Lessons from Aunt Carol Pt. 02

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Hi, I’m Jon, back with more about me and my hot Aunt Carol. She took my virginity years ago and we’ve been fuck-buddies ever since, over ten years now. Last time I told you about my first time with Aunt Carol, with anyone really. She took my cherry, if guys have cherries? Whatever. She’s a hot fuck and has taught me all about sex.

Once Aunt Carol and I had fucked for the first time I was of course hot for more, right away. But I had to get back home before my parents got too nosy. I think she planned it that way, for my first time, just like she was impossible to get ahold of right afterwards.

I figured out why soon enough, she’d stepped back so I could use my newly acquired knowledge on females my own age. She’d told me that word would get around that I knew how to eat pussy and liked to do so, and it did, soon I had more date offers than I knew what to do with.

But Aunt Carol wasn’t done with me yet. We’d still meet up and fuck whenever we could. She was hot for my young cock and didn’t mind telling me so. And I love her knockers.

By now you’ve noticed I’m a tit man. Aunt Carol was my idea of perfection. I got a look at one of her bras, she’s a 34C but looks bigger because she has like, zero sag, her tits look like a twenty-year-old’s. Her nips point to heaven and love to be sucked. Smooth skin, deep cleavage, I’d fantasized about fucking them for years.

Well one weekend that summer I was blessed by the god of Lust; my parents were going out of town to visit dad’s relatives, and I was to stay and watch the house as the responsible adult, now that I was eighteen. I solemnly swore to my parents not to have any parties while they were gone and I meant it. I was going to hook up with Aunt Carol the whole weekend instead!

Saturday afternoon she came over, she wanted us to fuck at my house this time. And in my parent’s bed it turned out. Aunt Carol has some issues. But I was game, place didn’t matter to me much at eighteen.

“Alright, Aunt Carol, today I wanna fuck bahis siteleri those tits of yours.” We were naked on my parent’s bed, we’d made out for a while to get her fired up. She was on her back already, I straddled her torso and lay my cock in the valley of her cleavage.

Aunt Carol grinned at me and squeezed her breasts together around my rod. “I was wondering when you were going to ask,” she said. She thought it was adorable that I loved her tits so much.

I started stroking my rod between those fabulously soft pillows, Aunt Carol had trapped her hard nipples between her fingers and was pinching and squeezing them. Titty-fucking her felt fantastic and I said as much.

“Want it to feel even better?” she asked. Well, duh. Aunt Carol told me to get up and sit on the edge of the bed. She’d brought some lube with her, she got it and squeezed some on her cleavage, rubbing it on her tits as she knelt in front of me.

I spread my legs wide and she got in close, wrapped those funbags around my throbbing cock. She was right, this felt even better. I started fucking her tits and she would stick out her tongue and lick the sensitive tip of my cock-head when it poked out at her.

“Mmm, you like that, huh? I can feel you throbbing in there, little man,” she purred. She started pressing her tits together in rhythm with my fucking, pretty soon I was ready to cum. “Holy shit, Aunt Carol, your tits feel so good on me, so fucking soft. Gonna cum, Aunt Carol, gonna cum!”

“Oh yeah, shoot for me Jon! Cover my boobs with your spunk, do it!” Aunt Carol squeezed hard and I shot my load on the upstroke, hitting her chin before she covered the spurting head with her mouth. She greedily gulped down my thick batter, then released my cock and rose to kiss me.

She’d saved a bit of my cum for me to taste, it wasn’t bad. I don’t see what all the fuss is about guys not eating cum. She finds it sexy when I do it, and that makes it sexy to me too. I swallow her pussy juice all the time after all.

We made out again for a while, just wrestling across the bed, kissing and being canlı bahis siteleri playful. Pretty quick I was ready for more, and so was Aunt Carol. “So Jon,” she said with a big smile, “how about some anal?”

Well, duh! Just hearing that made my hard-on harder! “So that’s why you brought the lube?” I asked. Aunt Carol usually never needs it, her cunt is pretty damn juicy every time we fuck.

“Smart little man,” she said as she got on her tummy on the bed. “Okay Jon, you should know by now, you just gonna jump right in?” She was on her elbows, grinning back over her shoulder at me.

“No ma’am,” I said. I took an educated guess and started massaging her butt cheeks, kneading them and pushing them together. Aunt Carol purred. I got down on my stomach, my hard dick pressing into the mattress, and started eating her pussy as she lay there. I kept spreading her ass cheeks as I did so and every once in a while I’d swipe my tongue up her taint, making Aunt Carol moan and shift her hips.

“Oh, yes, you naughty little man! Mmm, very good, Jon!” Her cunt was juicing like crazy as I lapped her cunny and rimmed her rosebud. She pressed herself back, trying for more of my questing tongue. I gave a few tentative thrusts into her ass with my tongue and Aunt Carol shuddered with a mini-cum.

“Oh my god Jon, fuck me! Lube up that young cock of yours and stick it in me, ream my ass!” Aunt Carol spread her legs, giving me better access to her, I got up and knelt behind her, pressing my throbbing cock at the entrance to her shitter. She got to her knees as I held the bottle of lube up and slathered my cock and her sphincter, then tossed the bottle aside and pressed forward as Aunt Carol shoved back.

Just the sensitive head of my cock popped past her tight rosebud at first and I gasped with pleasure. The pressure was intense around me, she felt hot and silky inside. I shoved forward a bit at a time. getting used to her tightness as she kept moaning.

“Such a big cock my little man has, fucking his aunt’s nasty butthole, god you feel huge up there, yes, just like canlı bahis that, nice and slow.” I was throbbing inside her almost non-stop, I felt like I might cum any moment, she was so tight! Aunt Carol reached behind her and started stroking her clit with one hand. I actually felt her insides get hotter around me.

“Oh fuck Jon, you’re gonna make me cum!” Aunt Carol wailed. I was finally buried to the hilt inside her guts, her ass cheeks were scrubbing my crotch as I slowly fucked her pooper. Her ass was the tightest thing I’d ever fucked, I wanted it to last but there was no way. Even though I’d just dumped a load on her tits this just felt too damn good!

“Me too, Aunt Carol,” I panted. I was grabbing her hips hard, concentrating on holding my jizz in. When I felt her cunt start spasming around her butthole, that was it for me and I roared as I shot my wad deep into my aunt’s guts.

“Take it, take my cum, oh, fuck yeah! Oh fuck, so fucking good!” I babbled, feeling every pulse as it fought past Aunt Carol’s tight sphincter. Then her ass started milking my cock, she was cumming in her ass too, what a hot fuck!

“Cumming Jon! Oh fuck me! So good, so fucking good, keep pounding my ass!” Aunt Carol screamed. I threw everything I had at her and kept fucking us through our massive orgasms. She was shaking with the intensity of it, vibrating like a live wire and moaning with bliss.

At last we quieted, I shrank and popped out of her. I fell across her back and then wrestled her on top of me, hugging her and kissing the back of her neck. That way I could tickle her, and did, just for a second. Then we cuddled together, me as the big spoon.

“So, what did you think, Jon? You saw how much I enjoy it. Wanna try it yourself?” She gave me a truly wicked grin and I remembered what a large purse she’d brought this time. Who knew what else was in there?

“Not right now,” I assured her. Or maybe never, we’ll see. Right then I was just basking in the glow of some of the greatest sex ever, up to that point in my life.

I say up to then because it’s gotten more mind-blowing over the years. Such as my twenty-first birthday, when she introduced me to threesomes and bondage! But that will have to wait until next time. She’s telling me she wants my cock now, so…

To Be Continued…

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