Lessons Learned Ch. 12: Date Night Pt. 03

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Chapters Ten, Eleven and Twelve cover one 18-hour period between Brinna & Zach. The author has requested they be posted over three consecutive days so that the reader doesn’t have to wait any significant amount for of time for the three parts to conclude. Enjoy!

Lessons Learned, Ch.12: Date Night Part III

Wrapped in each other’s arms, Zach’s smile became mischievous. He reached down between us, and rubbed the cum he’d sprayed me with into my ass cheek. Then he cupped my drenched pussy and began to rub it with the palm of his hand into me.

“You’re so sticky,” he said.

“I need a shower.”

“I gave you a shower,” he laughed.

“Come take one with me,” I said invitingly, kissing him deeply as he continued to rub his cream into me.

“I’ll go start the water. It needs to run a few minutes to get warm.”

While he did that, I yanked the soaked sheet off his bed. I dug around his closet, not finding any spare sheets, but managing to dig an unused blanket out of its depths of the closet.

Zach returned and wrapped a towel around me for the walk to the bathroom. He was taking no chances that Tyler might get a second look at my body.

Zach worked soap into a big lather and ran his hands over every inch of my body, cleaning me off thoroughly. He kissed my breasts, my belly, and my overworked pussy, before turning me and delivering a kiss to both my ass cheeks, before nipping one playfully. I squealed and he laughed, dragging his tongue up my spine to nip at my shoulders, neck, and earlobes.

“You’re so beautiful all over,” he commented, nudging me under the water to rinse off. I managed to keep most of my hair out of the spray of water, as he made sure I was squeaky clean.

I returned the favor with the soap and the kisses. By the time we stepped out of the shower, his cock was beginning to twitch again. He used the towel to rub me dry before he finished drying himself.

At some point, Tyler had holed up in his room and turned on his sound system. We grinned at each other as we passed his closed door. He was almost daring us to make ourselves heard over it.

“He’s probably going to spend the rest of the night jacking off to the thought of you and how sexy you look taking cock.” Zach settled on the bed and sighed deeply. “Lay with me, Brinna. I won’t touch you if you don’t want me to. I know you’re probably tired.”

I crawled into the bed, pressing myself against him. He pulled a blanket off the floor to cover us as we cuddled together.

“This is nice,” he said.

We kissed for a while. All the practice had really paid off. Zach knew me well now. He knew how I liked to be kissed and he gave me what I liked.

As we made out, his cock grew full and heavy between us. He made no move to arouse me or use his hands on me. Granted, his kisses grew more intense, but his hips stayed still. I felt my body responding to the sensuality of lying in bed totally naked together and simply kissing.

“Can I touch you?” I asked finally, not sure what he wanted.

“I wish you would.”

I reached between us and grasped his erection. It pulsed in response to my touch and I smiled. Zach gave me an open-mouth kiss as I started stroking and squeezing him. My other hand simply cupped his balls, since my arm was mostly trapped against the side I was laying on, restricting movement.

“There’s lube in the nightstand,” he offered meekly. I chuckled while he struggled to reach over me to get it.

He squirted a large dollop in my hand which I then smeared over his rampant cock, causing him to inhale sharply with a hiss.

“It’s cold!” he protested.

“Not for long.” I continued stroking him, the lube making him slippery in my grasp. I formed a ring with my thumb and first two fingers and used it on his cockhead. He groaned in pleasure as I worked him with my hand. “Do you want me?” I asked.

“I always want you. You know that.” He eased his tongue between my lips. “Tell me what you want, Brinna.”

“I want to ride you.”

He rolled wordlessly onto his back and I adjusted my grip on him, while continuing to stroke his cock, with long, slow movements, before gradually building up speed. He groaned again as I rose to my knees beside him and brought my other hand into play.

“I want to ride your cock and watch your face when you cum inside me,” I said. His hips jerked, pushing his cock in my tight grasp.

“Then you better climb on, baby. If you don’t, I might just cum without you.”

I laughed and released him, throwing my leg over his hips and hovering above him.

“I haven’t forgotten you teasing me earlier,” I warned, taking his cock in my hand again. I settled my juicy pussy on the length of his shaft and rode him that way, sliding back and forth along his shaft, rather than allowing him inside of me.

“I’m nothing but your helpless little fucktoy,” he laughed, grabbing my hips to grind me against the base of his Şanlıurfa Escort shaft. I gave an involuntary groan and his hands dropped away. “Ride me, Brinna. Ride me so I can watch your beautiful tits bounce while you get off. Ride me until I beg for mercy and my cock is soaked from you. Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” I breathed, poised over him, aiming his cock at my slick tunnel. “I want all that and more.” I sank slowly onto him, holding his eyes with mine as I bit my lip and eased myself down. “Keep your hands to yourself for now.” I held him deep inside me, squeezing his cock with my inner muscles over him.

“Oh god,” he moaned. I continued the gentle assault on his tool while we stared at each other.

I rose slowly, stopping while I still held at least two inches of him inside my walls. I leaned forward and braced my hands on either side of his chest. I used the leverage to fuck myself with just the head and first few inches of his cock. I moaned at the sensation of it, my eyes nearly rolling back in my head.

“Touch my clit,” I whispered. I shivered as his fingers responded to my bidding. He stroked me slowly, following my earlier example. “I was going to make you cum first, but now I think I might be too far gone to hold back.”

Zach smiled at me with his eyes, using his free hand to rub his thumb over one of my nipples. I sucked in a breath between my teeth. Neither of us broke eye contact. We didn’t watch his shaft where it entered my clenching pussy, didn’t watch his fingers stroke my clit or nipple. We just watched each other’s face closely as I used him to pleasure myself.

“Take your hand off my clit,” I instructed. He complied and I sank on the full length of his shaft again. I let myself grind against him, doing things to my clit that felt different than the pleasure caused by his stroking fingers.

With two hands now available, he palmed my breasts and captured the nipples by capturing between his forefingers and thumbs. I made a noise deep in my throat, starting to ride him in earnest, lifting myself then dropping on his rock-hard prick. Every few strokes, I would grind my clit down against his pelvic bone, swirling my hips.

“Oh Zach,” I sighed lustily, finally breaking eye contact. I dropped my head back and rode him blissfully. He placed his hands lightly on my hips, likely so he could watch my tits jiggle, as I rode him faster and faster, racing toward my climax.

“Take it, sweetheart, get yourself off. Let me watch you.”

“Ohhhhhhh,” I moaned as I rode him. “So good.” My back arched and my orgasm broke over me as I called his name over and over. I was grinding against him mindlessly, creating nonstop, almost unbearable, waves of intense pleasure that originated in my clit.

“So fucking hot,” he muttered, holding my hips tightly while I continued grinding.

At last, I slumped across his chest, head on his shoulder, cock still buried deep inside my pussy. His hands stroked my back and ass with firm motions while I rested on him.

“Take me, Zach. Use me anyway you want,” I said tiredly.

“I’m going to roll you on your back,” he warned. He rolled us both, managing to do it without pulling out. “Put your legs together.” He kissed me hard. “I saw this in one of the books we read but we haven’t tried it yet.” He propped himself on his lower arms, slowly sliding a few inches down my body. With my legs together, his cock felt even larger than usual. I moaned deeply as he slid up my body again, using his arms to drag himself over me.

“That’s so good,” I panted. He began a steady rhythm, sliding himself a few inches up and down my body as his cock gave me indescribable pleasure. I could feel every contour and bump of his shaft. “Zach, baby, I think I’m going to cum again soon. Oh, this is good!”

He stilled himself for a moment, giving me a deep open-mouth kiss. Our tongues brushed lightly, briefly, but the intensity of the kiss continued. While he kissed me, he began fucking me again. I dug my fingers deep into his ass cheeks, silently begging for more as my peak approached.

“Cum with me, Brinna,” he whispered, burying his face in my neck. I cried out sharply as I spasmed hard under him. I came so hard that tears leaked from the corners of my eyes and fell into my hair. He groaned loudly into my shoulder, shoving his cock deeper into me as he came. I wrapped my arms around him tightly and held on.

Embarrassingly, I started to cry and Zach jerked in alarm. I refused to release him, hooking my ankles over his to hold him still inside me.

“What is it, baby? Did I hurt you?” He kissed the tears off one cheek and pressed salty lips gently to mine. “I’m sorry, Brinna. Please tell me what I did.”

“I don’t know,” I sniffled pitifully. “I just—it just felt so perfect. And I started crying.”

“Oh baby,” he said softly. “It did. It was perfect.” He smoothed a hand over my hair and kissed more tears away.

He Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan continued to reassure me until I was able to stop the tears. It seemed I had finally worn him out as well. He softened and slipped from my pussy. Either that, or he found crying to be a real turn off.

Zach left the room and returned with some tissues and a cold bottle of water.

“It’s important to stay hydrated,” he lectured sternly, eliciting a laugh from me.

I borrowed his shirt to make a run to the bathroom, where I splashed cold water on my face and mentally chided myself for being a crybaby after having a night of explosive, mind-blowing sex.

“Let’s get some rest,” Zach said, as we settled back into his bed. He switched off the lamp, wrapping himself around my back, so that we were like spoons nestled together. “Having you here tonight is like one bright, long dream. I don’t want to wake up from it.” He kissed my neck. “I don’t think anything could ever top tonight.”

I interlaced my fingers with his, holding his hand against me as I drifted into a deep sleep, physically spent from my evening with Zach.

At some point, I fell into a dream. Hands touched my body, stroking my legs, my arms, my back. Kisses rained lightly on my neck. I murmured in response as I enjoyed the lips that licked and nipped at my neck and shoulder. The gentle hand slipped between my legs and probed, seeking my wet depths. I moaned and pressed against them, encouraging them to enter me. I sighed softly as they slipped between my silken lips.

Soon the fingers were replaced by something else, something that filled the ache inside of me in the most delicious way. Meanwhile, one of the hands found my sensitive clit and began a delicate dance over it.

My body was being languidly and gently rocked. I sighed in deep contentment, beginning to become aware that I was not dreaming at all. I touched the hand that was stroking my clit.

“Zach?” I asked sleepily, my eyes fluttering open to see dim morning light filtering in through the blinds.

“Brinna,” Zach breathed into my ear. He was pressed against my backside. “Remember the fantasy you told me about? You told me you wanted your lover to wake you up slowly by making love to you. You wanted to feel yourself being held close, being touched and penetrated. To wake up feeling him moving inside of you.” He held himself still, deep inside of me, finger still brushing lightly over my clit. I became aware of the dampness between my legs, of my nipples forming hard peaks, of my ass pressing back into Zach as I simultaneously urged the finger to continue its work on my clit. I was deeply aroused, my body begging for more of what it needed to find completion.

“I’m your lover, aren’t I, Brinna?” Zach whispered, rolling his hips into me.

“Yes,” I half-whispered, half-moaned. “You are.”

“I wanted to make that fantasy come true for you, Brinna. It became my fantasy, too, to be the lover who woke you up. Is this what you wanted? Am I giving you what you wanted?”

“Yes,” I cried out softly, enflamed by the passion he had ignited while I slept next to him, being burnt up from inside by it now that I was awake and aware.

I turned my head back toward him as best I could. He met my tongue with his, giving me a wet passionate kiss. His hand dropped to my hip and pulled me back against him gently, seating me as far onto his cock as he could. He returned his hand to my clit as I kept myself pressed down against him. I reached between our legs and cupped his balls, exploring them with a delicate touch. He groaned into my ear as he continued rocking against me. He was buried deep inside and rather than thrusting in and out, he simply ground himself against my ass causing his cock to shift the slightest bit inside me. He never pulled out, and never moved more than a couple of inches back, before he rolled his pelvis into me again. His cock filled me completely and I found it utterly sensuous to have him hold himself inside me in this way.

“I want to cum with you,” he urged.

“Please,” I begged, feeling myself teetering on the brink.

“I want to explode inside you while you cream all over me. You’re so wet your inner thighs are damp with what’s been leaking out of you. Are you close, Brinna?”

“Close,” I babbled, as his fingers increased their pressure against my clit, working in concert with his grinding hips.

“You want to cum, don’t you?”

“Yes. Please, Zach.” I gave a small cry of pleasure when the arm he had under me wrapped around my waist, grasping the opposite hip, pinning me on his cock.

“Cum for me,” he whispered. “Cum on my cock, Brinna. I’m ready for you to cum so hard it drips down my balls.”

I cried out loudly, sharp and wordless, as I came. I was pinned tight against him, helpless to move. The energy of my orgasm rocked through me internally, traveling from my pussy, up my spine, igniting Escort Şanlıurfa my brain. My pussy spasmed hard over Zach’s rod, sending him over the edge with me.

“Fuck,” he groaned, as I felt his cock pulsing inside of me while I rode wave after wave of my own orgasm. He panted heavily in my ear, causing another explosive jolt from my clit to be released. Another cry escaped me, followed by a series of small helpless moans. “It’s okay, baby,” Zach whispered to me. “I have you.”

I couldn’t answer him. I exhaled deeply, and let myself drift into unconsciousness, blissed out by the sensations traveling through my nervous system. I’d never experienced anything like the feeling caused by Zach’s sensuous early morning lovemaking. My brain simply shut down, pulling me into the peaceful depths of oblivion.

When I awoke sometime later, Zach was on his back, legs slightly spread, one arm flung out, the other resting over his lower belly. I watched him sleep for a few minutes, riotous thoughts running through my brain. None of them anything I wanted to think about too deeply.

I took a last thorough look at my lover, the man I’d started a little experiment with some sixteen weeks ago, bringing it to a perfect completion with our date last night. This would be the last time we were together. I’d be leaving for my out-of-state university just after New Year’s Day. It would be pointless to spend more time together when we were going our separate ways so soon.

I rose and located my clothes. I slipped on my bra, dress, and shoes, deciding to leave the garter for Zach. As I was locating my coat, I heard Zach shifting behind me.


“It’s time for me to go,” I said quietly, laying the coat over my arm. I took a steadying breath and turned to face him.

Zach sat on the edge of the bed, blanket modestly pulled across his lower body, watching me with an inscrutable expression. I walked to him and placed my hand on his cheek.

“You could stay a while longer. I’ll make you breakfast,” he offered. I smiled in response. My sweet partner, I thought.

I leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips. He covered my hand with his own.

“It’s time,” I said.

“I’ll get dressed and walk you to your car.” He started to push himself up. I set a hand on his shoulder.

“No. Please, Zach, don’t make it any harder than it already is.”

I pulled back from him, heart twisting at the sadness I saw in his face. I wondered if it was a reflection of my own. He watched my eyes for a moment before speaking.

“It was good, wasn’t it? Us, I mean.”

“It was,” I answered. “Promise me you’ll spend next semester dating as many college girls as you can, whether you sleep with them or not. Don’t stay home studying all semester after all the work we put into you.” I tried to give him an encouraging smile, but it fell flat. “Promise me.”

“Okay, Brinna,” he said quietly. “Whatever you want.”

“I want you to be happy. And to let some lucky girl fall in love with you. And I want you to tell Tyler and Reggie to fuck off. I want you to graduate and go do more great things.” I kissed him again. “Now say goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Brinna,” he said. I had to turn and walk away as soon as I realized moisture was gathering in his eyes.

“Bye, Zach,” I said quietly, letting myself out and closing his bedroom door behind me. I paused there, taking a deep breath. I shrugged my coat on, feeling in its pocket for my wallet and car keys.

I heard voices in the living room. Great, I thought.

I slipped into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Zach wasn’t the only one on the verge of tears.

I spent a few minutes collecting myself, splashing my face with cool water, breathing deeply. I found a brush and ran it through my hair, trying to make myself halfway presentable to the world at large.

Finally, I stepped out into the hallway, threw my shoulders back and marched confidently down the hall.

When I entered the living room, Tyler, Reggie, and Lee were spread out around the TV, playing a video game. They all turned their heads to stare at me. I looked back with one eyebrow raised at them.

“Later, boys.” I was opening the door when Reggie finally spoke up.

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay and deep throat a few more cocks this morning, Brinna?”

“Oh, honey,” I said, glancing at him over my shoulder, “didn’t anyone ever tell you? You can’t deep throat micro peen.” I tossed my hair and sauntered out, shutting the door firmly behind me.

I grinned on the way to my car, even as I ached inside to be leaving Zach behind me. There was nothing else for it. Our lives were pulling us in separate directions. I had mulled it over a lot as the end of the semester approached. The idea of staying in touch with him while being separated by so many miles felt like the most painful route for both of us. The only answer I could see was to make the cleanest break possible, hopefully leaving us both with the best memories of the semester we spent researching the many aspects of human sexuality together.

The End??

As always, thanks to andyinoz for the invaluable help in editing Chapters 3 through 13. Any remaining errors are solely my own.

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