Large and Loveable

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He excused himself after bumping them. It was a accident. He knew it. She didn’t think so. She was gruff at the time when he offered the apology. She accepted it. Anyone around might have thought differently. She didn’t really accept it.

They were larger then life. It wasn’t hard to notice how big they were. He opened his car door, heard a noise, and the door slipped out of his hand. He quickly reached for it but missed the door handle. He accidentally went backwards without the car door in hand.

That’s when it happened. She stood waiting for him to get in his car but before she knew it, he came flying backwards. When he did, she couldn’t get out of the way soon enough, hence his elbows bumped into her bosoms.

He felt them. He knew what he felt. He wasn’t ashamed either. But he didn’t want it to appear as though he did it on purpose. He was embarrassed about it. In all honesty he tried hard to apologize to her. She thought he pre-planned it or he was happy it happened. She wasn’t and let him know by her response she was not.

She said something like “Well of all the nerve.” He apologized profusely he felt. He didn’t forget that day and that incident. Not when you bang into beauties like hers as he retold the story occasionally. He couldn’t forget her bosoms. He only saw her at the school or school events.

Yes she is a full figured plus size woman. There isn’t any other way to describe her, except to say she is a very attractive woman. A woman he’d easily be willing to ‘bump’ into any day, any time, and anywhere for that same pleasure he got out of it like the last time.

Yes, okay it is an immature thing to do but it was not on purpose. Yes, okay it isn’t something a man at 40 aspires to, but he did once it happened to him. Yes, okay we all know he probably waited for another chance to do it even though it was wrong and she didn’t mind once the dust settled. Truth was in fact, she hoped something like that might happen again and she was in once of her rare good moods, because she’s at her best when she is in a good mood.

5 weeks later he came out of the store. He had been clumsy that day. He dropped things left and right from the moment he left home. A simple credit card at the grocery store, to grocery bags, to grocery items at home. He left again the next time to get new clothes. He set his mind on a tad more stylish, but not with too much flair. He knew what he wanted exactly. He got the clothes, dropping them often throughout the store and feeling clumsy as well, and finally paying after choosing what he wanted.

Out the door, he tripped on the curb. He crossed the drive, and dropped his first bag. He bent over to pick it up. He dropped his keys. He bent down to pick them up. His sunglasses fell off his head. You get the picture.

At the car, he started to put his bags on the trunk’s hood, but they slipped out of his hand. A car pulled in. He bent over to pick the bags up again.

When he stood up, he felt something. It wasn’t air behind him that he felt. It was a dense object which he felt. It wasn’t solid, but it was a dense one. He figured he bumped into another person again. But then he realized it. Before turning around he was apologizing.

“It’s okay you didn’t mean to” hearing the woman’s voice from behind him. His eyes rolled around in a circle.

“Oh god, shit not again” he said to himself thinking he banged into another woman. He turned, looked, and he thought to himself “Oh fuck…its her. By that time, her back was turned towards him.

Regardless, he knew it was her. He’s seen her figure, her shape, and her stature how many times before from the front and from back as well. She turned around.

“Hi how are you” shed asked in an unusually pleasant voice. Thinking she would scold him with one of her looks and that voice, he expected another gruff response. She didn’t even know it was him. Still she knew who he was once she saw him and he wondered if she remembered the first time he bumped into her bosoms.

“I’m good thanks for asking” while still contemplating that first time. He hadn’t stopped thinking about her bosoms. He carried that vision of them in his head for gaziantep escort bayan sitesi weeks until they finally started to disappear in the last couple weeks.

But bang! There they were again! That vision of them, complete with no top on, and only cleavage and a bra holding up to two lovely very large breasts and calling on him.

“How about you uhhhh” trying to remember her name.

“Tina” she replied in a polite tone. “Tina Waggoner is my name. You’re Dan umm Dan Michaels right?”

He said she was right. They stood in the parking lot chatting away. For some reason neither of them felt like they had a thing to do. Neither felt it was time to move on. For some reason neither of them were ready to go. He even said “Well I suppose I should get going; what about you” he asked.

Even though it sounded like it was a burden for her to leave she said “I suppose.” His mind fixated itself on her offerings inside her top. He wondered how much undulation she had underneath it. He thought about what she looked like underneath her top.

Did she have lovely and loving rolls underneath? Were her rolls soft and sensuous? The more he thought the more exciting it was to stand there talking to her. Was her stomach, albeit a little larger then some liked, tender and loveable? What did it all look like under her large attractive top? He wondered and wondered about all those rolls she brandished inside it. “Tina that’s a great top you’re wearing” boldly complimenting her.

But just as he said that she asked him “Is there something wrong with my shirt?” She didn’t hear him compliment it. “What did you just say? There isn’t a stain on it is there? There better not be.”

She looked down and then realized why he was looking. He tried to compliment the shirt again, but she looked up and gave him that dirty look like before. He felt like he was pegged as a non-desirable again. He felt like she wouldn’t have any of that at that point.

“I’m sorry Tina. I know I’m like that. I’m sorry. I should know better but its just well never mind I’m sorry.” He put away his bags and got in his car. Just before he did he apologized once more. He told her to have a good day.

He drove on to his next destination. But something happened. He stopped dropping stuff. He went to get his car cleaned. He let them clean out his car. While waiting outside she drove up. She was getting her car cleaned also. They happened to stand outside together and talked some more.

That time, she was much friendlier. Off to the side she stunned him with the next comment. Nobody else could hear it but she said to him “Soooo you’re a boob man are ya? From what I gather ya like bigger women too huh?” She turned sideways and looked at him. Her eyes sparkled as she smiled and waited for his answer. “Am I right Dan?”

He blushed and hesitantly nodded his head yes. “Okay it is true. I do like full figured woman. I won’t deny that. I like a woman with good size breasts and umm uhhh extra weight, well you know, some rolls on her if I’m allowed to say so. I’m not going to say anything else for fear I’m gonna get myself in trouble.”

She stepped closer. Under her breath she said “Dan thanks for making this woman feel like a verrrrry sexxxxy woman today.” She looked him straight in his face when she thanked him. “Thank you verrrrry much Dan. I suppose in another time and some other place we could have hit it off a little differently huh?”

He felt a blazing hot rush run through him! It was as though temperatures soared into the upper 90’s but from within. How he felt inside was incredibly weird. She turned him on!

He didn’t want to answer because he didn’t want to acknowledge she was right. Also he was fixated on the weird feelings he was having all of a sudden. He wanted to say he would romance her intimately anywhere it was convenient for both of them.

“Dan ohhh Dan you naughty boy you I know what you’re thinking. No, no, noooo that’s a no, no Danny boy.” He was red all over excited and she could see it easily. She said to him she’d do it but she didn’t say it officially. She turned him down, but she’d gaziantep escort bayan forum think about it only not in the capacity either of them cared to discuss it. Finally there cars were ready. They got in them, but she got out and said something to him.

“You mean that” he replied. “You mean it really?”

She nodded her head yes and smiled. She told him to meet him across the street. “Meet me there.” She said she’d be there in a minute. He paid and met her at the parking lot at the mall.

She had him over the top. She told him “Listen Dan, if you wanna test drive this” meaning her upper body, “I won’t mind. In fact Dan I’m up to this a lot more then you think. I suppose I feel the same about you too. Truth be told Dan, I’ve lied to myself about things. I’ve lied to myself about a lot of things maybe. I guess I should tell you I like that you seem to think I’m attractive Dan. In fact, I like that hunk of beef of yours you call a stomach! Yeah I sure would like to test drive it. Sound good to you?”

Wearing a pair of knit shorts it had to find its way out or up or something. Somehow it did unfortunately there in his car, next to hers. She invited herself in to sit and talk with him in his car after he got hard of course. He tried to adjust it, but she didn’t give him enough time.

It hardened so fast uncoiling itself and straightening out. Unfortunately his erection went directly sideways forcing it to stick out a hair on the side of his shorts. If one looked at it from an angle, anyone yes anyone could see its tip. It was fat and solid and the erection gave one, such as Tina, a slight view of his ‘beauty.’

She stepped towards his car and sat down inside turning sideways quickly. Facing him, she became comfortable immediately. Looking at everything around her, including him and his body, he thought she’d see it right away. He was humiliated even though she didn’t see it. She chatted with him and she seemed happy.

After 20 minutes he calmed down. He was relaxed. So was his cock. She was about to leave but finally mentioned how he was attracted to larger lovelier women like her. “You really mean it huh? You are attracted to a bigger, full figured women like me?”

He said yes. He said plus size women seem to catch his eye but it varied with each one as far as their size was concerned. Other factors played an important part too. That stimulated her a lot.

She told him if he was that attracted to women like her then it was perfectly okay to feel her underneath her top. She told him to go ahead and feel her. She urged him to do it. She asked him if he’d ever pursue her personally. Then she asked him if she could do the same to him.

That’s when it hit him, again! His erection ‘surfaced’ again! It found the same outlet as before! There wasn’t a thing he could do but grin and bear it.

She noticed it right away. “Oh uhhh having a problem there huh Danny” she asked when she saw it. “I ummm wasn’t planning anything like that, but if you insist well I don’t mind if you don’t.” She was stunned but trying to be casual about it. She loved his idea thinking he intentionally placed it there and at her disposal.

While he felt her sexy soft stomach, it drove him wild. His cock, still barely visible pulsated hurriedly. He already loved her tummy and its bulges. He told her he did too. She told him she loved his beefy manly stomach as well. Even though it was a beer gut, he wasn’t huge like she thought it would be. Then again she thought about the erection and what that would do for her and him too.

“Mind if I feel that while I’m at it?” He didn’t know what to say.

She reached down for the tip of it. “Oh shit’ he said. “Ohhhhhhh god almighty” he added. She was turned on too. She asked if his response was a yes. “Oh what the hell; go on keep feeling it!” She looked at his leg and at the tip of his erection peeked out.

Ever so slightly her fingers scooted towards it. With her fingers extended, she stopped short of the tip. She watched his eyes. She watched the cock. Her fingers took a step closer. Her fingers touched the tip of his cock. He escort bayan gaziantep pulled them off for a moment. He tightened up. He became very excited.

Feeling his cock get touched by another woman was almost too thrilling. He wanted to say “Go ahead and hold the whole thing if you want” but he didn’t. His eyes said it.

Instead she took his hands, slipped them inside her large blouse and leading them around her stomach, and eventually steering them upwards towards her huge bosoms.

“Wanna feel these” she asked him. “Well do you Danny?”

“No, I want you to feel my cock. That’s what I want. I want my cock to be held by you if you’ll do it please.”

She told him she’d rather have him feel her boobs. She told him she’d have sex with him any time but he’d have to feel them first. He broke down and instead of giving her what she wanted, Dan started grabbing his own cock and squeezing it in front of her. But in doing so he was able to put it back inside his shorts. She didn’t care. She enjoyed the time with him.

She finally gave in. She began pulling down his shorts. She started shoving her hands inside them. She grabbed his hard cock and felt it, squeezed it, and even massaged it making him moan for her. He made Tina horny.

“Don’t moan or you’re going to make me horny too” she cried out. “Ohh now I’m gonna hafta give you something you may not, ohhhh lord! Ohh now I’m gonna hafta give you a blow job. Ohhh lord, lord almighty” she exclaimed! Go on and take them off! I’ll give you one alright. Take them off so we can get it over with please Danny please? Ohhh lord” as her eyes went round in circles and then closed.

He slipped them down, she leaned over it, and she began sucking it. She sucked it like she had to leave in a minute. Sitting up she asked him how that was.

“Terrific woman and I mean terrific!”

“Show me how you like to beat it honey” she said playfully. He put his hand on his cock and jacked off for Tina. Apparently she thought it was orgasmic because before long she was fingering herself and asking him how he liked what she was doing.

“Why don’t you slide over? We could have a ton of fun over here. Come on how ’bout it Dan? Come over and we’ll have some fun together. You can undo my blouse, play with these all afternoon, feel my titties some more,” and he became confused at that point.

“Hey you never know; you could even turn me on when you tease my nipples. You could umm well you know, fuck my tits!” He thought she meant slide over in the car and just be playful with one another. She meant come over to her house and they’d get playful. She changed her tune in mid-sentence. “And my belly too Dan; who knows, maybe even my pussy turns you on huh? Whaddya say Danny?”

“Ohhh god” he cried out and went back to jerking off his cock.

“Come on keep talking dirty like that to me” he said in desperation. “I’m getting so horny because the way you talk dirty like that to me Tina. Go on talk dirty like that some more.”

He opened his eyes and looked at her. Her shorts were undone and she was fingering her cunt feverishly. She watched him do what he did and he turned her on so she fingered herself.

“Man Tina I’d eat that out right now.” She turned around and braced herself against the side door and spread out her legs. He jumped inside her legs and ate it out. She humped his face as he dug deep and brought her to orgasm.

Then finishing off the deal he did what she did pulling off his shorts completely. She flipped over and went down on his cock. Sucking it off, he blew a load hard into her face and mouth. Her face, mouth, and her hair were so cum soaked she had no where to wipe it. He reached into the back seat, pulled out a new t-shirt, took off his old one, and handed it to her. He put the new one on. They laughed as she swallowed what was in her mouth, wiping off what was on her face, and some of it in her hair.

While they laughed, he took the shirt from her and touched up her hair. She watched him and smiled. Staring at one another, they said their goodbyes. They thanked each other, laughed again, and shook hands. She unbuttoned her top, opened it up, and said “Next time you get these. We’ll get a bed together next time right?”

“Hell let’s do them now” he said. She laughed, buttoned up, kissed his lips, and got out. She winked and waved good bye and drove away.

He sat alone in an empty parking lot thinking how sexy everything was. Then he envisioned her body again and jacked off.

He cummed in his hands and wiped it all on…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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