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Big Dicks

He was so hard now that it hurt. His balls ached and he really needed to come soon. As the woman looked at him, he knew she would be the one to get his first load. Her lips were quickly wrapped around the shaft of his penis. Her head moved up releasing him so that she could lick across the pee slit before taking it back into her throat. Each down stroke ended with him fully enveloped by her warm mouth. Twice she stopped the fellatio to kiss the tip and shaft of his cock, whilst her hands squeezed his scrotum and gripped the slick shaft. It was not long before he grunted, his ball sack tightening, and he sprayed semen into her mouth. The second spurt hit her face and the third landed on her hair, mixing with the come from other previous partners. She smiled and moved onto the next man.

She was too busy sucking two cocks at once to notice the new arrival. He pushed himself quickly into her well lubricated pussy. She gasped but kept sucking. Although she hadn’t seen him approach, she was glad he had stuffed what must be an enormous dick into her. She loved the feel of him slamming in and out of her, her clit was being scraped across the tabletop bringing her close to orgasm. Just as suddenly as it arrived the cock in her pussy withdrew and she felt the wetness of him coming across her back. In frustration she grabbed one of the cocks in her mouth and directed the guy to put it in her needy cunt. She let out a moan as he entered her and was soon on the cusp of orgasm again. Although he had just been receiving a great blowjob he had not thought he was ready to come, but when her body shook and her pussy gripped him harder he realised he was about to burst. Unable to withdraw in time he simply held himself deep in her spasming cunt, spraying his seed into her furthest depths. The cock in her mouth also let go with a wad of come, emptying his balls on her face and head.

The bindings were not so tight as to restrict movement, but still held him firmly to the bed. A blonde woman straddled his chest, her groin in his face, a redhead sat on his belly, his cock in her pussy, the third was raven haired, madly licking his balls as she lay between his wide spread legs. His face was covered in the pussy juice of more than one woman, his tongue was aching and his nose itched where the pubic hair scratched it. Finally the blonde came, her clit pushed into his nose and her come eryaman escort coating his chin again. She lifted herself off of his chest and walked away towards a giant black man who had been watching her. Thinking he would get some time off, he closed his eyes, savouring the sensation of the woman on his cock. It was therefore a shock to have a new pussy put in front of his lips. He looked up to see the raven haired girl grinning at him, and then she forced her sopping wet fanny onto his mouth.

A ring of spectators now surrounded the black and the blonde. His dick was enormous, bigger than any of the other guests. She was very wet and wanted to feel him inside her. The man had come twice already, both times spraying a massive amount of semen over the girl in question. Neither time had he been able to insert his manhood into the girl, satisfying himself with hand and tit fucks. This time he hoped to fill a pussy, the blond had prepared for him by getting herself tongued off. He sat in a chair, his well toned body and massive erection visible to all. She walked over to him, rubbing a hand over her clit, and looked at his cock.

Without hesitation she spread her legs over his and positioned the tip of his glans below her dripping snatch. Taking a deep breath she lowered herself onto his lap. The tip of his penis flattened, bulging wider until it slid into the wet sheath of her sex. She stopped when half of it was inside her, the feeling more intense than anything she had experienced before. His hand reach around and flicked at her clit, it was enough to give her an orgasm, releasing a fresh wave of lubrication and allowing more of his cock to slide home. She could feel the head of his penis further inside her than anything had ever been, she didn’t know how much more she could take. Having been in this situation before he knew just what to do. He gripped her hips and lifted her up, then slid her back down, establishing a rhythm that she followed. Every now and then he pulled her down a little bit further, until she was aware that his balls were hitting her thighs. Not quite believing she had done it she stopped with him fully inside her, and used her hands to feel.

The crowd applauded her effort, none had seen such a big cock fit into a pussy. Her cunt was so stretched that the clitoris was touching his dick, when she began to fuck him again, she could eryaman escort bayan feel every vein on his shaft rub it. So much juice was coming from her that his scrotum was dripping and a pool of it had formed under his ass. She felt so tight on him, gripping the huge cock hard that he didn’t notice she was coming continuously now. She could feel his glans inside her and her clit felt so big she thought it would burst, her whole body was shuddering in orgasm. She fainted with pleasure, it was his orgasm that brought her back. He felt her go limp and held her, still pumping her up and down on his manhood till he too came. The wads of sperm he fired into her pussy woke her up, they filled the already packed space in her cunt, then squirted out of her, across both their legs. The hot jism seemed never ending, spraying the chair and floor. She felt his cock deflate slowly and stood off of his lap. Between her legs the stretched walls of her pussy made a popping noise as his dick slid out, followed by a trail of semen. It ran down her legs as she leant over and licked his penis clean.

In the corner a bespectacled old man was slowly stroking his cock. As he watched the coupling in front of him he would speed up or slow down his masturbation. The ratio of males to females meant that while the males were recovering the females could grab a newly fresh cock and carry on. He was rather pleased with his choices this month. All the women were nymphomaniacs and the men had taken viagra to increase their stamina. He had been sucked off twice already, both times by women who were without a partner. Now he would have his choice. He stood up and banged his cane on the floor. The crowd fell silent and all eyes turned to him. He swung the cane horizontally from left to right then back, stopping with it pointed at the tall raven haired beauty. She walked across the room and knelt at his feet. Her mouth opened and he pushed his cock inside.

Her full lips closed around the shaft and began to slide up and down it. He reached down and held onto her head, controlling the timing as he fucked her face. The other groups in the room went back to their own pleasures. The old man pulled the woman off his dick and made her stand up. His hand went to her crotch, feeling her cum soaked nether lips, and inserted two fingers. She smiled and opened her legs, raising one to the arm escort eryaman of his chair, so he could get better access. He proceeded to insert a third and fourth finger, his thumb rubbed her massively swollen clitoris. She began to pinch and massage her nipples, a moan escaping her lips. It was his turn to kneel. His arm was now at such an angel that he was able to push his whole hand into her pussy. She moaned again and began to tremble as orgasm approached. With slow determination he fed more and more into her until his fingers ran out of space. When he began to fist fuck her she came, letting out a scream of joy. Her cunt clasped his wrist as it slid in and out, her internal muscle went into spasm. She was forced to lean on his shoulders or fall over. The sensation was one she loved and it always gave her a mind blowing climax.

When she had stopped trying to suck his wrist into her womb he pulled it out making a wet slurping sound as he did so. He stood and directed her to lean over the arm of his chair, exposing her lovely butt to him. Using some of her own juices he lubricated her asshole. His erection had stayed firm through the fisting and soon began to push against her back door. The tip forced its way through her tight sphincter, widening the hole. When he was fully inside her he reached round and gabbed her left tit. He squeezed the nipple as he fucked ass, letting go to rub her clit, then returning to the nipple. She came before he did, her hips bucking against the chair. It was not long till he followed suit, filling her ass with his seed. He held his cock in her as he spurted several wads into her rectum. When he removed his penis, the hole it left stayed open and a trickle of semen ran down her ass crack, down her leg and onto the floor by his chair.

The orgy was running down now, most of the guys were spent and the gals sated. The only couple still standing were both women. They were standing near the window in a close embrace. Their tongues were fighting and their pussies rubbing. The blonde had no pubic hair on her pronounced mound, the brunette had a neatly trimmed muff. Soon more friction was needed and each supplied a hand to fuel the fire of their lust. The blonde played with the long dangling pussy lips of her lover, twisting and pinching the flesh. The brunette pushed two fingers into the moist pussy of the blonde. She used the palm of her hand to excite the clitoris, squashing it under its hood. Soon both noticed the other breathing raggedly. They broke the kiss each in their own world of ecstasy. In a moment of pure bliss they both came together, forcing the others hand against their sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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