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She loved her new place and after a month of cleaning, unpacking, rearranging it was time to get that computer hooked up again! Oh how she missed her playful chats, always in a room she created, named to entice the hottest men, the most lustful, into the dirtiest chats possible. Hey, she was all grown up, no harm.

She started a room and called it “rent free”. Her online profile usually attracted a large audience and today was no different. She chatted up a storm, teasing the men with talk of fantasies, lingerie, her toys and how she used them. Then an instant message arrived from someone named Landlord1. All it said was hi. As was her usual practice, she looked up his profile…not much there, just said he was a married white male, living in the same state she lived in. So, what the heck, she thought. She typed “hi” back.

They began to compare notes and without telling him where she was located, she mentioned she had been out of circulation for a few weeks while she settled into her new place. He said that was such a coincidence because he had just rented one of his apartments to a single woman. Hm. There was a dark fantasy brewing in her mind. She exited her chat room and focused on this stranger. Coincidental? Truth? Who knows…just enjoy it, she told herself. She told him she was especially turned on chatting with him because she was so damned hot for her new landlord and she wanted to fantasize now with her invisible playmate. He was game and asked her to describe him. She stated he was the same age as she, tall, wicked handsome, having the swagger and body of a guy who definitely had been a jock in high school. Hair she wanted to touch, hands she wanted to feel all over her body. Just the other day as she exited the building to go to work, she had watched him working outside on a little property improvement, dressed in rugged work boots, jeans and tee shirt in the warm morning sun…she told her new friend she wanted to run back into her apartment long enough to do herself, she was so hot at the sight of him. Yeah, she admitted that he was married but she didn’t care and wasn’t looking for him to leave his wife, all she wanted was that package of his, hot and naked in her bed now and then.

Her buddy was only occasionally replying with “hm” and “really?” as she typed. Then she asked canlı bahis him to describe himself. He cautioned her not to freak out, but that he was tall, sexy, had a mischievious look about him and WAS in fact a jock in high school, and wouldn’t it be wild if he were her landlord and she didn’t know it! She just replied, “yeah right, baby. If you’re my landlord, be here at 3 p.m. and ready to fuck me senseless.”

They proceeded to cyber and he was lost in her words as she typed to him how she would use her mouth on his cock, her tongue tasting him, her lips tightening around him until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He spoke of pistoning her hot cunt with a passion that would make her gasp and beg him to never stop, using his fingers to explore her everywhere, leaving no part of her untouched. She promised if they ever became a reality he’d have her over and over again, all the pleasure he craved from her sex. She was wet and trembling when they signed off and she went to her bed for a long session with her toys.

She finally got out of bed, took a hot soapy shower then put the tv on. She was in her robe when there was a knock on her door. Before she could view through her peephole to see who was there, a familiar voice identified himself as Ben, her landlord. What the heck? What was he doing here? She looked at the clock…it was 3 p.m.

She opened the door, looking a bit tousled, smelling fresh and sweet. She said hello and he said he was stopping by to see if she was settling in ok. Whew, she thought, just a very weird coincidence.

He came in and stood in the living room for a moment. She said all was going pretty well, she was enjoying the place more and more. He looked around, saw her computer. The sign-on screen was there, as was the screen name she had played under earlier that day. He could see it and inwardly grinned. Yeah, just what he was hoping he’d see.

“Do you spend much time on the computer?” he asked.

“Haven’t been on it till today, was keeping so busy with the new place I just didn’t bother.”

“Hm” was all he said.

“Why do you ask,” she said.

He took a seat on her sofa while she stood there wondering what was going on. She was aroused to be standing there in her robe, thinking to herself if he only knew I was totally naked under here. bahis siteleri Wonder if he’d be interested.

She offered him coffee or something cold and he opted for a beer. She returned from the kitchen and leaned forward to put it on the coffee table for him, knowing full well the robe was loosening and that her tits fell freely as the robe opened enough to let him know what was there.

He motioned for her to sit down too and as she sat, the left portion of the robe which was draped over the right fell away from her leg, exposing her to just above the top of her thigh. He chuckled and she wasn’t sure why until he told her to stop fussing and show him if she could really suck cock the way she described online earlier.

As he spoke he reached across her, undid the sash of the robe and spread it opened to reveal her naked body to him. He didn’t move to kiss her, but preferred to speak to her as his hands slowly roamed, discovering her hard nipples, squeezing the flesh of her tits.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it, my hands on you, touching you like this, and like this” as he slid a finger into her trimmed pussy, so slowly she wanted to scream. She spread her legs for him as he applied pressure to her clit with his thumb. His mouth found one of her nipples and sucked hard and his finger plunged into her deeply now, more rhythmically. He bit her nipple then applied hard, lasting pressure to her clit causing her to orgasm quickly and hard.

“So you haven’t answered my question. I know what a cumslut you are, you told me yourself earlier. Can you really suck me off the way you described?”

As he spoke he unzipped his jeans, pushed them down below his knees, revealing a hard cock that took her breath away. She knelt between his legs and hissed “yesssssssss” to him.

She softly drew the head of cock into her mouth, but no more than that. Her mouth was warm, soft and very wet around it, gently sucking it. He moaned as she allowed about another inch of him into her hungry mouth and felt her tongue flatten against his meat.

“Use that cunt mouth of yours just like you said, slut. Fuck me with your mouth now.”

She slowly allowed his cock out of her mouth to bury her head between his legs and lap at his balls, using her tongue in very deliberate licks. He strained bahis şirketleri to open his legs more and pushed himself closer to the edge of the sofa to give her more access. She drew his balls, first one then the other, into her mouth and sucked and felt his fingers in her hair, pulling firmly which only aroused her more. His scent was filling her head and she really wanted to ride him.

He drew her up for a moment, pulled the robe off of her and had her climb on to him. She felt his hard cockmeat plunging into her hard and heard him grunt repeatedly fuck me, fuck me you slut…fuck me…

He pulled her hair more causing her arousal to hit a new level and she fucked him with such abandon she didn’t know anything but the sensation of this man who was using her for his pleasure.

Suddenly, she felt him lift her off him quickly….drink it he whispered. She was on her knees quickly, sucking the entire length of his cock hungrily, feeling it pulsing in her mouth. His hands took hold of the sides of her head and he fucked her mouth until he let out a loud moan and shot a load of sweet sticky cream down her throat. She sucked and drank, swallowed it all. She stayed on her knees until he relaxed and softened in her mouth.

He pulled her up next to him, threw the robe around her shoulders to warm her. They stayed that way for some time, not speaking. She wasn’t sure what to say, what to do next. He took control though, having her lie back on the sofa. He positioned her so that one leg draped over the sofa to the floor, the other draped over the back of the sofa. She was fully exposed, just as she had teased her online stranger she would be if they were ever to meet.

He lowered his face between her legs, closed his eyes and was taking in her scent, teasing her with his tongue until he was ready to suck hard on her clit. She moaned and writhed, cuming hard enough to wet his face with her juices.

He pulled back and traced his fingers along her gaping pussy, teasing her, his piercing hazel eyes not leaving hers, and he whispered to her “Feels good,doesn’t it? You like having my fingers and my cock inside you because you’re a slut and you and I are going to get along great. You know I want what you have between your legs and I know you’re going to give it to me every time I stop by.”

She couldn’t even speak. She was trembling from his fingers and the orgasm that was building up and from the sight of him watching her body surrender to his touch.

And to think, this was only the beginning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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