Lana’s New Job Ch. 01

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Lana Valdez silently swore as she knelt on the floor to pick up the stack of papers to be filed that had just spilled out of her arms. It was Lana’s first day on the job at Sossman , Maher & Roberts Law office. She was hired to be a secretary to the firm partners at the firm. Clumsily her chubby fingers tried to quickly gather the papers. Lana wasn’t actually very chubby, just soft and round. She was 5’4″, 150 lbs. Most of her weight filled her chest and her luscious behind. It was the latin in her.

As Lana stood, she tried to organize the stack of papers. She brushed her dark brown hair away from her face and straightened her white blouse and smoothed her black skirt. She was all nerves on her first day at work. After all, at 21 years old she was much younger than all of the sophisticated, experienced employees at the law firm.

Lana turned to walk to the filing room and ran straight into a well dressed woman.

All of the papers flew to the floor as Lana cried out, ” Oh, my goodness, I am so sorry! Are ok?” Lana’s dark innocent brown eyes looked concernedly at the person she had just run into.

The woman was tall, slim and thin. Her dark blonde hair was pulled back tightly into a bun. She was an older woman, in her mid 40’s. She looked coldly at Lana.

“Young Lady, you need to watch where you are going. Look at this mess!” The woman’s voice stung Lana as it lashed out. She cringed and her cheeks grew bright red.

Lana lowered her eyes, “I’m very sorry. I will clean it up right away.” Lana lowered herself to her knees and once again tried to gather all the papers of the floor.

The woman watched Lana, her shapely behind pointing up in the air. Lana’s blouse dipped off her body and the woman could see Lana’s lacy, white bra full of young luscious breast. Lana stopped for a moment and looked up at the woman, noticing where the woman’s eyes were landing. Lana’s blush grew even brighter, she quickly looked away and continued to gather the papers. The woman noticed Lana’s blush grow darker.

“What is your name little girl?” The woman said sternly.

Lana gulped, and stood up, once again güvenilir bahis straightening her clothes. “My name is Lana, Lana Valdez.” Lana offered her hand to shake. The woman frowned without taking Lana’s hand.

“How long have you worked here, Miss Valdez?” The woman’s hard green eyes pierced Lana’s soft brown ones. The woman’s eyes were so cold, they gave Lana chills. Lana felt her nipples harden, her embarrassment growing deeper, she silently cursed herself for not wearing a bra with thicker padding.

“Today is my first day ma’am,” Lana said softly, through lowered eyes. The woman was intrigued by this young, sensuous dark girl. The way her thick lips quivered as she spoke, and her nipples poking out through her blouse, the woman could see Lana had potential. Lana’s body, so curvy and thick screamed to be played with and prodded and mastered. The woman felt her pussy twinge with thoughts of Lana bending to her whim.

The woman softened her green eyes and smiled, “Well, Miss Valdez, I suggest you get those papers to the filing room before you lose them all again. And, since we haven’t met properly come to my office in one hour, so that we can get to know each other. My office is the corner office at the end of the hall. It’s the door marked Phyllis Sossman.” Lana could barely contain her gasp. Phyllis Sossman was a partner at the Sossman, Maher, & Roberts Law firm.

Phyllis noticed Lana’s fear at discovering who she was. Phyllis loved to see that kind of fear in people. She was glad to see it in Lana. That fear was going to make their first meeting that much more fun.

“Young Lady, relax,” Phyllis said kindly. “I’m a very nice woman, once you get to know me.” She reached toward Lana and squeezed her arm gently for assurance. As Phyllis took her arm back she made sure to slide her retreating arm over Lana’s tight little nipple. She smiled at Lana as if the contact hadn’t occurred.

Lana felt Phyllis’s arm against her nipple and contained the sound of any reaction.

“Yes, Mrs. Sossman, I’m sure you are a very nice woman. Sorry about the papers. I will be in your office in one hour.” Lana’s blush was türkçe bahis deep and making her feel hot all over. She nodded her head politely at Phyllis and scurried off to file the papers.

Phyllis watched her walk away.

She thought to herself, ‘Hmmm, hmmm-mmmm! What a beautiful little creature. So obedient and naïve. Look at the round little behind. I bet her little pussy is just as fat and luscious. I can’t wait until I have it dripping in my hand, or better yet my mouth. And those tits are gonna be oh so fun to play with. They look like they will be a lot more than handful. I’m going to pinch that little latinas brown nipples until she cums and then I’m gonna pinch them some more.” Phyllis felt her pussy getting wet as she looked forward to her meeting with little Lana Valdez.

Thirty minutes later, Lana had almost finished her filing. She had been thinking about what had just happened. Lana couldn’t believe the encounter she had just had with Phyllis Sossman. Lana cursed herself for being so clumsy and for always saying the wrong thing. She scolded herself for not watching where she was going.

Lana played it over in her mind. Was Phyllis Sossman looking down her open blouse? No- Lana dismissed it. Somebody as successful and powerful as Phyllis would never be doing something like looking down another woman’s shirt. Lana grew angry at herself for thinking it. She was even more angry at the fact the arousal she felt at the thought. Lana felt so dirty – why would something like that make her pussy tingle? Why did Phyllis make her pussy tingle? Why did her nipples grown so hard and ache to be touched when she looked into Phyllis’s eyes? Lana knew she was a dirty girl- she cursed herself for turning everything into sex.

“Lana, you are in a professional law firm. No more dirty thoughts.” Lana scolded herself inside her head.

Just then she heard someone walk into the room. She turned to see a handsome, middle aged gentleman in a expensive black suit walk in the room. His hair was brown, speckled with gray.

“Hello, I’m James Maher,” the man smiled at Lana and reached out to shake Lana’s hand. Lana’s heart güvenilir bahis siteleri began to beat faster. It was James Maher the other partner at the firm..

“Hello, Mr. Maher. My name is Lana Valdez. It is so nice to meet you.” Lana eagerly shook Mr. Mahers hand.

“You must be our new secretary?” James said as he took in Lana.

“Yes, I just started today.” Lana noticed that Mr. Maher was staring right at her chest which made her nipples tighten and grown hard again. She felt her pussy getting wet. She felt dirty again.

James Maher watched Lana’s chest rise and fall as her breathing quickened. He kept his eyes on her nipples, not seeming to care if she noticed or not. He took a step closer to her. Lana felt heat consume her body. She took a step back, now leaning against the filing cabinet.

“Well Lana,” Mr. Maher said, taking another step towards her. He put one hand against the wall over her shoulder. Lana was trapped between Mr. Maher and the filing cabinet. He was half a foot taller than her. He smelled wonderful and the way he was looking at her made her squirm. Lana breathed heavily in anticipation of what this man was about to do.

James Maher put his other hand and cupped Lana’s heavy, breast, and squeezed it firmly, using all of fingers, mauling her thick fleshy tit. Then he pinched her nipple cruelly. Lana moaned and looked into Mr. Mahers eyes as he gained the control he knew he could. Lana’s pussy was clenching. This was so humiliating, but it felt so good! She her slick pussy walls pulse together. Mr. Maher pinched her nipple harder.

“Owww!” Lana cried, her eyes pleading him to not stop. But he stopped, took a step back and smiled. Lana’s body relaxed as her nipple pulsed in pain and relief.

“As I was saying, Lana, welcome to the firm. I think you’re going to fit in perfectly.” He squeezed her thigh and turned to walk out of the room. Lana stayed leaning heavily against the file cabinets. Breathing hard.

Before he exited he turned to look at her. He winked. “I’ll be looking forward to working with you closely.” With that he left, leaving Lana in shock over what had just happened and in utter sexual arousal.

Lana looked at the clock and realized it was time to go meet with the other partner, Phyllis Sossman. She would deal with what happened later, she didn’t want to be late!

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