Lady of the Manor – The Library

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This submission was reviewed and edited with the kind help of WhiteWave48. My thanks and gratitude are extended to her.

The tale is one of a series of stories where an anonymous woman has taken possession of a manor house and all its trappings. She is exploring both her new possessions and also her new found heightened sensuality.

I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to any comments you may care to leave.


You’re sitting in the library; a big old-fashioned library with long, tall, leaded windows overlooking your parklands, a large deep mahogany desk, wall-to-wall bookcases piled high with first editions.

The sun is descending through the windows and you’re sitting in a high backed wooden chair with arms. You’re naked underneath a short, thin, kimono-style gown tied loosely under your breasts.

As you’ve watched the sun going down you’ve been entertaining yourself by reading an erotic story about a sheik and his harem, and now you want some relief, you want to experience that power.

You ring a small Bayan Eskort hand bell on the desk in front of you.

You wait.

The door to the library opens and the maid enters. She’s dressed in the typical style; white blouse, black skirt, black stockings. There are two velvet pouches on the gold tray she carries.

She looks to you and you nod approvingly as you lean back in the chair. She knows what’s expected of her; what she is to do.

She places the tray on the floor and kneels in front of you. Leaning forward she unties the cord holding your gown and pulls it open, exposing your naked body.

The nipples on your pert breasts are already hard as you close your eyes and part your legs. She bends her head to you, grateful that you’ve given her this special opportunity.

She places her hands on the inside of your thighs and begins to gently lick at you, opening you up, allowing your soft lips on hers. Her tongue catches your dew and you let out a soft moan as she touches your clitoris.

“The first bag,” you say.

She reaches down into the bag and pulls out a small gold vibrator. She turns it on and its small discreet hum is echoed and magnified in the otherwise silent peace of the library. She places its tip on your clitoris and you moan again as she works it expertly over your nub, rubbing it hard, moving it into the top of your pussy and then back over your most sensitive point. She bends her head again and sucks softly at your pussy, still massaging your clit with the vibrator.

You can feel the sensations mount inside you and you take your nipples between your fingers and pinch them. The feeling, the charge runs through your whole body, from your nipples through you to your pussy.

Taking her head in your hands you raise her face and kiss her on the lips, softly, gently.

“The second bag,” you say.

As she reaches for the second bag you turn in the chair so your ass is pointing to her, your knees on the seat.

From the bag she pulls a string of five pearls, strung together on a length of silk.

She leans back to you and tongues at your pussy again, gathering your juice onto her tongue. She moves her tongue upwards and almost lovingly caresses it along your darker hole. As she becomes more insistent you squirm, feeling her opening your most secret place with her tongue.

She takes the pearls and pushes one inside you. Your body jumps.

Slowly, deliberately she pushes them all inside you until just the silk ribbon remains exposed.

You feel full, you feel sexy, you feel alive.

Taking the vibrator again she increases the speed and places it on your clit. She licks the length of your pussy up to your ass and back again, faster and faster.

You hold the arms of the chair tightly as your body senses its release approach.

She tongues you faster, rubbing your clitoris with the vibrator as you feel your sensations surging through you like never before.

She senses the moment of imminent orgasm, and as you begin to come she pulls the pearls slowly from you. As each one is released, wave after wave of delicious ecstasy washes over you, crashes through you.

When you are sated you turn and collapse in the chair.

The maid stands.

“Thank you. That will be all.”

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