Lara and the Lecturer

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I hope you enjoy, I’m considering making it a series, so let me know if you’d like that. Thanks!


Lara pushed her hair back from her face, she was feeling warm. She wondered if it was the temperature in the lecture theatre, but she realised it wasn’t. In fact, the room was quite cold. She was glad she’d sat a few seats back so she could open her legs slightly to let the air flow up her skirt and cool down the heat that was growing in her loins.

There was something about Brian today, the way he was enthusiastically teaching, the way he was hitting a ruler against his hand, the way he would glance towards her mid sentence. Brian was Lara’s business lecturer, he had to be around 40 but had a charming gentleman look about him. She’d never really been turned on by older guys, she usually found herself chased by guys her own age and she had fun with the ones she let succeed, but Brian effected her in a way she’d never felt before. There was nothing outwardly sexual about what he was doing, but the way he was doing things made Lara feel sexual. She was glad that she got on well with him, otherwise her staring at him may have seemed unusual.

When the lecture had ended, and people were leaving the lecture hall, Lara felt reluctant to leave. She knew she’d be heading straight home to satisfy herself in her dorm room in the half hour before her room mate returned from her own lecture, but she couldn’t stop herself from jogging down the hall steps to get to the front desk to speak to Brian.

“Lara, how can I help?”

His deep voice sent chills down her spine and she froze, wondering what to say. She had no real reason to be speaking to him, except her own desire.

“Lara?” Brian asked, laughing at the frozen girl in front of him.

Brian, with his deep brown hair and muscular body from a previous rugby career, had never slept with a student. He had vowed to himself, when he first became a lecturer, to never touch a student, that it was totally out of bounds. Of course, he had been tempted, there were a few girls who just seemed to ooze with sex appeal, their cleavage on show and their skirts so short that the curve of their derriere was viewable. But he had been successful in staying away, until Lara. She had long brown hair that curled and fell down her back which matched with her dark brown eyes. She had a curvy figure, her breasts were ample but she never showed them off, and her ass was pert. She dressed conservatively for a college student and spoke as though she’d been highly educated. None of this broke through Brian’s barriers until it came to her brain. She was smart, in more than an academic way. She was always thinking, always coming up with interesting topics of conversation and she always showed enthusiasm. It was hard for Brian to not imagine Lara while he laid in bed at night, wondering how enthusiastic she’d be in bed, if he could pull her hair while he took her from behind. He often found himself trying, and failing, to shake these thoughts from his head while he taught her class.

“I’m finding the current topic really hard.” Lara said at last.

“Really?” Brian asked surprised. During discussion Lara Trabzon Escort always came up with the most relevant and interesting point, as though she found it easy, and she did, she just couldn’t think of another reason to speak to Brian. “What can I do to help?”

“Would it be possible for me to come to your office? Get some extra help?” She asked, dying to spend more time with him, to be in close proximity with him while he explained the lecture to her in his sensual tone of voice.

“Sure, I’m free at 5?” Brian said as he packed up his things. He shared Lara’s excitement but he couldn’t show her.

“Sure, see you then.” Lara skipped off, excited at the evening’s meeting. She also decided that she wouldn’t be masturbating when she got back from the lecture, she’d wait until after she’d seen Brian in the evening and relieve herself in the shower afterwards as it would satisfy her much more.

When Lara knocked on the office door at precicely 5p.m she was wearing the same clothes she had been in the lecture, but she’d changed her underwear in the hopes that if anything was to happen, she’d be wearing her sexiest lingere. Brian could feel his cock stirring as Lara entered the room, he adjusted himself subtly under the desk.

“Did you bring the work you were stuck on?” Brian asked as Lara sat across the desk from him. She nodded and pulled out the textbook. When she’d got home from the lecture she’d found a relevant page to the class and wrote a few question marks, just to make her visit seem like she was legitamitely there for help. She showed the page to Brian who glanced back at her, still in disbelief that she wasn’t understanding the topic at hand.

“Well, this won’t take long.” Brian smiled, trying to be supportive, but Lara found herself frowning. She wanted to spend all evening in that office, doing things that made her blush to think of.

When Brian had explained the page to her, and it had come to the stage where Lara had to say that she understood as Brian had clearly explained everything, he closed the book and passed it back to her. When she took it from him, she purposely touched his hand and let her fingertips linger on his skin. He looked from the book to her to find that she was staring at him with hunger in her eyes. Her nipples had hardened and were pushing against her shirt. He pulled his eyes away from them, trying to ignore the visions of him nibbling them, and let go of the book.

“So, I’ll see you next class?”

Lara stood and began to walk towards the door but as she reached it, she decided to let go of the book. As she bent down to retrieve the textbook, she gave Brian a fantastic sight. Underneath her skirt she was wearing a silk red thong. Brian couldn’t help but stare at it, imagining using his teeth to take it off her. He realised where he was and looked away, but found himself looking straight at Lara who was lingering in the bent over position.

“I’d rather stay a little longer.” Lara said, hoping that she wasn’t pushing the boundary for nothing.

“I…uh…Lara…this isn’t appropriate.” He covered his erected cock with an arm and tried to maintain his composure.

“True,” Trabzon Escort Bayan she straightened up and came towards Brian. “But, I…want you.” She sat on top of Brian’s desk and swung her body towards him.

“I…Lara, you’re a lovely girl…but…”

Lara pulled the elastic out of her hair and it fell in such a way that Brian imagined him pulling it, having complete power over her. It was at that moment that he ignored any alarm bells that were sounding in his head and stood up.

“You want this?” He asked, to which Lara nodded positively. “Lock the door.”

Lara ran to the door and locked it, her pussy getting wet with excitement.

“On your knees.” He commanded and although Lara felt surprised, she obliged. “You want my cock?” The way he asked was a command, but his voice was so sensual that it sounded polite.

Lara nodded, eager to take it in her mouth and as he released his cock from the constraints of his pants, she found herself lurching forward. Brian leaned back against the desk as Lara licked his tip, tasting his precum which had been accumulating since she’d walked in his office. She licked the tip and his length, and when the cock was moist with her saliva, she opened her mouth and moved towards his base, taking the whole cock in her mouth until she gagged. She looked up into Brian’s eyes and moved back, pulling herself off the cock and getting her breath back. Within a minute she was back at it, moving back and forth as her mouth surrounded Brian’s cock, every now and then she would pull back and give her attention to his tip and balls.

As Brian could feel himself coming to the edge he pushed her off his dick and pulled her up, pushing her on top of his desk. He pushed up her skirt, enjoying the sight of her in lingere which had been forbidden in his thoughts.

He liked the silk thong too much to take it off, so he sank to his knees and pushed it to the side, taking in the view of her pussy. He could see it glistening with wetness and without saying a word, he dove in and began to eat her pussy. He licked and flicked her clit with his tongue. She was having a hard time keeping quiet but when she began to moan, Brian shot her a look filled with power which frightened and aroused her at the same time. His cock rejoiced in the delicious taste of Lara. He paused from his fun to lick his fingers and Lara knew what was coming next. He started off with one finger, applying pressure until it slipped into her tight hole, then he put in another finger and began working them up and down while he devoured her pussy with his mouth. Tremours were running through Lara’s body, she was biting down hard on her bottom lip praying that a moan or cry didn’t come from her mouth. She was close to an orgasm and she feared the effect it would have on her. She felt like her knees would collapse, that a scream would come out of her mouth and she even pondered the possibility of actually cumming all over Brian’s face.

But Brian wasn’t in the mood to be nice, when he could feel her body reaching its limits, he stopped, to an amazed Lara, and turned her over, pulling down the thong and slipping it off Escort Trabzon one of her legs before he widened them. He aligned his cock to her hole and pushed his tip against her entrance. He had warmed up her pussy and loosened it slightly, but it was still just as tight as a virgin’s. He pushed against it again and the tip disappeared into her, with another push half his cock was inside her and with a final push, his body was against her ass and his whole length inside of Lara. He pulled back and pushed again. Lara was whimpering, Brian’s cock was bigger than one she’d ever taken before and her pussy was suffering the consequences. He paused mid-thrust to pull off Lara’s top, he wanted to see more of her. Brian’s thrusting soon became quicker and Lara was holding onto the desk to keep her balance. At first he had pushed his hands under her bra and cupped her tits. Her nipples were erect and he enjoyed hearing her squirm when he pinched them. But when he began pounding her he took his opportunity to fulfil his fantasy and wrapped her hair around his hand, using it like a reign.

As the pounding became harder, Lara found herself involuntarily moaning. She had never been fucked with such force and determination.

“I’m sorry,” she moaned, worried about disappointing Brian.

He pulled out of her quickly and pulled off his own tie, tying it around her head and putting the thickest part into her mouth. He pushed up her chin, making her bite down on the material. She looked up to him, her eyes watering from the pounding she was taking.

“You still want this?” He asked. She nodded immediately.

He pulled her by her hair back to a leather couch he had against one wall of his office. He pushed her down on her back and spread her legs wide. Pulling her arms together, he held them with one hand while he used the other to put his cock back into her hole which had contracted again since he’d pulled out. He gave one hard thrust and was back inside and fucking her with conviction again. He could feel her pussy trembling, tightening around his cock, she was about to cum, and so was he. He kept thrusting until he could see on her face that she was about to tip over the edge. With swift movements he was out of her pussy and on his knees, tasting her juices as she came. Her body shook and she twisted on the coach as her nails dug into the leather. When her breathing had calmed down and the orgasm was over he got to his feet and ordered her to her knees again. She was obedient and took his cock in her hand, stroking and sucking him until he took the cock from her and stroked it faster himself. She had her mouth wide, ready to taste his cum. The image of the student on her knees, her tits hanging out of her bra, her nipples still erect, and the skirt hiding her pussy, pushed him over the edge. His cum squirted onto her face, then into her mouth, before he aimed it at her tits. She pushed them up with her hands and excitedly moved all the cum from her body to her mouth with a fingertip. When he had finished squirting she took his cock to her mouth, cleaning it of his own cum as though it was a delicious treat.

When she finished he put his cock away and handed her back her clothing, in a formal manner. She dressed quickly and tied her hair back. She looked like she’d just been fucked and it made Brian want to fuck her again, so when she said “When will I see you next?”

He quickly replied, “Tomorrow, same time, be wearing less.”

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