Later, In My Apartment

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Story three, Following on from the Gymnasium.


Out of the shower at the Gymnasium, Debbie and I quickly dressed, I asked her not to put her bra or knickers back on, “I don’t want to waste time getting you naked when we get home,” I grinned.

“How do you know I want to be naked with you?” she asked me playfully.

I slapped her lightly on her backside and said “I just know you do that’s all.”

“You know too much,” she smiled.

We ran hand in hand out to my car, climbed in and set off for my apartment, which was only 10 minutes away.

“What did you think of the Gym Debbie?” I asked as we drove along.

“Oh it was wonderful,” she retorted, “I’ve had a good workout and I always fancied sex in a hot sauna.”

“What did you think when Mike and his girl came in?”

“I wasn’t embarrassed at all, I was thrilled by them looking at me without my clothes on, I’ve always thought of myself as a bit of an exhibitionist,” Then added “Do you know Mike well?”

“No, not well, I’ve had a couple of drinks with him in the bar, He’s the manager and lives on the premises, He has a reputation with the ladies, I do know one or two members have stopped their wives going to the Gym after the wives had sex with Mike and they were found out,”

“Oooh the naughty man,” Debbie said in mock disgust.

I parked my car and we went inside my apartment,I cuddled you close and whispered “Lets go to bed.”

“MMMMMMMMM,” she replied.

Debbie lifted up her arms as I pulled her top over her head, I unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor exposing her naked form.

“And this is bahis firmaları exactly why I didn’t want you to put your underclothes on,” I grinned.

Debbie turned and ran to the bed.

It took me about 2 seconds to tear off my Tshirt and jeans and jump in to bed beside her, In seconds our arms were around each other, Debbie lay on her back and I looked down on her.

Debbie’s legs were a little way apart and my right thigh rested on her pussy between them, I kissed her lips then moved down to her soft luscious breasts.

I squeezed them gently with my hands and fed a nipple into my mouth, she pushed her chest up to my face and I sucked hard on her nipple, It was having the right effect, she writhed and moaned, and I then moved further down her body poking my tongue into her belly button which made her giggle.

I kissed her stomach just above her pubic hair and then moved my face on to that delicious and so feminine area of her body, I opened her pussy lips with my nose and she smelled divine, I sucked on her wet fleshy inner lips, pulling them into my mouth and then sought out her clitoris licking it ravenously.

Debbie quickly became fully aroused. She lifted her hips and wriggled furiously on the bed, a constant murmuring emitted from her mouth.

Her hands, clutching the back of my head, pulled me closer into her.

Debbie was near to orgasm and she called pleadingly to me.

“Do it now please Jeff, please fuck me now, I want to feel your cock inside me!”

Her plea was urgent and I raised myself up, arranging myself between her legs. She opened them wide and reached down to grasp kaçak iddaa my cock, guiding it to the entrance of her willing cunt.

I pushed into her and although she was wet with love juice, her hole was tight, she wrapped her legs around my back, the heel of her foot on my bottom and jerked me further into her.

I began a smooth rhythmical movement in and out of her pussy, She squealed with ecstasy and pleasure mixed with the pain of my big dick driving into her, I felt tremendous, Thrilled to be sharing sex with such a gorgeous woman.

For Debbie, her love juices were already flowing and the tingling and sensitivity effected her whole pussy area, passion built within her, and an enormous orgasm erupted inside her,screwing up her face and forcing her body to tremble uncontrollably.

“Haaaaghaaaghaa, ooooooo mmmmmm,” she gasped as the feelings inside overwhelmed with her,

” Please stop please stop!” she begged “I can’t stand anymore.”

I stopped driving my cock into her and withdrew it out of her pussy, I kissed her lips and asked, as if I didn’t know “Did you like that darling?”

“Oh yes yes I did!” she gasped,still panting.

“Its not finished yet,” I said ” Turn on to your knees, I want you from the back.”

Without hesitation Debbie got to her knees and faced away from me, I looked at the super sight in front of me as she bent over.

Her pussy hole was wide open after our sex, as though waiting hopefully for the next penetration.

I dipped my finger into her sex hole and spread some of her love juice into her bum hole just above, then I pulled on her hips and slid my kaçak bahis still rock hard cock all the way into her pussy, My belly hit her bum and my balls swung up to her stomach.

Again she cried out, but this time the entrance was much slicker,My cock slid easily into her welcoming hole. I hit into her with rapid strokes and she pushed vigorously back onto me.

She moaned and sighed, and I grunted and groaned, only this time I knew I couldn’t hold it back, my eyelids screwed shut, my head spun and my cum erupted from my cock, pouring into the deep recesses of Debbie’s pussy in squirt after squirt.

This time she begged me “Don’t take it out Jeff!” and then collapsed face down on the bed with me on top of her.

Debbie sobbed softly with the emotion we had created, and I kissed the side of her face and the back of her neck.

We lay like that for some time just kissing and cuddling and caressing each others bodies, We were drained by what we had experienced today.

The vigorous exercise in the Gym, Dunking in the jacuzzi, the fantastic sex in the sauna, meeting new people who might become our friends, and the wonderful lovemaking we had just enjoyed,

I gazed down at her nakedness which was now becoming so familiar to me.

I kissed her compliant lips, then each of her breasts and the lips of her pussy. I whispered to her that I was impressed at how tight her sex hole is, She looked at me from under her eyelids.

“My husband isn’t as big as you Jeff,” she murmured softly.

It was time to take Debbie home, we reluctantly dragged ourselves off the bed, and even more slowly began to dress which this time did include Debbie putting on her knickers. As I watched her step into them I thought to myself “This is a beautiful and sexy woman, and she is mine,we are going to have a lot of fun together.”

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