Letters to Sue: Conclusion

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I don’t have time to write a recollection this evening and I’ll probably be very busy most of next week. Hope you can survive without me.Just curious – does anyone else write you stories or is it mostly pictures and some nasty talk?

I do want to add a few details to the family trilogy that I just ended writing and sending to you. My hard cock truly enjoyed stiffening inside of mom Cora and her two daughters Bethany and Melanie.

The last time I fucked Cora was that same summer I was sleeping with all three. We were all up at her cabin (me and friends, Bethany, Melanie and Cora). I went running by myself and when I returned all hot and sweaty everyone but Cora was pulling away on the boat.

I came up behind Cora with my shirtless hot sweaty body and watched as the boat pulled out of sight. Cora was wearing a blue bikini swimsuit and I pressed my sweaty chest against her shoulders and kissed her on the neck. She said “No, honey, the kids might come back.”I pressed my hard cock against her ass cheeks and kissed the other side of her neck. “No, honey, my boyfriend is supposed to visit this morning. My one arm reached around her cupping her breasts as I used the other hand to slide down my sweaty running shorts. My cock began to slide along her clit. “No, honey, please don’t” she moaned.

I eased her swimsuit out of the way and the tip of my cock began to enter her very wet pussy. “Oh, no honey” was all Cora said as she reached down and helped me enter. She leaned forward and grabbed the window sill istanbul escort as I began to fuck her. Any one on the water could have seen us in the window if they looked. We made love like that for twenty minutes as Cora moaned in pleasure.God, it was great holding on to her ass watching my cock slide in.

Sweet eighteen year old Bethany always seemed to know when I had fucked her mom. She tended to ‘thank me’ within a week of Cora and I going at it. The day I told you about fucking her mom on the steps is one example. That evening late there was a knock on my door.

“Can I come in?”. Obviously it was Bethany. She was wearing one of her stripper outfits – white lace-up boots and a very short white knit dress. She took my hand and led me back to my bed. “Thanks for what you did for my mom today. She won’t be bitchy for at least a week.” Then she started deep throating me.

I watched Bethany suck on my cock for what seemed like forever. Her long hair caressed my bare thighs. Her ass lifted in the air and her short dress slid forward. I loved watching her high heeled boots swing with her every lick. Bethany crawled forward on me.She took my cock in her hand and guided it into her wet pussy while she sat on me. “God, your cock is so big.” She slipped her dress off over her head while saying “I know why mother fucks you.” Then Bethany leaned forward and kissed me. “Fuck me as hard as you do her. Make me scream like her.” I grabbed her ass and started furiously pumping her little 18 year old body until she istanbul escort bayan was rolling her head back screaming uncannily like her mother. What a beautiful body she had. No wonder she made so much stripping.

I only fucked Melanie one other time. She would look at me with lust a lot of times but she would never follow thru because she didn’t want to loose her boyfriend.

The only other time I fucked her was once we were back in school. Melanie, her roommate and a friend of mine had gone out for the evening but the weather had turned bad. We barely made it to their dorm room.We sat up talking a while about how maybe the storm would let up but the snow just got worse. Eventually we decided we had better spend the night. Sleeping arrangements made for a little uncomfortable talk but it was settled that Melanie and I would share her bed and my friend would share the bed with her roommate. We were both admonished to behave ourselves. We crawled into bed and turned out the lights.

There was a lot of nervous giggling but eventually everyone settled down. Melanie relaxed in a spoon position in my arms. She was wearing a flannel night gown and I was in some gym shorts her roommate had loaned me. We all fell asleep in that restful position.

I was awakened at about 3 am by Melanie caressing my face and my cock.I gently kissed her and she whispered “Be very quiet. I think they’re asleep.”She pulled down the shorts I was wearing and started giving me a hand job.She leaned in again and whispered istanbul bayan escort “You have the best cock I’ve ever had.”

Just then our roommates made some noise and Melanie squeezed my cock tightly as if that would keep me quiet. We listened for a bit and after a time of quiet she started stroking me with her hands. She slowly eased up her flannel nightgown and I let my fingers play with her clit. Melanie then whispered to me “Do you think we can make love without waking them? I want you tonight.” “We can try.”

I slowly and gently moved till my hard cock was ready to enter her. Melanie eased herself over my cock and let out a squeaky gasp and then giggled. She placed her hand over her mouth in an attempt to keep from making more noise. Her body was trembling with orgasm, probably from the excitement of making love with her roommate sleeping across the room.

I slowly fucked Melanie and she strained to keep from making noise. Soon, however, we started hearing curious noises from the other side of the room.

Those two were fucking while trying to keep us from waking up. I think both girls realized that at the same time because both stopped trying to be quiet. The room exploded with the sounds of two women being fucked. It excited them both. I went hard at Melanie making her cum again.

It had stopped snowing and the streetlight was reflecting in the window. I could see the others fuck. I wanted Melanie to see too, so I rolled her over and entered her from behind. She stared at them as I held her hips and ran my cock into her. Her roommate was on top arching her back. Her breasts bounced in the air. Melanie really got off with my cock in her ass while she watched her roommate fuck. Melanie started squeaking again. She nearly tore her sheets off as I came inside her.

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