Letters to Nicole 07

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Dear Nicole,

Things were so different around school after that. I mean they were different anyway seeing as how Ricky, Tim and C.J. were now involved. I was really nervous to see how everyone would interact on Monday morning. But the guys were so great…they were even nicer to us than they ever were before, and Megan and Jessi were still so excited about it. Felecia and I were excited too! It was fun having such a secret, every look and conversation had an erotic overtone. It was so very hot, just being around each other!

It was different with Nikki though. We didn’t want it to be different, but it was. She didn’t exactly ignore us, yet she spent more time with other kids than with us. So much so that a lot of girls noticed and asked us what the problem was. What could we say? That Nikki was just upset because we were bi-sexual? That thought was actually quite funny. Felecia and I laughed because we didn’t know what else to do.

But oh, Nicole! C.J. asked me out for Friday night! This was something different. We had been tight for so long as friends that I wasn’t sure what I should say when he asked. He was pretty bold about it too. He walked right up to me by our lockers and asked me out, even in front of Felecia and Megan.

He was so cute, “Ummm…Nance?”

“Oh, Hi…”

“I wanted to ask you something. Like can I?”

C.J.’s face was flushed, but his eyes were smoldering. “I just wanted to know if you’d, uhhh…like if you’d wanna…hang out with me on Friday?”

“Oh…I…seriously?” I was so surprised!

“Sure…just go get some pizza together or something.” Now that he got the question out there, he relaxed very quickly.

“Well…Okay, let’s…but if we’re just hanging out, can other people come too?”

Now he became a lot bolder, “I don’t care, as long as we understand that you’re with me!” He was smiling so broadly; It wasn’t a possessive statement…but he was serious.

“Alright, what shall we do then?”

“I’ll pick you up at 7:00, and tell everyone else to meet us down at Lorenzo’s.”


C.J. walked away with an extra bounce in his step.

“Wow…” said Felecia, “there’s a guy who knows what he wants!”

“What do you think he wants?”

“Are you kidding? After last week?” We both giggled all the way to our next classroom and sat down.

“Seriously, Felecia…I think this may be the time for me!” I was still smiling but she could tell what I was thinking.

“I think you’re right…and C.J. should be your first, you agree?” She laid her hand on my shoulder.

“Yes…but it sure would be nice to if you were there with me!”

She laughed out loud, “What….you want me to hold your hand and talk you through it?”

“Well…actually….” God, Nicole, did we ever laugh so hard there!

The class started and we got caught up with calculus, but you can be sure that every spare moment I had, my thoughts were taken up with what was going to happen on Friday. During the rest of the week, word got around to our friends that C.J. and I were gonna go out, and eventually everyone who knew planned on being there with us to hang out.

That night, we were at my house. My parents had gone out shopping and Felecia and I were spending quite a bit of time deciding what to wear on Friday. I was trying on the first of a few midriff T’s, and was in my bra, when the phone rang. I picked it up.

“Nance, it’s C.J.” He sounded a little nervous again.

“Oh, hi…What’s up?”

“Well…like something came up, and I don’t know what to do about it?”

“Maybe I can help…what is it?”

“Actually…is Felecia there?” This was a little unusual!


C.J. sounded a little relieved, “Oh good…well, I’d do better explaining it to her.”

I handed the phone to Felecia with a shrug, “He wants to talk to you!”

Felecia made a teasing face at me and put the phone to her ear, “Hellooo….” she said in a very sexy drawl. I slapped her playfully on the arm.

C.J. must have laughed because she giggled. At that point I ran out of the room and picked up the kitchen extension, just in time to hear him say, “and my aunt and uncle are in town for the weekend…with all my cousins. I’m sorta in charge of hangin’ with my cousin Teddy for a couple of days, starting Friday at about 6:00.”

“Okay,” said Felecia, “bring him along!”

“Oh, c’mon, Felecia,” said C.J. in a little frustration, “you know that Nance and I have some plans for later…”

Felecia laughed heartily, “No shit…you horny little devil!”

“Sure…you knew it!” I could have sworn I could feel C.J. blushing over the receiver. “But I can’t really leave Teddy alone when I’m with Nancy!”

“And you want me to hang with Teddy…right?”

“Felecia…Teddy’s cool, you’ll like him. He’s just a junior, but I swear you’ll like him! He’s pretty cute n’ cut, if I say so myself. Plays football too!”

Felecia cut in quickly, “I don’t care about the football part…Does he have a girlfriend?”

“No…uuhhh…not eryaman escort at the moment, Why?”

“Oh…I just wanted to know. Okay, Cee I’ll do you this favor, and we could almost call this a double date, couldn’t we?”

“Yeah…I guess, Felecia I really appreciate this!” C.J. sounded so grateful.

Felecia giggled, “You owe me one!” And she hung up.

“Now what?” I asked when I got back into my room. Felecia was sitting on the bed.

“Awww, he’s so cute! I just figured I needed to help you both out!”

“Yes…what a friend you are! Now you HAVE to go out with a cute football player!”

Felecia threw a pillow at me. “Last time I do you a favor!” she mocked.

I grabbed the pillow and swung it at her and she ducked and grabbed me around the waist, pulling me onto the bed. The little vixen started tickling me, knowing full well that I couldn’t take it. When I responded with gales of laughter, she clapped the pillow over my face to smother me, then tickled me even more. With all my strength, I spun over the top of her and pinned her down, grabbing her wrists and holding them to her side. She struggled, but not much. Our faces were scant inches apart and both of us were giggling and breathing heavily.

I looked into her eyes. They were deep and dark and beautiful…but there was something else there too that I had never really noticed before. Felecia didn’t say it, but her eyes did! She loved me! And her eyes were searching mine to find out if I loved her too. She must have seen what she was looking for, I knew that I loved her as well, and yes, she must have seen it because she smiled; a beautiful, loving smile, and those incredible eyes misted over.

“Kiss me, Nance,” she whispered.

I never, ever wanted her more than I did right then and my open mouth fell on hers with an indescribable passion. Our tongues battled fiercely for several seconds, our urgent moans filling the bedroom. Felecia yanked my bra up above my tits and grabbed at the soft flesh and nipples.

“Oh, Nancy…” she groaned into my mouth, trying to kiss and talk at the same time, “don’t ever stop kissing me…don’t ever stop loving me!”

The kiss was getting more insistent and I clasped the back of her neck and ears and pulled her mouth harder onto mine. “I won’t, Felecia, I can’t,” I cried, “I’ll always love you!”

She still had a hold of my breasts and when her kiss finally traveled off my lips she pushed me up a little and sucked my left nipple and tit deeply into her mouth, almost inhaling it! I gasped at the sudden extreme sucking feeling and rolled to the side, her mouth glued to my boob!. She rolled on top of me and I pushed the wild tresses of her hair behind her ears so that I could get a good look at her feasting on my tit.

“Oh God, Felecia…Mmmmm…yeah, suck ’em…aahhhh, yeah….just like that…oohhhh!”

Felecia changed to the other breast and lavished the same attention on it, except this time her teeth played the nipple each time my boob popped out of her mouth. My hands moved down her back and slid inside the waistband of her shorts. My fingers gripped her ass, pulling her hips into mine, and I allowed my middle fingers to penetrate into the crack and tickle her asshole.

“Aahhh…UUUhhhh…AAHHMM,” I cried out continuously as her tongue and lips and teeth, working on my nipples, sent arcs of electricity straight to my pussy.

Felecia murmured as she felt my fingers slip deeper between her legs under her panties. She was gushing wet and as her slick liquid coated my fingers, I spread it over her fat outer lips and pushed into her hole. “Oh, my God… Nance… m..mm… mmm, Oooooh, Fuck yesss!” Felecia’s mouth pulled away from my nipple and she arched her back as my fingers fucked her. “Oh yesss, Nance, fuck me… yes! Fuck my pussy…Ahhhmmm!”

I did it as much as I could, but our clothes became too confining…so I pulled her to me and whispered, “I need you naked so bad!”

Felecia giggled and stood up, peeling off her t-shirt and bra while I dropped to my knees and slid her shorts and thong to the floor. Running my hands up the back of her legs to the crease of her cheeks, I buried my face in her pussy and flicked at the top of her slit with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh, my God…FUCK!” she said, putting one hand on the top of my head and guiding me farther between her legs. “Ummm…you little nasty girl…that feels soooo good on my fuckin’ pussy! Lick it…Mmmmm….yesss!”

I couldn’t believe how much her words inflamed me, and I pushed my tongue between her swollen labia and lapped at her clit eagerly. Felecia grabbed at her own tits, mashing them against her chest and then pushed the left one up, feverishly licking the taut nipple, then sucking it hard into her mouth. I took two fingers and quickly worked them into her sopping wet pussy, pushing in deeply to the base and twisting them around and around, back and forth, until she screamed from the heat my fingers and tongue were generating.

“Oohhh, yeah! Fuck eryaman escort bayan me! Ooohh…God, you little slut, I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that!” I groaned and pushed harder into her and she cried out again, “Oh Fuck yeah…God…Nancy…Fuck my pussy just like that, Oh my God!” I wrapped my lips around her clit then and sucked her hard, adding a third finger and working over her steaming cunt as if I were possessed…because I was!

“Oh, God…I’m gonna cum!” Felecia cried! She ground her pussy into my mouth as the first contraction slammed her and with each successive spasm her body shook hard with pleasure. I tore my mouth off her pussy, my fingers still inside, and looked up at her. Her face was contorted as if she was in pain, but her moans told me otherwise. I eased my fingers out of her and when I did, her eyes opened. When she saw me looking up at her, she fell on her knees and pulled me close, burying her tongue in my mouth. Oh, Nicole, she just felt so wonderful, and she tasted so good!

“Your turn,” she giggled, gently pushing me backward onto the floor and whipping off my shorts and panties as fast as she could. When I spread my legs for her to eat my pussy she said, “No, Baby….not that way; here, do this!” She took me by the ankles and pulled my legs together. At first I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but then, holding my ankles together, she began lifting my legs up straight over the top of my head. My ass lifted off the carpet and Felecia wedged her knee under it a little, propping it off the floor.

When both of my feet got up next to my left ear, I realized what she was about to do and I cried out, “Oh…you fucking little slut…mmmmm…oh, yesss!”

My ass was directly in her face now, and I knew my swollen sex lips had to be poking out at her from between my thighs. Felecia held my legs in place with her hands on my thighs and she gingerly began to lick my pussy from this wildly erotic angle. I could feel her tits hanging against my ass cheeks as she licked me. Her tongue didn’t penetrate my pussy yet, she just kept licking the outer lips with the tip, teasing me, my body shaking with the sensation and anticipation. She got closer and closer and closer to my asshole. She was going to lick that too, and I knew that when she did I was going to scream! My little asshole was clenching hard, waiting for that tongue.

The first touch on my anus set me off! I screamed with pleasure and cramping hit me right in the stomach. Felecia wouldn’t let my legs come down, strongly holding them in place while the tip of her tongue rimmed my asshole three or four times. She lapped at my ass then and drove her tongue hard up my gash, deeply forcing its way between my labia and flicking hard at my clit when it got there.

“Oh…Felecia…” I cried, “what are you doing to me? Oh, God, what are you doing….ummm….ahhhh….” She let my legs apart just a little, enough to allow her tongue more freedom to move and she began to slide it up and down my girl slit…from anus to clit…and back and forth! Oh, Nicole, I thought I was going to die! I grabbed at my boobs and gave myself over to the indescribable fire that she was generating between my legs. She sucked at my clitty then and fingered my asshole, and when I told her I was close to cumming she stopped sucking and pointed her tongue, driving it deep into my vagina. My pussy exploded and I saw multiple stars as the orgasm raced through me.

Felecia let my legs down and crawled behind me, cradling me gently in a spooning position. Slowly my body calmed down and when my breathing returned to normal I turned over and we kissed some more. No one kisses like Felecia and we made out together for several more minutes before finally getting up.

For the next few days I thought hard about what I was getting myself into. Every time I thought of Felecia I almost decided to break the date. But then I thought about the future; that I wanted a family, a husband and children, and my thoughts would swing back the other way. It was too hard to think about and I finally decided that I was just too young to make this decision right now. “Just go on the date, Nancy,” I told myself, “go on the date and have fun.”

Friday night came quickly anyway and Felecia rang the bell promptly at 6:45. When she opened the door, she simply took my breath away. She’d gotten her hair cut quite short in a cute little bob and her make-up was perfect, picking up her eyes so perfectly and accentuating her beautiful mouth. She had on a white halter top and no bra and her nipples were hard, clearly outlined through the light material. Her tight royal blue shorts hugged her ass and when she threw her arms around me, I couldn’t resist running my hands down the small of her bare back and along the curvy lines of her cute butt.

“Oh, Nancy…like you look so awesome,” she cooed, and I glanced in the hall mirror. I had to admit, Nicole, I did look my best. I had on some black low-rider jeans that showed off my toned tummy and studded navel. My light yellow top escort eryaman was very tight with spaghetti straps and a scoop neck (we both were braless), and Felecia ran her finger down my cleavage and gave me goosebumps. “I love this top,” she said. “When did you get this?”

Before I could answer, the bell rang again, and there stood C.J., smiling broadly. “Hey you,” I said smiling back. “Where’s your cousin…Oh, there he is!” C.J. had moved aside and there at the bottom of the stairs stood Teddy. I couldn’t see him too well, the sun was just about gone. “C’mon in for a sec,” I said, “Felecia and I have to go to my room for just a bit.”

C.J. walked right in and gave us both a hug. He told Felecia she looked wonderful but when he looked at me in the brighter light of the living room, his eyes softened and his lips trembled, before he managed to say, “Oh, my God, Nance…you look…you look just great!”

I touched his shoulder and swept my hand down his arm to hold his hand, “Thanks, Cee, You looked beautiful too!” We all laughed.

“C.J. turned as the screen door opened again, and Teddy stepped into the room. “Hey, you two…this is my cousin, Teddy! Teddy…this is Nancy…and this,” C.J. pointed to Felecia, “this is Felecia!”

For a long second neither Felecia nor I said a word. I looked at her face and giggled. There was no doubt about it…Teddy was hot, and she knew it! He was wearing a skin tight purple t-shirt and khaki shorts with sandals. You could tell he was a football player, broad shoulders, and muscular arms (but not obscenely so). His short black hair was spiked so cute and his brown eyes were so dark, they almost looked black. His eyes held Felecia’s for a long time before they spoke.

“Hello, Teddy,” she said very evenly. I giggled, I couldn’t help it! I knew she was impressed, her whole body showed it.

Teddy didn’t even say hi to her. He turned to C.J. and said, “Oh yes, Cee…you weren’t kidding, she’s gorgeous!”

He said it so perfectly cool, that Felecia blushed. “We’ll be back in a minute, c’mon, Nance.”

Retreating to the bedroom, she and I clasped hands and almost laughed out loud. “Oh, my goodness, like is he the gorgeous one?” I whispered enthusiastically.

“No shit!” Felecia echoed. “He can take me right now!” Gales of laughter followed, the guys had to hear us in the living room! We pulled ourselves together enough to grab our purses and our sandals and giggle our way out to the car.

“What’s so funny, Babe?” C.J. asked as he helped me into the car.

I turned and kissed him on the cheek, “Nothin’…just girl stuff…” Then I whispered in his ear, “Did you bring any condoms, Cee?”

C.J.’s whole body jerked with surprise, and he looked at me with a pleased shock on his face, “Uhhh…yeah…yesss!”

And then I shocked him again, “Did you bring some for Teddy?” and I winked at him.

C.J. grinned broadly, “Yup, we brought plenty!”

I smiled and reached out, putting one hand on his shoulder. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and said, “Good…then we’re ready; let’s go have some fun!”

And we did too, Nicole, we had a blast. All our friends were there, even Nikki. All of us danced and played pool and ate a lot of pizza. C.J. was even a lot more fun as a date than he ever was as just a friend; but maybe that was because I was looking forward to the trip home.

And he tested me, also. One time when I was leaning over the table to take a shot in pool, he leaned on top of me, presumably to help me line it up. But just as I was going to hit the ball, he hissed in my ear, “Nance…I’m gonna fuck you soooo good!” and I completely missed the cue ball!

But I regained my composure, and turned to him, smiling shyly. I stepped into his space and put my lips up against his as if to kiss him, and said into his mouth, “I know…I can’t wait!” Then I licked his lower lip with the tip of my tongue. You should have seen him, Nicole; he reached for me quickly, but I scurried around the table just out of his reach. He chased me a little, but the bathroom door was right there, so I just stepped inside. After peeing I went back out. C.J. was over by the soda dispenser getting a couple cokes.

I went over and poked him in the ribs almost causing him to drop one of the drinks and we sat down in a corner and sipped them together. “It’s almost time to leave, don’t ya’ think,” he said with a gleam in his eye!

“I do, I think we need enough time for this, I don’t want to have to rush home.” I took him by the arm and squeezed it.

C.J. looked deeply into my eyes and said, “Like you’re sure about this, right Nance? We’ve always had so much fun together; I don’t want to spoil what we have!”

“I’m really sure…” I replied. “I’ve been thinking about it all week and I really want to do it.”

C.J. put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close, holding me for several minutes. He was breathing hard and so was I. The tension was building…but it was the good kind. I was very excited and my stomach was churning with desire. There was an itch in my pussy tonight that I knew only one thing would satisfy. Looking around for Teddy and Felecia, I said to him, “Well…if we’re going to go, we need to find our two other lovebirds! Where do you think they are?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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