Lesbian Vampire Whores Ch. 07

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Master Michael waited until everyone was gone before turning his attention to his erring pet. David had spent the entire night bent over the wooden horse with his delicious ass oiled and ready for the taking, but with no attention paid to it. Now in the dim light of the great hall, Master Michael stood beside his pet and ran his hand over the man’s smooth muscular back to his taunt ass cheeks. David whimpered softly when Master spread his cheeks apart and fingered his rectum.

“Still oily,” Master Michael said softly and slipped his finger in deeper drawing louder, needier whimpers out of David. “Do you want me to fuck you, David?”

“Yes, Master,” the man answered hoarsely, his cock jumping up hard and eager.

“Are you sorry you took my pussy first?” Master Michael asked curiously and continued probing David’s ass with his fingers. “You are so tight,” he mused and wiggled his fingers. “So very hot and tight.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” David gasped with need as Master sent electric jolts of desire through his body. His cock was so hard it hurt, and his balls were almost up into his belly. He needed to cum badly.

Master Michael smiled and positioned the head of his enormous swollen cock at the entrance to David’s rectum. The moment he pushed his engorged head into David’s ass, the man started cumming. Master Michael grinned and pushed his cock deeper into David’s spasming body. Then with a single thrust he buried his cock in David’s bowels. David gasped loudly and shook violently as Master Michael fucked him hard and fast, his balls slapping against David’s butt with loud smacks. Lightning bolts of pleasure sent David into a swoon as his balls were drained dry but his cock continued Eskort Bayan to pump.

Master Michael let himself go and concentrated on the pleasure building in his own balls. David’s hot tight ass clutched at his cock and the constant orgasmic spasms added an extra pleasure. Harder and harder he fucked his pet until the dam that held his pleasure back exploded and he buried his cock in David’s trembling body.

“Oh yes,” he hissed. Pulling his slick cock out of his pet’s ass, he smiled down his slowly shrinking penis and then at David’s sorely used rectum. Freeing his pet from his bonds, letting him collapse on the floor, Master Michael left him there to retire to his own room for the day, which reminded him; he needed to send someone to cut Danny down from her ropes in the play room. After a night a pussy licking without any relief herself, she was probably horny as hell. If she could wake up his newest pet, perhaps she could get her own pussy licked. He’d find out when he woke up again.

Danny was in tears when she arrived under escort at her bedroom. She had licked and sucked every damn vampire in the Master’s house and not one had returned the favor. Oh some of them had pinched her nipples or fingered her pussy, but not enough to give her any relief. And right now she hated them! Hated all of them!

Left at her door, she entered her dimly room and immediately spotted the naked body on her bed. How could she not notice it? Someone had dumped a luscious naked woman on her bed just ready for the taking.

Crawling on the bed beside her, Danny stared at her face and realized it was Lady Millicent’s newest pet, but from the looks of her, she’d been fucked by Master Michael. Removing a stray lock of hair from the young woman’s face, Danny smiled and called softly to her, “Cynthia, oh Cynthia, wake up.” Rolling her over on her back, so her gorgeous tits pointed at the ceiling, Danny smiled and bent over to take one ripe nipple into her mouth. She sucked on it vigorously while fingering her own hot clit.

The girl moaned drowsily and eased her hand down to her own tingling clit. Danny sat up and shook her hard. “Wake up!” she insisted.

Cynthia’s eyes shot open. “Danny?” she asked, confused by her surroundings. “Where are we?”

“My bed, and I’m dessert, sweetie.” Lying back on the bed, rolling her aroused nipples between her fingers, she purred, “Eat me.”

Cynthia sat up, and still tingling from Master David’s delicious fuck, decided that Danny looked quite tasty. Lying between Danny’s raised knees, she went to work on the other woman’s pussy and clit with vigor. She ran her tongue into Danny’s pussy and flicked her clit ruthlessly, while Danny continued to play with her breasts. As horny as she was, the moment Cynthia started sucking on her clit, she exploded and rode the waves of orgasm over and over. Cynthia kept licking, sucking and finger fucking her until it was over.

“Oh God, I needed that,” Danny announced in relief. “Now your turn.” She sat up and motioned for Cynthia to lie beside her. But after a night of sucking and licking, she had something else in mind. In her nightstand was a lovely vibrator. “Play with those juicy tits while I play with this,” she said with a wicked grin.

Cynthia closed her eyes and started playing with her tits and erect nipples, pulling on them and rolling them between her fingers. She loved the way pleasure rode from her nipples to her aroused clit. If she could have figured out how to suck her own nipples, she would have.

Making herself comfortable, using the girl’s thigh as a pillow, Danny ran the vibrator over Cynthia’s pussy, pressed it against her clit and slowly pushed it inside her slit. Cynthia squirmed deliciously. Parting her pussy lips with one hand, Danny pressed the vibrator against Cynthia’s clit. Cynthia came violently and crunched up hard.

“Oh yes,” Danny purred and turned the vibrator off, “we’re going to have lots of fun.” Then for good measure she kissed Cynthia’s pussy. Moving up beside Cynthia, Danny took her in her arms and held her tenderly. “I’m going to fuck your brains out,” she promised Cynthia and kissed her on the forehead. “We are going to do things to your body that you can not even imagine.”

“Will it hurt?” Cynthia asked curiously, enjoying the feel of Danny’s body against hers. She was so soft and warm, and her breasts were like tender pillows.

“Sometimes, but you will love it. I promise.”

Cynthia slowly nodded her head and then snuggled closer to the other woman. “Good night.”

“Good night, sweetie.”

David, fucked senseless, made his way slowly back to his own room. He was as weak as a kitten, but the memory of Master’s cock ramming in and out of him made his cock twitch. Men did not interest him, but no one could give him an orgasm the way Master could. He knew this because Master had allowed other men to fuck him, but the orgasms were not that special. When Master fucked him his entire body and soul were engaged. Finding his room, he opened the door and made his way carefully to his bed. His body was covered in his own dry cum, and he needed a bath, but that would have to wait. Right now he needed sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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