Lakeside Seduction

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My parents place on the lake is one of my favorite refuges. When life gets complicated I can always count on hours trolling from my boat, or sitting on the dock soaking minnows, to help melt the frustrations and issues away. And this particular day was little different. With my wife out of the country and work getting the best of me, the nearly week long vacation I had embarked on was just what I needed.

I had gotten to the lake three days earlier and was finally starting to feel like a real human again, despite the supposed hot temperatures they were having in Wisconsin this year. For me however, the hot here felt like a cool breeze after Missouri’s hundred plus degree temperatures. I had been enjoying the leisurely days fishing and relaxing, the nearly perfect weather just adding to the enjoyment.

So here I was, enjoying the almost imperceptible breeze, wearing nothing but my swim trunks as I sat on the dock watching my oversized bobbers being pulled around the cove my parents place was situated on, by the six plus inch long minnows. I had to chuckle to myself at the thought that up here I was using bait almost as big as what some people down home would keep for fish. My thoughts were interrupted by motion at the house two doors down.

I’d seen her before, coming out to lay on the dock or ride the wave runner docked next to it. I guessed she was in her late thirties or so, the bright yellow bikini accentuating her ample chest and round hips. Her blond hair was generally tied back in a pony tail like a teenager and it was enjoyable to watch her sit on the dock only a hundred or so feet away, spreading an oily lotion all over her body, presumably to even out her tan, which to me looked pretty damn good already.

I watched as she pushed the wave runner out from the dock, hopping nimbly onto it with her heavy life vest hanging loosely on her shoulders. The small craft floated away from the dock slowly while she fiddled with the buckles, closing the vest around her large tits, her hands actually scooping inside the vest to lift them slightly before snugging it down. I idly thought that it might be fun to put that life jacket on for her, taking the opportunity to reach in there and cup those large breasts.

Yeah, lets face it, I’m a tit man all the way. Don’t get me wrong, I think her slim legs and tight ass are pretty fricking hot, but those tits…Mmmmm what a delight they would be to see and play with.

I continued to watch as she finished strapping her vest on and then reaching down to hit the starter. All of a sudden it dawned on me, my lines are well out and there is no way she isn’t going to go over them the direction she’s headed.

I stood up and shouted to her. “Hey, Be careful, my lines are across there!”

I saw her look around, searching and finally finding my two bobbers floating out toward the channel. She nodded, her blond pony tail bouncing slightly before giving me a wave and turning the wave runner to go out around my lines instead of across them. I smiled and waved when she had cleared them, getting a wave back before she hit the throttle. The nearly hundred horsepower engine wound up, kicking a roostertail of water that shot out behind her a good fifty feet before the craft rocketed up onto the surface of the water and tore off down the lake.

I sat down and waited for the water to settle back down, wondering if the fish really minded that kind of thing. I decided they probably ignored it since the water was so dark and cloudy that they couldn’t see more than a few feet.

I stepped down into my boat and settled into the open bow of my runabout, putting my feet up and propping myself just high enough see my bobbers over the side of the boat. It’s not a huge boat, only seventeen feet, but its set up perfectly for everything I needed to do. I could pull skiers and tubes for my now grown kids, use the electric bow mount motor to sneak into quiet coves for bass or use the five horse gas trolling motor to drag crank baits back and forth across the ridges and flats of lakes like this. Of course, when I wanted to I could just sit back and let the 140 I/O push me around the lake for an enjoyable cruise or sit back and relax, letting the wave action rock me almost to sleep.

I heard the wave runner cruise by at least twice before I really noticed that it didn’t sound quite right. Those things only have two cylinders on most of them and this one was starting to sound like one of them was only hitting part of the time. I wondered if she realized that she even had a problem, finally shaking my head and deciding that she was like any other clueless woman.

Yeah, that’s what she had to be, clueless. Even at this distance I could hear how sick it sounded, the miss so pronounced that I wondered how the engine was even running. Imagine, my surprise when the engine suddenly went quiet, the lack of engine noise from the craft almost startling.

I sighed and sat up, pushing my wide brim “outback” hat up so I could look and see where she had died at. Sure enough, there illegal bahis she was, floating out by the island. I got up and stepped into the cocpit of my boat and dug out my binoculars, looking across the lake to see if she was alright. Yeah, I know, I have an over develop sense of duty to help those who are unlucky or stupid to keep themselves out of trouble. In this case, she should have brought it in two trips before to get it checked out.

Sure enough, there she was, her life jacket off and hanging on the handlebars, trying to lay down on the seat and paddle the boat with her hands. As small as the waverunner was, it was awful wide to try and do that kind of thing. I watched for several minutes, her strokes pushing her forward and the wind that was blowing a bit more out of the shelter of the cove, pushing her farther away. There was no doubt it was a losing battle. With a sigh I reeled in my two lines, tucking the rods on the dock with the minnows just hanging in the water to keep them alive. I untied my boat and pushed away from the dock before dropping into the driver’s seat and firing the big I/O up.

I kicked it in gear and slowly throttled up, getting the big fiberglass hull up on plane and then backing off to a comfortable cruising speed for the short trip. No point in getting in a hurry, she wasn’t going anywhere fast. I throttled down as I approached her, cutting the engine and letting my boat coast the last few dozen feet toward where she was.

“Hey there. Everything ok?” I asked.

“What the hell do you think?” she asked as she lay on the seat, her cute bikini covered ass sticking in the air and her huge tits spread apart and smashed by the seat.

“Looks like you’re trying to get home the hard way.” I said jokingly, receiving a sharp look back.

She continued to try and paddle as if I wasn’t there, reaching first to one side and then the other, her body sliding back and forth across the seat to reach the water with each stroke. It took me several moments to realize that the motion had worked one of her huge tits from the surprisingly small triangle of material that the string bikini top was made from, letting it hang naked next to the seat. Each stroke rolled her body slightly exposing her huge areola and large nipple to me. I stared, or more to the point, tried to not look like I was staring for several seconds before deciding I had enough fun at her expense.

“Would you like a tow?” I asked across the water as I floated father away.

“That would be nice.” She answered, not stopping her paddling.

I dug a rope out quickly and secured it to the tow eye on the stern that usually held tubes or ski ropes. Starting the engine I did a tight circle and eased my big boat up next to her, cutting the engine and letting me drift up the last few feet.

“Here.” I said reaching out to her. She took my hand and pulled herself and the wave runner against my boat, letting me hold the handlebar to steady it while she gingerly climbed off and over the side of my boat.

“Thank you.” She said as rolled my body to follow her movements, her exposed breast now hanging completely in my view. Her breast was easily a D cup or larger, with her areola covering nearly a quarter of her tanned breast. A large white triangle of untanned skin outlined her pink circle as well as the easily three quarter inch wide nipple.

I looked at her for some seconds before turning to reach for her life jacket, turning to hand it to her after pulling it from the handlebar.

She stepped toward me and reached for the life jacket, only as her arm brushed against her bare nipple did she realize that she was showing a lot more skin than she planned. With a little squeak she covered her breast with the newly acquired life jacket, her chest and neck crimson with blush.

I tried to ignore my cock, which had for some strange reason gotten hard as a rock, as I turned back to her little boat, more than a little bit distracted. I grabbed the end of the rope that I had left floating between our two boats, reaching out farther for the bow of her boat. I let go of the handlebars and bent farther, using the hood of the little boat for support, which unfortunately caused the little boat to float away from me. Leaning well over the side, my head lower than my butt, trying to reach the just below the water line on the little boat, seemed like a good idea. It also made it difficult to realize that I was quickly reaching the point of no longer being able to get myself back into my boat. The harder I pushed on the hood of her little boat to try and push myself up, the farther the little boat pushed away.

“OH SHIT!” I shouted, flailing with the hand holding the rope to try and grab the side of my boat before I fell head first into the water. As I lost the battle with gravity and headed toward the lake water, I felt a hand grab hold of the leg of my swim suit and pull. I’m sure that her idea was to help me, possibly give me the additional leverage needed to keep me from tumbling over the side, but it was just too illegal bahis siteleri little too late. I grabbed a quick breath and ducked my head to keep from hitting it on the waverunner, tumbling into the lake.

I came up, sputtering and shaking water from my face as I started treading water, looking around and gathering my thoughts. Yep, I was in the water and in one piece. Yep I still had the rope to tie off the wave runner. Yep I wasn’t hurt and I wasn’t going to drown because I got a lung full of water. But something wasn’t right. I could sense it, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it until I looked up to see the lady from the wave runner standing in the boat with a shocked look on her face and a pair of dark blue shorts in her hand.

Yeah you guessed it. That new swim suit with the long floppy legs my wife just had to get me, with the little string on the outside that kept getting untied, the one I really really didn’t prefer for several reasons, was now hanging in her hand instead of being around my waist.

I looked around and realized that the wave runner was sliding away quickly and if I was going to catch it I was going to have to do so quickly. I was in the water de-pantsed already, so a few more seconds weren’t going to make any difference. I took a few quick strokes toward it and snagged the bow eye with a finger, dragging myself toward it and it toward me. It only took a few moments to slip the rope through and make a quick knot.

With the wave runner secure I pushed away and made a few quick strokes back to my own boat, glad I had shut down the engine as I swam around the stern toward the swim ladder.

“I’m really sorry.” The lady said, standing in the back of the boat looking down at me with my swim suit still in her hand.

“Well, this is a bit awkward.” I said with a laugh as I clung to the ladder on the stern of my boat.

“I’m really sorry.” She said again, a helpless look on her face.

“Toss it here.” I called, holding my hand out. It was the simplest solution I could think of. She stepped right to the stern and tossed the material over the back to my outstretched hand. It only took a second to realize just exactly why she was so sorry. Swim suits apparently aren’t made as strong as they used to be, or at least this one wasn’t. The leg she had apparently been holding was ripped half way off the suit. “Well, now I know why you’re so sorry.” I said, tossing the useless suit back into the boat. “How about you turn around for me while I get in.”

“Ok.” She said, turning around and taking a step toward the bow. “I really didn’t mean for that to happen.” She continued as I climbed the ladder and stepped over the stern into the boat.

“Yeah, some rescuer I am.” I said with a laugh, looking around for something to cover up with. I found a small towel I used to wipe my hands and wrapped it around my waist, the ends not quiet meeting. I held it in place as best I could as I told her it was ok to turn around.

“Oh!” She exclaimed, looking down at the towel around my waist, looking more like a little mini-skirt than anything else.

“Well, it’s better than nothing.” I said as I stepped next to her to drop into the drivers seat.

“I don’t know about that.” I heard her murmur as she stood next to me, holding onto the windshield.

I had to let go of the ends of the little towel to free my hands to start the engine, leaving it laying on my lap as I reached for the throttle and key. Thankfully the engine fired easily and I dropped it into gear, letting the idle speed slowly take the slack out of the rope. I twisted around in my seat to look behind us, waiting for the rope to snug up. I turned my head back to look in front of us and ended up staring straight at her yellow bikini covered crotch. The view was, well, revealing. The string bottoms were pulled tight, the strings tracing a line around her hips from the wide triangle of material in front to the little bows that held the strings tight on each hip. Her meaty pussy lips puffed the yellow material out as it curved down between her legs, a small cleft forming in the material where her lips met, slightly growing in depth as it disappeared with the rest of the material between her lightly tanned thighs.

The shape of her pussy was not all that the yellow material exposed. My quickly growing cock was accelerated by the damp spot that had formed low on the crotch and the musky sweet aroma of aroused pussy. I aimed the boat in the general direction of the cove and left it at idle. I looked up to see if I had been caught, my eyes traveling up from her skimpy bottom, up across her firm tummy, its round belly button adorned with a small silver ring with large round ends, a tiny blue crystal hanging from it. My eyes continued working up her stomach, noting a small scar, only a few fractions of an inch long, running along one of her ribs before coming to the gentle curve and swell of her breasts.

Each of her breasts swelled out from her chest, the bottom of each soft globe exposed, smooth and canlı bahis siteleri curved gently around and up before disappearing into the yellow triangles of material. The swell of her full breasts continued up into the material, curving up and out until the material displayed a small mountain on the front of each triangle. Like a tiny mountain on a larger rolling hill, the bump seemed to grow as I watched, my eyes finally traveling up farther, following the tiny string leading to her neck up the remaining curve. My eyes were distracted by a small drop of perspiration rolling down her breast slowly curving around her round globe to disappear into the tiny cave created where the two sexy breasts met, pressing together.

My eyes flicked back to her neck, continuing the trip up to her full lips, currently being nibbled between bright white teeth, as if contemplating a weighty subject. My eyes continued up past her perky little nose, to her turquoise blue eyes, looking down at me, not at my face, but lower, staring intently. I let my eyes flick back to my own body, looking down to where she was staring so intently.

The small towel that I had wrapped around me was askew, my survey of her body having caused my cock to grow significantly, pushing the towel away and sticking up rudely toward her, a tiny drop of pre-cum perched on the very tip as my whole cock bounced in time with my pounding heart.

I looked back to her eyes, her face now turning crimson at being caught staring at my swelling shaft. Her gaze locked briefly with mine before flashing back to my bouncing cock, one of her hands dropping from the windshield to slowly stroke down the string from her neck to the triangle of cloth covering her left breast. Her finger softly traced down the skin of her breast, following the path of the yellow triangle before leaving her breast and continuing down, farther and farther as it flattened against her stomach and eventually pressing against the yellow covering over her pussy. My eyes followed her hand through the trip and locked on her motion as her middle finger pressed the material deeper between her lips before sliding slowly up the material until it was once again resting on her stomach, her palm covering the little jewel in her belly button.

I was unable to tear my eyes away as her flattened hand pushed down her body again, this time letting her fingers wiggle under the yellow material and slide down, her fingers pushing the material out while they slowly stroked down, sliding deeper and deeper between her lips. She slowly stroked her hand part way back out of the tiny yellow covering before pressing them down again, this time a little farther between her legs, pressing her finger deeper between her lips.

I finally broke my attention from her fingers to check where the boat was headed and was surprised to see that we were still less than half way to her dock. I let my eyes flick up to hers, finding them still locked on my exposed cock. I glanced down to my own lap in time to see that little drip of pre-cum slide down the side of my fat mushroom shaped head and drip to my thigh, leaving a long slender thread strung between them.

“Hmmmm.” She moaned almost silently as she watched my bobbing cock, her hand deep between her legs, slowly stroking up and down along her pussy.

I reached out and killed the engine, letting the boat fall into a slow drift. I reached out with both hands for the tiny strings that held the suit bottom on, tugging gently at the free ends of the bows. The strings slowly pulled the tiny bows out, the free ends falling away as I continued to pull, the yellow material pulling away from where her hand covered her mound and her finger pressed between her wet lips. The material pulled from between her legs, falling to the deck as I let go of the strings, leaving her naked below her chest.

I reached back toward her, gently wrapping my fingers around her wrist, slowly pulling on it. At first she resisted, but then let me move her hand, drawing her finger from between her wet lips and exposing her blond curls, trimmed in a neat triangle, and her full lips, her delicate inner lips protruding and glistening with the juices of her arousal.

I let go of her wrist and reached back to her mound, gently stroking one finger down through her curls to her lips, letting the very tip bump over her shrouded clit before sinking into the wetness between her lips. I looked up at her face at the sound of her sucking in her breath, her eyes closed and her teeth gently biting her lower lip.

I let my finger slide down between her legs, pressing up between her wet lips so that it stroked along the pubic bone until the tip found the opening to her soft tunnel. She instinctively stepped her feet apart, giving me more room as I curled my finger and gently pressed it up into her, first one knuckle and then two. I stroked my finger in and out slowly, like a small dick pushing into her, immediately wishing that it was my dick doing so. With a sigh I drew my finger out, feeling that I wanted to do so much more, yet reluctant to push the boundaries with this unknown woman too far. I stroked my finger up her wet slit, spreading her lips and exposing the tip of her clit as I stroked across it, finally pulling my hand away.

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