Last Night of First Love

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I was deep into painting, listening to Coltrane, feeling the sensuous strokes of the brush slide against the hardboard picture. In some ways painting is like sex. I usually think about sex when I am making art, and try to bring out an erotic undertone in the work through color and form.

The phone rang.

“Damn, I hate it when that happens”

Unhappy with being torn from my meditation, I answer the phone rather harshly.

“Yeah, speak”

” Hi babe” The voice was soft and had a low sexy implication. It was ,Gina ,my high school lover. She was my fist love. We lost our virginity together. She was the substance of most of my sexual fantasies. I had not talked to her in a year.

My dick jumped to attention.

“Hey baby, how are you?”

“Horny…” she purred, “Tell me, am I the best lay you’ve ever had?”

“Oh yeah, you know it, nobody does it for me like you, I’m hard and stroking my dick right now”

“Well why don’t you bring that cock up here tonight, and let’s get have a reunion”

” I can be there in an hour”

So much for Coltrane and the painting.

I drove up the coast to her place. Along the way I was thinking, she must be between boyfriends. That had been our pattern for the last 10 years. She knew she could rely on me as a good ear and a good fuck. I was hard the whole drive up, thinking about her lovely face, her body, and the most fantastic pussy I had ever had in my life, I shuddered.

When she opened the door, Gina was wearing a one-piece terry cloth pant suit. It was strapless , exposing her lovely shoulders. Her little nipples got erect as I kissed her hello, and saluted through the soft cotton fabric. I automatically ran my hands down her small but firm ass; she had no underwear at all on. I stood back to take in her radiance; Gina, really had not changed much since high school. My eyes hungrily took her whole package in. The suit was just tight enough that I could see her long waist form a sensuous “V” between her legs. Her vulva was enormous for such a tiny woman, and I could see the outlines of her full lips, and just the beginning of an erect clitoris.

“I want to go to the movies” she coos. “There is an erotic film festival at the local Art Theater, we can walk.”

We had a history of going to porno films together when we were much younger, so this seemed like an old treat. For a Friday night, the place was fairly slow, so we had good seats, by ourselves. Most of the films were short and really of a “R” rated fare. The one came on that was the most erotic, was two woman and a man, They were all shaved.

I slid my hand up her inner thigh, along the terrycloth, She was firm. She parted her legs slightly at my touch, inviting me to be more daring. I tickled the inside of her thigh, just below her pussy with a delicate finger. She spread her legs a bit more and I deftly moved my index finger to her clit. It was really hard and big; I rolled my finger back and forth slowly feeling the heat and moisture growing under the terry clothed mound.

She squeezed my arm whispering into my ear ” I am swimming” that made me get harder myself. We watched the screen as the guy had one woman doggie style, while she porno ate the other woman’s shaved cunt. As I softly pressed into her clit, faster and faster, she squeezed my arm harder, we both stared straight ahead, as if nothing was happening. I noticed her breasts heaving in shallow breaths, she closed her eyes and licked her lips. I moved my hand over her entire pussy

And squeezed, she gasped, it was like wringing a sponge, she was soaked. I could tell she was close, so I worked my finger over her clit, working in circles, faster and harder. She had both hands on my arm and squeezed hard, arched her back ,driving her sopping crotch into my hand, she let out a big sigh and whispered into my ear

” I just came hard, let’s go”

We were walking back to her place, arm and arm, that perfect fit we

Always had. She kept turning to kiss me and it was like falling in love all over again.

“Oh babe, I want you to fuck me now, I am so wet and horny”

I knew from experience that she could cum several more times. I was looking forward to a night of the best sex on the planet

She lived in a modest place, near the beach. Her roommate was gone for the weekend, so we had the place to ourselves. We had a glass of wine and started to kiss each other, deeply. She moves back and says, wait here. When she returns, I am amazed at what I see, I have never seen her like this. She is topless, wearing a black lace pair of panties. Her small, perk titties, bouncing seductively. The panty crotch is embroidered with very see-through knitting that allow her big, swollen lips to be barely seen. She prances in front of a floor length mirror on one of the closets, turns, admires her round, firm ass. There is just a small bit of lace coming up her ass crack to another thin band at the waist that meets the crotch piece in front. I am completely out of my mind,

She sways over to me waving her lovely ass in my face. I am sitting down; I take in her fragrance and take off my pants. My cock is raging. She turns around; I reach around her waist to suck on her navel as she peels my shirt off. We are facing each other; she is straddling me, my dick popping up between her legs.

She looks down, “That gives me an idea”

She pulls me of the couch; we turn to face the mirror. I am behind her, arms around her waist, she reaches back pulling my dick between her legs.

” I have always wondered what it would be like to have a dick, ” she says excitedly. And sure enough, my long dick is sticking out between her legs, she is stroking it like it is hers! She is really getting off on this, one hand on my dick, the other hand on her nipples. I reach down the front of her panties, rubbing her clit again. We are both staring at this strange visage of the 2 of us in the mirror, groaning and writhing in ecstasy. She is really slippery, her pussy is dripping on my dick and it feels so good to be between her legs and have her hand on my dick

“I love my cock!” she sings, “I love stroking my big dick”

I am so hot I want to come in her, but this feels so good, I am so slippery and her hand feels so good, I can’t hold it and I just explode and splash a load against the mirror and all over her porno izle hand. My cock is still rigid, and she rubs her legs together over my dick, tilts her head up to kiss me.

“Let’s go to bed”

I walk behind her to the bedroom. I can see the cum and wetness dripping between her legs, my dick is swinging’ to beat the band as I walk. I have an urge to pick her up. I take her up in my arms and carry her to the bed. We engage in a long wet kiss and I pour her onto the bed. We turn the light low, and burn some candles. I see her shadows dance on the walls from the flickering candlelight. She lays back, spreads her legs, and looks at me knowingly. Ever since we first got together, oral sex was just about our favorite. I started kissing her swollen lips through the panties. She immediately started to squirm and grind. I slipped my fingers under her panties into her wet, hot lips. I had to pull her panties down. She had a beautiful muff and her lips always stuck out, but now were absolutely full with anticipation. I licked and mouthed her as she rotated her hips against my face. It seemed like my whole face was engulfed in the hot wetness of her swollen lips. I wanted to crawl into her vagina, and pleasure her with my entire being.

She rolled over and stuck her ass in the air. Looking at her from behind like that, I could really see how enormous her vulva was. Her lips hung down about an inch and I immediately put them between my fingers, rolling them gently. She still rocked, at the pleasure. I buried my face deep in her, my nose into her vagina, my tongue on her clit.

“Ooh, ooh baby, I love the way you lick me, but I’m ready to get fucked, I want your cock”

She laid face down on the bed, and I new she wanted it from behind. I slipped the tip of my dick to the top of her clit and with one hand on my dick, wagged my dick fast around her own erection.

“Ah, ah, yeah baby, rub my big clit, mmm, mmm.”

I moved my dick up a little higher and slipped in her easily.

‘Oh- My-GOD!” I exclaimed. “It feels so good to be in you!”

I moved slowly in but gave her the full length of my shaft ,hitting bottom, I pushed a little harder. She whimpered a little and when I stopped, she bucked my cock to say yes, give it to me.

I began pumping long strokes, all the way in, all the way out. She always loved feeling the whole length of my rigid member. She rolled on her side; I was still behind her. She reached for my hand and placed it on her clit. I began to rub her berry. dipping my fingers in to her honey hole to lubricate and then back to the berry. She started bucking wildly.

Gina always took a long time to come. Since I had already come, I was able to stay in control ,giving her all the cock and time she needed. Now we were rocking wildly, intensely, she did not want any more fooling around, she wanted to come and I knew what it took to make her.

I started pumping as fast as I could, her back was arched, I was almost upside down trying to keep my pole in her.

“Yes, Yes baby, Oh you know me sooo good. I love you, I love your cock!”

“Mmm. uh, uh, I’m cumming, Harder, harder!” she let out the wildest scream that I had ever heard from her, sex izle and we began to slow down, my dick still rigid in her.

She laid back, we were both drenched in sweat, tears were in her eyes.

” Coming like that just brought tears. I had not come like that since the last time we were together” we found each others mouths and locked tongues”

“I want to suck you cock and taste you tonight baby”,she cooed,

“But lets rest a bit.”

I had fallen asleep and woke up with the candles still going, She was next to me in my arms, beautiful. She was sleeping .As I watched her breasts and nipples slowly rise an fall, I could see down the length of her torso and the fuzzy silhouette of her muff against the candle lit walls.

I Reached down and played with her pussy hair, brushing lightly, over the top of her clit.

She moved slightly, purred, “That’s nice, “

As I began to arouse her again, my own erection began to grow, I was a bit sore from all the gymnast antics, but no pain no gain.

We started kissing and she left my mouth, moving down my hairy chest and

Sucking on a nipple. She kept moving lower, licking my sides and my stomach. By the time she reached my big horn, it was ready and waiting.

“Mmm, long time” she spoke to my dick directly.

She started lapping the length of my shaft, kissing and licking, I really wanted her to engulf my head, but she was clearly in charge. She moved down between my legs , sucking my balls. She let one in her mouth and rolled it around.

Yikes! That was a sensation! I could not stand it.

“Oh babe, come on, put me in your mouth”, I begged.

She shifted on the bed, straddled me with her ass above my face, and just sat down on my mouth. I started licking and poking and squirming, almost suffocating from her wet engorged lips. Then I felt the warm wetness of her mouth over my corona. She just kept the head and was twirling her tongue around it. She expertly cupped my balls in one hand and stroked the length of my dick with the other. She was small and had a hard time getting her mouth any further down, but it was working… just right. I was in heaven. She was sucking me and I was sucking her. Our tongues worked in unison, our harmony was complete.

We were God and Goddess of cunt and dick, we completed a circular energy of sexual enlightenment. I felt her vagina contract and more love juice rolled down my face, her musk was delicious! As she squirmed on my face faster, she started sucking faster, stroking faster, squirm, suck, stroke, squirm, suck, stroke, on and on. No one had ever sucked me like that and I had only come once before in a woman’s mouth and it was hers. A bright blue flash in my mind and a sharp explosion as I jerked in spasm. I felt like I was pumping her. She giggled as the first spurt came out and then as the flood of cum spewed in her mouth, she started to grunt in glee. She swallowed all of it.

When I had spent everything, she turned around and kissed me with a big wad of cum on her mouth, at first I was not sure what to think, but it dissolved in our mutual liplock and was actually quite sensuous. I thought I had never been so satisfied in my life. We fell asleep and made love again in the morning.

When it was time for me to leave, we had a long, luscious. It would be our last, and the last night of magnificent sex, with my first love.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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