Lesley and Kerry Ch. 03

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Kari and I were in a total FLM (Female Led Marriage). At least in the bedroom. I had discovered that even before I had Kari wear my panties that he had harbored some inclination to crossdress. He admitted that he had worn pantyhose before. I had him dress in my babydoll nightie one time and he had no objections. After the crotchless pantyhose events, he became even more open about his desire to dress in pretty lingerie. After that, he was always in some form of pretty nighties. I dressed him in babydolls. Long gowns. Negligees. Satin sleepshirts. See through sleepshirts with crotchless panties were my favorite. He also took to that outfit. Even though his dick was very small when flaccid, I still loved the sight of his little worm sticking out of the sexy panties. I made sure that his crotchless panties had plenty of lace.

I would even joke with him on occasion.

“Kari, can I borrow a pair of your crotchless panties so you can eat my pussy through them?”

Other than the times we dressed in crotchless pantyhose and stilettos, he only satisfied me orally. Very rarely we would have traditional sex but he was never on top. I had forgotten the last time we did missionary. One evening he got dressed in his pantyhose and stilettos and waited for me in the bedroom while I showered. When a saw him standing with that pretty little dick all hard, I knew that he was very horny. I got dressed in my pantyhose and spiked heels. On a whim, I put on a sexy satin bra to complete the ensemble. When I was ready, I remarked to him that he needed to match me. I pulled out one of my old satin bras and held it up to him. I indicated for him to put his arms through the straps. He easily complied. I pulled the elastic and fastened the clasps. He was a little thicker in the chest than me but not much. When I walked back around him, I felt his breasts up like men like to do mine.

“So pretty, Kari. Do you like?”

He didn’t know how to answer.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Baby. I thought you would like it. Here let me take it off.”

I moved back to unfasten the clasps, taking my time and acting like it was difficult.

“Oh, that’s okay, Lesley. You can leave it on, I guess.”

“Good choice, Kari. You look hot in the white satin. Not as full as Momma, but nice and pretty. I’ll need to get you one to fit. I like the satin on you. I think I will get you a white satin panty to go with it while I am at it.”

Thinking on the fly, I decided to let him take me from behind. We had already made the move to the bra. Now I had promised to get him his own and a matching panty. I didn’t want him to think too much about the increased level of feminity. It probably didn’t matter. He looked really good in his outfit. He hadn’t mentioned any reservations about becoming more feminine in a very long time, so I assumed he was in 100%.

“Come on, Kari, fuck my pussy with your big clitty.”

He did fuck me as hard as he could. I even had a small climax. I guess it was from my excitement of him in his pretty lingerie. After he came in me, instead of having him eat me, I had him lie down and I mounted him cowgirl facing forward. I positioned his dick upwards and placed my pussy and clit on is flaccid member. As I rocked my clit on his, I talked to him.

“OOOOh. Baby. Your clitty feels so good on mine. But mine is harder. It is like I have the dick now. Yours is no good for Mommy right now. Maybe I should fuck you.”

“I moved up and down, smearing his cum all over his dick and body. It took a while but he finally started to get erect again. I wouldn’t say it was very hard but I worked with it until I was able to get him inside me. I was careful not to move too much. I didn’t want him to fall out.

“Feel that sloppy pussy, Kari? You like that don’t you. It is about time for us to find a big stud to fill me up. Remember how stretched and silky I was after I fucked Darren? Let’s find us a big black stud with a huge dick to stretch this pussy again. How about it. Wouldn’t it feel better if I had a huge load of black baby batter drenching your clitty instead of your little spurts?”

We made a tentative plan after our sexual romp. He was to explore some of the local swinging and cuckold sites. I was going to leave it up to him to select my next black lover. He knew to make sure that the guy was clean, upstanding and respectful of both of us. Neither of us wanted a hoodlum in our bed whether he was black, white or green. In return, we of course, would treat the guy as a king. I hated to think that my pussy was so good that any guy would love to fuck me but I had never had any complaints. I was one hot bitch. Big cock made me hotter. Big black cock made me hottest.

The following day I went lingerie shopping for Kari’s bra and panties. I went to an upscale shop in the mall. After I selected the white satin A cup bra, the sales lady looked at me rather oddly. I smiled and told her it was a gift. I could almost tell that she did a mental picture of the band size and the little cup size. I almost detected a slight grin as she İstanbul Escort checked me out. She put the bra and panties in a bag along with the receipt and said, “I hope you guys enjoy these. They are very pretty.” Guess it wasn’t the first time she had a wife buying for her husband. I wondered if other people buying lingerie like this might also be in the cuckold lifestyle. Right then a thought hit me. If savvy saleswomen already knew that some of the upscale lingerie was actually for men, why not have Kari go pick out his own the next time? It would be a good developmental activity for his feminization.

The next few days I checked in with Kari to see if he was making any progress on finding me a huge black cock to fuck. I wanted him horny again before I dressed him in the pantyhose, heels, bra and panties. My patience wore thin and I couldn’t wait to see him in a fitting bra. I directed him to the shower when he came home from work. While he was showering, I dressed in my outfit as usual with the heels. I did my ‘slut’ makeup. When he came out, his pantyhose, panties, bra and heels were all laid out on the bed.

“Hurry, Kari. I want to do your makeup tonight.”

He began dressing and never protested. When he was fully done, I sat him at my vanity and applied some light foundation, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and blush. He looked so feminine and really quite pretty.

“My god, Honey. You look fantastic. God, I never knew that I had lesbian tendencies until we started playing dress up. And look at that beautiful hard clitty. You need to get that thing back to size if you are going to pass as my lesbian lover.”

I kept my heels on and had Kari reaching upward to even get his big clitty into me. He barely lasted a minute until he splashed his cum into the opening of my vagina.

“Damn, Kari, your clitty is so small, it can barely penetrate my pussy. Lay on the bed and I will fuck your mouth with my hard little dicklet. Hurry before your cum all runs out.”

He had no adverse reaction to light humiliation. We were getting more comfortable with the Female Dominant lifestyle. He knew how much I loved him and how much I loved his pretty dick. It wasn’t a cock, as I told him. It was a gorgeous dick. And while he was dressed and made up, I would always refer to it as his clitty. So, the language was beginning to take hold. He had a pretty dick as Kerry. He had a pretty clitty as Kari. I had a clitoris as Lesley. I had a little dicklet when he failed to satisfy me. He even began referring to our sexual parts in the same way. He didn’t seem at all repentant after I made him up. I fucked his face until I came and flooded him with girl cum. We sat together and removed our makeup and then showered together.

When we were drying off, I held him in my arms. “God, Kerry. We are so fucking sexy together. I hope you enjoyed tonight. I am thinking of making you up when we find our black stud. Would you do that for me?”

He continued to dry off. I looked him in the eyes. He smiled and kissed me on the lips.

Kerry spent a couple of weeks vetting the men who answered his ad. He had gotten some replies first and reluctantly sent out some tasteful pictures of us. He wanted to prove that we were indeed a couple. We knew this would take more time than going to a bar or club and picking up a guy. That was almost like potluck. Also, Kerry indicated that he would interview the finalists in a public, well-lit place like a restaurant. He had fudged our location some so he knew that he would have to travel a little. He was hoping to find some men who he could direct to places a little closer to us without telling them where we actually lived. We were pretty sure that we would need to meet in a hotel eventually if the prospects were promising. Before I even got a look at the guys, Kerry was setting up meetings. We agreed to single out at least three guys who were promising and pick the one that Kerry was most comfortable with. On the first meet, he met Ron. Ron owned his own business which was a big plus for him. He was 6′-3″ and built solidly. Actually, all the guys that Kerry was to interview were over 6′ tall and well built.

Kerry face timed me after he and Ron had a few minutes to get acquainted. He didn’t want Ron to think it was anything other than what we had advertised. It was only a head shot but we both were able to scope each other out somewhat. Kerry explained our exact situation to Ron and told him what we were looking for. He mentioned that he would be in the room when any sex happened but would not participate. He described how our relationship was FLM and that he was a true willing cuckold. Ron, in turn, asked plenty of questions until he was comfortable also. When Kerry told Ron that we would be interested, he seemed pleased. He also mentioned that I would be contacting him after Kerry and I had talked.

When Kerry got home, he described the conversation in full. We had set up a ghost email to communicate with the prospective lovers. The plan was for me to take Kadıköy Escort charge after that with the knowledge that Kerry had already vetted Ron to the extent that we felt comfortable moving forward.

Then next evening I emailed Ron to begin a short dialogue and ‘get to know you’ session. Eventually the three interviews would be very similar with a few exceptions where the guy would ask some different questions. When Ron replied to my email, it went like this:

Lesley: Nice to meet you, Ron. Kerry told me you two had a nice first meeting.

Ron: Yes. I must say that I am intrigued by such a lovely couple reaching out via the website.

Lesley: Why does that surprise you?

Ron: Let’s just say that most ads like yours turn out to be either catfishing or a lone guy looking for man on man.

Lesley: I get that. That is why we knew we had to make contact in person. That way both parties would feel comfortable if we decided to move forward.

Ron: Great. You looked fantastic on the face time. I have no reservations about who you guys are. Let’s do ZOOM so we can stop typing.

Lesley: Yes. Let’s do that. Kerry is in the other room. Would you feel more comfortable if he were present?

Ron: Either way. We have already met. And by the way. We each showed our IDs without any hesitation. A lot of couples want to remain anonymous.

Lesley: Yeah. We did that once. It was a club pick up. We used fake names just to be safe. We invited the guy back to our hotel and Kerry was present. It took a little while for him to feel comfortable but when he did, he fucked the shit out of me. Kerry ate me out after he had fucked me. We fucked twice. He was nice. Kerry fucked me afterwards. He loved the sloppy seconds. We will probably make that a habit.

Ron: So, you picked up a black guy in a club?

Lesley: No, he was a white guy with a really nice cock.

Ron: Bigger than Kerry.

Lesley: God, yes. Much, much bigger.

Ron: Do you think he is bigger than me?

Lesley: I doubt it judging from your profile pictures. Kerry thinks that your physique and forthrightness signals that you match up to your ad picture.

Ron: Yes, I am sure if we decide to meet you will not feel cheated. I am a full twelve inches when hard. And thick. I have trouble with some girlfriends being able to take me. That is one of the reasons I am on the site. I don’t get as much pussy as some would think being that well-endowed. A few girls couldn’t take me and would not try the second time. Bad problem to have, huh? (Tongue in cheek)

Lesley: Poor Ron. Well, as Kerry might have mentioned, I am a size queen. I love my husband and his dick is just gorgeous. Not big mind you. But very pretty and feminine, if that makes sense. In fact, we have been playing some dress up games. Would that be a problem for you if Kerry was dressed as a pretty girl when we meet?

Ron: Oh, wow. I have heard about men who use their wives to meet guys. He is not like that, is he?

Lesley: No. No. Not like that. We have a true FLM. We are comfortable with each other that way. When we first met, we were quickly friends. Then lovers. But I needed some big cock. Since we got married, I always tell Kerry about my trysts. We just started having him in the room so he can clean me up immediately. No. He is not gay. He is submissive sexually. That’s all. Outside of sex, he is very confident and successful. He admitted that he had a fetish for lingerie. Once the lid came off that, I felt comfortable feminizing him further. He is hairless below the top of his head. We both love it that way. I also shave. Do you like slick pussy?

Ron: I love white women who are slick. Oral is much easier that way.

Lesley: Glad you brought that up. I quit fucking guys in college that only wanted blow jobs and fucking. A lot of guys with big cocks think they are so great that the girl should be happy just getting to fuck them. If you like oral, then you are already top of the list. Many black guys I have fucked wouldn’t think of eating pussy.

Ron: Have you fucked a lot of black men?

Lesley: Yes.

Ron: Do you prefer black cock?

Lesley: I don’t know that I prefer black cock but it seems that most of the guys with the biggest cocks that I have seen are black. I have fucked some black guys who were not big, also. So, on the average I guess I do gravitate to black guys sort of playing the odds. Like I said the last white guy I fucked had a nice cock and he got me off plenty. I must admit that having a big black cock penetrate me is exhilarating. The skin color contrast makes me more intense. I can cum when Kerry fucks me but it is usually the novelty of something we are doing at the time. He fucked me when I had him wear a bra I bought for him the other night. I came on his cock a little because I was especially turned on. That is one of the reasons why I would like him en femme if we end up meeting. And I hope we do meet. If that would freak you out, tell me. I would just let him wear my panties if it would be Ataşehir Escort a problem for you.

Ron: No. That’s cool. Kerry seems nice. I am not into the cuckold-bull relationships. I guess I am a beginner in this style. I have friends who have told me stories about submissive husbands who like to prepare the bull’s cock before they fuck his wife. You don’t think Kerry would do that, do you?

Lesley: Interesting. Probably not at this stage. We are progressing slowly. Making him up pretty was wild to me. I could not believe how good he looks dressed. He does have a nice ‘chick’ ass and he looks good in pantyhose and heels. Who knows? I hadn’t thought about this.

We ZOOM chatted for quite a while. We were sharing intimate secrets. Kerry came in the room a couple of times while I chatted with Ron. He overheard some of the talk about feminization and seemed interested in what I was telling Ron. He didn’t hear the exchange about some men wanting to suck the bull’s cock before he fucked their wives. I was glad because I didn’t want to entertain far out stuff at that point. Kerry (Kari) was just getting comfortable with the lingerie and heels. When I progressed to makeup, I was surprised that he didn’t resist. I surely didn’t want to make him feel pressured or uncomfortable. His hearing Ron and talk about him dressing up didn’t seem to alarm him so I decided to let things move along naturally. I was excited on two separate fronts. One was getting close to having a big black cock inside me with my husband’s approval and presence. The other was moving Kari closer to a girlfriend. I thought it would be neat to talk to Kari about my sex life as if he was a close girlfriend. Also, the lesbian love aspect of being with him while he was feminized was a huge turn on.

We took our time. I chatted with the other two black guys that Kerry had met with. I was pleased with those interviews also. Since we were comfortable with Ron immediately, we decided to meet him for dinner. We dressed very casually and met him at a nice restaurant. Not a five star. It was casual. Ron was comfortable with the occasion. We talked about everything during dinner. It was like we were just close friends. There was very little sexual inuendo and we all enjoyed the meal and the wine. As we were leaving the restaurant, Kerry asked Ron if he would like to meet us at a hotel the following weekend. Ron agreed. In parting, I hugged Ron and kissed him deeply, thrusting my tongue into his mouth. Kerry and Ron shook hands and did the ‘bro hug’ thing.

We had waited long enough. It was time for me to have one of my most pleasurable activities. I had planned to develop the feminized cuckold theme a little more but there wasn’t enough time for that. I felt comfortable that Ron would be the perfect candidate. He had already indicated that he would have no problem with Kerry in the room and seemed to be okay with having a made-up Kari in the room. I had one more thing to get for Kari before the weekend. I ordered it online and it came within two days. That evening Kerry and I made love. Me on top as usual. He ate my pussy afterward to give me my orgasm. I told him that there would be not more touching before we met Ron that weekend. Then I had him stand up, naked while I showed him the new chastity device. It was pink with a selection of rings to go under his scrotum and a tube to encase his dick. He was already very small after sex. I fitted the rings until we found the right size. It was pretty small since his scrotum was so small. With his dick all shrunken, the tube fit easily. I pushed the two pieces together and locked them in place.

I took one of the little keys and put it on a chain. It would be around my neck that weekend and dangle between my big breasts. I found a secure place for the spare key and showed Kari where it was in case of an emergency. The rest of the week, we kissed and hugged and talked about the coming date. I kept up an erotic dialogue asking him if he would clean me up after Ron came inside me. I asked him if he wanted to guide Ron’s cock into my pussy like some of the stories we had read. He blushed a little at that but did not say ‘NO’. I thought this was promising. I got really excited about him touching Ron’s cock. I knew I had to be patient. My goal was not to turn Kari into a cocksucker. It was for him to enjoy his femininity while I enjoyed a big black cock. I wanted to heighten Kari’s enjoyment as much as possible without making him feel uncomfortable.

I had purchased Kari a blonde wig to wear to the hotel for our meeting with Ron. The last email I sent back to Ron was concerning me wanting Kari to hold Ron’s cock and guide him into my pussy. Ron and I had talked about some cuckold practices before. He had even told me that one or more of his friends had experienced oral sex by the cuckold before fucking the man’s wife. He also said these guys had experienced the cuckold sucking them off afterward to clean up their cocks. That was in addition to eating the wife’s creampie. Ron was not at all against Kari guiding his cock into my waiting pussy after they had both tasted my honey pot. That sounded good to me. I had already told Ron that I loved oral sex. I was sure that Kari would not want to suck Ron’s cock but I was surely going to worship the black monster before he fucked me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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