Late Night Shopping

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Thursday and late night shopping. What a bore. The only reason the shop remained open was because the centre management insisted. The owner wasn’t wasting his money staffing the store on Thursdays, though. The shop staff took it turn about to be bored on Thursdays as they received very little custom, if any. Friday nights were interesting. You did a lot of sales on Friday night, but Thursday? Forget it.

Cindy sighed and leaned against the counter, playing with her phone. They weren’t allowed to play their own music; they had to listen to that boring stuff the centre put out.

8:30 and another half hour of boredom to go. She perked up with interest as a customer walked in. Before she could even straighten up the customer was waving her away, apparently quite willing to just browse around. She idly watched him as he looked around. He was a large man. Fortyish, she guessed. A bit older than the men she normally dated, but quite nice looking.

Cindy leant against the counter, keeping one eye on the customer, one eye on the phone. The man moved behind her and Cindy started. Did he just touch her bottom? She glanced around to see what the man was doing and he appeared to be just browsing what was on the shelves. She must have imagined it. The phone beeped, drawing her attention back to it.

Again the man moved past behind her and this time Cindy froze. She definitely had not imagined that. He’d definitely touched her bottom. Say something or not? No. She’d let it go. She wasn’t going to make a fuss about a simple touch, but he’d better not do it again.

The man moved around to the front of the counter, looking at what was on display and then moving back over to the shelves. “Is there anything in particular I can help you with?” called Cindy.

“No thanks,” replied the man with a friendly wave. “Just looking.”

Cindy continued watching him as he moved around. He didn’t seem to be trying to pinch anything, just looking the stock over generally. güvenilir bahis After watching for a while, Cindy’s attention drifted back to her phone and her facebook.

Typing onto her phone, Cindy was vaguely aware that the man was heading back in her direction. She became acutely aware of it when he stopped behind her and his hand ran lightly over her bottom. This time she was going to have to say something, she thought, starting to straighten up.

“No,” said his voice, one hand on her shoulder to hold her still. “Stay like that.” His hand was now wandering over her bottom, getting acquainted with its curves.

Cindy stayed still for the moment. What did he think he was doing? His other hand now dropped down and both hands were now stroking and fondling her bottom. Cindy knew she should be stopping him but it felt quite nice actually. His hands were big but gentle, teasing her bottom and stirring her imagination.

Cindy stood there as his hands dipped and caressed. Then one hand dipped down and around, gently stroking her pussy. My god, she thought. He’s groping me in the middle of the shop. She had to put a stop to this.

The strangers hand was now running along her pussy, tracing the slit between her lips as though he had the right. Her tight yoga pants weren’t quite as comfortable as she had thought. They now felt tight and confining.

Knowing she should speak, but unable to resist feeling that touch for a few more moments, Cindy stood there. Excitement was starting to burn deep inside her, ignited by the forbidden touch and fanned by knowing they were in full view of anyone who entered the store.

Well, not full view, Cindy admitted to herself. They were behind the counter and what was happening couldn’t be seen unless someone else came into the store. But she had to stop this, soon.

The teasing hand moved away from her pussy and travelled back up, trailing over her bottom to meet its partner. Both hands now moved smoothly up, under türkçe bahis her skirt and up to her waist. To Cindy’s horror, the man slipped his thumbs inside the waist-band of her yoga pants and started pulling downwards.

“Enough,” snapped Cindy. Well, she meant to snap it. It actually came out as a very small whisper. A whisper that was easily ignored, she found, as her yoga pants were moved down to her knees before this monsters hands started sliding back up to her bottom.

Cindy gulped and stood still as hands stroked her bottom, effectively bare now except for some brief panties. Very brief she realised as she felt just how much of her bottom the man now had free access to. A large hand hooked under the edge of her panties and followed then down and around, finding her pussy and now he was touching her there, under her panties.

Cindy gasped and squirmed as she felt a finger push its way between her lips and up into her more private areas. Unfortunately, she couldn’t be sure if she’d squirmed away from or into the probing touch. She had a nasty suspicion it was into.

She was now hot and wet and the man could tell that for a fact. The touch became firmer as her labia were stroked and parted, giving freer access to her inner self.

Now her panties were being gently removed, slowly, giving her time to voice the protests that trembled on her lips. Inner excitement stifled any thought of protest. Let him touch her a little longer. As long as no-one came in it couldn’t hurt, and if anyone did enter she could pull up her pants quickly.

A foot touching hers, tapping it, encouraging her to move her legs further apart, and then his hands were on her hips, drawing her a little further away from the counter. Poised like that Cindy heard a rasping sound and wondered what it was.

Shock raced through her. That had been his zipper and he was pressing his cock against her lips. Did he think he was going to fuck her right here in the middle of the store güvenilir bahis siteleri when anyone could walk in? It wasn’t going to happen, she decided.

Cindy opened her mouth. “This has gone far enough,” was what she intended to say. What actually happened was she gave a small squeal as she was suddenly transfixed by a surging cock. “Oh, my god,” she thought. “I’m being fucked in public. Why aren’t I stopping this?”

Cindy felt the man’s cock withdraw and return, surging happily into her. The excitement within her was overwhelming her common sense. She liked this. She wanted it to continue. She instinctively pushed back to meet the man’s thrusts.

Holding Cindy’s hips firmly the stranger thrust hard and fast, enjoying the sensations of taking this young woman. He had sensed her ambivalence and had also felt her body reacting to his touch. Timing it right he was now able to enjoy her body, feeling her enjoying his attentions in return.

Cindy was gasping hard, feeling this cock rampaging through her, driving her before it. The excitement of the flesh joined with the excitement of the mind, knowing that they could get caught at any moment but not caring. She could feel her brand new lover picking up the pace and knew that he was almost ready. She found herself pushing back harder, trying to make sure that she also came, not wanting to miss the finale.

Thrusting into this delicious young body, knowing that it would soon be over, the stranger picked up the pace. He could feel the shop-assistant starting to convulse beneath his relentless pounding and smiled. She was having a climax and now he was about to have his. Thrusting even harder, the stranger came, flooding Cindy with his seed.

They rested for a moment, waiting for their respective releases to die down. Slowly withdrawing, the man then leant down and pulled up Cindy’s panties and yoga pants.

Moving around to the front of the counter, the man looked at Cindy. She was still leaning on the counter, a slightly dazed look on her face. He smiled and spoke. “May I say that you provide excellent customer service. You are a credit to the store.”

“Thank you, sir,” said Cindy, automatically. “Please come again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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