Lazy Sunday

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My girlfriend Selene and I got back to her apartment somewhere around three in the morning. It was kind of hazy for me, a combination of a long night of drinking, a long time of dancing with her, and then a late-night dinner at a smoky diner. We stripped and crawled into bed, and although our lips touched and I was fetched by her soft curves, she cut loose a tremendous snore in my face.

Which was fine with me. I rolled over and the next thing I knew it was morning. I had to urinate something awful, and on unsteady legs made it and used the bathroom. I cleaned up and crawled back into bed and promptly returned to sleep. When I woke again I blinked and yawned, and looked to right. Selene was lying there, face down, her hair mussed up but looking at me with a slight smile on her face.

“I was watching you sleep.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah.” She said with an easy grin. “I did.” She stretched out under the sheets and groaned. I guess making her muscles work after a night like ours required extra stimulation. “Gawd I’m sore,” she said next. “We haven’t gone dancing like that in a long time.”

I looked at the ceiling and did my own stretch, pointing my toes towards the opposite wall and arching my back up off of the bed. “I know, right?” After collapsing back onto the bed I grinned at her. “This feels like a lazy Sunday.”

“Oh I know, I know,” she nodded. “Let’s just stay in bed and snuggle,” she suggested.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a better suggestion!” I agreed happily. I stretched out lazily again, and threw my arms up over my head while making all manner of noises. Selene remained passive, just lying facedown and looking at me.

I grinned at her and yanked the sheets away. She protested loudly, but stopped once she saw that I was moving down to sit by her feet. She bent her knees to lift her feet up a little, pointed her feet towards me and wiggled her toes.

“Massaging my feet?” she purred quietly.

“While admiring the view, yes,” I said.

It was hard for her to wiggle her bottom for me, and ended up kind of rolling back and forth. “You sure you like my body?” she asked softly. There was always a great deal of concern in that question for her. She held little confidence in her own shape and appearance.

But as I gazed at her body, the thick, plump but firm thighs, all soft and supple and milky white. Her butt, wide and thick that I loved, and the view right now was particularly juicy in my opinion. Her waist narrowed sharply above her hips, and only I knew how her big breasts were squashed under her torso. “I don’t just like it,” I put as much emphasis into my tone as I could, “I love it!”

Her entire body vibrated for a second. “Oh you say the nicest things. Well, go ahead and stare at my big ass while you massage my toes, mister!” she teased.

“The pleasure is all mine, m’lady!”

“Actually it’ll be mine!” I heard the sly note in her words. During our little interplay I retrieved the bottle of lotion and pumped out a goodish amount on my hands. I took one foot and lightly rubbed the lotion around just to moisturize her entire foot. Then I concentrated more closely on the foot, especially the ball of the foot and the heel.

I worked steadily, using my thumbs to slide slowly and with as much pressure as I could bear, from the firm ball down through the curve of the softer arch before using much heavier pressure on the heel. “Gawd this is lovely you could do this all day if you want!” she praised me softly. Her tone suggested that she was greatly enjoying the administration of the massage.

It did not surprise me when my penis swelled a little. I never reached fully erect status, but it remained in a semi-erect state while I worked on her foot. It was the usual combination – the visual of her laying there (a very nice visual!) and even though the touch was not erotic, there was a sensual element to it. She remained very still and passive while I slowly worked on her foot, giggling just a little bit when I began sliding fingers between the spaces between her toes.

“That tickles a little,” she mumbled into the pillow. “Keep going though,” she amended hastily.

Not that I had any reason to stop. I kept going maybe ten minutes in total. I then began anew on her other foot, and that brought with it a new round of soft sounds of pleasure. No other words were spoken while I worked on her other foot. I simply concentrated, watching my hands slide around the appendage to make sure that I got all of the sore areas. Finally, more because my hands needed a rest than anything else I stopped.

“Awww, done so soon?” she asked immediately.

“Hands are cramping some,” I explained. I made fists and then spread them out a few times and then shook them vigorously to dispel the ache. The final refresher was to hold my hands up and curl my fingers in and out several times, one at a time, until they felt refreshed.

“Well, you’re going to do my calves next. Right?” she added. I could hear the “grin” in her voice.

“Sure thing, hon.” I squirted Escort Beylikdüzü out more lotion and ran both hands along the calf of one leg. She held it nearly vertical for me, and once or twice whined in pain. “Too hard, easy honey, easy!” she warned me at one point. Rubbing the legs required a different technique. I ran my hands along the side of her lower leg so my fingers pressed against the calf muscles. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Then I pulled the leg against me and ran the heel of my hand up from ankle to knee, massaging the muscles before pulling my hand back from knee to heel using just one hand, flattening it out, pressing down on the strong muscle.

During this phase of her massage her breathing changed a little. It quickened a touch, a sign of her growing arousal. She and I both knew that if I administered the massage that it would inevitably lead to sex. It almost always did, and what better way was there to spend a lazy Sunday anyway? A few quiet moans, not quite the purely sexual ones, but certainly inflecting her level of arousal, were emitted from time to time. “This feels soooooooo good,” she assured me.

I had not really needed that assurance, I thought as I smiled a little. There was a discernable flush beginning to spread over her buttocks. Selene’s body always seemed to redden when she was aroused. I had noticed it but never said anything to her. She always got spooked when a man commented about her body. But it was something that I watched to see, because once I saw it I knew that sex was about guaranteed – so long as I didn’t say something stupid or hurtful to ruin the moment. Unfortunately I had done that before. I didn’t say I was all that smart!

I put her legs down on the bed, and got up on my knees and scoot forward. “Slide to the center of the bed,” I directed. I was perilously close to the edge. She did and I moved with her, and then she resettled herself. I took the lotion and squirted a goodish amount in the center of her firm, wide left thigh. I gathered my hands and slid them around the flesh with very light pressure until it evenly coated her skin.

Then, I held my hands along her thigh and pressed and slid upward. The resulting “oh yes oh my that’s amazing” in a soft, slightly warbling tone rewarded my efforts. I did not quite push my hands into her crotch, but I was close enough that I detected the moist heat radiating from her sex. I used a slow but firm out-and-back motion several times, each time careful not to push too close to her crotch. She wiggled her hips a little as a few more soft little moans escaped her lips. “Wonderful!” she breathed quietly.

I did the other leg the same way, noting her breathing was quickening even more, and those little moans sounded more frequently. The entire time I still made sure not to slide my hands too far into her crotch. I knew that her body was soon going to want more from me, but at the moment I was content only to build her need slowly.

I paused again to rest my hands. I pumped more lotion high up on the backs of her thighs, just below the line between thigh and butt. I scooted forward, now kneeling over her body positioned just below mid-thigh. I leaned forward and spread both hands out over the expanse of flesh, and then slid my upper body forward to slid my hands up the legs and move over her glutes. Once my hands were on her ass, I moved them in slow circles radiating out towards her hips. I did this slowly and applying a lot of pressure, knowing that this part of her body could take the pressure.

I came back to the thighs and repeated the process. I made sure that as I was circling out towards her hips that I gripped the flesh, causing the cleft separating both cheeks to widen. I looked down at the crack, and to the orifices hidden between them. It was faint but I detected a whiff of her arousal. To me, at least, the scent of an aroused woman is like sex-crack. Once you get a whiff, you have to have it over and over again.

But more duty beckoned. Now I knelt directly over her butt, settling my weight down upon her as I lotioned up her back. My hands resumed their work, sliding up and down, in and out, and up to her shoulders to give them a strong squeeze. The flush, especially on her buttocks, was much more pronounced now, and her little noises compelled me to keep going. I took a good long time on her back. All in all I think I’d spent close to thirty minutes at the massage.

I pulled my hands away and settled by butt down on hers a little more. I ran my hands together as the ache was much more pronounced than earlier.

“Well you succeeded,” she said.

“At what?”

“Turning me on,” she said.

“The massage goes straight to your pussy, does it?” I teased.

She turned under me until she rested on her back. I dropped my weight back down onto the front of her hips now. I gazed at her thick, heavy breasts, how they were pulled down and to the side by gravity and their weight. I loved playing with those funbags. I don’t know any man who likes big-breasted women who does Escort Bahçeşehir not love their look, their feel, their weight and how they slap and slide around so gloriously during sex!

Selene is a paralegal for a very conservative, suit-wearing, buttoned-down law firm in town. She had told me both of the senior partners were holy-rollers, so swearing within the firm was strictly prohibited. So what came out of her mouth next would surely stun them and if uttered at work surely would result in an immediate dismissal: “You massaging me makes me cunt drip with pussy juices!”

Selene hated the word cunt unless it was used in a situation like this.

“Well I’d hate to leave a wet cunt unattended,” I deadpanned.

“Wait,” she said. She scooted out from under me, and then sat up, cross-legged. Those big, thick boobs swayed heavily. She complained from time to time about supporting their weight all day long; sitting like she was, it was easy to understand why. “We’ve been together now, what, almost two years right?”

She was playing; I suspected that she knew it down to the minute. “Yes.”

“I’ve told you a million times how much I love you and love making love to you.”

I nodded along, curious as to where this was going.

“So,” she asked, suddenly popping her lower lip into her mouth between her teeth, betraying her nerves. Fleetingly I wondered what was making her so nervous. “I was thinking a little. What if we did, I don’t know, like some…exploring…with sex.”

“Exploring how?” I asked. Before she could reply or get upset, I held up my hand. I closed my eyes for a second. Yes, I had not imagined it; my heart was beating faster at the prospects of “exploration.” “No matter what you say, know this: my heart is beating harder and faster so I’m already excited,” I assured her.

Her slow, controlled exhale was answer enough as was the delighted twinkle brightening her light green eyes. But the moment lasted only a moment. “That’s the problem,” she laughed it off a little. “I don’t know what I want!” Just as quickly she morphed again, her eyelids dropping a little as her gaze turned sly. “I just want to do them to you!”

“Hmmm,” I said. Playfully I brought my hand up under my chin to rub it mimicking deep thought. “Why don’t we look at some porn to see what tickles your fancy?” I thought aloud.

She blinked. “Um, okay, yeah.” I knew that Selene liked her porn. When we first met and started exploring each other’s bodies she tentatively asked me if I had any objections if she would continue to masturbate if the mood moved her. It had been one of my wiser moments, because I did not snap back with some trite comment like ‘what I don’t satisfy you’ to my actual reply that was “only if you let me watch sometimes.”

Selene brought out her laptop and opened it up and opened up a couple of porn tabs. “I wonder…” she said softly. She went to Bing and entered in the search string ‘sexual exploration for partners’. She clicked search and looked at me. “I wonder what this will bring up?”

I was kind of excited myself and scooted closer. She put the computer down between us, and we flipped through the various choices. One item was a psychology-based discussion, more scientific than raunchy, discussing the manner in which couples could explore sexuality. It was obvious at least from that site that in their minds, human sexuality was not defined by any particular label. Human sexuality was, at the lowest common denominator, a search for that which satisfied the mind and body of a person’s sexual interactions with another person.

“So if I’m reading this right, which I’m not sure I am,” Selene said slowly, “if it turns me on, and turns you on, then it’s healthy. If it turns me on but turns you off, then it’s unhealthy, and if we’re both turned off then its a moot point. Sound about right?”

“Yes,” I concurred. “It doesn’t get into the specifics of what turns you on.”

“Okay, screw it, let’s go…” she said and brought up a well-known and heavily-used porn tube site. “Let’s start with the basics.” She clicked on the category of “big tits.” As anyone who has used such sites could attest, there is very little romance or intrigue contained within those videos. With the focus on one particular part of the female anatomy, how could it be romantic? But she played a lesbian video that featured a MILF-y type older woman seducing a young teen. Very trite.

“Does that turn you on?” she asked.

“Lesbians, teens or MILFs?” I asked.

“All three?”

“Uh lesbians, sometimes I guess.” Curiously – maybe because I was intent on the discussion more than the action – my erection flagged considerably. “Look, men are attracted – well, usually – to women. So a woman going down and using her tongue on another woman’s body is going to hold a lot of allure. Two things men like doing things men like doing to each other. Plus, it seems that every guy I know has a fantasy of doing two women at once, probably in the hopes that he’ll get to watch both of them go down on each other.”

Selene’s face remained impassive as she nodded. “Well, the same can go for women, right?” she parried. “I like cocks. I like seeing them and pleasing them and having them please me. So two cocks would be twice the fun, and like you said there’s something dangerously sexy about watching the two men play and use their mouths on each other’s cocks. So I guess,” she said as she began to falter, “that one of my fantasies is to watch, even participate in, two men who are as intent…on each other…as they are on…me.”

The unasked questions lay heavy between us. I finally cleared my throat. “Once, in college…”

Her eyes widened. “You sucked a cock?” she whispered.

I felt sad, actually, that I had to let her down. Her remarkable expression suggested intensity and high excitement. I shook my head. “No, it never got…we were too afraid. But it was…mutual masturbation.”

“Did you touch him?” she asked.

Even though my heart was pounding and my mouth dry, I affirmed that I had.

“Wow,” she said softly. “My roommate my senior year and I, we did things…a few times. It started one night, she caught me masturbating and took the toy from me and then used it on me, until I came,” Selene said. Her eyes so bright and shiny spoke to her fond recollection of the memory. “We didn’t do anything for a few weeks, but then one night we stumbled home from the bars and I guess we were both horny and ran into each other in the dark in the bedroom. Her hand kind of fell against my boob and I trapped her hand there, and that was all it took.” Selene again gathered herself before continuing. “We did…oral,” she whispered.

She looked down, and when she made eye contact again she was smiling broadly. “Looks like the lie detector says that you liked my little tale!” she giggled. “So hard again!” But she leaned forward, resuming her soft, whispery, intense tone. “Have you ever fantasized about…another man?”

I gulped and swallowed. My prick answered for me; the involuntary clenching of my lower body muscles from the thought took care of the non-verbal answer. “Yes,” I admitted as she pointed at my erection while arching one eyebrow. “But let me say this, it’s the pussy that calls to me, the slippery delicious tight heat of it, and not some guy’s big schlong that really gets me going.”

“That’s fair, I don’t sit around here and wish some chick was eating my box when you’re doing it,” she countered. “But I wouldn’t say no to some chick eating my box!” she giggled.

She clicked on another category, this one bisexual. Most of the scenes were two men and a woman and most of the time the two men were as engaged with each other as they were with the woman. A fair number of them also made it clear that the woman was directing the action. “Hmmm,” she said. “That turns me on a little. Maybe being the girl there and telling the boys to do it just to get a taste of my pussy is the cool part.”

I looked over, somewhat in surprise. “You want the control?”

“You sound so surprised,” she noted.

“Yeah, because you’re not like all that controlling and bossy and directing the action with me,” I pointed out.

“That doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about doing that,” she said.

“Huh.” She moved onto a few more categories, nothing that heated our loins and fired our libido. Had I not been watching her hand move smoothly over the mousepad I would have missed the extra second or two of hesitation before she clicked on “fetish.”

The first video was that of a woman, strapped tightly to a bench or table, subject to a mechanical fucking machine. She clicked and we watched. It was not erotic per se, except that being subject to that machine without the opportunity to escape held some allure. “I’d die in that thing,” Selene finally said. “Besides I bet it would hurt before long,” she added.

“Yeah probably. I…I don’t know whether that would work for a man,” I commented.

She arched an eyebrow again. “Anal?”

I thought about having my ass pounded by a machine-driven dildo. “Yikes. I don’t think so. Painful.”

“Exactly.” There was a wide assortment of fetishes, featuring men and women in both dominant and submissive roles. We talked about it lightly. Too lightly I thought.

She finally clicked on one. Now my misfortune it was one I had viewed before and with some frequency. I knew the starlet’s name was Siri; she was a big-breasted, wide-hipped woman – the exact body type as Selene – and in this video she was taunting the watcher to stroke his cock as she played with her big ass. At one point in the video, while lying on her side, she lifted the top ass cheek to expose her asshole and “demanded” that the watcher think about sticking his nose against her butthole and licking it.

“You know this one?” Selene asked. She had seen my cock jerk again.


We watched it in silence. I felt distinctly uncomfortable sitting next to Selene while watching it. Siri was crude and rude, telling the watcher to stroke his cock while staring at her big ass. When the bits about her lifting her ass and licking her asshole played I was very careful not to show any changes in expression. But notably, despite the discomfort of watching that with Selene, my cock remained firmly erect.

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