Leather Sir Pt. 09

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Note: As we head rapidly towards the end of our story, I hope you’ve enjoyed this story. I have really enjoyed writing it.


We get up and have to quickly pack our luggage as we have to fly back home. I was planning on helping, but Sir had other ideas.

He lets me free from my ropes as I rush to the bathroom to take a much needed piss.

I let me stream go and lean my head back in relief, you know, that feeling when you finally get to let it go.

I hear him call for me, “goodness boy, I guess you really had to go. Is that what all that writhing was about this morning?”

I come from the bathroom, “yes Sir. That was starting to get quite unpleasant. What do you need me to do?”

He looks up at me, he’s wearing jeans and a T-shirt, I’m still naked, and he points at the foot of the bed.

“Put on your clothes for the day, order us some breakfast sandwiches and I’ll take care of this stuff. We have to leave for the airport pretty soon.”

I order some breakfast, we enjoy them while watching the morning news. He made quick work of packing, it was impressive watching him put each item precisely into the bags, carefully folding the clothing in their garment bags to avoid creases in leather, and rolling up any fabric clothing for space.

We make the airport and board our flight. I lean back in my seat, thinking about how last night might be the last time we play. I’m still thinking of what I heard and still unsure if it was real or not.

Then I chuckle to myself at how I’m thinking of myself. Goodness, I sound like such a fairy tale in my head and it’s comical.

“What’s funny boy?” he leans in and whispers in my ear.

“Oh nothing, just something funny I thought.”

He puts his hands on my thigh once more, a usual sign for something important heading my way.

“So we’re just gonna ignore what happened last night?” He says.

I look at him, “what do you mean Sir?”

He leans in close to me, looking in my eyes, searching for an ounce of truth, “I thought I heard you talking to me last night, but Üçyol travesti you might have been talking in your sleep I guess.”


We arrive back at his house, and we go inside. I pick up my bag, which was easy enough to throw in my suv that I left parked in his garage. He moved his motorcycle so there was room.

Before I can get into my car and leave, he pulls me into his body. He kisses my mouth deeply, holding my face with both of his hands.

He pulls back from my face, “I really hope you’ll come with me to Madison. Please drive safely and let me know when you get home.”

“I will Sir. And I will think about it.”

I get in my car and drive home. There’s a lot to think about here. I’ll save the internal monologue for a more dramatic reading in the drama club later.

I arrive home and send my text, falling onto the bed after staring in the fridge at the expired milk from a week ago.

I don’t know how I feel. I feel for him, and I really enjoy his company and I enjoy everything we’ve done together.

I drift off to sleep, and sleep all evening and night long. I wake up to a dead phone, so I quickly put it on the charger and get myself together. Luckily I woke up in time to make work.

I sit through a boring work day, Sir hasn’t texted me today yet. It’s a little concerning. I send him a text asking if everything was okay.

He didn’t reply as he usually does. I tell my boss I’m taking an early lunch, and rush out to my car. I dial his number, he answers after a few rings.

“Yes boy, everything is good. I’m swamped in work getting ready for next week’s move, getting both houses figured out, and reading over my new position’s policies, which I can tell you now, I’m going to make some serious changes.”

“I… um, don’t think I can go to Madison with you Sir. I just have an uneasy feeling about it. But I do enjoy our time together.”

Silence. For the first time in any conversation he and I have had, silence is the answer I get.

He takes a deep breath and responds, “well, I’ve always respected Alanya Travesti your decisions boy, and I’ll respect this one too. I have to get back to work, I’ll text you later.”

He hangs up, obviously disappointed in my answer. I can’t change how I feel and what I think. I don’t know why I feel uneasy about it. I was an only child, my parents were both orphans who met in their group home at 17, got married at 19, and are both gone now. I have nothing tying me here, pun intended, and what I do have is flying away to Madison in a week.

The week goes by like a dark cloud of sadness. I wish he didn’t have to go, he could just stay here and we can keep what we have.

I meet him at his home on Sunday morning, his house had been emptied by movers that morning and are taking his stuff to Madison.

We’re standing in an empty garage with the door open. I look around, nervously for some reason, with my hands in my pocket. He reaches up to me, unlocks the lock on my chain and puts it in his pocket.

“Well, good luck boy. I hope you find everything you’re looking for. If you want to, you can visit anytime.”

“You too Sir.”

He grabs my chin, picks up my face and kisses me one more time. He smacks my ass and we walk from the garage. He closes the door, gets in the cab, and it drives away.

No, I didn’t chase him down like some crazy romance novel, but I did do something crazy the next day.

I was sitting at my desk, checking my phone, no texts. He did message me yesterday telling me that he arrived and was staying in a hotel until the movers got to the new house the next day.

What the hell was the matter with me? I had the perfect man, a man I trust, a man I feel comfortable with, and a man I want to be with. What on earth is stopping me?

My boss walks over, drops a stack of papers on my desk, “can you take care of these today for me?”

I look up at him, his unappreciative eyes meeting mine, I stand up, look right into his eyes, “you know what? No, I can’t take care of these. I quit.”

I grab my stuff Konyaaltı travesti and storm from the office building, get into my car and drive. I don’t know how to get to Madison, but I’m getting there one way or another.

I arrive the next morning around 9:30, and I remembered the address of his new house. I pull up to it, and I see the moving truck and the guys are moving stuff into his house.

“Where’s Jamie?” I ask one of the guys.

“Oh, he’s not here. He came by to let us in, but had to go off to work. He said he needed to get an early start.

I ran to my car, drove to the office he works in. I find his car in the parking deck, and park next to it.

I ding the elevator, ride it to his floor and almost steam roll the guy waiting for it. I rush past the secretary and into his office, “wait, you can’t go in there!” She shouts at me.

I open the door to his office, he’s on the phone and his eyes meet mine, “let me call you back Carl.”

He hangs up the phone and stands up. I rush behind his desk, put both of my hands on his head and pull his head down to my face, kiss him deeply, my tongue in control this time.

I pull my mouth from his, “I love you Sir. I was stupid, I’m never letting you go anywhere without me again.”

He smiles at me, leans in for another kiss, opens his desk drawer, pulls out the chain and lock. He slides the chain around my neck and locks it.

“I was hoping you’d change your mind. When I get home tonight, I’m going to punish you for driving over night like that without so much as a text, and for bursting into my office like this, but when I’m done, I’m going to bend you over that bench and this hole is finally going to get what it needs, my hot load. Go home and make sure the movers get stuff moved correctly, and keep your hands to yourself. Those guys are pretty good looking.”

“What about Carl Sir? You hung up pretty quickly.”

“Yeah, I’ll have to call Carl back. Unless my boy is okay with an extra man coming over, I’ll have to cancel my Friday plans.”

“Oh? That was fast,” I reply with a hint of disappointment.

“Hey, don’t worry about him, you’re here now.” He replies confidently, “now, get that sexy ass home and behave.”

Don’t worry Sir, these hands are for your body only, forever, or as long as you have me.”

“Forever it is then,” he says.

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