Lascivious Lesbians

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This story is mostly based on shortened but true events which happened in my life, with some names and locations replaced here and there.

My name is Maxine Louise Hollowell. I am eighteen years old, and I’m in love with a girl.

Coming out of the closet was both the most terrifying yet the most enlightening event in my entire life. For the longest time, I just thought that there was something wonky with the way my brain functioned. Every time I had a ‘boyfriend’, I would feel so. . . Wrong. There’s no other word to explain it. I felt wrong.

I moved around a lot throughout my school years — five times, between two schools: Greenfield and Mayview. I think it was in Greenfield during my 7th grade year that I discovered my first girl crush. Her name was Sammi, and she had the biggest, most beautiful lips I’d ever seen. Her skin was a natural tan, her eyes were big and brown, her hair was black, and her body was voluptuous. I remember many times when we’d walk to lunch holding hands. Sammi was, without a doubt, my best friend. But when I moved to Mayview, we grew apart. It was there that I met my first real girlfriend: a lanky, blonde, green-eyed dyke named Kira, who was completely head-over-heels for me. She was the first person to introduce the idea of homosexuality to me, which I rejected for as long as I possibly could. But I was curious, and found myself attracted to her. I finally gave in when Kira told me she was somewhat attracted to a guy she met at a New Year’s party because she got totally wasted.

I remember telling her, “You’re gay, you can’t like guys.”

Kira was, at this point, trying to get over me. She said, “Why do you care?”

There was no more escaping the truth then.

A week later, I invited Kira over to my house for dinner and introduced her to my parents. We were sitting on my livingroom floor, and the parents were outside cooking the food on the grill. I suddenly realized that Kira’s hand was sneaking under my pantsline and into my panties.

“Wow, you really are cleanly shaved.” Was all she said before taking my lesbian virginity.

I stressed so much over coming out to my parents that I couldn’t eat, and lost 20 lbs in less than a month. I was terrified that they would kick me out, disown me, beat me up, etc. Kira said she wanted to be with me when I came out to them and hold my hand, like Valerie and her girlfriend did in the movie ‘V for Vendetta’, but as I continued to lose weight, my parents got increasingly worried. They suddenly appeared in my room one afternoon and demanded to know what was wrong. They knew Kira was gay, so they had to have their suspicions. I cried for hours before I told them, and cried even more when they refused to believe me, telling me it was just a phase and I would be just fine.

My parents restricted my visits with Kira as much as they could after that. Kira, being manic depressive, would call me and say it’d be best if we weren’t together. I remember being on the phone with her for hours, crying and begging her to stay with me. It was so much extra stress that I really could have done without.

About a year later, I moved back to Greenfield. Kira and I were still together, but she had met another girl: Elyse. Elyse was the destruction of my relationship. She manipulated Kira into believing that she couldn’t handle a long-distance relationship, even when Mayview and Greenfield were, literally, fifteen minutes apart. The way it ended was what really hurt me.

Every other weekend, I would go up to Kira’s house and stay for a night or two. Usually all we did during these visits was have ‘sex’ — awkward, uncomfortable fucking on her couch. But it’s not for these reasons that I would hesitate to call it sex. I may sound selfish for saying it, but I was always the one giving. For some reason it was always a chore to please me. But one weekend, the very same day I arrived, Kira kicked me out. She admitted to her new attraction to Elyse, and told me I had to leave. Again, more begging and crying, but in the end I decided it would just end up happening again.

That week was the hardest of my entire life. I literally got no sleep, yet still attended school each day; I broke down multiple times. If it hadn’t have been for my ginger midget friend, Jordynn, Kira’s ex before me, I think I might have canlı bahis killed myself.

Months passed, and I found myself back in Mayview. It was around this time that I started talking to a girl named Belle. Belle was a bit taller than me, had chin-length brown hair and chocolate colored eyes and a nose ring. She texted me one day and told me she was bi. She said she knew I was still recovering from Kira, and offered to help me until I didn’t need her anymore. I was a bit desperate at this point to just have someone there for me, so I accepted Belle’s offer, but told her to keep our relationship a secret. I had heard rumors about Belle being completely psychotic, so I wanted to play it safe.

As it turned out, the rumors were true.

The first sign was when I discovered that Belle, while dating me, was dating three other guys at the same time. I freaked out on her, feeling the same hurt and betrayal I felt from Kira. She cried and promised she’d break up with them if I didn’t leave her. I remained skeptical about the situation, but decided to give her another chance.

Belle was getting impatient with me because I never went over to her house or did anything with her outside of school. I lied and told her my dad had me cleaning house all the time because he works a lot. But I only lied because I knew what Belle wanted — she sent me texts about how badly she desired to have sex with me. I felt bad rejecting her, but she just wasn’t attractive to me and I didn’t want to lead her on. One day, Belle walked down to the park and texted me, asking if I could meet her there. I told her I couldn’t. About ten minutes later, Belle sent me a picture. She had cut the word ‘HATE’ into her left arm.

Our pathetic relationship ended very shortly afterwards.

Then I met Emily — the tall, blue-eyed, glasses-wearing red head of my dreams. I was always one for the gingers. I came upon Emily while looking through an LGBT support website. Her number was given at the bottom of her profile, and I figured, what the hell, why not?

Not only was Emily beautiful, but she’s also witty and poetic. The first few days we knew each other, it was nothing but poems back and forth between us. I’ve never fallen so hard for someone in such a short amount of time. It was quite funny, actually: the same day Emily and I got together was the day Elyse and Kira broke up. The only problem was that Emily lived in Oklahoma — one timezone away from me.

It’s been three years since Emily and I got together. Today will be the first time I meet her in person.

I texted Emily for the four-thousandth time in thirty minutes while I was stopped at a red light.

“Hey, I’m at the corner of your street.” I typed as quick as I could, tapping my fingers anxiously on the steering wheel of my stepmom’s Oldsmobile. As soon as the light turned green, I sped down the street and found the white house on the right I was told to look for earlier.

I felt my heart skip a beat.

There she was, sitting on the steps of the front porch of her apartment, grinning that sexy crooked smile of hers and standing to come meet me.

Parking the car as quickly as humanly possible, I jumped out of the car and ran into Emily’s arms, squeezing her tightly to me for what seemed like hours. She was a good five or six inches taller than I, being a short little 5-foot 3-inches.

“Hey Max. . .” She finally said, her voice soft and raspy.

I pulled away to look into her eyes and my heart broke. “Oh, babe, don’t cry! You’re gonna make me cry, too. . .” I reached up and held her cheek, wiping away a tear with my thumb. God, she was so beautiful. Standing up on my toes to get to her height, I leaned close and gently kissed her lips for the first time. She was so soft and sweet; I couldn’t wait to have more of her.

Emily’s freckled face was hot and red as our kiss broke. With a big goofy smile on her face, she grabbed my hand and led me into her house. “Time for the tour!”

I chuckled and followed her inside. She’d sent me pictures of her new place when she had first moved in, but seeing it in person was totally different. It was a big enough apartment for a college student, and very modern. The way she decorated was symbolic of her own crazy style — the livingroom was a huge plethora of Egyptian statuettes and bahis siteleri memorabilia with a big black and purple couch in the center of the floor facing a television center. Strewn across the walls were zombie posters, a big rainbow flag, and sheets of paper with segments of poems, drawings, and stories, which could also be found in random piles around the couch along with comic books and informative Egyptian magazines. The whole house smelled of incense.

I inhaled deeply. “What scent is that?”

“Aphrodisiac,” Emily smiled, “It’s my favorite.”

How ironic.

Emily then led me to her bedroom. It was enormous, had black walls and a giant king-sized bed against the back wall. In the corner to the left of her bed was a record player, and on the wall perpendicular to it was a tall, wide bookshelf filled with fictional books, art supplies, records, and some more comics; candles were EVERYWHERE.

I took a liking to the padlocked chest sitting in front of her bed.

“What are you hiding in there?” I asked with a devilish tone.

Emily just smirked at me and led me to her kitchen. The kitchen was, compared to her livingroom and bedroom, moderately normal, with tons of fruits and veggies filling her refrigerator. Emily was a vegetarian, and loved to cook.

We sat together at the small table in the corner of her kitchen.

“You must be hungry after that long drive.”

I smiled and nodded. “Do you happen to have a blender?”

She knew what I wanted because she laughed and rolled her eyes. “One banana smoothie coming right up.”

I leaned forward and kissed her cheek before she got up, “Thank you babe. I’m gonna go chill on the couch.”

“Mmmkay. I’ll be right there.”

The very second I sat down I let out a groan. Emily’s couch was soooo comfortable, but I was just happy to sit on something other than my hard car seat. In the kitchen, I heard Emily turn on the blender. As I waited, I examined her television center. There was no cable — just a crap ton of movies ranging from horror to musicals. She even owned one of my favorites: Black Swan.

Emily was suddenly by my side, offering me a big glass with a bendy straw sticking out the top. “See anything you like?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.” I winked and checked her out before taking my smoothie.

“Silly,” she ruffled my curly, light brown hair before sitting down beside me. I turned and leaned back into Emily’s chest as she wrapped her arms around my waist. Her apartment was rather cold, but her embrace kept me warm. I reached over and set the glass on a small end table by the side of the couch when I finished the smoothie, which didn’t take long. Banana smoothies were my ultimate weakness.

Emily and I cuddled in silence for what felt like a half-hour. All the while, I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful this girl was. The years we spent in wait of this day were not spent in vain, nor were they spent unwisely. I knew Emily was the one I wanted forever — she was just so. . . Perfect. She was perfect for me.

I had just closed my eyes and begun to relax when I felt Emily’s warm breath on my neck, which made the hair on my arms raise. I tilted my head to the side to give Emily’s soft lips easier access to kiss the sensitive skin. As she kissed and licked my neck, her hands wandered up my body and firmly groped my C-cup breasts. I let out a quiet gasp, arching my back.

“Hmm. . . I wonder how sensitive these are?” Emily deftly pulled my shirt off, threw it to the ground, and slipped her fingers into my bra to pinch my nipples.

I cried out, thinking to myself, ‘Oh my god, is this really happening right now?’

Emily smirked, obviously satisfied with the sounds I was making, then whispered seductively into my ear, “Want to find out what’s in that chest?”

I nodded furiously, able to feel the wetness on my panties. God, how I hoped she had some sex toys in there.

“Stay.” She ordered me before standing up and disappearing into her room. I took that opportunity to rub myself through my jeans. Emily was completely naked when she reappeared — I stared intently at her smoothly shaved pussy — and she held a thick black cloth in her hand which she used to blindfold me. She then pulled me to my feet and led me to her room, pulling the rest of bahis şirketleri my clothing off before laying me on my back on her bed. Now having nary a clue where she was, I knew I had to rely on my sense of hearing to locate her; however, no matter how hard I listened, I heard nothing. I had just begun to worry that she had left me there when I felt an incredibly soft, feather-like touch on each of my nipples, which were already erect from the coldness in her apartment. The feather glided around each nipple before traveling at a snail’s pace down my belly, making me squirm and giving me goosebumps. I could feel a tingly heat growing between my legs as the feather licked my hips and inner thighs, coming closer and closer to but never coming into contact with my pussy.

The feather was suddenly withdrawn.

I cursed internally, and, coming into a sense of dominance, tore off the blindfold. Because Emily’s bedroom walls were black, my eyes didn’t need to adjust. Her face wore a look of utter surprise and a bit of confusion, which gave me the perfect opportunity to jump up, grab her wrists and throw her onto the bed under me.

She struggled relentlessly under me, still somewhat surprised, but froze and whimpered when I bit into her beautiful white neck and growled, “I want you. Right now.”

Emily’s back arched to press her beautiful, big D-cup breasts into me, whispering almost incoherently, “Rope. In the chest.”

I quickly jumped over to the chest to fetch the rope. After rummaging through fuzzy handcuffs, colorful vibrators, one whip, a few gag balls, some lube and several strap-ons, I finally found four short segments of rope. As I tied Emily’s wrists and ankles to each corner of the bed frame, I noticed her breaths become short and quick. It was obvious that she loved being tied up. And, quite honestly, I loved seeing her tied up.

Emily was exactly where I wanted her — vulnerable and on display to me. She was mine for the taking. I straddled over her thigh with my left knee between her legs, massaging her right breast and leaning over to suck on her other breast’s small pink nipple. Her boobs were so big! God, I loved playing with them.

I soon noticed that Emily was bucking against my knee, which was now soaked with her juices. I chuckled and began kissing down her body, the smell of Emily’s arousal becoming more and more intoxicating. I spent a long time kissing Emily’s hips — I knew it was one of her weaknesses — and repositioned myself on my knees between her ankles to kiss and lick her protruding clit. She was moaning loudly now, pulling against her restraints and thrusting with desire.

“Oh, Max, please,” she begged, “I want to feel you inside me.”

God she was getting me so hot. I was so close to losing myself, and it didn’t help knowing that my own juices were dripping down the inside of my thighs. I had to stay in control, just a little longer.

With a cruel smile, I ignored Emily’s pleas and spread her pussy lips to rim her with my tongue.

“Ahhh!” She screamed, “Please, Max!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. At that moment, all the control I ever retained at any point in my life had dissipated into pure lust and desire, and I pressed my tongue as far as it would go into Emily’s hot, tight pussy. Ooohhh, god, she was so wet and tasted so good! The sounds coming from deep inside Emily’s throat were so deliciously erotic I had to pull out and quickly replace my tongue with a finger so I could reach up and kiss her passionately, sharing her own sweet fruit.

Emily’s hips began to thrust in more erratic patterns now. Her entire body had broken out in a thin layer of sweat, and her moans were growing louder and higher pitched. She was getting close.

I returned to Emily’s nether region and sucked hard on her clit, simultaneously squeezing another finger into her unbelievably tight cunt. Once inside, I curled them and found her g-spot, which made Emily’s entire body shake.

“Oh god, YES, MAX!!”

I thrust my fingers in and out of my beautiful ginger’s contracting pussy at high speed as she exploded into orgasm.

I gently pulled my fingers from Emily’s tired pussy when her moans finally subsided, licking my fingers clean before untying the ropes from her wrists and ankles. I held her while she was catching her breath.

“I love you, babe” I whispered before gently kissing her forehead.

Emily smiled, “I love you more.”

She suddenly tackled me, pinning my hands under hers.

“You never finished, love.” Emily winked at me.

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