Leaving Home Pt. 02

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If you haven’t read part one the following will make no sense.

Leaving Home Part two

In the house I wasted 15 minutes in the bathroom wondering what the day was going to be like, when I returned to the shed she was business as usual. Not a lot of small talk or anything of that nature. We worked side by side getting a lunch put together and into the pickup. Once it was loaded I drove a combine to the first field, left it and rode back with her for the other one, one might say the atmosphere was frosty. There was tension in the cab that was undeniable. I was loading a water cooler into the truck when I spotted a semi-tractor pulling what looked to be a 40″ trailer with six-foot sides coming up the driveway. Yup, we could unload a lot of wheat into that baby before it was full.

As Amos was parking the truck she told me to get started on the first field, she’d show Amos where she wanted the truck and be about a half field behind me. I was just driving the 6600 out of the yard when I noticed a pickup truck pulling in behind Amos. That would be his ride back for another truck and trailer. We didn’t stop for lunch until well after three. I wolfed down my food and was looking for more when she tossed me a bag of fresh oatmeal raisin cookies.

I nodded, “Thanks, I was hungry.”

She laughed, “No shit Sherlock, you didn’t eat breakfast.”

“I wasn’t hungry when I got up. That’s all.”

She scoffed, “Bullshit, you eat like a horse no matter what time of day or night it happens to be. Don’t do that again Dave, I mean skip meals. I need you to have strength and stamina to do this job. When school starts you’ll need to talk with your prof’s about getting homework assignments ahead during corn harvest. They used to do that when I went, they probably still do considering how many kids from the local area attend.”

I was concerned, “What if it rains a lot? I can’t afford to miss that much school.”

“If it rains you go to classes. It’s supposed to be a dry fall so the moisture levels will drop quickly. We had it all done in ten days last year and only had to do three all-nighters. The guys will be here as well, not in the combines but keeping everything else rolling. I’ve contemplated buying my own rig to haul and eliminate the middleman. Then I think about the cash outlay and all the extra maintenance that goes along with owning a truck. No thanks. Amos has always been good to me, and he needs work as well.”

I was curious, “Why don’t you have your own grain bin’s? That would save on hauling and drying fees.”

“Jerry never wanted them. The cost to put them up and the maintenance involved didn’t make sense. You still have to pay for the drying whether you have your own dryer, or dryers, and buy the gas. Or have somebody else make the investment in dryer’s and you pay the drying fees? Most guys have them for storage waiting for a better price later on. Jerry’s theory was it’s better to have money in your pocket now than hope you will later. As you well know, the market doesn’t always go up, there’s been some mighty lean years in the past.”

We worked until the first trailer was full, which was just after eight that evening and headed back to the ranch after covering the trailer and our combine hoppers with tarps. The second trailer was in place and would be ready in the morning when we were. The next eight days were like the first with the exception of the last day when we pushed hard to get ahead of rain. At 11:39 that night we pulled the tarp over the trailers and hoppers as raindrops began to gently fall. At the house she told me to sleep in because she had no intention of rising before her body told her she had to.

It seemed we were back on solid ground and talking again when the next fiasco occurred. I’d spent the week getting everything maintained on the combines, changed from the grain heads to corn heads and making sure all would be ready to go when it was time for corn. As we ate supper that Friday night the phone rang, walking back into the room she had the handheld under her arm to muffle her voice.

“Some girl for you. Says her name is Stacy. Do you want to take it?”

My heart skipped a beat or two, did I want to take the call? Is the pope catholic?

“Yes, I’ll take it. Thanks.”

I made my way into the hall to speak with her. I’d met her at the A&W but never thought I’d hear from her. When I asked how she knew where to call she told me she knew I worked for Mrs. Brantmeier.

“Thanks for calling Stacy. I wasn’t expecting to hear from you.”

“Are you done for the week then Dave?” She asked.

“Nope, I work tomorrow but I have Sunday off. Why?”

She was giggling, “I thought maybe we could do something together. Maybe go to the lake or something like that, a bunch of us are going. You could come along. There’ll be beer and pop and lots of food.”

I got the time and destination telling Stacy I was sure Mrs. B would know where it was at. Walking back into the kitchen to help with dishes she Ataşehir Escort looked at me.

“Stacy? Is that Stacy Kirkwood? Do you know?”

“I think that’s her last name. Do you know her?” I responded.

She stammered a moment before speaking, “Look, I don’t want to put a damper on your plans, and no, I don’t know her beyond who she is. But I do know her father quite well, and he’s a real piece of work. He owns Fast Auto Used Cars. Says his specialty is finding and selling the best in fast cars, you know, street legal but souped up. I happen to know he finds junkers, sticks a little money into them and sells them as cherry. His motto is, “looks good, runs good”. He isn’t a nice man and from what I hear his kids are pretty much the same. So, if you go out with her be damned careful.”

Feeling like a kid I responded, “It isn’t a date. She invited me to a party at Crystal lake, that’s all. She said you’d know where it’s at.”

Mrs. B. turned hot under the collar, “Stay away from that crowd Dave. Shit, I know who she runs with, they’re trouble, every damned one of them. Did she say there’d be beer and pop? She did? Well I can guarantee there will be no pop and a ton of pressure for you to drink along with the rest of them. I’m telling you, it’s trouble waiting to happen.”

I tossed and turned most of the night thinking about Mrs. B’s words. I knew in my heart she was sincere, but I was going to have to step out and make some decisions on my own sooner or later. It may as well be sooner. On Sunday I waited until just after eleven to get directions to the lake and told Mrs. B I’d be home by supper if it was a blowout. When I got to the secluded part of the lake where the party was I found myself uncomfortable. You know, the inner feeling that something is off center, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I was going to turn around but decided to at least check things out.

Mrs. B had been right, there was nothing but beer and Boones Farm. Even though I didn’t drink beer or wine, I could always melt ice in a cup and drink that. No, what really bothered me was that none of them were fully clothed. Most of the guys were in their underwear or ripped off shorts, and the girls, well that was an entirely different animal. There were a few in bra and panties, but most were only in panties. What the hell had I been invited to? At 19 you’d think I was a prude to not be interested in all that flesh. Then it dawned on me, all of them had probably done the deed with one another at some point. I had to ask myself, do I really want to be a part of this? I remembered my older brothers’ words, “why would anybody want sloppy seconds or thirds?” I had no actual idea what that would be like, but I knew what the inference was.

As soon as Stacy saw me she came bounding over, her overly large breasts bouncing as she ran. Throwing her arms around my neck she kissed me passionately. At least I thought it was passionately, then again, what the hell did I know? She kept telling me we needed to go in the bushes and get it on. I was too embarrassed to let her know I was a virgin and kept telling her I didn’t think it was a good idea with everyone around.

She stood back and scoffed, “You don’t wanna fuck me? Nobody doesn’t wanna fuck me. Are you some kind of gay loser or what? I thought you were cool, that’s why I invited you. Obviously I was wrong, leave loser, before I start screaming rape.”

I didn’t need any more incentive to high tail my ass outa there after that. I jumped in the truck and made haste for town. On the highway I decided to drive to Lincoln and see a movie, I hadn’t been to a movie since I’d moved. Rocky II had come out and I wanted to see if it was being shown anywhere near. As luck would have it the movie was playing in town. I pulled into the driveway just after six that evening. Mrs. B was on the porch, as I walked inside the screen door she looked at me.

“Why don’t you get a drink and join me on the porch. We need to talk.”

My first thought was that I was going to get sacked and be without anywhere to hang my hat. The college dorms were basically full, if she asked me to leave I’d be in a real pickle. I grabbed a Ne-Hi grape, a glass of ice and made my way back to the porch. She looked serious, which made me wonder all the more.

“So how was the party? Did you make any new friends?”

She was asking as if she already knew the answers. Like lawyers and police do.

“I didn’t make any friends. I didn’t stay, I went to see Rocky Two in Lincoln.”

She snickered, “You little shit, I want to see that movie. You could have taken me. I heard all about the thing at the lake. Sorry you had to go through that humiliation. One thing I am happy about is that you didn’t have sex with Stacy. I found out something very interesting this afternoon while calling around to some of my close friends.”

I was momentarily shocked, “What? About me? How would anybody know anything about me?”

“Nope. Not about you. Anadolu Yakası Escort About Stacy. She’s knocked up and since she’s screwed almost every guy in school and half the teachers, she has no idea who the father is. Or even might be. So a plan was hatched after she met you at the drive-in last week to get the new boy to sleep with her and then she could say it was his kid. Tell me I heard right and that you didn’t dip your wick in her honey pot.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ve never heard it put that way, but no, I didn’t dip my wick in anything or anyone. Like I said, I went to the movie, and thanks. I should have listened to you, I know you meant well.”

She motioned for me to scoot the chair closer. Reaching out to touch my hand she spoke softly.

“I know I wound you up at the pond and I apologize, but I also want you to know something. If you have questions about girls and what’s normal, talk with me. I know I cuss a lot, sometimes I act more like a man than a woman and maybe that puts you off, but we can have an adult conversation about women and girls. I care about you David, I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

Life after that talk seemed to be better. We were more relaxed and comfortable around one another. I noticed on a few occasions where she absolutely wore no bra and didn’t attempt to hide the fact. She didn’t flaunt it, at the same time she didn’t try to hide it. She was also less stringent about being dressed for the day when I came for breakfast, often I would see her in the nightie she’d worn the night before. These were the days before everybody had a/c and there were times when we sat on the porch begging for a breeze in just our swimsuits, usually making our way to the pond to cool off before bed. With the pond being fed by a spring oriented creek the water was always fresh and cool.

Classes had been going about three weeks when I met Roxy, a heavy-set girl from of all places, California. She didn’t fit the beach girl image, but she made up for it in personality. I had to admit I was taken aback by her, whereas I tended to be shy and reserved she was always the life of anywhere we might be. With the corn harvest about to begin I talked with my profs and was able to get assignments ahead of time or permission to make it up once I returned. I also let Roxy know that I would be gone at least two, if not three weeks. To put it politely, she was not happy.

We were combining day and night trying to finish ahead of any bad weather that might come our way. Going from six in the morning until ten or after every night was normal. I’d go through the equipment in the morning, then top off the fuel tanks and we’d hit the fields by eight. Once again Amos was johnny on the spot with a place to unload every time the hopper was full. We finished on a Thursday night and slept in on Friday. Just after lunch Mrs. B took my hand and pulled me with her to the porch for what she called, “a chat”.

“You’ve been awfully quiet these past few weeks. Is everything alright with us?” I nodded. “Is everything okay at school?”

I didn’t want to tell her the truth, but she was relentless in wanting to know what could be so wrong.

“If you must know Mrs. B, there’s a problem between Roxy and me. I guess you could say we’re over.”

She sat back, “What? Why? You’ve only known her a month, if that. What could possibly be so wrong?”

My face felt hot and I’m sure my cheeks were fire engine red. Reaching across she touched my arm.

“Oh, this can’t be good. Did you do something wrong? Did you try to have sex with her?”

A tear welled in my eye, “Worse. She wanted to have sex before I came home to combine and when she found out I’m a virgin she laughed at and made fun of me in front of her friends. I don’t want to go back to school and be the laughingstock of everyone.”

Pulling at my arm she patted the seat next to her on the swing.

“You won’t be the laughingstock. The campus is huge, avoid her and her crowd. None of the others will know or care. You just be you and everything will fall into place. We’ll work on this problem together. How’s that sound?”

I was really confused, “What do you mean we’ll work on the problem together? I don’t understand.”

“That’s the best part Davey, you don’t need to understand, you only need to do as I say. The rest will work itself out. I know I was a tease this summer, truth is, I was flattered that a young buck like you would think I’m sexy. I liked it when you touched me and would stare at my lady parts, it scared me though. I haven’t been with or around a man intimately since Jerry died. The kid last summer was an idiot, thought he was god’s gift to women. I couldn’t wait to get rid of the smarmy little prick. But you Dave, you’re different, you work hard, you’re polite and caring. I found myself being drawn to you and it frightened me.”

I was thrown for a loop, “Wow. I thought you were mad at me because I was looking at your body.”

“I wasn’t Kadıköy Escort angry, I was afraid I would frighten you with my old hardened body.”

“I don’t think you’re a hardened woman Mrs. B. I’d love to be with you but how would that work? I mean, I’m 19 and you’re over 40. Why would you want to have sex with a kid?”

“It wouldn’t work in the sense you’re talking about. It’s not like we’re going to get married and have a brood of little ones. Don’t forget, I can’t have babies. You’re going to want to be with a woman more your age and raise a family. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from someone older and more experienced. Would that be a turn off to you Dave?”

As my dad would have said, she had the pump primed.

“Do you mean now? Tonight? Right away? That sounds great to me and no, you don’t turn me off Mrs. B.”

She laughed and slugged my arm, “No Dave. Not tonight, not this moment, but in the days ahead we’ll start being more, mmm, I don’t know, friendly I guess you could say. And if we’re going to be that friendly, there’s one more thing we need to change.”

“What’s that Mrs. B?”

“If you do as I tell you and all goes well, eventually you’re going to end up in my bed. If that happens and you’re making love to me I don’t want to be called Mrs. B. If and when that time comes around I want you to call me Claire. Not while we’re working and not when we’re in town, but in my bed I want you to call me by my first name. You will be the first since Jerry died to do that. Those are the rules, can you wait until I’m ready to teach you about love and sex?”

I was trying to control my breathing and stiffening dick, “Will it be a long time?”

She smiled and leaned to me for a soft tender quick kiss. “No Davey, it won’t be long. That kiss will be lesson number one, be happy to receive what I give you. Let’s put a picnic basket together and take one last dip in the pond. The sun is strong today, the water should be nice.”

After packing the picnic basket and taking a short nap we made our way to the pond, she didn’t have her robe on but was covered with a towel wrapped around the torso. Standing by the water she loosened the towel and let it fall. Imagine my surprise as she revealed a dark blue bikini and top without shoulder straps. Turning toward me she couldn’t escape my stare.

“I bought this just before Jerry died, sadly he never got to see it on me. I haven’t worn it since I tried it on, that is, until today.”

A bikini in that day did not look like a bikini in this day and age. The bottom was like a pair of thick cotton hip hugger panties and the top was like a thick cloth bra. No breasts pushing out the sides or top. No ass cheeks hanging out or a strip of cloth between her ass cheeks. Other than her midriff being exposed the one piece she had worn all summer was actually more revealing than the bikini. Turning she dove in and came up with a yelp.

“Oh that’s lovely. The sun has warmed it nicely, come, join me.”

I wasted no time and dove in, she was correct, the water was refreshing. With cooler days approaching it wouldn’t be this nice for many more days. As we swam around she would make sure her hands brushed against mine or along my chest if we were close enough. Tangling her fingers in what chest hair I had. At one point she stopped in water that was basically shoulder deep and stood there. I was going to swim past her and be face to face but she stopped me.

“Stand behind me Dave. Closer, I want to feel your strong arms around my waist. Yes, like that. Gently kiss my neck working your way up to my earlobe. Mmmm, you’re doing good. Now, slide your hands up and cup my breasts like you did earlier in the summer.”

As my hands went under the cups her head went back against mine. A deep moan left her mouth as she quickly sucked in a breath while pushing her chest into my hands. I could feel her butt push back into my groin, my cock was stiff as a broom handle. Her next statement nearly put me in shock. Ever so softly she spoke.

“Lift the top Davey. I want to feel your hands on my bare tits. Oh my god, yes, just like that.”

I softly squeezed and caressed them, moving my hands outward until I could feel the stiffening nipples.

“Roll my nipples between your fingers. Mmm, hmm, like that, pinch them a little. Feel how hard they are? They like what you’re doing, hell, I like what you’re doing. I’m going to turn and face you, when I do I will be against your chest. I want you to kiss me with the most passionate kiss you can when our bare skin meets.”

Turning slowly to the left she let her hand brush across my dick, I was so hard it hurt. As we stood face to face and our bodies met my lips touched hers, it was soft, gentle, warm and just as I was about to break her tongue flitted across my lower lip. I’d read enough books and knew what to do. As our tongues explored each other’s mouth she pressed her abdomen tight to me. I was on the verge of cumming in my suit when she pulled back smiling. Sliding her hand between us and into my trunks, with her hand wrapped around my cock she spoke in a sultry voice.

“You’re ready to explode aren’t you sweet boy?”

I nodded and couldn’t help loving the fact that she had called me her sweet boy again.

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