Late Night Prison

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After midnight in this nonviolent offender’s prison has its quiet moments. We have some freedoms here that violent criminals don’t in their “total lockdown” big house. On nights that missing my home and cat looms large on me or thinking of that last glass of Ch’arè Pierre and spiced vanilla truffles while Maria and I watched the sunset together, hanging out alone in the shower room is as close to “escape” as I can get. And I’ll fucking take it.

I guess I was feeling down, I don’t know, it was an anniversary; one month, six months, a year. Who cares, I just wanted this to end. But I found myself in the shower room for a little respite, which is at the far end of the unit, and staring into the mirror; no lights, but the full moon was shining brilliantly through the upper windows. The good little girls were all nicely tucked in their beds. They’re all good workers, tuckered out from busy days here in the unit. And here I am, zombied at two in the morning wishing I wasn’t here. At least it was warm in the shower room.

I remembered a special night at home with Maria. We sat cozy together on my couch. Maria has a smooth way about her, youthful but reserved and her almond shaped eyes seemed to light up whenever we visited. She is slender yet carries enough meat on her butt to be absolutely delicious. A tight sweater and skinny jeans work so well on her.

We were sharing that glass of white and being very close and cozy when she surprised me by making a move. We had the kind of conversation that kept bringing our faces closer and closer, and closer and closer, and she just surprised me by touching my hair as she brought her lips to mine. And oh what a pleasant surprise. Her wine soaked lips and tongue were perfect, warm and full. I found myself even offering my tongue, which she delicately took and so softly sucked. This was such a gorgeous feeling. And okay, I did it; I reached up for her breast and she breathed a surrendering sigh as her long eyelashes closed. Her erotic exhale was a confirmation of the desire between us. What a special moment. We then got down to the highlight of that evening.

We got pretty hot, pretty quick. I think both of us had pent up thoughts for each other that needed letting out. We somehow slid down and around each other. And Maria placed herself kneeling beside the couch, she caressed my thighs with her wonderful long fingers and kissed my tummy, her bob just touching my skin. She looked up at me and her eyes beckoned me to spread my legs. Mmmm, I know I have nice thighs and the sight of her hands moving on them and her beautiful smile made me so hot. Her tongue was such a light touch on me. She really had me flying, it felt so good. I almost couldn’t spread my legs wide enough for her and I just wanted more. I wanted her lovely face on me, where I could look down and see her eyes looking into mine as she ate me.

Oh the thought of her being there makes me shiver. Eventually, we moved to a 69 with me underneath. She was so good with her mouth. Maria had a way of running her tongue pearl so nicely all around my clit at just the right pace, just the right touch, that was driving me slightly mad. Oh, she made it so so very good! What a feeling; I felt drunk. And I kept wanting to arch my back as if to get closer to her. I just wanted our bodies to connect so tightly. While I licked and kissed her labia, she drenched my face with her juicy juices. I watched the curve of her sweet buns above my face. Then she added another surprise and brought a vibrator and just softly, ever so slowly ran it over me, alternating her yummy tongue and the vibe tip, one then the other; her tongue, then the vibe. Oooh it was perfect, and I became so blissed up with pleasure. She had me and I was hers, and we continued to bring each other to…oh fuck, it was so good.

I was so mesmerized, being lost in that memory. Now staring into my face in the mirror, my eyes wide open, but I couldn’t ataköy escort see a thing. I was blinded by my state of mind, deep in the fantasy with Maria, when something moving in back of me shocked me back to reality. As these miniscule moments ticked away, fear overtook me. I saw a face in the mirror coming closer to me from behind; it just appeared out of the darkness. I was suddenly scared so much so that I spun around as the face was upon me. I barely held a gasp within my chest that surely would have echoed down the unit. And that’s when she put her hand to my mouth to keep me shushed. I was scared to death and reacted by taking a step back with my butt pressed into the counter top, stuck, as she leaned into me. I was shocked and surprised and scared, but the look in her eyes had clearly a gentle softness which immediately brought the tension down; way down. Our breasts rubbed together with each other during this mini-melee. She knew she scared the crap out of me and quickly whispered “It’s okay, Honey. It’s okay.” And we both took a breath. “I know what you’re going through” she whispered as she searched my eyes. I could feel a calming wave bring me down from my utter terror of a few moments prior. My arms were limp at my side and she wrapped hers around to hug me to let me know things were going to be fine. This wasn’t a midnight prison attack; I could feel her nipples pressing into me. And yes, I hugged her back, hesitantly. In fact, she felt very comforting at that moment.

“Who are you?” I whispered. I recalled seeing her before, but I couldn’t place her; she lived in another part of the unit. And at the moment, there was no time to figure such things out. The thing on my mind was, “What are you doing?”

“I didn’t mean to scare you,” she said through an apologetic smile and clasped my hand softly with hers. The moonlight, still flowing in through the upper windows, seemed to shine off her hair. Her thin face was framed by long black hair to her waist. She was of slight frame, much like my build with maybe a little more up top. She looked quite witchy actually, which suddenly had a very appealing look, once we got past our shock meeting. But I kept my distance from prison girls not knowing their lifelong pedigree. This woman was different, though; you just know when it’s okay to trust your hunches.

We stood still, looking into each others faces, catching our breaths, seeing each others eyes in the moonlight darting from eye to eye to different parts of each others faces. Cheek to mouth to sweet and gentle jawline, to lips to earlobe to… We were drinking each other in letting our presence do its thing to us two; two late night ladies in the prison shower room. With my hand in hers she turned and with a sly smile motioned her head, “Shower?”

I followed her to the farthest stall. Even though the unwritten survival guide to prison says to be distrustful, I was letting, even encouraging, the horny little twinges between my legs to take over. Underneath my jumper I wanted to get hot and I wanted to get hot with her. During those last steps to the stall my anticipation of having sex was skyrocketing. We were naked within seconds and the warm water spraying over our bodies melted us together in a passionate, heated embrace. Soapsuds quickly covered ourselves. It was fun to see all the bubbles lit in bizarre ways by the early morning moonbeams. We quietly and quickly cleaned ourselves to get to what we really wanted to be doing.

Her slippery little curves felt amazing to my hands. It had been too long since this kind of pleasure played itself in front of me. She looked and felt delectable; warm, sexy, naked, and wet. I leaned to her breast, putting a nipple between my teeth. Her nipples were already erect, not from being cold (it was a nice temperature in the shower), but I suppose she had been wanting, too, for sexual touch to open doors of pleasure. And I was happy avcılar escort to provide release for her.

At my side she placed both her palms on me, one on front, one on my back, and she brought them both down my tummy and down my booty, bringing her hands together between my legs. And returned them one to the front, one to the back and caressed me all over, feeling my rounds almost like she couldn’t stop. Or didn’t want to. Our slick yummy curves were just what our wanting hands needed bringing out excitement in our minds and making our bodies tingle together. Repeatedly her hands roamed my body, enjoying what my delicate curves could bring her. I felt luscious being the center of her desire. Her soft hands were warm and gentle and I was getting wet at her explorations, which made me glow. I bit her hard nipple and pulled my head back slightly. I felt her tense momentarily, then she relaxed and stepped into me. The sensation pleased her and I bit again. After momentary tenseness, she relaxed to let the wave spread across her breast. She squeezed my nipples and I focused on her neck with my tongue and teeth. Our female flurry in the sprinkling shower brought out desires which needed satisfying. I turned away from her and struck pose that knocks everyone dead. With both my hands palms against the wall raised to my face level, I spread my legs shoulder-wide, straightened my knees, firmed my buns, and looked over my shoulder and smiled. Man or woman doesn’t matter, they all love this pose that shows off my trim waist, and bubble butt, slender shoulders, and skinny-sexy thighs. And I feel sexy as hell. I know I look great and I love to flaunt it. I began to slowly sway my hips from side to side, teasing her, rocking her. She followed my sway getting an eye-full. She approached and let my tush brush across her tummy. Mmm slick curves sliding against each other. She followed by placing a hand between my cheeks and her mouth near my ear. She softly caressed my anus and whispered “You look exceptionally hot. I’m glad I needed a shower.” My breasts became the subject for her remaining hand, squeezing, softly pushing circles into my breasts. “You’re lovely; and so pretty. Are you feeling it?” she whispered.

My head slowly and involuntarily arched backward as a warm wave swept over me; a pre-orgasm was building within. I was in no mood to stop its progress and encouraged those sensual vibes to ring through my body.

I turned my face to hers just as her hand roamed to my pussy. Our lips and tongues found each others as the warm water splashed across our faces. Wet kisses and occasional glances deep into sex-hungry eyes quickened our breaths. She slowly lowered herself behind me as her breasts caressed my back, squatting lower as she guided her breasts to my booty. She pulled her breast forward, separated my cheeks and brought her erect nipple to my rim, rubbing back and forth across and around. Her perfect, hard nipple gave me a perfect little backdoor tease.

I turned around and leaned myself back slightly spread-legged against a wall and she stood to straddle my thigh, filling the gap and I slinked my hand between my thigh and her sweet coom. As she slowly humped my thigh I softly played with her, my fingertip gently diddling, getting her juices flowing quite nicely. Her breath labored in my ear as she wrapped an arm around my shoulder pulling us more closely together. I could tell she restrained a moan. I slyly placed two fingers, wet from her personal slick, up to her face and between her lips. She eagerly took them in and sensuously sucked, playing her tongue like a snake on a love dance.

And then we both heard it at the same moment – the slow deliberate footsteps of a night guard entering the shower room. We both froze in fear, but my little love-dove had already accidentally bit down on my fingers over the shock of the guard’s presence. Oww and it hurt like hell! My beylikdüzü escort face scrunched in pain in an effort to stay quiet. Not knowing what or how this would play out we stayed quiet. The footsteps and flashlight continued to apporoach. Shit – we would be busted. Luckily my friend stayed silent and my life’s experience took over. I gently yet with presence cleared my throat as one would do while showering. The guard stopped for only a moment, then continued on by. Our locked eyes and breaths held for another minute as the guard continued to walk in that slow cadence left the shower room. We nearly fell on each other in relief. A few moments passed as we recovered from that frightful visit by the guard, but we quickly regained our hot little time together.

Fingers plunged to regain our kitties’ heat. She stepped in close to me once again. Her slender shapely legs glided silkily along my thighs; the feel of our smooth skin together continued to excite. I pushed against her to taste her sweet tongue again; she dipped slightly below me to reach back and gently separate my buns. I bent forward to let her caress me; gentle were her fingertips along my booty. She liked the feel of my sleek toned bottom in her hands as she grabbed and squeezed my round orbs. My ass felt so sexy from her sweet attention. The spray of the shower continued to wash warmth over our bodies.

I nudged her neck backward with my palm and she took the hint. She moved behind me and on her knees placed her tongue first on my starfish, which she’d been caressing with her fingertips, then slid across my bridge-of-sighs, which was such a lovely feeling, then she kissed and licked my kitty. It felt so good and I looked down to see her. She looked so hungry beneath me. I relished the feeling of her getting into eating me. I pulled the back of her head in tighter at times and did everything to encourage her to continue. I could feel it coming on; she ate me so sweetly, and so thoroughly. I flowed with her and I melted. A wave of pleasure swept across my pelvis and my legs began to quiver, then this nice orgasm built and took me over. I grabbed my new lover’s head, pulled her into me and steadied myself on her while I shook with intense pleasure.

As I caught my breath from such a beautiful orgasm I turned my back to the tile wall and slowly slid down, still on my feet with my knees apart. I had to have some more and I began masturbating while reveling in the shower’s warmth and drinking in the lovely slender body next to me. She slid down, too, and joined her hand with mine between my legs. I was so high from this incredible surprise of sex with another woman behind bars I wanted more pussy play and another orgasm. As we both masturbated me to a higher state of passion; her fingertip was doing wonderful things to me. She leaned toward me as our tongues began again a sensual snake dance only women understand. I love sharing a truly lesbian experience with a woman who gets it. Lesbian love is an experience difficult to explain yet can be the most pleasing kind of sexuality. Men joke about it and objectify us, but they just don’t understand.

I felt truly subbed by this time after the luscious kissing she gave me; after the gentle finger-diddlin’ she gave me; after building up a sexual trust between us, I was ready for another wave to wash over me. I clutched her arm and quietly moaned in her ear as I began to squirt. She reached for my breast and squeezed more sensation through my body. I gasped as quietly as I could and sank to a seated heap on the shower floor.

She got in close and just held me while my body recovered. A long minute later we both rose up and soaped ourselves one last time before turning off the shower. We laid another well placed kiss on each others lips before quietly heading down the unit to our respective cells. Morning would come too soon, we knew the following day would drag on, but we both had something to enjoy until we could recreate our chance meeting.

A few days later we were able to exchange names, but a few days after that she would be moved to another unit. We spoke briefly and decided to try to look each other up when we got to return to life on the outside. I hope we truly can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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