Las Vegas: The Sequel

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I shuddered with orgasm for the fourth time in under an hour, my eyes locked on the television screen in front of me. The same image that had already given me so much physical pleasure did its job again, and my hips rocked as I rubbed my fingers up and down my clit wildly. I let out a long slow moan of unimaginable ecstasy, certain that my body couldn’t take much more of this. In the 48 hours since I had received the video tape from Fucked Tonight Inc I had lost count of the number of times the same scene had brought me to massive and roiling orgasm. Watching myself on the screen, at the moment that Colin had yanked his tie tight around my neck like a leash, pulling me towards his throbbing cock, was like sexual crack cocaine for me. I was barely able to pull myself away from bed to wash and eat, so addicted was I to the video tape.

The production value of the tape was quite high, and the resolution sharp enough that you could easily make out details like the line of saliva dripping from my chin, my throat bulging as Colin’s cock entered it deeply, and even the sticky wetness of my pussy as I rubbed it for him only inches from his face. Unfortunately the audio of the tape cut out when Colin had ordered me to open the windows of the limousine; the wind roaring past the moving vehicle all but drowning out everything that was said. Not that we had needed many words. The only disappointment of the video was that the money shot had not been caught on tape. Although it was possible there were a number of passengers in passing cars who had taken pictures as Colin had blasted my face outside of the moonroof, the cameras provided by the company covered only the inside of the vehicle. Nevertheless, I cherished the mess that was visible on my face as we re-entered the limo, and conveniently the mirrored surface I had used when cleaning up my splattered face was a two way mirror hiding a camera. The close up of my battered makeup and cum-covered face and neck almost made up for missing the action shot.

I was still completely enamoured with my Fucked Tonight experience, revelling in the memories captured forever on film. I could barely believe that I had found the courage to go through with it, but from the first moment I saw the ads I knew had wanted to go for it. Flying into Vegas the day before, I had fortified my courage with wine for a solid hour before meeting the limo outside my hotel. The company’s service was free for the women on their call list, and luckily I had been able to make travel arrangements to show up a few days early for the conference I was attending. That detail was especially fortuitous now, I reminded myself as I attempted to work up the willpower to escape the video’s hold over me. I didn’t fly all this way to masturbate in bed all week instead of attending the meetings.

In the rare moments I had spent between video viewings, generally feeling totally exhausted and nursing a very tender clit, my thoughts kept coming back to Colin. Although the Fucked Tonight service was supposed to be mostly confidential, a clause in the agreement did allow a woman who had very much enjoyed herself to have her contact info passed on to the gentleman in question. Given the nature of the business, he may or may not choose to contact her again to meet privately, but at least it put the ball in his court. I had decided, in a nearly drunken post-orgasmic stupor after my first dozen video viewings, that I most definitely was willing to meet with Colin again while he was in Vegas. His attitude towards me, and the act of fellatio had turned me on beyond belief, and it was in no small part that attraction that had left me with such a good taste in my mouth following the experience. I wanted his cock in my mouth again in the worst way possible.

Unfortunately for my out of control sexual desires, Colin hadn’t gotten a hold of me yet. I had given the agency permission to pass on my contact info, including my hotel and room number, and still hadn’t gotten a call from him. I assumed that he would jump at the chance to repeat our escapades, but began to wonder if perhaps the fact that it was a one time thing was what really made the experience memorable for him. The idea of the anonymity certainly added to the intrigue for me as well. After waiting for a call for a day, I became resigned to reliving my adventure solely through my memories and video tape, and pondering if perhaps I should set up a second “date” through the company before I left Vegas.

My pussy too sore for any more enjoyment, I decided to turn in early in the hopes of getting up at the crack of dawn to attend my conference meetings Monday morning. Picking up my least sexy flannel pyjamas to ensure I wouldn’t wake up “in the mood” I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and snuggled under the covers. It took me over an hour to fall asleep despite having had a long exhausting day, as my mind played over my encounter with Colin a thousand times as I drifted into a deep slumber. My dreams weren’t restful, and I writhed canlı bahis in my sleep, imagining Colin’s raging hard cock using my mouth over and over and over…

* * * * *

I was shocked awake by an intense and angry hammering on the door of my hotel room that seemed to shake the walls with its forcefulness. Groggy, confused, and frightened, I arose from my bed and shambled to the entrance to peer through the peep hole and discover who seemed to be trying to break down my door. Pressing my eye forward to the hole I jumped as the door shook and vibrated yet again, less than an inch from my face. Steeling my resolve, I leaned in and looked out into the hallway. Much to my surprise, the face staring back at me was Colin’s, who had apparently decided to just show up at my room rather than use that information to call me. With a flare of annoyance despite my overwhelming attraction to him, I yanked the door open and demanded to know what was going on.

“What’s the big idea?” I asked. “You’ll wake up the whole hotel, its three AM “

Colin looked disheveled, and his eyes were red and bleary with the look of a man who had been drinking all day. He reeked like a brewery, and stood before me wearing an un-tucked dress shirt, half undone tie and wrinkled trousers. His eyes had a dangerous glint in them, and he responded to my flustered demand with an instant anger and annoyance of his own.

“Just get on your knees.” He commanded me wearily.

I was so taken aback by the order that I hardly had time to resist as Colin, the object of all my recent fantasies reached out and grasped me by the shoulders firmly, and with a squeeze, lowered me to my knees in the hallway. He did not force me down, but applied enough pressure that I was guided down automatically, still confused and groggy from being suddenly awoken. Before I could utter another word of protest, he had his fly down and his cock out, and thrusted it drunkenly at my mouth. It forced its way past my lips hurriedly, and Colin began to briskly fuck my face.

I was instantly both mortified at the thought of being caught, and at the same time unimaginably turned on by the situation. I felt the back of my head bang off the door repeatedly, and was overcome with a shiver of fear as I thought the sound might bring out curious guests. I glanced my eyes upwards and saw that Colin was bracing his hands on the door frame as he used it for leverage to pound my face. His cock was unbelievably hard, raging in its solid state, insistent in its demands and need to be satiated. It felt unstoppable, hard as steel, and incredibly fat with all the surging blood inside it. I gagged as I felt the inflated head poke at my throat, probing its depth. Colin was too drunk to set a rhythmic pace, and his thrusts were as jolting as they were hard. I could smell his alcoholic breath as he tried to look down at me and watch my head batter off of the door time and time again as he humped my mouth repeatedly. I felt his heavy balls smack off of my chin, and coughed.

“*Gluck, *Ulk, *Gluck.” the sounds of my gagging filled the corridor with their harsh tune. I pressed my hands into Colin’s thighs in an attempt to create some space and catch my breath.

“*Gluck, *Gluck, *Ulug.” my tongue snaked out towards his balls as I coughed under his unrelenting onslaught.

“Holy shit That chick is getting fucking throat fucked ” exclaimed a frat boy a few doors down the hall. Two of his drunken friends rushed out of their shared room to catch a glimpse.

“*Ulk, *Glug, *Gluck.” Colin pounded me all the harder, driven on by the presence of spectators.

“Take… this… you… fucking… slut…” Colin muttered under his breath. “Take… this… cock…”

I slapped harder at his thighs now. I was wet at the thought of the boys watching me take this oral beating, but even more frightened of being kicked out of the hotel. I could not afford another booking, and couldn’t bear the shame of being forced to fly home early or shack up with a colleague. My slapping hands seemed to startle Colin back to reality, and he immediately stopped his thrusting.

“Get inside.” he said forcefully, pushing the door open and slapping my ass hard to usher me into the room. The groans of the boys outside were audible as Colin closed and locked the door behind him to prevent any further intrusion.

“Lets get you naked.” he said simply as he quickly unbuttoned my flannel top and slid my bottoms over my ample hips.

As he pulled my pants down he paused to nibble and suckle at my diamond hard nipples, and hefted my heavy breasts in his strong hands. I moaned with pleasure, and Colin nodded his approval as he quickly began to undress himself. He paused unbuttoning his shirt and grasped my right arm at the elbow, turning me around to face away from him. I allowed myself to be led, and glanced back over my shoulder as I heard his belt hit the floor with a jingle. As he stepped out of his pants, I felt his still raging erection press tautly bahis siteleri against my backside, its heat evident on the small of my back. I heard his shirt follow his pants to the floor and tried to turn back to look at Colin’s nakedness. He stopped me, and kept me with my back towards him as I ground my ass against his cock and thighs in impotent frustration.

Suddenly I felt him wrapping a silky smooth material around my arms, pinioning them behind me at the elbows. I shuddered and almost instantly orgasmed as I realized it was his tie again, sexily binding me so I could not resist his advances. My legs grew weak as he spun me around to face him, and I fell to my knees almost involuntarily. That was apparently just perfect for Colin, as he led me, crawling behind him, across the room. He tugged lightly on a handful of my hair to get me in position beside the room’s floor length mirror, and turned on a nearby lamp so that he could see me better. I was in profile to the mirror as he stood in front of me, my pinned elbows forcing my breasts to stick out ludicrously, as if I presented them for his inspection. I sighed and my ass shook visibly in the mirror as the stunning visual sent me over the top without any manual stimulation. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the wave of pleasure as it overcame me. I bit my lip to stifle a scream, and rocked my hips back and forth to prolong the feeling.

*Twack * I came back to reality as I felt Colin’s plump cock head begin to slap off of my face. Griping it by the base, he levered it up and down, smacking it off my cheeks, lips, forehead, and even eyelids with surprising force. It made an occasional wet sounding slap as it patted up and down, and as pre-cum began to ooze from its tip. Colin began to use the tip as a brush, first smearing a healthy gob of pre-cum under my nose along my upper lip so that it was all I could smell. I moaned at the aroma, and was rewarded for my sluttiness as Colin used his cock like a lip gloss applicator and coated my thick lips in sticky goo. I felt some seep into my mouth and its musky flavor made me moan again. Colin began to mash his cock into my face now, placing a hand on the back of my head to pull me into it as it slid back and forth across my face, leaving trails of slick pre-cum.

“Suck on my balls.” He ordered as he reached down to give my tits a hard squeeze.

I obeyed with gusto, leaning in and slathering his testicles with my watering mouth, loving that I was finally allowed to use my talents to please him. He gave up his attempt to grope my chest briefly, and I arched my back and tried to adjust the constricting tie around my arms to give myself more freedom of movement. I awkwardly kept to work at his balls, sucking and kissing them, using my tongue to bathe them in saliva. They smelled very musty and sweaty, and I pressed my face into them lovingly, finding security in their aroma. I made love to his tender orbs with my mouth, as he stroked his cock steadily near my forehead and groaned in appreciation. I could feel his fist bumping lightly on my face as he stroked, rubbing his leaking cock as I massaged his balls with my tongue, and ever so gently grazed my teeth on them to provide a little friction.

Without a single word of warning, he slid his cock back down the length of my face, and pressed it hard into my mouth, mashing it against my teeth as it swerved back and forth across my lips. I willingly opened my mouth and let him enter, feeling his cock fill the cavity with its rubbery thickness. With my hands bound behind my bum, I was helpless to control his pace as he began to hump my mouth. Using much more control than before, Colin began to use fast and shallow strokes to build up a rhythm with his fucking. He placed a hand on top of my head and held me lightly in place as he worked his engorged cock in and out of my mouth briskly. I felt him begin to probe deeper, and lengthen his thrusts to match, sliding slower and slower the deeper he went. I could tell he was trying to work my throat in for a deep throat face fucking, and I approved of his efforts.

“Mmmm yeah eat it baby.” Colin slurred, as he began to force his cock into my throat with some success. “Eat my big dick. Swallow it all.”

“Mmmmm hmmmmmffff.” I moaned in response, miming a nodding of my head as I made an affirmative mumble.

I glanced sidelong into the mirror to the right, and was in awe of the sight before me. There was an incredibly slutty looking woman kneeling naked on the floor, arms tired behind her back while her mouth was ravaged by a powerful looking man. As my eyes creeped upwards to take in his form as he humped her face ferociously, I realized Colin was staring at the couple in the mirror as well. It was the moment that our eyes locked that the reality that I was that slut on the floor hit me like a slap in the face. Although she was obviously me, the woman in the mirror had looked more like a professional porn star or hooker as she gobbled down the fat cock with ease, taking bahis şirketleri a facial dicking with something approaching pride and dignity. I squared my shoulders and admired my own body in the dim light, the shadows cast by the lamp highlighting and complimenting my curvy chest and hips, while hiding my little love handles. I looked like something between an angel and a demon as I voraciously sucked cock in the mirror, and made a mental note to watch myself sucking cock in a reflection more often.

Colin’s gaze changed in the mirror, and seemed to focus on something further back than the rutting couple. A new idea burst into his head, and I almost thought I actually saw a lightbulb appear above it. Ceasing his humping, Colin reached down and picked me up to my feet bodily by my armpits. Gripping an elbow in each hand, he turned me around, and pushed me ahead of him towards the bed. When I stood next to it and started to turn towards him, unsure what he had in mind, he suddenly shoved me hard into the soft bed, so that I landed on my side. I squealed a little in surprise, and looked up at him, confused.

“Roll over onto your stomach and face me.” Colin commanded.

I did as he said, and maneuvered myself into position, so that I seemed nearly hogtied. My legs, bent at the knees, curled towards my pinned arms, and I struggled to maintain my balance. My large breasts propped up my chest somewhat, although I had to tilt my head back uncomfortably far in order to look up at Colin to make eye contact. As I did, I realized that was exactly what he had wanted, and as I stretched out my throat to gaze upwards, he surprised me with the intensity of his initial thrust. It entered my throat instantly and without any resistance at all, burying my nose in his pubic hair and tickling my nostrils. In the position I was in I was completely unable to move to make myself more comfortable, and I shook a little side to side in my efforts. I felt two powerful hands grip either side of my head to steady me, and Colin began to batter my face using his cock as a rock solid ram. He blasted past the gate of my mouth and into my throat’s keep over and over, his cock well lubricated by thick and sticky spit from the inner depths of my windpipe.

I gagged ferociously, but not in the same way as I had in the hallway. Now when my throat muscles contracted, rather than keeping his cock out of my throat itself, they merely squeezed his cock tighter, causing him to moan with ecstasy. As the flow of oxygen to my lungs became more and more contested, I felt my pulse slow, and a dizzy exhaustion set in. In his drunken stupor, Colin was like a man possessed, able to continue his thrusting indefinitely it seemed, with stamina borne out of a single minded lust for my mouth. He ravaged me, rolling his hips in time with his thrusts, ensuring maximum penetration and pleasure. He used my body like a simple object, his pressing down heavily on my head, forcing my teeth all the way to his pelvis in his joy. I distinctly felt myself involuntarily drooling, spurts of saliva streaming down my chin to splatter messily at Colin’s feet, pooling on the thin carpet.

I have no idea how long the rape of my throat lasted, as I drifted in and out of complete consciousness. Although always aware I was being face fucked by Colin, it seemed a distant dream at times, though a pleasurable one at that. At some point I felt Colin’s entire body tense, and heard what sounded like a distant roar of triumph from him as his ass cheeks tightened in unrelenting joy. I was very aware of the sudden explosion of flavorful man-juice in my mouth as Colin pulled his cock back slightly to allow it to fill my mouth with blast after blast of salty semen. I could taste the alcohol in his seed, and gagged on it harshly, all the while ensuring none of it escaped my lips. Although difficult in my position, I struggled to swallow it down as he came. Mercifully, his orgasm was very long, with pauses between the pulses in his cock that surged cum into my mouth. I swallowed again and again, seven or eight times, taking small amounts back and savoring the thought of all the cum filling my belly. Colin continued to thrust lustily into me as his orgasm subsided, chuckling to himself with pride. When he was certain he had drained himself entirely into my mouth, he collapsed, wearily, onto the bed.

Utterly spent myself, I wormed my way onto my side and began to move towards him, intent on pressing my flesh against his to feel his body heat and curl up to sleep. When he felt my body reach his chest , Colin bumped his ass higher so that his head rested in the pillow, and used his hands to maneuver my head to rest on his left thigh as if it were a pillow was well. Without a word, he reached down and popped his softening but chubby cock into my mouth again. It was sticky with cum and spit, and I suckled the flavor off of it. Too tired to follow through in case I re-interested him, I stopped the suction of my lips, and just let his cock rest in my mouth like a soother. Very shortly I heard him settle into a contented and heavy sleep as his heart and lungs slowed down. Unable to shimmy myself up higher, I simply contented myself with drifting off with his dick between my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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