Levi’s Fantasy Comes True

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2 – Levi’s Fantasy Comes True

Joe has been in our lives since we met. What I mean is that he has been a story in my mind and a reality in Jules’ mind. I have never met Joe in person, but Jules has retold stories about him. She sees my reaction to these retellings, and loves me enough to continue.

One night as we were watching the television, Jules turned to me and asked if we had any plans for the following weekend. I checked my calendar and replied. I had nothing. With a twinkle in her eyes she informed me that the National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair was in Philadelphia that weekend and Joe was attending. His Fresno firm was sponsoring a portion of the conference, so Joe and one of the other partners were attending.

“Would you like to finally meet Joe?” Jules calmly ask. Her eyes glanced down at my penis. As usual, we are naked while watching TV, and my reaction to her question became quickly obvious.

My “Sure” response was tepid verbally, but penis displayed my true feelings – “FUCK YEAH.”

Jules grinned and lowered her head onto my lap.

“You mean the person who jerked himself off into my mouth while I was under a kitchen table?” Jules’ tongue flicked hard at the underside of my aroused organ.

“Yes,” I panted.

“You mean the person who placed me up-side-down against a wall and slipped his massive package into me as I watched?” Another flick of the tongue.

My mind was back to her tales. Those tales were so sordid and raw… and so fucking real to me. “Yes,” I stammered.

“You mean the person I blew in a frat house while his roommates waited to talk to him? I don’t think you really want to meet this guy, do you Levi?”. With that Jules slip her mouth over the tip of my pulsating organ, and sucked hard.

My mind and penis could hold back no more. Even though it’s only been about less than two minutes since the beginning of the conversation, semen unexpectedly departed my body and flowed into the teasing and wanting mouth of Jules.

“God, I love this woman,” I thought to myself as Jules went into the kitchen to remove the deposit from her mouth. I cannot imagine life without her. I sighed, relaxed, and welcomed her back into my arms on the sofa. We watched TV in silence until bedtime. I never stopped holding her.

Saturday rolled around (slowly). We spent the morning cleaning the house and the afternoon shopping for food. Jules is an excellent cook and can pull a meal, appetizers, and dessert quickly, so we had a little time to spare.

Jules poured us a glass of wine, and she took my hand. “I want to make you look presentable,” she whispered seductively.

“Presentable?” I think to myself. Jules has never been particular about the clothing I wear (except my polo shirt has to have at least one button buttoned). But I played along… intrigued.

Jules asked me to get a bath prepared so that we could bathe together. That seemed like a good idea, so I did as she asked. The water was hot as the two of us slipped in. She added some oils to the water, so soon our skin was soft, and we were very free from tension and anxiety.

After about fifteen minutes, Jules asked me to sit on the side of the tube. “I’m about to try something I haven’t tried since living with Ralph,” Jules notified me.

I got a little tingle. Her tales about Ralph were nice. They were not raw, like Joe’s, but loving, caring, and sort of normal. My favorite wasn’t even sexual. Ralph sat her down on the kitchen floor, blindfolded her, and gave her different foods and tastes for her to try. To me, it was strangely erotic… and fun.

I sat on the edge of the tub as requested. Jules pulled out some shaving cream and a razor. “Sit still,” she said as she started slowly shaving the hairs from my pubic region. She gently moved my penis and testicles this way and that, trying to get all the hairs, while trying not to nick my sensitive areas. When she finally completed her task, I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. Wow, I just gained two inches!

Jules reached out, pulled my penis towards her, and give it a kiss. “Let’s get ready for the evening, shall we?”

We got dressed and headed down to the kitchen. I put some music on, and Jules started preparing the food for the guests. She explained to me that she contacted Joe and invited him, his wife, and his law partner over. She has no expectations for the evening, but wanted me to feel secure and safe. Nothing will occur that will make anyone uncomfortable. Regardless of all the tales that she has told me, Joe is a decent and good person. Jules is also anxious to finally meet the woman that has tamed Joe. All she knows about her is that her name is Mercedes, and doesn’t know anything about his partner other that he is an attorney.

We poured ourselves another glass of wine and put the final touches on the food and house. Jules moved, no glided, around the kitchen. I sat there looking at an amazing woman floating around the room, humming Bursa Escort and singing to some Country song that I put on the stereo for her. The newly lit candles replaced the overhead lights on the first floor of the house. Everything was perfect for the evening, and my life. No one in the world felt as good as I did at that moment.

A knock at the front door released me from my trance, and shook me back to reality. I gathered Jules and we went to the front door. Jules reached for the door knob, looked at me, winked, and opened the door.

In front of us were three well-dressed people, two guys and a lady. I smiled broadly and welcomed them in. We introduced ourselves and took their coats. Jules was visibly shaken. I didn’t understand why, but we had to act cordial. I got drinks for our guests as we settled down in the living room.

“So, this is the guy that finally stole the heart of Jules,” Joe said. “I always wondered who that guy would be. Congratulations, Levi. You have one of the finest ladies I have ever met. A toast!”

We all raised our glasses, but Jules was less than enthusiastic. “What is going on?” I asked myself.

Joe’s partner, Micah, remained rather quiet. I tried to engage him into the conversation once in a while, but there was very little gusto. He was polite, but not engaging. Most of the conversation was generated my myself, Joe, and his wife.

I got up to get the appetizers going, and noticed that Jules had gone to the bathroom. The guests were chatting and listening to music, so I slipped out to see what was bothering Jules. I met her outside the bathroom, and asked what was going on.

“Do you remember the story about the revenge fuck against Joe?” Jules whispered. I nodded. “That’s him! I told you that I didn’t remember his name, but now I recognize him. I have had no contact with him since the hallway encounter twenty-five years ago. Now he’s in my living room. What the fuck? I still do not know if Joe knows about our tryst.”

Okay, my mind was racing, and my penis woke up. I have to tell you what I know about this union. Jules has retold these stories to me on more than one occasion, and every time they arouse me. The latter story caused two orgasms within a couple hours of each other while I was away on company business. She texted that story to me, so I had the ability to reread. These are the tales as I remember them:

Back in her college days, Jules had suspicions that Joe was messing around on her. She saw eye contacts in bars with certain sorority sisters, people whispering behind her back, etc. Jules was starting to get pissed. She had sex with him whenever, wherever, and however he wanted. What more does he want?

The first encounter was not planned. Joe’s penis was well known across the campus. Many guys were jealous of this fact. A few guys wanted to get back at Joe and his reputation by bedding his girlfriend, but Joe was not a person you wanted to piss off, so these feelings remained dormant.

One night Jules found herself alone in the club that she and Joe frequented. She recognized a friend of Joe’s at the club, but did not know his name. This is perfect. She had a few cocktails, he wasn’t bad looking, and he was a friend of Joe’s. I’m going to fuck him, she thought to herself.

Jules made eye contact with the friend, and soon he sat beside her. He started talking and she quickly just touched his lips with her pointer finger.

“Do you have a quiet place we can go?”, Jules asked.

“I do”, the friend responded.

“Let’s go”, she demanded.

They settled the bar bill, and walked in total silence to his apartment.

As they entered his apartment, they both undressed and headed to the bedroom. He stood by the edge of the bed while Jules sucked his dick to get him hard and wet. With one smooth motion, he turned her around, placed her on all fours in the middle of the bed, and positioned himself behind her. The erection glided easily into her wanting and (by now) wet pussy. She moaned. He grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her roughly. Jules’ breasts and hair countered his thrusts and flew everywhere. Suddenly he stopped.

He slowly withdrew until he was almost out, then, with no warning, CRACK! His hand came down on her naked ass, then he thrusted in. Jules screamed. Heat and unexpected pleasure overtook Jules. Again, he slowly withdrew, and CRACK! The hand landed again as he unceremoniously penetrated her womanhood. Over and over this attack came. Jules’ eyes rolled back into her head, sweat poured off of her face and back, juices flowed from her vagina (or at this point, cunt), and there were a series of red hand prints on both of her ass cheeks. The man never stopped the assault until grabbed both of her hips, thrusted in fully, and unleashed into her. He withdrew a little, then violently thrust in again to complete man’s ancient ritual.

Jules’ knees buckled as the man collapsed on top of her. Both were breathing heavily.

Finally, Bursa Bayan after catching their breath, he rolled off of her. Again, he started saying something, and again she placed her finger on his lips. She got up, got dressed, and took one last look at him. His deflating organ flopped to one side as he laid on his back, a very large puddle was on the center of the bed, and his eyes were closing.

As she was leaving the apartment, she thought, Joe is never going to find out about this; this guy isn’t going to risk getting his assed kicked, and I’m not going to risk losing Joe. But it was fun. I have never been spanked before, but I think I may give that a try again!

Jules only had one more encounter with Micah (now she knows his name). Once more, she had strong suspicions about Joe messing around, and once more she found herself alone with Joe’s friend. But this time they danced for a long time to some old-school hip-hop, bumping and grinding to the heavy beats of the music. They both knew what was going to happen, so during one of the songs, he grabbed her hand and left the bar. One more time they walked in silence to his apartment. She had absolutely nothing in common with him other than sex, so why ruin it with small talk. Jules wanted so bad for the same type encounter as before, but he had different ideas.

They entered his apartment and he immediately pushed her against the hallway wall and kissed her hard. He broke the kiss and informed her that she is going to suck his dick until he unloaded. Jules shrugged her shoulders, nodded in agreement, dropped to her knees and slid down his sweat pants. His dick was long, black, rock hard, and slapped her in the face upon it’s freedom from the pants. They both laughed.

Jules slowly licked the tip and slid it into her mouth. This is not what he wanted. He grabbed the back of her head and the erection quickly slid to the back of her throat. He started fucking her skull with absolutely no regards for her comfort or enjoyment. He was on a mission to just plain cum.

Before long he was in a nice rhythm. Jules could taste his precum and knew it wouldn’t be long. She could take most of his length, but not all. Jules didn’t want to swallow because it wasn’t her thing, but she had no choice. She was not going to allow him to cum on her face so she decided to take it in her mouth.

The man stopped thrusting and Jules started sucking. After about a minute of sucking, he placed two hands on either side of her head, and took one last thrust. Juices started flowed violently into her mouth. There was so much cum that it came flowing out of her mouth. He had a hold of Jules’ head so she couldn’t pull out until he was done. She held her breath, so when he finished she let out a huge sigh along with all his cum back onto his dick. Jules smiled. He was a quiet cummer even though we were alone, and liked that control. It seemed to intensify his orgasm.

Jules stood up and told him she had to leave. She went back to the bar, hooked back up with some of her friends, and had a very fun evening.

“Levi!!” a voice came from nearby.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jules. I was somewhere else. To tell you the truth, I cannot read people well, but I have the feeling that Joe does not know about your encounters with Micah. By what I sense, it is probably better that way. Let’s enjoy the evening.”

I went into the bathroom to pee, and Jules returned to the guests. When I rejoined the party, Jules was in the kitchen talking to Micah, and Joe and Mercedes were still on the couch. We talked for a while as Micah and Jules came back. They both were smiling. I sensed that whatever Jules had discussed with him smoothed things over.

The evening carried on, and so did the alcohol. We all started getting a little tipsy. The sexual innuendos and sexual conversation got ramped up. I was sitting on an overstuffed chair with Jules on my lap, and on the sofa was Mercedes, Joe, and Micah – in that order.

“How good is your memory, Jules?” Mercedes blurted out.

“It’s not as sharp as it used to be,” she laughed.

“Come sit over here, Jules,” Joe said. Jules looked at Mercedes. She nodded.

Jules got up and sat between Joe and Micah. She rested her hands on their closest legs. She squeezed her Joe hand, and exclaimed, “Now my memory is getting better.” Everyone laughed.

Jules whispered something into Joe’s ears, which caused Joe to look at me and smile broadly. Also, a noticeable bulge appeared in his pants.

“Levi, come with me,” Jules said as she got up and took my hand. We went back to the master bedroom, and Jules disrobed me.

“The safe word is ‘red’ Levi. Whatever is going on at that moment, it will stop. Say this word if anything is physically or emotionally unacceptable. Now sit down on that chair and put your hands behind you.” I did what I was instructed. Jules bound my two hands together, then attached them to the chair. My penis has to be the stupidest organ Escort Bursa of my body. It has no idea what is about to happen, but was fully erect with anticipation of something.

Jules left and after a few seconds, returned with the other three. For a moment, it was awkward as the four fully clothed people looked at me, naked, bound, and aroused.

“You are going to have the evening of your dreams, Levi,” Joe said. He reached out and swept up Jules and passionately kissed her. Jules’ hand started undoing his pants. His pants and underwear fell to the floor. My eyes must have doubled in size. This guy’s dick is not human. What the fuck? Jules has described it multiple times, but to see it in person – wow!

Mercedes walked over to me, bent down and kissed my hard on. “Nice and clean, I like that in a man,” she said while caressing my pubic region with the back of her hand. Then she started to strip very erotically in front of me. This woman’s body was incredible. Short dark hair, bronze skin, large natural breasts, big ass, and thick legs. My idea of a perfect body. I glanced over to Jules, and she was on her knees between Micah and Joe – alternating blowing and stroking the two penises. By this time, all five of us were naked.

Mercedes stood to one side of me, leaned over, and placed my erection into her mouth. Her large breasts hung down and swayed each time she took my cock in and out. I wanted so bad to reach out and touch them – FUCKING RESTRAINTS.

Jules stood up and laid down on the bed on her back. She dangled her head over the edge, and our eyes met. We were face-to-face, but she was upside down. Joe climbed onto the bed and slipped his monster into her vagina. Jules’ eyes closed and she moaned. “My memory has cleared up fully,” she lamented in a sultry voice that I did not recognize. Joe thrusted into her. The entire member disappeared. My God, I thought to myself, it must be up to her lungs.

In the meantime, Micah positions himself at the entrance to her mouth. He slowly slides his dick into her throat. I guess in this position, deepthroating is not as difficult, and his penis was long, but skinny. He stopped for a moment. His balls are covering her nose, but her eyes were crystal clear. Our gazes met, and even though there was a cock in her throat, she smiled. She has to be one of the most giving women on the planet. I loved her more at that instant than I ever had.

But the romantic portion of the evening was over. Micah pulled his dick half out, and started relying on Joe’s thrusts to control Jules’ body. Ever lunge that Joe took into Jules’ torso, caused her mouth to move over Micah’s dick. It was perfectly synchronized. Every few strokes Joe would be particularly forceful, which caused Jules to moan. Thrust after thrust penetrated her, when suddenly, she screamed a muffled screamed, her eyes rolled back, her back arched, and Jules came! It looked intense. Her hands gripped the sheets so tightly that her knuckles turned white. Guttural noises emitted from her filled throat. She was in the “Jules Zone.” According to all the stories that Jules told me, this has only happened once before. I am witnessing the second time in her life that she came during intercourse.

Jules’ body returned to the bed and she lessened the grip on the sheets, when I hear a grunt. Joe was taking full advantage of Jules’ cavity, and started filling it up. She was right, a simple grunt, and he comes. He grabbed hold of her hips, thrusted into her, and held still. Men have ugly come faces, and Joe was no exception. He closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and grimaced. In a few seconds he was finished and collapsed.

Mercedes’ tongue and mouth never stopped. She seemed to detect the action that was going on behind her, and her rhythm and technique matched. I think my mouth just remained open and jaw dropped at the scene before me. Jules had recovered and our eyes focused on one another again. Because Joe was finished, Micah had to take over the movements in and out of her mouth. He reached out, grabbed Jules’ breasts, and thrusted over and over into her skull. His balls kept hitting her nose. The thrusting got quicker and quicker when all of a sudden his body tensed, he took one deep penetration, and stiffened. It was neat to watch from my vantage point. His nuts bobbed up and down with each release of sperm into her. He was not as quiet as Joe, but remained in control. Semen flowed from the sides of Jules’ mouth as Micah finished. He withdrew, panting hard, as strings of cum and spit remained attached to her mouth and his cock. He joined Joe on the bed, spent.

Jules got up, wiped her face with the back of her hand, and walked over to me. Mercedes was now down on her knees in front of me. Jules kissed me, looked down at Mercedes, and smiled. Mercedes started sucking hard on the head of my dick. Jules kissed me again and we looked deeply into each other’s eyes. I could hold back no longer. While gazing at each other, I unleashed the best orgasm of my life. Mercedes kept up the suction, and Jules never broke our gaze. I probably had an uglier cum face than Joe, but I didn’t care. Just at the last contraction, Jules placed her hand on the back of my head and kissed me deeply. The world is perfect.

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