Lady Sales Manager Confessions Pt. 02

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One of my hottest memories still to this day, was with a hot and very married colleague, we met for the first time on this trip. It happened at an end of year celebratory jolly held at a very picturesque chalet hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland. I was a Sales Manager and he was a Marketing Manager for one of the most recognized brands in the world.

He showed up after a few days with a bottle of Champagne at my door. It was one of those moments of complete uninhibited lust you sometimes encounter in life. I remember him pinning me to the door as we kissed wildly. We barely made it to the bed and then had completely legendary sex for a couple of hours all over the room.

The next day it would be fair to say we struggled in the meetings and both looked like hell! I thought we’d got away with it, but my boss who had the room next door to me, asked me if he could expect another restless, disturbed night again with a big grin!

Anyway, it was never repeated between us, we parted with a smile and hug at Heathrow and not long after I changed companies. But it was an absolutely epic night of hot sex, and somewhere in the world, there’s a middle-aged man who also remembers this very well!

So if you worked for the most famous toothbrush manufacturer in the world in the UK in the marketing dept in the late 80’s, went to Gstaad and your name is Mark, well I still have the pics of us together in the bar!


Mark and I had spent a few days flirting discreetly, through various brand meetings and new product launches for the upcoming year. He was cute, shorter than I usually go for at about 5’7 so we were on eye level, but had the typical upper-class English college boy look, think young Hugh Grant, that was very much ‘my thing’ in men at that time.

We were staying on the company ticket in Gstaad, ‘the’ poshest and most famous ski resort worldwide at the time, the celebrity ski hangout of the 1980’s. The hotel was spectacular, a gorgeous log chalet straight off a movie set and surrounded by six feet of snow.

We were there for a week, all expenses paid, each day consisted of meetings and every night was a party fueled by a free bar. There were a few flirtations going on between colleagues, everyone lost their usual reservations and inhibitions away from home and in another country it seemed. Many left the usual reasons to act with some morals and restraint at the border crossing. Combine all those elements with naturally outgoing, loud, confident sales people and you have rocket fuel for illicit liaisons developing!

I was one of a handful of single women and so there was a large target on my back the moment we stepped on the plane. I knew a number of the sales team liked me, so it was surprising when I found myself mutually attracted to a quiet brand marketing manager, but opposites often attract.

As the days progressed we’d gravitate to each other every opportunity, seated together increasingly through meetings, discreetly flirting, exchanging lust laced looks over coffee, pairing up for team building sessions. Squeezed together on shared sofas, thighs pressed up against each other, brushing against each other at the bar, touching fingers as we passed drinks, locking eyes as we talked.

I knew he was married with a young family, forbidden fruit, but that just made him more attractive as there was no chance of him getting attached. I had no interest in a long term commitment, as I enjoyed my freedom and was going through my own particular spell of sexual liberation.

On day three there was a noticeable increase in the mutual awareness, we basically wanted to fuck each other senseless and both knew it. All day long the tension increased as we moved from session to session, shared lunch with others while trying not to just openly stare at each other, and then avoided an all out groping at the bar as we stood together flirting for England. The sparring game was over and we both knew it, now it was just a matter of who would make the first move to light the fuse, and how soon.

We had another long day ahead, so I took the initiative and said I was turning in for an early night. In fact my only plan was to have a very long night and still get some sleep in. Everyone had been drinking and there were a few wisecracks made about Mark keeping me company, the sexual tension was clear for all to see apparently. We laughed it off but I was very aware of him watching me walk away, and we exchanged a hot look as I glanced back turning the corner.

I knew he’d wait awhile and stay with the boys until it looked less obvious. So I took a long, deep leisurely bath, applied a sensual body lotion and slid into my sexiest black lace panties, push-up black lace bra cradling my full DD’s, lacy suspenders and black stockings with black high pumps.

I’d just finished pinning up my long blonde curly hair, when the knock at the door I was expecting came. Smiling I opened the door wide Urfa Escort and laughed as I watched Mark’s jaw drop as his gaze ran down my body.

“Bloody hell do you normally open your hotel door dressed like that woman?!”

“Only when I’m pretty sure I know the man at the door is bearing champagne” I replied laughing and stepping back to welcome him in to my room. Mark stepped inside and as I closed the door, I found myself pressed hard up against the door my hands held to my sides.

“Wow you’re not what I was expecting at all!” I said an inch from his lips, as we locked eyes.

“Mmmm well you’ve been teasing me for days, I figure the least I’m owed is a snog” he muttered gazing into my eyes, and then letting them slide down to my full parted lips.

He was sexy as hell, a couple of inches shorter than me in heels. But right now this put him at a distinct advantage as he leaned in and kissed my neck, slowly and sensually just below my left ear. His tongue flicked out and trailed fire down my neck to my shoulder, which he proceeded to nibble along lightly, as his left hand came up to cup my breast. I moaned and pushed my breasts and hips forward against his hard body, as my right hand came up and into his hair.

“God I want you, I have had a hard-on for you for days,” he said pressing his swollen cock into my pelvis, as his left thumb circled my nipple teasingly.

“Mmmm we have done a bloody good job of teasing each other” I laughed as I leaned wantonly against the door, eye slightly closed, admiring how pretty he was.

Leaning back but pulling me against him tight with an arm snaked around my waist, his fingertips caressing the skin exposed just above my panties, he leaned in to kiss me. As our lips met the desire that had been slowly building between us exploded into white-hot lust instantly. We devoured each other hungrily, tongues twisting together, lips locked in passion.

He pulled back, eyes glazed over “Fuck! Let’s get to bed with the champagne before either of us thinks this through and reclaims our sanity” he said laughing and squeezing my butt, pulling me tight against his very obvious erection.

Laughing I pulled away and strutted to the bed throwing over my shoulder “you going to fuck me baby all night long” as I unfastened my bra and threw it back at him!

I suddenly found myself launched onto the bed face first as he rugby tackled me to exactly where he wanted me, a sexy as hell move. The champagne landed next to him causing us both to say “oh shit” and fall about laughing.

“Well I guess I’ll just use you as the table I’m going to open this on then, so none goes to waste” he said as he opened it, I screamed as it blew out the cork and overflowed out of the bottle all over my semi-naked body”

“Fuck that’s cold” I shrieked and tried to roll away. Mark straddled me effectively pinning me down and laughing at me, as he slowly and deliberately trickled a little more out onto my panties.

“Outrageous! Stop that!” I giggled, but I was instantly shut up as his lips followed the champagne trail across my lower stomach and over my panties.

His tongue licking up the bubbles “delicious” he said, as his finger eased my panties down lower and he just kept licking.

Almost instantly the mood changed, my heart rate ramped up and my hips involuntarily flexed upwards as I moaned.

“Give me that bottle” I gasped as his tongue touched my rapidly swelling clit, he handed it to me as he grabbed my panties and slid them down and off me. I watched as he stood smiling and without a word snatched his shirt over his head, revealing a taut six-pack and lightly muscled arms. He quirked an eyebrow as he undid his jeans and let them slide to the floor stepping out of them, and then laughed at my shocked facial expression.

“Holy shit, please don’t tell me you’ve been commando all week and I could have taken advantage of it many times and failed?!” I choked out, as I appraised this very well endowed man, now naked and obviously hot for me in my room.

“Shut up woman and spread your legs, I’m ready to work on improved relations between our departments” and with that, he spread my legs, slid his hands under my butt and planted his face in my pussy. I took a fast swig from the bottle and lay back to enjoy his negotiations.

Mark knew what he was about. His tongue slid sexily across my clit, moving it around slowly, taking long leisurely licks and then teasing me with fast flicks across the sensitive hood, making me cry out. My hands come down onto the back of his head as I arched my back and pushed my wet pussy up to his lips. His fingers spread me open and I moaned as his tongue licked, covering every inch with sensations that were rapidly building me towards climax. Two fingers slowly eased into my pussy, causing more moans as they filled me and he started to slowly fuck me.

“Oh fuck yes don’t stop” I sighed and got a groan in response.

“Not going to babe, cum Urfa Escort Bayan on my fingers for me, I know you need to” he said as he picked up the speed, his fingers sliding in and out of me faster, as he slightly curved them to rub over my g-spot.

“Oh my god” was all I managed as his tongue started to circle my throbbing clit rapidly, alternating with sucking it into his hot mouth every few seconds. The sensations were amazing, Mark knew what he was about when it came to eating pussy, but then my experience of his ‘type’ was pretty consistent in this area! Apparently posh, public schooled, rugby playing men came with a guarantee of great oral sex in the Eighties, God knows why but as a result I had a type!

I gripped his head, spread my legs and let go to the amazing climax I knew I was about to reach. A third finger had slid into me and he was now finger fucking me hard, sucking and licking over my clit and groaning as he rubbed his cock on the edge of the bed desperate for release too.

We had done a job on each other for days and we were both rapidly losing control. Panting loudly and moaning, my hips bucking I was suddenly overtaken by my intense orgasm. My pussy clenched onto his fingers as I exploded and moaned loudly “Fuck yes”!

“Cum on baby, you’re so fucking hot” he said against my pulsating pussy as I rode my climax panting and moaning, my head tipped back. I lightly tugged on his hair to make him stop as the hyper sensitive stage hit me, and he laughed forcing a couple more licks across my sensitized clit as I shivered down my spine and tried to close my legs.

He raised up, slowly pulled his fingers from my pussy and crawled up my body straddling me. His cock was big, there was just no denying it, as he sat across my chest balls resting on my ribs, stroking it with his left hand. He fed the fingers of his right hand to me, sliding them into my mouth gently but firmly, brooking no argument from me.

“Taste yourself, suck those clean for me,” he said sexily, eyes half closed with lust as he stroked his engorged cock more firmly in my face.

I sucked on his fingers savoring my own taste, watching as he stroked his throbbing cock and swirled precum around the head slowly. I had always found it a huge turn on watching a man masturbate for me, but more than anything I love to suck cock and it was now time.

Sliding my hands up and over his firm thighs and around onto his butt, i pulled him towards me. Mark was ready and didn’t need any further hint as to what I wanted “you want to suck this baby” he said stroking up his swollen red cock. I nodded and he withdrew his fingers, I started to speak but he immediately clamped his hand across my mouth firmly.

My eyes widened as for a moment I wondered where he was about to go with this!

“Oh no! The marketing department finally has the sales department exactly where it wants it, unable to talk incessantly, so it’s keeping it like that awhile thanks” he said shaking his head at me, as his eyes laughed into mine and he kept his hand across my mouth. I started to giggle and tried to protest, he removed his hand and stretched out above and over me. Without further ado, he slid his cock decisively into my open mouth, effectively taking care of the issue!

He was big! He filled my mouth and I hungrily took him in groaning at the texture and taste of his fine cock. I gazed up at the muscles of his six-pack as they ranged above me flexing, and my fingers instinctively reached out and traced their gorgeous definition in admiration, stroking lightly and eliciting a moan from Mark.

He was obviously aware of his size and a gentleman. I could tell he was being careful to not choke me or overwhelm me as he started to move, his cock sliding slowly in and out of my mouth. I opened up and took every inch I could take, my tongue stroking all along the underside and around the sides with firm licks. My right hand slid down and encircled his hanging, swinging balls, cupping them, my thumb stroking across them, gently kneading and teasing. My left hand continuing to stroke his abs and run up through his wonderful chest hair.

Mark was moaning louder, his cock was throbbing against my tongue. I took a firm grasp on the base with my right hand and started to stroke, as I worked his head and as much of his length as I could take, in and out through my lips. Pursuing them I popped the hypersensitive, engorged, leaking head in and out, making a sexy sound as it left and pushed back in through them, flicking my tongue across the head.

I could tell this slight resistance was getting him close fast, I could hear him panting above me and his movements were getting jerkier I swallowed as much of his cock as I could, gagging slightly as he hit the back of my throat, eliciting a loud moan from the hot man above me.

He did it again, I gagged again, he moaned again “oh fuck I’m gonna cum baby, I wanna cum in your mouth and on your pretty face?”

As Escort Urfa his cock head popped out from between my lips and my hand wanked it hard and fast for him I said “yes cum on me now” and I was instantly rewarded with a shot of hot cum splattering across my left cheek, nose and onto my forehead as Mark yelled out “fuck!”

I aimed his cock between my lips and he plunged it in again making me gag as he unloaded another stream of cum straight into my throat and I swallowed greedily. He continued to pump twice more and let loose more in my mouth, then raising up he took hold of his cock and slid it out of my mouth still hard, cum trickled out from my lips across my chin. Mark slid his cock across my chin in his cum and milked a few more shots of cum onto my face. Then he rubbed his cock slowly through the cum covering me, spreading it around.

“Your pretty face needs my special facial babe” he whispered sexily, his eyes almost closed as he gazed down at me. I smiled slowly and licked at the cum around my mouth, savoring it “mmm thank you, and a bargain compared to the spa” I said cheekily, earning a slap on my thigh.

He started to slide back down my body, leaning down he kissed me, mouths open, tongues teasing each other, we shared his cum between us. It was hot as hell and I could feel his cock start to twitch against my chest where it had landed to recover.

“Oh fuck it seems we might be going again soon, you think you’re up to it,” he asked smirking against my lips, obviously proud of his abilities.

“After some Champagne, I think I can be persuaded” I chuckled looking at him as he sat up still straddling me. This man definitely had a dominant streak in him, he might not have been especially large anywhere except in his cock, but he knew how to be in charge even when faced with a strong woman apparently! And to me that was sexy as hell, he seemed to sense it and was using it to his advantage with me.

He watched as I slowly rubbed his cum into my face, no desire to wipe it off apparent “What? You think I’m going to let all those minerals go to waste” I said laughing up at him, he shook his head and smiled.

“You’re a dirty girl I can see that now” he laughed, as he suddenly got distracted by my large breasts as if noticing them for the first time! “Oh hello girls,” he said grabbing my nipples with each hand and tweaking them, making me moan and try to arch my back, which was hard with him sat on me still.

“Hmmm you like that,” he said grinning down at me and deliberately starting to give my hard nipples some twists, stroked and pulls. He watched as my eyes started to glaze over with desire again and kept at it. His cock was already at half-mast sitting between my breasts and I decided it was time for that drink before the opportunity was lost!

Grabbing the bottle I took a long, satisfying pull from it and then held it up to his lips as he took an equally long swig from it.

“The sales department likes to drink its Champagne straight from the bottle, we don’t waste time with fancy-smancy glasses like marketing does” I laughed winking at him.

“Yeh well you spend half your bonuses living the high life in sales, marketing reinvests so we can afford fine crystalware and some style” he laughed, tweaking my nipples again and then stroking them, making me shiver.

I took another long swig and offered him the same, then watched as he pushed my boobs together wrapping his cock in the midst of them. I giggled as I trickled champagne out of the bottle onto my boobs for added lubrication.

“Ha, my point exactly proved, sales is totally outrageous with their opulent ways!” He said as he started to slide his cock in the Champagne-soaked space between my breasts.

“Mmm, I want that Champagne tasting cock please,” I said laughing opening my mouth wide, he laughed leaning up and plunging it back between my waiting lips. He stroked his cock in and out a few times, as I moaned at the delicious taste and got more turned on by the minute, I lapping at him with my tongue.

Sitting back again he wrapped his cock in my big soft boobs and started to fuck them in earnest. “Fuck you have great tits for fucking babe,” he said as he enthusiastically drove his throbbing, fully engorged cock through them repeatedly, head thrown back just going with the sensations.

“Mark! I need that cock of yours in me please” I pleaded, I was more than slick and ready to ride this big dick.

“Beg me for it” he groaned, I was right he was a Dom and a dirty one at that and I was in heaven at this moment. The marketing department was apparently full of surprises!

“Mark, please I want your big cock, my pussy wants to ride it, please fill me with your cock” I pleaded.

“Are you a dirty girl, is that why you want it?” He replied with a groan, still fucking my soft tits.

“Yes I’m a slut, and I want to fuck that big cock please” I moaned.

Suddenly he rolled off me and landed on his back, his big cock pointing up erect and full. It took me literally seconds to roll up and reverse our positions and surely I was straddling him poised over his beautiful thick cock.

“Come to daddy baby. Climb on and ride me!” he said, once again surprising me in a good way!

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