Le Seduction

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I had noticed her as soon as I returned. She came into my bedroom one morning, her little cap perched upon her fiery curls and her drab black dress unable to hide her lush curves. The appearance of the very woman I was imagining as I stroked my hard male member was all it took to cause me to groan in ecstasy as I came, shooting long streams of hot white cum onto the sheets. Those lush kissable lips formed a perfect O which only sent my mind to imagining other uses for it and she gasped “Pardonnez moi Monsouir, je n’ai pas su que quelqu’un était ici,” and quickly exited, blushing prettily. I laughed as she made her escape and let my mind wander to the seam of the sheer black hose she wore, following that dark line upward, imagining my hands sliding up over her knees, up her thighs, finding the lacy tops of her hose and then my fingertips skimming the soft skin of her inner thighs and finding the hot wet moistness of her.

He came into the house like a breath of fresh air. The work here was simple and I was more than qualified but each day ran into the next with little to separate one boring day from another. Occasionally I would go to town with my aunt, who had been Lady Scott’s cook for 30 years now and who had helped me obtain this position. The local men would ogle me but none approached me to talk or visit. My mother had grown up in this very village but she had had the audacity to run off with a Frenchman, my dear papa, and I could hear the whispers behind my back as I moved through the town. My tante would scold me, telling me my curls were too bright, my figure too ripe, that I was “too French”, but what could I do about this? The one morning I waited as I always did to clean his room last. When I entered the room I moved to the windows and opened the drapes to let in the sunshine, turning about I saw him, and froze, entranced. He lay on the bed, naked, one strong hand wrapped around his hard cock, stroking himself. As I watched suddenly he moaned finding release and I do not remember if I said anything but I beat a hasty retreat, his laughter ringing in my ears. “Oh mon Dieu”, I blushed, my hands coming up to cover my heated cheeks.

I found her on the steps the next afternoon, her arms filled with laundry, and so like the gentleman I am, I took advantage of the situation. I stepped in front of her and reached up running my hands along her arms. Tell me your name, I begged, although I had asked the butler Grimms earlier and had the information. “My name is Simone” she replied, glancing up at me her glance both provocative and innocent. “What a minx” I thought. She clutched the laundry closer as if to protect herself, causing her full breasts to push up. I couldn’t resist, I reached up and unbuttoned a button. She gasped at my touch and pulled away, stepping to the side and continuing down the stairs. At the bottom she turned, and gave me a bright smile which caused me to laugh out loud. “Ohhh Simone!”

Such a scoundrel he is! But I want him more than any man I have ever met. Just seeing him makes my heart quicken and my breath shorter. When I look at him my hands ache to reach out and slide over his wide shoulders and down his strong arms. I would like to catch him as he did me the other day with my arms full of laundry. One part of me wanted to drop the folded towels right there on the stairs and embrace him but he seems to relish the chase. It is true that one of the best aphrodisiacs is anticipation. I have imagined touching him, my fingertips skimming along his skin, tasting him, allowing my tongue to slide down the strong column of his throat, smelling the scent of his skin, the taste of his lips and more! When he reached out and unbuttoned my uniform I wanted to moan, begging him to continue. Later I went back to the small apartment I share with Tante and threw myself across the small cot I have. I reached down unbuttoning my serviceable black dress, slowly exposing my soft skin beneath it. I imagined his reaction, imagined the hard cock I had seen that day, long and thick. My eyes closed as I reached down with my hand stroking myself sliding my fingers in and out of myself, wishing he would suddenly appear so that I might beg him, “Fourrez moi”!

I cannot believe what I just did, but Şanlıurfa Escort the evidence is right here on my bed surrounding me. It was easy getting the master key and slipping into the small suite of rooms that Simone and her aunt share down near the kitchen. The moon was shining, a silvery beam that flowed through the window bathing the room in shimmering light. Rose, Simone’s aunt, snored on, unaware of the intruder in her bedroom. I stayed to the shadows, making my way to the chest of drawers located in the corner. Quietly I opened the drawer, laughing as I pulled out Rose’s serviceable cotton panties, wrong drawer I smiled to myself. As I was opening the next drawer I froze, as Rose’s snores ceased for a moment. I held my breath, waiting, waiting for that audible snore, and relaxed as her rhythmic roar resounded again. It was then I noticed the small chest at the end of the bed, my sweet Simone was curled up in. I lifted the lid slowly, anticipating a creak of rusty hinges but was in luck, for the lid lifted effortlessly and quietly. There neatly folded on top were all of Simone”s under clothing. Although I had started this as a silly prank the idea of Simone naked under neath her clothes suddenly had an unbelievable attraction for me. I snatched them all up, panties, bras, bustiers, thongs and started to make my way out of the small suite and back upstairs to my room. I looked back and noticed that the moonlight was shining in the window, lighting Simone’s upper body. As I watched she turned. I could not resist-I reached out tugging lightly on the sheet that slipped down exposing a perfect globe topped by a large peach colored erect nipple that seemed to call out for my lips and warm mouth. Who knows what I would have done if Rose had not taken that inopportune time to rouse, muttering in her sleep. I slipped quietly out of the room. It had been silly, a stupid school boy trick, but I didn’t care as I masturbated by rubbing a pair of Simone’s silky panties up and down the hard length of my shaft.

I woke up stretching, smiling as I recalled my dream of the night before. I had kissed him, touched him and just the thought of it was enough to make even getting up early to help my aunt in the kitchen, not seem so bad. Lady Scott was an early riser and always wanted breakfast served promptly at 7 A.M. I hopped out of bed naked for I slept in the nude. At first I had tried to wear the serviceable night gown that my appalled Aunt Rose had implored me to wear. But it bunched about my waist and made sleeping so uncomfortable that by morning I was always without the dreaded gown anyway, so my Aunt finally sighed and accepted the inevitable. I moved to the small chest that had belonged to my father to pull out some clothing for the day. When I opened the lid I stared at the empty spot in my chest. I had only the night before placed some fresh clean laundry in there! So where had it gone. I glanced to the clock, “Oh my I had to hurry, My aunt would be needing me soon. I debated what to do?

Ok, So I am really terrible. but oh my what a treat I encountered this morning. Simone’s black dress hugged her sexy curves. As I stared I could see the hard outline of her nipples through the silky fabric. It was obvious, at least to me, that she did not have on a bra. Anything you could want for breakfast was laid out before me, but I ate little, feasting on the sight of Simone’s full breasts, swaying softly with her every movement, her hard nipples pressing against the fabric. As I stared I noticed her blushing, then she arrogantly tossed her red curls and stared right at me, licking her lips.

I believe I know who is the thief that stole my silky underthings. As I was serving breakfast this morning I noticed his “cat that just ate the cream” smile. He seemed to relish staring at my unfettered breasts. I know he has always done that but there was something about his attitude today. Yes, I think I have found my thief. He really is enjoying this game. I think it is time I started playing myself and find out if he is as eager for the eventual outcome as I. He is fairly predictable which is in my favor. I have taken notice of his daily routine and can use that to my advantage. I have my usual duties Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan to carry out this morning but perhaps I shall let him see a different side of me this morning!

After breakfast I went for ride, as is my habit when visiting my Aunt. After I finished I returned to the house, coming up the back stairs. As I neared the top of the stairs what treat did I see? Simone on her hands and knees, working at cleaning something on the floor. The black dress had slid up exposing the lacy tops of her black stockings. The sheer hose was a sensual contrast to the white silkiness of her thighs. The black fabric tightened about her shapely ass and as I watched she moved her knees apart a bit more sending my imagination into overdrive. I wanted to slide my hand up those silky thighs and tease her, slipping one finger into her hot pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined sliding one, two, three fingers into her, slipping in and out as I felt the heat and moistness build. I knew she was not wearing any panties, for hadn’t I conveniently taken them. I stepped closer determined to caress her. Just as I reached her she must have noticed me and sat back on her haunches.

Reaching out she brushed an errant curl away from her face, looking up at me, “Oh Monsouir, I did not hear you. How was your ride?” She smiled up at me and impishly added, “You are certainly a man that enjoys a good ride, yes?” I smiled back, staring at the gaping front of her dress that showed her ample cleavage. As I stood there, entranced she started to rise from her kneeling position. I quickly moved to help her rise and she leaned against my arm with the fullness of those dreamt of breasts. She gazed up at me earnestly. whispering, “Oh Monsouir, I too enjoy a good ride, but I have not been able to, how do you say, go riding, for a very long time”. she turned leaving me staring after her as she picked up the small pail and made her way back down the hall.

Yesterday I had additional duties for Lady Scott is having a party this weekend and everyone is busy getting ready for it. I was late getting to his room to tidy up and I rushed through the job, all thoughts of seduction gone, for the moment at least. And then I went to make his bed, as I tossed the sheets back to straighten them I noticed a wet spot glistening in the middle of the bed. I inhaled sharply, the evidence of his passion laying there before me. Oh, mon ami, I whispered, I want that so badly. I glanced about me, hesitantly and then reached out, one leg kneeling on the bed, my hand reaching downward and slipping through his sweet cum. I inhaled, my eyes closing, running my fingertip over my lip and slipping it into my warm wet mouth, savoring his salty taste.

I stood at the door separating my bathroom and my bedroom. Simone was where I had imagined her a hundred times, on my bed. This morning as usual I had woke up hard and hot, wanting nothing but to have her there so I could bury myself between her sweet thighs. I had cum easily imagining her and now I stood with only a towel about my hips watching as she tasted my essence, her eyes closed in apparent ecstasy. I had foregone my usual morning ride so that I might be handy in case my aunt needed any help with her guests. I dropped the towel that had been wrapped about my hips, and moved quietly across the room, my erection hard and jutting out before me. I came up behind the little minx and wrapped my arms about her, thrusting my hardness against that sweet ass my hands long to caress.

I was startled when his strong arms wrapped about me for I truly thought that he was out for his morning ride. My surprise quickly turned to a heated response as I felt his hardness against me. Nothing separated us but the light silky fabric of my uniform. I leaned back murmuring, Oh oui, Monsouir, oui, touch me, yessss I need you so much. His heated lips slid along the column of my throat and I tilted my head to give him more access. I needed his touch, his lips, his mouth on me tasting me, moving over me. His hands wrapped about me cupping my breasts, his thumbs teasing my hardening nipples into aching points of sensitivity. He spun me around and pulled me close, kissing me deeply, his mouth opening, Escort Şanlıurfa our tongues entwining as I groaned softly deep in my throat.

I seated myself on the edge of my bed, pulling her between my legs. She glanced down and smiled appreciatively at my erect cock. You like? I whispered? and laughed as she licked her lips and nodded affirmatively. I reached out my hands sliding up her thighs, dragging the hem of her silky black skirt up. As I thought, she was naked beneath her dress and my hands roamed over her tight ass, cupping her and tugging her closer. Her hands grasped my shoulders, and I lifted her onto my lap, her knees bent on either side of my legs. Simone I whispered, I am going to put this hard cock in that tight little pussy of yours OK? I leaned closer my lips returning to hers, kissing her deeply. I felt her tremble as our tongues entwined, my hands continuing to caress her, sliding upward to slip the buttons of her uniform undone. I felt her hips thrusting, wanting, begging for my hardness. “Simone” I chuckled, “What is it you need? Tell me.”

He teased me, making me straddle him, the glistening wet tip of his cock pressing at the entrance of my hot, moist, slit. My hips thrust forward as if begging to be filled. His hands slid along my heated skin, cupping my full breasts, pushing them together, his thumbs returning to tease the aching tips of my hardened nipples. His hands fumbled a bit as he tugged open the buttons that trailed down my chest. His head lowered sucking one long nipple into his warm wet mouth. My hands entwined in his hair holding his head close and whispering seductively to him, “ Oh Monsouir, vous m’avez si chaud, et si arrousee, je te veux tellement mal.” Pulling me onto him and then filling me with a long sure stroke that caused me to cry out, responding. I tightened about him, amazed at the intensity of the orgasm I could feel building inside of me. His hands slid back down to my hips, guiding me, helping me to set the pace. I looked up at him, my green eyes wide, smiling and tightened my pelvic muscles around him. He smiled back and began to stroke, long sure strokes that caressed the sensitive walls of my pussy tight around him. Pulling back leaving just the tip inside of me I quickened my strokes, faster, quicker. I heard his gasp of appreciation, saw his eyes close, his face grimace as I used my body, my movements to draw my own pleasure from him. When my aroused clit could take no more I thrust deeply convulsing hard around him, biting my lip so I would not cry out.

I could see her skin flush, her eyes grow wide as the waves of intense pleasure moved over her. She tensed, he body trembling and as my fingertips slid over her heated skin I sensed the depth of her orgasm. I could feel my own climax building, reaching it’s pinnacle and I paused for a moment as she convulsed around me. I swallowed hard, my breathing labored and then I felt the suppressed power in my loins ready to erupt. She pushed against my muscled chest, her face strained in total pleasure, thrusting her hips so that I was buried deep in her hot pulsing pussy. Simone whimpered, her head back, eyes closed, thrusting with her hips one last time, gasping, her breath catching as we both arrived at the peak of our pleasure. She trembled falling against me, her soft breasts pressing against the crisp hairs of my chest. I leaned down placing a tender kiss on her bared shoulder, just holding her, our hearts slowing, our breathing returning to normal.

My body felt relaxed, boneless, and I turned my face into his neck inhaling the masculine scent of his skin. I sighed feeling his hands slip down my back, over my ass. Beneath me I could feel the wetness of our combined essence slipping out of me to dampen our thighs, his soft velvety balls. I glanced at the clock and realized I would be expected downstairs soon. Hurriedly I pushed away, standing up smoothing the skirt of my uniform down. I could feel a warm trickle on the inside of my thighs and I smiled turning to him, “By the way, would there be a chance I might borrow a pair of panties from you, eh monsouir?” He laughed, opening up the night stand drawer and lifting a book aside to hand me a pair of my silky panties. I slipped them on quickly and made my way to the door. He followed me, kissing me softly, “Later”, he asked? “Well monsouir,” I replied, “If you continue to pay me with silky underthings I will have to. You see I find myself in dire need of such things, oui?” And with that I slipped out the door as he laughed in response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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