaps her ass and pinches the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Rachel’s body is wracked with passion as wave after wave of ecstasy pulsates through her.

Brad gives her no chance to recover as he buries all eight inches of his cock into her tight, wet hole. He bangs her mercilessly as she screams his name over and over almost incoherently. The walls of her pussy are still contracting and he can’t hold back any more. Pulling out of her, he flips her over so her arms are crossed over her head, bound to the headboard. He shoots his load into her mouth and all over her red, bruised nipples. Her breasts are heaving as she greedily sucks the last remaining cum from his huge cock.. The taste of his cum and her juices combined causes waves of pleasure to course through Rachel’s trembling body. Sensing that Rachel is on the edge of another orgasm, Brad reaches back and brings his hand hard down her mound over and over. Each time his strong supple fingers find their mark on her still pulsating clit. Rachel screams around his cock as another orgasm sends fire through her body.

Brad collapses on top of her, their sweat and his cum mixing as they kiss tenderly. Brad runs his hands softly over her body, sending delicious shocks through her. He un-cuffs her and they lay there, utterly spent. Slowly, they explore each others bodies, their tongues probing their mouths, savoring their combined juices. Rachel loves how slick and slutty she feels with Brad’s cum all over her bruised breasts. Content, they fall asleep in one another’s arms, the scent of their passion still lingering in the air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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