Last Weekend

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*My heart is here, every beat for you. You’re the only one I feel for. *

Sea salt sprayed on my face as the cold September wind blew my hair. The constant humming of the boat’s engines and the splashing of the waves hid the turbulent feelings inside me. I closed my eyes, drowning the thoughts screaming inside my head.

I felt warm hands wrapped around my waist, I knew who it was without even having to open my eyes. We took this trip together, our last weekend.

It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon when we met, the only type of afternoons when I actually want to get out of the house—not sweltering, not rainy. I planned on finishing a short story I started writing a long time ago in my favorite coffee shop just a few blocks away from my apartment. I was thinking of the story’s plot and what coffee I was going to buy when I saw him.

He was on the far end of the coffee shop counter, apparently waiting for his drink. He’s a small guy, half a foot shorter than my 5’11”, but I liked my guys shorter. He had close-cropped hair framing his angular face, like he was just about to be deployed in the military. He was on his phone as he made his way to a table so he didn’t notice me staring at him a bit more than necessary while I was ordering my drink. I noticed him laugh at something he was watching, and he had the most adorable laugh I had ever heard—deep and unbounded. It was a sound I would not mind hearing for the rest of my life.

“Cold brew for Santi!”

I was woken from my thoughts when the barista called me with my drink. I looked around and luckily the cutie’s table is the only one not occupied by anyone else. I started making my way to him.

“Is this seat taken?” I asked him. He looked up from his phone, “No, you may have it,” he replied, giving a shy smile. I smiled back and sat down.

“I’m Santi by the way,” I told him, extending my hand.

“Jeremiah, but you can call me Rem.” We shook hands. He returned to his phone, so I decided to get my laptop and start writing.

I was halfway through a paragraph when I noticed him steal a glance at me, I pretended I didn’t notice, thinking that it was just a curious look, when he kept looking at me again and again. I caught his gaze and he stared down, abashed. I snickered. Feeling a bit adventurous, I brushed my feet up his leg. He perked up, but didn’t pull away. I noticed him smiling at his phone, then slid his gaze to me, pushing his leg against mine under the table. I felt the blood rushing between my legs, which was unfortunate because I was only wearing loose shorts without underwear, not expecting anything sexual to happen during the afternoon.

I packed my things, standing up while covertly hiding my growing erection with my laptop bag. Cutie looked a bit disappointed that I was leaving, but I motioned for him to meet me outside. His eyes twinkled with mischief.

He followed me to my apartment, and the moment I locked the door our hands were all over each other. Like me he was wearing casual clothes—a shirt and shorts, and they were all discarded to the floor in an instant. He dragged me to the bed, as if he owned the house, and pushed me to the mattress, straddling my hips the moment I fell on the bed. I guess I’m topping tonight, I thought.

We resumed ravishing each other’s bodies, tongues battling, mouths exploring every bare skin, lips grinding while our hard cocks throbbed. He had so much energy for a small guy. I closed my eyes and let him do what he wants with my body. A few minutes later he stopped, I opened my eyes and saw him staring at me intently.

“Hey Santi,” he asked, “can I ask for a favor?”

“Uhh, sure?” I didn’t hide the confusion from my face.

“Can we pretend that we’re lovers?”

It was a weird request. I’ve definitely heard of lovers role-playing as strangers in bed, but not the other way around, but damn he was hot. If he told me to wear a dog collar while barking I’d do it, or maybe I was just kinky.

“Sure baby,” I replied, kissing him.

“I love you,” he said.

I cringed inside, it didn’t feel right at that moment.

“I love you,” he said, arms still wrapped around my waist, just the two of us in the boat deck.

“I love you too,” I replied, my heart in my throat, nothing even more right than what I said. I felt the sadness start to overwhelm me, but I held it down. I promised I won’t be sad for this trip.

“Crew prepare for docking, Puerto Altera in 15 minutes,” the captain’s voice on the intercom said.

I turned around and looked at him. He was smiling, but there was also sadness in his eyes; he was never good in hiding his emotions. I took his hand, and silently we went back to our cabins, preparing for arrival.

We lay in bed, spent from hours of making love, or at least pretend love. I looked at the clock, noting that we do not have much time left. I only had less than an hour remaining to have the house for myself.

“Can altyazılı porno I see you again?” he asked, my head on his chest

I straightened up and looked at him in the eye, “Why?” It was a random hookup, after all.

“I like what we did, and I want to do it again with you,” he replied. I smirked, he was playful, but I also know how to play the game. Like all games, however, there were rules.

“I have to tell you something though,” I started. He raised his eyebrow, “I have a boyfriend,” I continued.

He laughed, “I don’t mind.” I kissed him, he kissed back.

I waved him goodbye a few minutes later, just as he was out of sight my phone rang. It was my boyfriend Mark calling. I picked it up.

“Hey baby, I’m coming home. Got a bit caught up with work, I hope you weren’t so lonely while I was gone.”

“I’m fine, got myself busy. See you later.”


*My heart felt a different kind of love from you, a love that nothing compares to. *

Mark and I have decided to open our relationship, under the condition that the other partner was aware, but I haven’t told him about Rem yet. Another condition was that there were to be no strings attached to our other hookups, something I’m trying my best to follow. My situation with Rem was peculiar, however. We met again, and again—stolen car rides and passionate lovemaking when I was alone at home. We pretended that we were a couple whenever it was just the two of us, but there was little to no contact when it wasn’t—lovers together, strangers apart.

We found ourselves once again on my bed. Mark was at the gym so I had the house to myself again. Rem came over as soon as he could.

“You make me happy Santi. Let’s keep it this way,” he said, his body on top of me. I just smiled, pulled his mouth to mine. He rolled me over and kissed his way down my body all the way to my crack. He spread my ass cheeks, kissing them, then my asshole. His tongue licked around my opening. I held the sheets tighter as he started eating my ass.

“Fuck me Rem,” I pleaded.

“Wait, I have to prepare you first.”

He put lube on his fingers, then place two of them inside me. I moaned into the bed as he slowly worked his fingers in and out of my hole.

“Just fuck me goddammit,” I demanded.

He laughed, then squirted lube on his dick. He positioned his cock on my opening, and I pushed my ass to meet him. He gasped as he slowly pushed himself inside me. He stopped when he was fully inside. This wasn’t my first time to be fucked, and I’m sure this also wasn’t Rem’s time to fuck someone, but this was our first time together. His cock felt so warm and hard inside me.

“I’m not gonna go slow Santi, this feels so good.”

“Go, fuck me.”

He fucked me, spreading my legs apart so he can go deeper. He started slow, deep thrusts, then gained momentum, pounding me again and again. I didn’t want him to stop, but I wanted to see his face as he fucked me.

“Stop,” I demanded.

“Why?” he asked, breathless, sweat dripping on my body.

“I want to see you fuck me.”

He smiled, then turned me around to face him. He placed my legs over his shoulders, then guided himself back to my hole. He looked at me as he slowly fucked me again with his cock, then he kissed me. I moaned into his mouth as he fucked me harder and harder. I wanted him to fuck me forever. I sensed his breath starting to become more tensed, and I touched myself.

“I’m close baby,” he gasped, pounding faster into my hole.

“Go baby, I’m close too.”

His pumping became more erratic, until finally he groaned, pushing deeper and deeper as his cum filled my hole. A few pumps with my hand and I also came to my chest, both of us whispering each other’s name.

“I love you Santi,” he said, collapsing on top of me.

“I love you too,” I replied. A part of me still didn’t mean it, a part of me wished I did.

I should have stopped seeing him after that, before it started to hurt.

That went on, for quite a time, our meetings getting more and more frequent. I keep convincing myself that this was just another hookup, but every time I’m not with him I’m just

We checked in our room at a hotel in Puerto Altera. Rem spared no expense for this trip, insisting he pay for everything. I feebly protested, but he was a boss in a multinational company and I knew what he was going to spend wouldn’t matter to him. The hotel was near the heart of the island’s vibrant beach life, but still secluded enough to be quiet and peaceful. The room we chose was overlooking the beach, the cool September sunlight entering the windows. It was the middle of monsoon season, and the forecasts for the weekend were rainy. The skies weren’t completely clear but otherwise there were no signs of coming rain.

“You wanna get out?” he asked me, “We could snorkel. I heard it’s the perfect time to see some turtles.”

“Sure, let me just take a quick shower first. I feel sticky türkçe altyazılı porno after the trip,” I replied.

“Okay, but we have to be quick, we have the dinner afterwards.”

I took off my clothes and stepped into the shower. I turned the shower on, relaxing under the warm water, when I heard the bathroom door open. Rem entered the shower, naked, the head of his hard cock bobbing up and down. After all this time the sight of Rem naked still made my knees weak. I swallowed hard as Rem pushed me to make room for himself in the narrow shower stall.

“I thought we were in a hurry,” I said, slightly exasperated. Rem was already turning me around, the waterproof lube in his right hand.

“We will, this will be quick. I just missed you so much.” Rem poured a generous amount of lube into his cock and my hole, his other hand playing with my nipples. I didn’t even try to fight him, my body would betray me nevertheless, weak and ready for him.

He slowly pressed his erection to my hole, a bit more difficult than usual without preparation. He steadied my hips with both of his hands, until I opened up to the familiar feeling. I gasped as he slid smoothly inside me. Rem didn’t use enough lube and my hole burned to the friction, the heat straight directly to my cock. I opened my legs further to allow Rem access, and he pounded deeper in approval.

Thankfully this will be a quick fuck, since I can already feel myself seconds away from coming without even touching myself, when Rem stopped pounding. I whimpered in protest, but he took both of my hands and held them behind me, my chest leaning against the wall. Rem pounded me harder, my lack of control just sending me closer to the edge.

“Fuck babe, your hole is so fucking warm,” he cried.

I was too deep into ecstasy to form coherent words, I moaned as he kept pounding me. Rem went even faster, fucking me like an animal. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me!”

Rem let go of my hand, then reached around to stroke my cock. The sensation was enough for my release, and I burst my load all over the wall before me. Rem was right behind me, and he grunted as his jizz filled my hole.

I steadied myself against the wall, and took time to catch my breath. Rem pulled out, and I gasped at the emptiness I felt. I turned around as Rem smirked at me, his cock still hard as he soaped them. He washed off and stepped out of the shower.

“Hurry up or we won’t be seeing the turtles!”

I sighed.

We did see the turtles, the most I have ever seen in my lifetime. They were amazing gentle giants, the smallest I’ve seen still as big as the wheel of a trailer truck. They were docile and not territorial, but I still gave them a great deal of space as we swam. I broke the surface of the water to look for Rem, noticed him a few seconds later intently observing a turtle eating off the algae from a rock. He caught me staring at him, and I gave him a smile. He smiled back, the sun starting to go down the horizon behind him.

We went back to our hotel room just as the last rays of the sun disappeared, then changed for dinner. In hindsight we shouldn’t have booked the buffet dinner for two; I didn’t have much of an appetite, and Rem barely even moved his plate. Still we swallowed down our food, the jazz music not fitting to the storm brewing inside.

After dinner we went to one of the more famous bars in the Island. The beat of house music can already be heard from afar, and it was already packed inside with revelers dancing. We squeezed our way through the crowd into the bar. Rem ordered a drink for the both of us.

“You promised you’ll have more than one drink tonight,” I shouted at him, the music of the bar almost drowning my voice.

“Try to keep up!” he shouted back. We clinked our glasses.

“This will be my only drink tonight,” Rem said, as we received our drinks from the barista.

I frowned, but agreed. I brought Rem to my favorite bar in the city, but we had a hard time looking for a cab so he had to bring his car. Mark agreed to us going out as long as the designated driver, in this case Rem, will not drink.

I finally told Mark that Rem and I were seeing each other, but I didn’t tell him of my feelings. I was being selfish, but I didn’t want to stop what Rem and I were having.

We wormed our way to the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by sweaty bodies and vibrant energy. Our hands were all over each other, and the constant contact along with the heat of all the bodies surrounding us made our skin slick with sweat. Rem was wearing a buttoned-up polo shirt that looked stifling, so I unbuttoned them. I kissed the exposed skin, licking the sweat of his neck. Rem responded by pressing his hardening bulge to mine. We ground on the dance floor, mindless of the people surrounding us. We let ourselves get lost in the heat of each other.

The night went on and the alcohol made me more aggressive. I stroked Rem’s cock through his jeans as we kissed. Rem hd altyazılı porno moaned, then turned my ear to him.

“Wanna go home?” he asked.

I didn’t have to be told twice. The drive home couldn’t be fast enough and my body was on fire. I ravished his mouth the moment we went out of the car, up to my apartment, pausing only so I can open the door. We went inside as our tongues fought for dominance. We were still kissing when we heard someone clear his throat beside us. It was Mark.

“Go on,” Mark said. I smiled, and went back to kissing Rem. Mark went closer and joined us. I pulled back and Rem kissed Mark. I started taking off my clothes as the three of us went to the bed, their clothing getting removed one by one.

Rem knelt and took Mark’s cock inside his mouth. I silenced Mark’s moans with my mouth, kissing him as Rem alternated sucking our cocks. Mark then slowly went down, kissing my neck, then my chest, slowly making his way to my dick as Rem kept sucking me. Rem went down to lick my balls as Mark took his turn in sucking my cock. The sight of two hot guys sucking my cock was too much for me to handle, and I pulled out, not wanting to come yet.

Rem and Mark laid on the bed, and I paused to admire the view—Mark was lighter skinned, the pink head of his cock bobbing up and down, while Rem’s brown cock was starting to ooze with precum. I sucked Rem, working his cock with my tongue, the whole time looking at Mark. Mark moaned as he stroked himself, enjoying the show. Then I sucked Mark, this time looking at Rem, the lust in his eyes matching mine.

I laid down, this time Rem straddled my hips, rubbing our cocks together. Mark went behind him and humped him from behind as the three of us kissed. I held Rem’s cock to mine and stroked it together as Mark rubbed his cock on Rem’s crack. We pumped to each other, our moans and groans filling the air. Our bodies were slick with sweat as we rubbed into each other when Rem moved faster and faster. He kissed me as he came on our cocks, his orgasm triggering Mark’s and mine as Mark sprayed his jizz all over Rem’s back, and my own come mixing with Rem’s.

Rem looked at me, “I love you,” he mouthed soundlessly.

“I love you too,” I mouthed back, hoping Mark couldn’t see.

We rested for a bit, but I stood up, not wanting to sleep sticky. Rem and Mark were already sleeping. After taking a quick shower, I went back to the bed and folded the clothes we discarded on the floor. I was picking up Rem’s pants when his phone fell. As I picked it up it lit with a notification for an incoming message

Albert: About to sleep honey, I hope you’re having a great night. See you tomorrow.

I felt a pang of hurt in my heart, but I put his phone down. I couldn’t get jealous—Rem was allowed to see other guys, but a big part of me wished I could just keep him to myself, which was a selfish thing to think of. I finished folding our things, then joined Rem and Mark on the bed. I kissed them both, then went to sleep, exhausted from the happenings of the night.

We had more threesomes after that, Mark also enjoying the feeling of two guys playing with his body, but Rem and I still managed to do things with just the two of us. I wanted to ask Rem about the message I saw that first night, but I know I shouldn’t have seen that in the first place. I was hoping that he’d tell me if he was seeing someone else however, but he never did.

One day, Rem brought me to the older parts of the city where the museums were, and we spent the whole day admiring paintings and other works of art. His passion for the fine arts was contagious, and I even found myself interested with all the history and techniques as he explained them. I cracked a joke every now and then, and his laugh is still one of the best sounds I have heard in my life.

We went afterwards to the city beachfront, watching the sun set on the horizon as we munched on hotdogs and popcorn. It was a peaceful feeling, just the two of us enjoying each other’s company. Rem took my hand, and I squeezed them as we sat there in silence. I closed my eyes.

The silence was interrupted by the sounds of sobbing. I opened my eyes and saw Rem crying.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked him, worried, turning his head to face me.

“I’m so sorry Santi,” he sobbed, “but I’m starting to fall in love with you, and I should not.”

I was confused, “Why?”

“I’m in a ten-year relationship with someone.”

What he said did not surprise me, but it still hurt the same. I couldn’t help the tears starting to fall down my face, “So I guess we have to end this?” Rem nodded. I looked down, trying to hide my tears from him, but Rem went closer and cupped my face with his hands.

“You are the most beautiful person I have met in my life, and I wished I met you earlier, when I was free. But I have to be honest with you, because you deserve this.”

His words mirrored what I also wanted to say to him. I held his face, his brown eyes filled with sadness and love.

“These past few months were one of the happiest times in my life,” I told him between sobs, “and I never regretted meeting you.”

“I want to run away from here, let’s leave this all behind and just be together.”

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