Letters to Nicole 06

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Dear Nicole,

You know, after that talk with my mother, everything just got way more exciting. Nothing was the same anymore, everything seemed more fun and a lot more free. For a few days after that, I’m sure, Teri Johnson had no idea why I was smiling at her the way I did. But about a week later I came into her kitchen to get some water (Jessi and Felecia were downstairs), and when I smiled at her again…her eyes sparkled back! She knew that I knew, and when she gave me a big hug, she whispered in my ear, “Nancy, Jessi and her father don’t know!”

I nodded and replied, “Don’t worry, Ms. Johnson, but I think it’s pretty cool!”

She grinned at me, “No…actually, it’s very hot!” We both laughed and I went back downstairs.

But then came the problem of how to tell Jessi, Megan and Nikki about Felecia and me. This was not going to be so easy. We didn’t want C.J., Jon and Ricky accidentally telling them. Felecia didn’t think they would, but we went up to them a couple of days after our fun night and discussed it with them. God, did we ever! We asked the three of them to meet us out by the ticket booth of the football field at 9:00 pm on the Monday after the party.

As we parked our car and made our way over there, all three boys were already waiting for us. Felecia told me to follow her lead and when we got there, she didn’t even talk to them. She pushed Jon up against the booth and wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him deeply, with lots of tongue. It was a good fifteen seconds before she let up, and when she did, she slid her hand down to his bulge and massaged his raging hard-on for several more seconds. Then she moved over to Ricky.

This time I got it and I moved in on C.J. The guys were so fucking eager that Felecia and I giggled before pushing our tongues into their mouths. Their dicks were so hard, I could almost feel C.J.’s pulse through his jeans just as I was releasing him.

“Did you guys like that?” said Felecia in her poutiest, sexiest, most put-on voice!

“Damn! DAMN!” said Jon, panting for more. “What brought this on?”

“Only one thing,” she replied. “A promise!”

“A promise?” Ricky looked confused for a second.

“Sure, dick-head,” said C.J. laughing. “They don’t want us telling what happened Friday night. Right girls?”

We both nodded in unison and Felecia continued, “It’s your choice guys, keep quiet… and there will always be more fun, just like that. Tell…and Nancy and I will never speak to you again!” The next two minutes was spent with three very horny guys crossing their hearts, swearing undying loyalty and writing their names in blood!. Felecia and I walked away giggling uncontrollably. We knew they wouldn’t tell.

But we still thought our three friends should know and telling them wasn’t going to be as easy as telling the boys. After a couple hours of discussion we finally agreed that the best way might be to hold a sleepover. Felecia said her parents would be gone Friday night and she suggested we make this one a little more involved than the usual ones we had.

“What do you mean, ‘more involved’?”

“I mean, we set up the mood; maybe this time we should have a lingerie party!”

“A what? A lingerie party? What kind is that?”

“It’s not any fancier than it sounds. Everyone comes in their sexiest lingerie. It’s like a pajama party, only sexier!” Felecia had this wicked grin on her face.

“Oooohhh…I like it, but what do we want to accomplish here?”

“Only like I just said, we want to set the mood, and then just wait for the right opening to tell them.”

I loved the idea of five beautiful girls in their skimpiest underwear, even if we confessed or not and Felecia and I spent the next hour planning the details and what we would wear. Ultimately we decided to surprise even each other with our outfits and then we got on the phone. We got Megan and Jessi easily, they were excited about the whole idea. Nikki wasn’t so sure if she could make it. She and Ronnie Shelton, the basketball captain, had been talking on the phone almost every night; and she didn’t want to miss that. But when we told her of the lingerie, she wavered, and when we said that Felecia’s house would be ours alone that night, she said yes.

Later that night, when I told my mother about the plan, she loved it too and asked me if I intended to go shopping for something new. When I said yes, she asked if she could go with me, and I was happy to say yes! If she went, I knew she’d end up buying it for me, and I didn’t want my meager bank account to be strained to the breaking point by expensive lingerie. It was still nine days to the party and I definitely wanted to take my time picking something out. Mom and I had a great time together, and now that I knew a little about her sexy history, I could sense her letting her hair down around me more than ever.

That week in school, everyone was like so very secretive. We were always asking what the other’s were planning, but no one was revealing anything. It got bursa evi olan escort to the point where we were dying to know and the night of the party couldn’t couldn’t come fast enough for us. As per instructions, we all arrived at Felecia’s house in a pair of saggy-baggy shorts and a grossly over-sized t-shirt. All the girls had done their hair and make-up exquisitely…which was incredible considering we had made it a rule that everyone had to do their own. Megan especially…Oh, my God, Nicole! I had never seen her look prettier. She had done her lips in fuchsia, perfect for her skin and she had darkened her hair. Her eyes were done so sexy and her eyebrows had been completely stylized. She was drop-dead gorgeous and for the first time, it seriously crossed my mind what it be like in bed with her.

It had been about two months since the five of us had been together for a sleepover and eating all our party food took about an hour and a half because of all the catching up we had to do as a group. But when we cleaned up the food mess and retreated to the den, Felecia flipped on a Madonna album and the talk turned to sex as it always did with us. We always had to get through the part of who was liking who, and who we’d like to do it with, and what they would do to us…and I was beginning to wonder when we were gonna get to the main event.

But leave it to Felecia! She just up and said it, “Girls, enough of this shit! I really want you to see what I bought!” Again, she said it pouty and cute and everyone burst out laughing.

“Yes,” I quickly added. “I didn’t spend $105 in order to show you for five minutes and then we drop off to sleep!”

“Well, who’s gonna go first?” asked Jessi. “Or shall we all show it together?”

“I think we should draw straws and go one at a time so we can properly critique everyone’s outfit,” suggested Megan.

We all agreed to that and each girl wrote her name on a piece of paper and dropped it into the empty popcorn bowl. Felecia stirred up the bowl and reached in for the first name.

“Nancy! Oh, good! You have the honor!” She showed me my name and winked, God…ok…but I was blushing profusely as I stood up.

“Ok, you sexy thing,” said Jessi as she adjusted her ass in her chair. “Give us a really good show!” All the girls giggled and I could see on their faces that this was going to be very exciting for all of us.

My mom and I had picked out a dazzling white, satin bra and panty set. I always look good in white, but for some reason this material looked so very good against my dark skin. When I slowly pulled off my t-shirt and the girls got a look at me, they were silent for several seconds. The bra had side panels which pushed my breasts together more than normal and my cleavage looked stunning, even I had to admit it!

When I dropped the shirt onto the floor, I cupped myself with both hands, erotically pushing my boobs together even more. You should have seen the look on there faces! Then when I pushed my shorts down, revealing the matching thong panties, they all giggled a little, but they still looked very impressed. I pirouetted and showed them my ass, then turned again…playing with the waistband and running my fingers down to my pussy and straightening the sliver of material that covered it.

Felecia said, “Oh…Nancy, that is soooo beautiful!” She got up and came over to me touching my shoulder lightly and slipping her hand down my upper arm. The forefinger on her right hand slid along my collarbone and then down into the valley between my tits, tracing along the curve of the left one and then along the top of that cup.

Under Felecia’s chin I could see Megan’s eyes grow wide, and when Felecia pulled the material down a little, giving everyone a peek at my areole, Megan’s hand flew to her mouth… covering it! Then she spun me a bit and ran her hand down the small of my back and across the top of my ass, which I pushed out at them rather provocatively. She grabbed my right ass-cheek and squeezed it, jiggling the flesh, then spanked it sharply one time. I distinctly heard Nikki gasp.

“Oh, my God, Nancy, that is so sexy!” breathed Megan.

“Pick another name, Felecia!” Nikki and I said together.

I sat down cross-legged on the floor while Felecia stirred the names. “Nikki? Your turn!” she giggled as she held up the paper.

Nikki smile brightly and hopped up quickly, straight hair flowing around her shoulders. She pulled off her top and showed us the prettiest maize-colored camisole I’d ever seen. The color so complimented her black hair and dark eyes, and her large breasts caused the bottom of the cami (which was trimmed in black lace) to hang away from her tummy. One spaghetti strap had slipped off the shoulder adding to the effect, and when she slid her shorts down, she revealed the matching panties also trimmed in black lace. Nikki’s ass was a little large, but she was tall…about 5′ 7 which made the choice of the camisole even more sexy. She posed, leaning altıparmak escort on one foot with the other knee bent, her hands on her hips! She looked gorgeous, drawing an “Oh…Nikki!” from all four of us simultaneously!

This time I got up. Nikki and I had known each other since kindergarten and we were very close. When we were in middle school we had been really tight, so tight in fact that we had done a lot of practice kissing together. She hadn’t known it, but those kisses were one of the factors in my growing interest in girls. So now I stepped behind and wrapped my arms around her slipping my hands under the cami and up her tummy stopping just short of her tits. Nikki swayed a little and leaned her head back against me.

I whispered in her ear, “God, Nik…you look gorgeous in that!” She blushed and grinned huge. “Remember our kisses in junior high?” I kissed the back of her ear and trailed my fingers down her tummy again. One forefinger circled her navel three times then sneaked inside the top of her panties, dancing slowly back and forth just above the top of her mound!

“Hey…” she grabbed my hand playfully and everyone laughed. “Isn’t it someone else’s turn now? Felecia?”

“Yup…sit down, Nance, you horny little…” and no one heard the rest because they all burst out laughing!

“Okay, Megan, go for it!” said Felecia, after drawing the next name.

Megan looked rather flushed, but she got right up and started removing her t-shirt. The collar got stuck on her hair clip and since Nikki hadn’t sat down yet, she helped her get it free. When the shirt came off everyone smiled. Megan was a shorter 5′ 2 red-head with pale, lightly-freckled skin, especially around the shoulders. She had very small breasts, certainly an A-cup, but her legs and ass were perfect for her height. She had chosen an emerald green cotton teddy, almost like a body-shirt, and the thin cloth hugged her body tightly.

When she took off her shorts, the crotch had crept up slightly, just to the point where the material had begun to push between her pussy lips and ass cheeks. She reached down, and in a very sexy, two-fingered way, pulled the strip of material out and smoothed the back. The light was hitting her just right so that we could see her hardened nipples poking holes in the top. I had seen her in the locker room, and those nipples were a real turn-on. The areola weren’t big, but the teats were and in the excited state they were in right now, they had to be begging to be sucked!

Nikki stood right there next to her, as we all murmured our approval. She kissed Megan on the cheek, fingers grazing her jawline, then her hand dropped all the way down Megan’s front… over her breasts and down her ribs to her hip and abdomen. “Mmmm… Megs,” she cooed! “We like! Like you look awesome! So smooth….and soft!”

Megan turned redder than her hair and we all laughed some more! She turned for us so we could get a look at her ass and Felecia shot me a look, as if to say, “Wow! Wouldn’t you like to play with that!”

Nikki and Megan sat down and Felecia pulled Jessi’s name next. She had been sitting there rather quietly, but now that it was her turn and she looked rather excited. I was curious to see what she would come up with. Jessi was easily the most modest of us five. In P.E. classes she always changed in the bathroom stall rather than in front of her locker, and on the beach she seldom took off her t-shirt. I had never been close to seeing her nude before and was hoping that this would be a real treat. Jessi was about 5′ 5 and 110 pounds or so. She wore her blonde hair in a bob and was never without glasses although she looked very cute in them. Her legs though, were flawless, that much I had seen when we swam. The skin was perfect and the closer and higher one looked at the inside of her thighs, the more you realized how perfect and touchable and kissable that skin was! Her blue eyes sparkled with life and her smile would melt you. Everyone applauded and cheered when she got up!

Pulling her long sleeved t-shirt off, I was disappointed at first with how much material appeared. But when she dropped it on the floor, we all were impressed. She had on a gorgeous, purple silk kimono. She took off the baggy shorts, and at first glance, it look like she didn’t have a bottom on! Her beautiful, bare legs extended out from under the robe, ending in toenails painted to match.

“Wow…Jess! That’s awesome!” we all exclaimed as she turned for us. The kimono’s sash held the front together.

This time Megan was the first to say it, “What’s under there, Jess?” Jessi smiled and undid the sash. Oh…My God, Nicole! It wasn’t the cute purple boxers that got our attention when she opened the robe, no…no! Jessi was topless!

“Oh, Wow!” Felecia and I both said when she showed us her breasts. Jessi’s tits were just incredible, Nicole! They must have been a C-cup, but they were high and firm, and hanging so perfectly, the smallish eraser-type nipples jutting gemlik escort out hard at us.

Felecia stood up again and Jessi giggled, closed her robe and quickly sat down before Felecia could get to her. We all booed and asked her to show us again, but she coyly refused saying, “Nope, it’s Felecia’s turn now!” My beautiful lover smiled and stepped to the center of our circle. I wasn’t sure what to expect but after the sexy thing Jessi just did, I hoped that Felecia would pull out all the stops. And… Oohhh…did she ever!

When she whisked off her t-shirt, everyone of us held our breath in astonishment, even me! Felecia was wearing a black, demi-cut 1/2 bra and she had lifted her nipples out of it. Those cherry red nipples looked fantastic next to the black fabric. I was very wet before Felecia’s turn, what with all the sexual play and banter, but I felt my pussy juices gush when her very hard nipples began peeking at us above the cups.

Then, even more erotically, Felecia began touching them, circling her forefingers around the hard nips and pushing her chest out at us, licking her lips the whole time. Then she turned around, reached down and pushed her shorts to the floor giving us all a clear look at her cute tush. Her thong panties did not come close to covering her pussy lips which peeked out at us from between her thighs. I quickly glanced at each girl in the circle and smiled. There were such different reactions! Nikki had covered her mouth with both hands, her eyes closed as if she didn’t want to see. Megan was giggling and telling Felecia how naughty she was! And Jessi was thoughtfully studying Felecia’s ass. She had this little smile working at the corners of her mouth and it was a face which wouldn’t quite let me figure out what she was thinking.

Felecia walked over to me and took me by the hand, helping me to my feet. I realized the moment of truth had arrived, and my heart started thumping wildly. I wasn’t exactly sure how this was going to play out, but looking at Felecia’s face, I knew she was sure.

She held my hand tightly and turned to look at the other three girls, smiling that little smile of hers and taking a deep breath. “Girls,” she began, “there’s something that Nancy and I need to tell you. We need to tell you because Nancy’s been your friend for like, well…like forever! And you’ve been so nice to me…letting me be your friend too! It isn’t good that we can’t be open about stuff with our friends.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Nikki. “We’ve always been open with each other, haven’t we?”

“Not lately,” I admitted. “Something’s happened that we need to tell you, and we wanted to tell you before you found out some other way. We didn’t want any hurt feelings.”

“I know what it is,” stated Jessi. “You two lost your virginity!”

Everyone laughed at the timing and seriousness of Jessi’s tone, but then Felecia quickly replied, “Kind of, I mean I wasn’t a virgin when I got to this school, but in a way, Nancy’s not a virgin either!”

Megan was still giggling, but she managed to say, “How can you not be a virgin, ‘in a way’?”

“Oh…I’m still a virgin…with guys!” I said abruptly.

The tone and implication were clear. All three girls got it immediately. Nicole, no one breathed for a full minute. Finally, Megan was able to catch herself and she stuttered as she said, “Are…are y…you two lovers?”

“Yes,” I was so relieved to get it out!

“You’re kidding!” said Nikki in disbelief.

“No, she’s not,” stated Felecia, “we’ve been having sex for almost two months now!”

“I can’t believe it,” said Nikki incredulously. “You’re lesbians?”

“Not lesbian, bi-sexual!”

“Well…whatever you call it, it’s disgusting!”

“No,” I said, “it’s not; It’s fun and beautiful and…”

Nikki stood up and began to gather her things. She was very stern and she turned to Jessi and Megan and said, “Let’s get out of here girls, It’s one thing to do a fashion show, and another to have a couple of lezzies ogling us!”

“Nikki,” I began, “It’s not like that, I…”

“Yes, it is like that…and I don’t want any part of it! Are you two coming with me?”

“I am,” said Megan, a little half-heartedly. Nikki hurriedly slipped on her clothes; Megan wasn’t that fast but she soon was dressed.

“What about you, Jessi?” said Nikki, glaring at her blonde friend.

“What about me?” replied Jessi, “Like I came to have fun, and have a sleepover and that’s what I’m having at the moment…Fun!”

“Well…fine!” snapped Nikki, “C’mon Megan, I’ll take you home!”

“You can’t, I drove!”

A thoroughly flustered Nikki stomped out the door, “Okay…fine,” she said, “you drop me off!” Megan followed her, but just before she went out the door, she turned and shrugged at Felecia and me.

“Nikki…” I began, and started for the door, but Felecia stopped me.

“Leave her alone, Nance, she’s just scared.”

“I can’t do that, we’ve been….”

“Felecia’s right, Nance, she’ll be ok, just let her cool off, she’ll think about it!” said Jessi.

It hurt me, Nicole, but I knew there was nothing we could do. The three of us went to the kitchen and sat around the table sipping a coke and talking about it. Jessi was really fine with it all and I so wished Nikki and Megan were too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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