Late Night Snack at the Diner

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“Meet for a late night snack?”

Jen’s heart skips a beat as she reads the text from Jacob.

She hasn’t seen Jacob in months, since they both left town to go off to University. Now, back for Christmas break, she can’t wait to see him again.

They’ve been best friends since they were seven. They were in all the same classes in elementary school and hung out with the same friends in middle school, going to the same parties in high school. The past four months are the longest they’ve been apart since kindergarten.

Jen quickly texts back, letting Jacob know her parents have imposed a crazy curfew on her, expecting her to me home in bed by ten, even though she lives in another state now. She’ll have to wait for her parents to fall asleep, then she can sneak out and meet him just before midnight.

He texts back right away, letting her know that’s perfect. He can borrow his brother’s car and drive them both home after they catch up.

Neither says it, but they both know they’re meeting at the diner.

The food isn’t any good there, and the place is kind of sleazy. It’s attached to one of those pay-by-the-hour motels, right off of the highway. But, it’s the only place in their small town that stays open past eight.

All the high school kids go there after their parties or football games. Jen and Jacob have shared a hundred meals there before. It’s the perfect place for them to catch up.

And there’s so much catching up to do.

Jen’s had a crazy first four months away at school. Drinking more beer than she’d ever seen in her life before September. The time has flown by.

She never really had a boyfriend in highschool, always too shy to make the first move with any guy she was really into. The most she’d done was make out with a few guys after dances or at parties and let some of them do some hand stuff.

Since she was permanently single and always hanging out with Jacob, most kids at school just assumed they were secretly fucking. Usually it was talked about behind their backs, but sometimes girls would be bold enough to ask how Jacob was in bed. It always made Jen super embarrassed and flustered, she was too shy and nervous for anything like that to ever actually happen.

As they grew up together, Jen couldn’t help but notice Jacob’s body maturing. She developed a small crush on him late in highschool.

Being the star of the school’s soccer team, and having the body of a 24-year-old at 17, Jacob always had the interest of lots of girls. With so many options, he never looked at Jen that way. Their highschool didn’t have any cheerleaders, but you would never know it from all the short skirts cheering Jacob on in his short shorts on the field.

The girls’ locker room used to be packed before the boys games, everyone wanting to do their makeup just right in the mirrors and hoping the short shorts might ride up a little while Jacob’s running so they could catch a peek.

He and Jen never really talked about their relationships, or their feelings for each other. Jen had grown up as the typical tomboy, the only daughter in a family of five. She usually assumed none of the guys looked at her the way the girls were looking at Jacob

All that’s changed since September. The partying killed the quiet virgin girl, and Jen doesn’t miss her. Her roommate, Heather, had been far more adventurous back in highschool, and kept pushing her boundaries in university. She dragged Jen along with her to parties practically every night of the week.

Based on how she’s spent her time in first semester, her tuition money is paying for more cock than class.

Heather had taken Jen under her wing, showing her how to dress less like a tomboy and in a way that brings more attention from boys. They’ve also been sharing makeup and helping each other get ready before going out every night.

Jen’s proud of how she looks now, and loves the seeing heads turn when she walks by. She wonders if Jacob will even recognize her tonight.

She keeps Heather’s advice in mind as she gets dressed for dinner. She picks a dark blue halter top that makes her blue eyes and big tits pop.

She flips through all the pants she left behind last summer and the jeans she brought back in her suitcase, but none of them match her top. Digging through her closet she finds a pale pink skirt. It’s a little lighter than her tanned skin, but it goes perfectly with the bold blue shirt. She bought the skirt back when she was in grade nine, making it a super-short skirt now.

As if the clothes wouldn’t draw enough attention to her body, Jen picks a cute pair of short heels to wear to the restaurant, making her ass and chest pop out even more.

Sneaking out of the house once she hears her parents go to bed, Jen’s full of confidence as she walks to the diner.

Jacob arrives at the diner first and snags them a booth against the back wall. They’ve sat here countless times over the years, it feels right for catching up. He thinks he’s excited to see Jen now.

He doesn’t know how to canlı bahis describe his levels of excitement when he sees her walk in.

Jacob doesn’t take his eyes off of her as she walks over to his booth. He doesn’t so much as blink. None of the men in the restaurant do, every eye’s on Jen.

She loves it.

She’s known most of these men for years, but none of them have ever looked at her like this before. Just feeling their gaze is starting to make her a little wet. A few of her friends have told her about having three-ways, but none have had this many men at once. Maybe Jen can be the first in the middle of this diner?

Looking at Jacob as she approaches the table, the naughty fantasy leaves her mind. The only dirty thoughts left are ones focused on Jacob. She’s had plenty of thoughts about him in the shower before, but he looks even better than she remembers.

He’s bulked up since joining his university’s soccer team, Jen can see all the muscles straining against his tight, light pink, button-up shirt. He may actually be spending more time in the gym than at parties. He’s also wearing a tight pair of white skinny jeans and Jen thinks she can see the outline of his dick in them.

“You look great,” Jacob says as Jen reaches their booth.

“Thanks, so do you.” She reaches out and squeezes his bicep, running her hand down the rest of his arm. “How is it possible you have more muscles than before? You were jacked when we were twelve, this is just ridiculous.”

“I gotta work hard to stay on the field as a freshman,” Jacob laughs. “And don’t lie, you love it.”

Jen can’t help but admit he’s right. For every glance he’s sneaking at her breasts, she’s looking at his broad shoulders and bulging arms.

“How’s school been?” Jen asks, trying to change the subject.

“Oh, you know. It’s been a lot of studying and practices. Not as much fun as highschool was.”

“Really? I’ve been having a great time. I think it’s a lot more fun than highschool was.”

“That’s just because you didn’t let yourself have much fun before,” Jacob says. “I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself more, you deserve to have some fun.”

“Oh, I am,” says Jen. “The parties have been amazing, and the people are so much fun.”

“I’m sure they are,” Jacob smirks. “I miss a fun party and the great release it brings after.”

“I’m sure you’ve had plenty of releases with those college girls,” Jen winks. Underneath the table, she rubs her leg against Jacob’s.

She’s noticed his eyes keep wandering to her chest, and it’s turning her on. She’s never had this effect on Jacob before, the lust was always a one-way street in the past.

“Not like you’d expect,” Jacob sighs. “A lot’s changed since highschool. Coach works us really hard. It doesn’t leave much time for fun.”

“Well, then you’ll need to have lots of fun over Christmas break and make up for it.”

“Know any good parties around here this week?” As Jacob asks, he can’t keep his eyes from sneaking another peek at her chest.

He can’t believe the cleavage she’s showing off. What happened to the shy quiet tomboy he hung out with for all those years? Who knew she had such massive tits hiding underneath those baggie hoodies.

He realizes Jen’s caught him looking at her chest and quickly picks the menu up to hide his eyes and cheeks before they turn bright red.

Jen’s disappointed as he takes his eyes off her with the menu. She enjoys knowing that she can turn him on now, and it certainly sounds like he needs it.

“Maybe,” Jen says, sliding her foot up in between Jacob’s legs. “I might also know something tastier than anything on this menu.”

He can’t believe his ears. When did Jen become so sexy and aggressive?

He’s even more surprised to feel her foot rubbing his lap. Jacob shuffles forward in his seat to give her better access.

She’s enjoying feeling his denim against her foot, he’s enjoying it even more.

She briefly glances underneath the table, she can definitely see the outline of his dick now. The tight white denim is leaving nothing to the imagination. And Jen’s impressed. She’d never been one of the lucky girls to catch a glimpse underneath Jacob’s short shorts on the soccer pitch, but she’d heard the rumours.

Rapidly rubbing her foot against his jeans, she can feel the thick eighth inches running down beside his leg. Those highschool girls weren’t exaggerating.

Jacob’s breathing is starting to get heavier, and he’s put the menu down now. His eyes keep flicking back and forth from Jen’s eyes to her tits.

She smiles and flicks her tongue up to lick her lips, giving his eyes something else to distract them from the menu.

Jen leans back against the cushioned booth, sticking her chest out. She licks the fingers on one hand and slides it underneath the table. Spreading her legs open, she makes what she’s doing obvious to Jacob. It’s quite the sight and it’s driving him crazy.

He’s practically panting at this point, lightly thrusting his hips forward to meet bahis siteleri Jen’s foot every few seconds.

Jen starts to notice they’re attracting the attention of other diners in the restaurant. It makes her feel a little self-conscious and she pulls her hand back up above the table. Her foot keeps up its aggressive pace on Jacob.

“Still have those tight abs?” Jen asks.

Jacob nods his head, not able to form a sentence with all the blood rushing down south.

“You know your abs are the reason so many teen girls were taking their little brothers to the community pool all those summers. If they hadn’t hired you as the lifeguard, it would have been a much safer and emptier pool.”

Jacob just smirks without saying anything, knowing that he’s close to cumming.

Jen knows it too.

She drops her foot from Jacob’s lap, leaving him stranded on the edge of pleasure.

“Let’s go get a room next door,” Jen says. “I want to see that six-pack.”

“The guys actually give me shit for having an eight pack now,” Jacob says, getting up from the table. “I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym.”

“Sounds like you’ve earned some fun,” Jen says as she grabs his hand and leads him out of the diner.

Every eye in the restaurant is on them as they walk out. Jacob’s raging boner is obvious in the tight jeans as he struggles to walk. Jen’s sexual arousal is a little more subtle, but her cheeks are an obvious shade of red and her nipples are rock hard.

She loves the feeling everyone’s gaze on her; and it drives her wild knowing that everyone there knows where they’re going and what they’re about to do.

“Get us a room baby,” Jen whispers into Jacob’s ear as they walk up to the motel’s front desk.

She pulls his hand forward so she can feel his body pressed against hers as they walk. Standing in front of the front desk, Jen teases Jacob by wiggling her as against him as he fumbles in his pocket for his credit card.

She loves feeling his boner poking into her back. The concierge gives them a knowing grin, their bodies continually grinding against each other as they stand there.

Jacob practically throws his credit card at the concierge, snatching the room key and running to their motel room. Now it’s his turn to lead Jen by the hand.

He’s so excited, he fumbles with the key and has trouble opening the door to their room.

Jen loves seeing him this way. She presses her chest against his back, making sure he can feel her boobs, and rubs her hands all over his chest and abs. Her underwear are drenched underneath her short skirt by now.

“God, is everything about you as big as your arms?” Jen whispers in his ear.

They both hear the click of the door as Jacob finally gets the key to work.

“You’re about to find out.”

He pushes the door open and grabs Jen’s wrists, swinging her into the room. The bed’s at the far end of the room, Jacob doesn’t think he can make it there.

Jacob pushes Jen up against the wall beside the bathroom, kicking the door shut behind them with his foot.

Grinding into her with his hips, Jacob starts kissing up and down Jen’s neck. She moans, enjoying the feeling of his lips against her skin. She can still feel his rock hard cock inside his jeans pressing up against her.

The significant height difference means his dick is rubbing against her stomach, but neither of them seems to mind. He puts one hand on her ass, giving it a little squeeze that makes her moan again. He uses his other to start hiking up her skirt, running his fingers along her thighs in the process.

“We should have done this a long time ago,” Jacob whispers in her ear, before sucking on her earlobe.

“Uh-huh,” Jen squeals, loving how he’s making her body feel.

Jacob uses the hand on her ass to lift her body up into the air, putting her waist in line with his crotch. His hips continue to pin her against the wall, holding her in place, grinding into her. Jen rests her head on Jacob’s shoulder, letting her hair run down his back.

Jacob moves his hand forward from her ass. It meets his other hand on her hips and he starts pulling her panties down, short-skirt still zipped up, uselessly crumpled around her waist.

With her panties around her ankles, she hears Jacob unzip his fly. She lifts her head up and starts to push Jacob away, trying to lower herself to the ground.

“What’s wrong?” Jacob asks, surprised to feel her resistance.

“After everything in the diner, you’re too close for this to be our first time,” Jen says. “I want to get a good view of these famous abs, then finish you off with my mouth. Your first time inside my pussy had better last a long time, and it won’t right now.”

Her feet find the ground. She starts undoing the buttons on Jacob’s shirt, kissing his neck and chest and she works her way down the buttons.

Her knees find the ground and she undoes Jacob’s last button, the one holding his skinny jeans together.

Jen yanks his skinny jeans and boxers down bahis şirketleri in one fluid motion, spring his cock out. It slaps her in the face, she wasn’t ready for all eight inches to come flying out at her.

The past four months have introduced her to all sorts of dicks, but this is the thickest she’s ever felt in her hand.

With one hand working his shaft, Jen starts to lick the precum off the head of his cock. Her other hand runs up his body, feeling his abs with her hand as her head focuses on his head.

Jacob lets out a deep groan as Jen takes his cock in her mouth for the first time. Slowly, she works her way past the head of his cock, swallowing his first few inches.

Suddenly, she starts working it quickly. Her hand drops from his shaft to cradle his balls and her head starts bobbing on his dick. She’s taking it as far as she can, as fast as she can, each time until she chokes.

Jacob loves feeling his cock hit the back of her throat and hearing her choke on him. He lets out a groan each time she hits her limit.

Sucking his dick before sex was the right decision, he hardly lasts a full minute with his dick in her mouth. It would have been a very disappointing first fuck.

He forgets to warn her when he’s about to cum, caught a little off guard himself. Jacob can’t remember the last time a girl’s made him cum so fast.

Jen handles it magnificently. She wraps her lips around the head of his cock and swallows as fast as she can, as ropes of hot sticky sperm hit the back of her throat.

Jacob can’t believe it as she holds her head in place, swallowing each stream as it spurts out of him, not a single drop falling out of her mouth. Seeing her swallow all of it makes him want to cum all over again.

She keeps sucking on his dick until the cum stops coming, her lips with a suction lock around his head.

Jen stands up once she’s sure she’s sucked Jacob dry.

She puts a hand on the back of his head and pulls him in for a deep kiss. He doesn’t mind tasting his sperm and making out with her after the performance she’s just put on.

After a few minutes of making out, they realize they’re still standing right beside the front door. Jen breaks their kiss and starts moving her lips along his neck, stopping when she reaches his ear.

“My turn,” Jen whispers, grabbing Jacob’s hand and leading him to the bed.

Jen collapses onto the bed and Jacob falls down on top of her. Both love feeling their bodies pressed against each other. They make out for another minute, a deep, long, loving kiss, their hips grinding into each other again.

After the minute, Jacob feels Jen’s hands pushing his head down, applying literal pressure for him to go down on her and repay the favour.

Kissing her body on the way down to her pussy, he realizes she’s still wearing her dark blue halter top. Jacob pulls the sides of the top down, finally letting her tits burst out into freedom. He leaves the top with her skirt, crumpled up around her stomach, and starts sucking on her nipples.

Jen loves the feeling of his lips and tongue on her breasts, but her body is burning for a release. She can feel her pussy is soaking wet and on fire at the same time, and knows his tongue continuing it’s journey down is the only thing that will bring her a release.

After a minute of him ravishing her chest, Jen pushes his head down again, desperate for him to lick her pussy.

Once between her legs, Jacob decides to tease her more. He kisses her inner thighs and quickly brushes her clit with his fingers.

None of it helps to give Jen the release she’s desperate for.

“Please,” Jen whines.

“Please what?” Jacob whispers, his breath on her pussy teasing her even more.

“Please lick my pussy, Jacob. I need you to eat me out.”

Jacob’s not one to refuse a lady’s request. He effortlessly slides a finger into her vagina and starts flicking her clit with his tongue.

Jen cries out in pleasure, thrilled to finally feel Jacob’s tongue on her pussy.

He slides a second finger inside her soaking wet pussy and brings his thumb up to start rubbing the bottom of her clit while his tongue licks it up and down.

All of the sensations drive Jen wild.

She quickly feels her first orgasm building and squeezes her legs around Jacob’s head. She uses one hand to play with her own nipples, adding to the sensations Jacob’s providing, and runs her other hand through his hair, holding his head in place.

Jacob knows she’s having her first orgasm, practically drowning in her cum. But he keeps working through it, licking up as much as he can and working his fingers around inside of her.

As her legs loosen around his head and she starts to come down from her first orgasm, Jacob withdraws his fingers from inside of her. Jen lets out a small moan to protest, but the moan quickly grows into one of pleasure as his tongue replaces them inside her.

With his tongue licking from the top of her clit down to the bottom and slipping inside her pussy, Jacob moves his hands so one’s squeezing her tight little ass beneath them and the other’s pinching her nipple. Jen keeps one of her own hands on the other nipple, loving the feeling of hands all over her body.

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