Lexi Ch. 02

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I hope you enjoyed reading Lexi, Chapter 1. If this is the first chapter you are reading, let me introduce myself. My name is Lexi, and I love sex, pleasure and pain. I am writing a journal of my most memorable sexual experiences. I have always experimented, touched and played with myself as far back as I can remember. I started our last tale at the beginning, with my first sexual encounter with another person, my best friend Ann. All persons in this story are 18 years old or older.


I had just come home on my first break from college. I was so glad to be home, finally a little more freedom and privacy. I had been masturbating in the bathroom or in the shower everyday since I left for school. I lived in a dorm with 3 other girls. Hence the curling iron from the last story. My sexual union with Ann had awoken something inside of me. We hadn’t spent much time together since we left for college, but we did talk on the phone everyday. She was interested in a guy from her school, and needed help making herself a little more attractive. She needed my help, I was nervous and excited at the same time, We would be spending a lot of time alone. Will things between us be awkward? Will she want to do it again? And most importantly will I?

I called to let her know I was on the way as soon as I knew that I could use the car. A strange voice answered the phone and said, “Hello”.

It was a deep voice, I thought it was her step dad. I asked, “May I speak to Ann please?” In the sweetest, most innocent way I could.

The strong voice on the other end answer, “who are you?”

I replied, “Lexi, is Ann around?”

He said sarcastically, “You are a friend of Ann’s? I didn’t know she had any friends”.

I assertively with frustrated in my voice said, “Is she around or not!?”

He questioned with a come hither tone, “What will you do for me?”

I wasn’t sure what to reply, for the first time in my life I didn’t know what to say. After a long pause I growled, “I don’t know, just get Ann for me!”

He said with a bounce in his voice, ” I’m Matt and I was just being an asshole”. Then he screamed for her to come get the phone. Matt…with a grown up mans voice that made my panties wet. Why have I not met you before? I thought to myself.

Once I finally got Ann on the phone I had a million questions about who Matt was. I found out, he was her oldest stepbrother and he just moved back into the house after a failed attempt of living on his own. She said he was a loser and she hated him, but I was intrigued. I rushed to her house hoping to get a glimpse of him, but sadly he had gone out for the afternoon.

On my way back home I couldn’t stop thinking about the sound of his deep voice, and what he must look like. He sounded like a man not the immature boys I went to school with. I imagined the ways he could use me, and what Ann had done to me just a few weeks earlier. I was on fire inside, I could feel how swollen I was and an intense burning in my stomach.

Thank god I was finally home I was so horny, I went straight to my bedroom and locked the door. I had a full size waterbed with a big, wooden headboard the had built in shelving. I took the full length mirror off my bedroom door, and laid it sideways on the bottom lip of the shelves. The mirror was almost level with the top of the mattress, perfect height to watch as I pleasured myself.

My nipples were so hard they hurt and my virgin pussy was glistening. I started striping off my clothes, I couldn’t wait to touch my soft and supple, naked body. I grabbed my favorite toy, my trusty cologne bottle out of its secret hiding place in the closet, double checked the door and slid into bed.

I positioned my feet on top of the headboard, far apart and scooted my bum as close to the mirror as I could. I started out slow by rubbing, squeezing and lightly pinching my nipples with my left hand and caressing the opening to my love hole with the fingers on my right hand. I was really wet inside, god my pussy was aching with desire.

I couldn’t wait any longer, the ache was too intense. I needed to feel something inside of me. I leaned forward so I could have a good view, I took the cologne bottle in my right hand, and put my right arm, under my right leg. I have perfect access this way, then I used my left hand to hold open my pussy lips and gently rub my clit, pinching it and rubbing it with my hot juices. I took the cologne bottle and started rubbing it against my opening.

I was still technically a virgin and it was a slow process to put the whole thing inside, which is what I wanted. I knew I was wet enough already, and that wouldn’t be a problem this time. I put the tip of the 3″ bottle neck against my pussy hole and started to push. As soon as the tip popped in, I was in ecstasy. I could feel it stretching me open to accommodate it’s small size. I pushed the skinny bottle neck about half way into my twat, I felt so full.

I was still messaging my nub with my left hand and watching myself in the mirror. I loved watching my fingers Şirinevler escort messaging my sensitive clit. My pussy was so shiny and such a pretty pink, and watching the bottle open me up and then disappear inside, sent me through the roof. I pulled it back out, right to the tip. I pushed it back in faster than before. I could feel that it had gone in a little further. The stretching really hurt, but I wanted more! I started to pull it out and hoped on reentry it would go deeper than before. I was rubbing my clit between my fingers now. I couldn’t wait to watch my pink pussy spasm in the mirror. I was ready to cum, I needed to cum! Just as I was about to cum my mom knocked on the door, she wanted me to put my laundry away. She tried to open the door, luckily it was locked.

She said, “Lexi what are you doing in there open the door!”

I jumped up and threw my clothes on. I put the bottle neck in my mouth and sucked it clean and then placed it on the shelf. My parents are very conservative and I would be disowned if they knew what I was doing.

After I put my laundry away I called Ann, we only talked long enough for her to tell me she was going shopping for bra’s and underwear with her mom and grandmother. A couple of hours passed and I was bored. We had a jacuzzi bath tub, so I decided to soak in the tub while I was waiting for Ann to get home. I took the cordless phone in the bathroom with me just in case she called. I soaked in the tub for a little while, but I was getting impatient, I decided to call and see if she was home yet.

Matt answered the phone, I was pleasantly surprised. I asked for Ann.

He simply said, “No she’s not back yet.”

I could tell by the tone is his voice something was wrong,

I asked if he wanted to talk until she got home.

He said, he had nothing better to do, and he was home alone. Then he asked what I was doing, and when I told him I was in the bath tub, the conversation turned sexual immediately.

I was still worked up from earlier, so I was game. I asked what he looked like and specifically how big his cock was? I was trying to tease him with that question.

He said he was almost 6 feet and weighed about 140lbs with an 8 inch cock and thick.

I wasn’t sure how big that was, but the way he said it made it sound big.

He asked me what I looked like?

I told him. I am 5’6″, long auburn hair down to my waist, my eyes are hazel, I weigh about 125lbs, my breast are 32D .

He told me how hard his cock was and how good it felt to stroke it.

We talked about what we would do to each other when we were face to face. It was long, hard, and throbbing for me he said. I could hear him moaning gently through the phone.

My nipples were so stiff they hurt, my pussy juice was so thick, much thicker than the water. He kept talking about licking my pussy, and how good I must taste, and how he wanted to kiss me with my cum in his mouth in essence feeding me my own cum. I was so turned on, I slid a finger inside my pussy. After a few minutes of rocking back and forth and rubbing my clit on the side of my hand, I came. I almost dropped the cordless phone in the bath tub. Matt came shortly after me. After we caught our breath we talked about meeting up and hanging out that night. I was so excited!

Matt asked how old I was. I teased back, you first.

He said, “24 now how about you?”

I told him 19.

He said, “Oh, I thought you were older since you’re Ann’s friend from college.”

I lied and told him I would be 20 next month. Truth is I had just turned 18. He said he didn’t like younger girls because of the drama they create. I assured him I was very mature and would be going back to my campus in another week or so.

Come on what is meeting going to hurt? I teased.

We finally agreed to meet at the bowling alley at 8pm. I asked my mom if I could use the car for a few hours, she said no because they were going out to dinner. She said they would drop me off though. I was so excited, I was thinking about all the things that we had said to each other earlier. I was so excited at the thought of him really wanting to do those things with me. Will tonight be the night I lose my virginity? I was trying to decide what to wear when Ann called.

She asked if I wanted to hang out? I told her I had other plans.

She asked where I was going and why I didn’t ask her to come?

I couldn’t tell her I was meeting up with her stepbrother, so I told her I was meeting a guy. Which wasn’t a lie. If she knew the truth she would try to talk me out of it.

She asked if she could go if she brought someone to hang out with?

I was okay with it, what if Matt didn’t show? Or worse what if I chickened out? After I hung up with Ann I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I didn’t know how she was going to react when she found out that Matt was my date. I hope you wouldn’t embarrass me? I finally decided to wear a tight pair of jeans that showed my ass and a white T-shirt Şirinevler escort bayan with a dark color bra underneath. I did my hair and make-up and was ready to go.

I got to the bowling alley about 15 minutes early. I wanted to see Matt before he saw me. I found a table and posed myself to look as sensual and sexy as possible. I finally spotted Ann and Jerry, her pudgy neighbor. They walked over to me and took a seat at the table.

Where is your date?”, Ann asked.

I told her he was running a few minutes late, but would join us soon.

I needed to get away and think about what was going to happen when Matt did get there? I started hoping he didn’t show up, I was afraid Ann would make a big seen. I was so hot with anticipation. I used the excuse of getting a drink as my escape. The concession stand was by the entrance this would buy me a few minutes to figure out what to do if he did show up.

As I walked by the locker room I heard someone say my name. I stopped to look and it was a really good looking guy. Could this hunk be Matt?

“Hurry before Ann sees me!” He said in a low voice.

I started walking towards him, when he grabbed me and pinned me against the lockers. He started kissing me hard, his tongue invading my mouth. I felt a surge right to my hot pocket.

He whispered, “I haven’t been able to get you out of my head since our chat this afternoon.”

He kissed my neck and chest, my T-shirt was a V neck. His hot breath felt so good on my bare skin. He gently slid his hand up the back of my shirt. Caressing me from the small of my back up to my shoulders. His hands were strong and rough. I was so nervous that someone was going to catch us, but it just added to the excitement. We stood there kissing and touching each other until someone walked into the locker area to go to the bathroom.

When the man walked out, Matt grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bathroom with him. He lead the way into a stall and after we were both inside he locked the door. I loved how forceful and confident he was. He didn’t waist anytime, he had his hands back under my shirt, and was unclasping my bra. He was kissing and licking my exposed skin. He moved his hands around under my shirt to my front side so he could squeeze and massage my breast. I had never felt anything this intense before.

As he pressed hard against me I could feel his excitement growing threw his jeans. It was really big! (Not that I had much to compare it to) I started thinking would that even fit inside of me? After all my slim cologne bottle barely fit. I was starting to panic. What have I gotten myself into? I couldn’t take the anticipation any longer. I started to unzip his pants so I could see for myself what I was in for.

He had my shirt and bra lifted up above my tits and he was sucking on my right nipple. We were breathing heavy and I was moaning softly. I was so into it, he could have fucked me right there in the bathroom. My legs were weak and I was at his mercy.

Next thing I know someone says, “hey you cant do that in here! I am going to get the manager.”

Matt and I ran as fast as we could out the side door. We needed to get out of there before the man and the manager came back. We went around to the back of the bowling alley to catch our breath from running. Behind the place was a large neighborhood with several houses still under construction.

He asked if I wanted to find a place to go and talk?

We picked a house that had the exterior walls already built and it had a concrete floor. We had at least some privacy even though there were no windows installed yet. I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect once we were alone.

I was starting to ask myself was I ready for this?

We found a large room with a fairly clean concrete floor and plain cinder block for the walls. There was some wood framing for what would be interior walls and door ways. I sat on the floor Indian style with my legs crossed and my back against one of the cinder block walls. Matt sat down next to me.

He asked if I liked being dominated in the locker room and pinned against the wall?

I replied, yes very much it was a real turn on.

He began kissing me again, invading my mouth with his tongue. This time he lifted my shirt up and off. He helped me remove my bra that was already unclasped from our escapade in the bathroom. I felt so vulnerable, sitting in this cold damp concrete room with nothing to shield my naked breast. He kind of laid me down, and was kissing and licking me all over me chest and stomach. He paid my tits a lot of attention. He rubbed them at first gentle and soft but that soon turned to rough tugging, pulling, and sucking. I rubbed his rock hard cock threw his pants. I tried to unbutton his pants.

He stopped me and said, “all good things come to those who wait.”

So I just laid there enjoying all the attention. My pussy was hot, it was throbbing and my panties were soaking wet. I was so scared but I wanted him to have me fully. escort şirinevler I was on fire inside, I never wanted something so bad before. I was rocking my pelvis back and forth across his leg. It was at least some relief. He unbuttoned my jeans and put his hand between my panties and my abdomen. I could have exploded right then, I instinctively opened my legs wider. He took the hint and proceeded downward with his hand.

You are really wet, is that for me? He asked. Would you mind if I tasted you?

He first removed my shoes and then my jeans and finally my panties. I was completely naked laying in front of him on a cold concrete floor. I was embarrassed and ashamed in a way. I had my legs closed and was hiding my breast with my arms. I had crossed the line between fantasy and reality.

He sat in front of me and used his hands to force my legs apart. He parted my labia with his fingers, and used one finger to rub my juices all over from my clit to my ass hole. It was so slippery feeling. I wondered if his cock would slid like his finger did? I was moaning the entire time and rocking my hips towards him. He started with licking my clit and then used his tongue to fuck my virgin hole. I didn’t orgasm while he was doing it, but it felt really good. We went on like this for 30 minutes or so before I pulled him back up to me. I wanted to taste me on his lips and in his mouth. I kissed him deep and hard, I love the taste of my own pussy. This time it was me invading his mouth.

I asked, “is it your turn yet?”

He said, “do you want to give me a blow job?”

I said yes, but I didn’t know what I was doing, I had never given one before. He did not take his shirt off, but I did get his pants and underwear off. His cock looked as big as it felt threw his clothes. It was obvious I didn’t know what I was doing. I was sitting in an awkward position, trying to reach his prick with my mouth.

He asked, “whats wrong, you don’t like to suck cock?”

I didn’t want to tell him I had never done it, so I just said no not really.

He replied, “that’s alright I think I am ready.”

I asked myself, “is he is too big to put in my tiny hole?” I was really scared. Is this how I want my first time to be? He sat up and cradled me as he laid me down on my back. He was kissing me and touching my body. My mind might have been reconsidering but my body was not.

I was so turned on, I could feel my juices running from my pussy down in between my ass cheeks. He spread my legs open with his knee. He positioned his body between my legs. His weight on top of me made it hard to move. I managed to sit up enough to looked down at his cock fully erect and pointing at my pussy, I was overcome with every emotion. Before I could say anything he was pushing the head of his cock up into my pussy opening. The head felt so big, it felt like it was ripping me apart. He was starting to push it in already, god it was big. He grabbed my hips pulling them up and, placing my feet up on his shoulders.

He commented, “wow you’re really tight.”

I could feel the head of his cock stretching open my pussy hole as he started to apply more pressure. It felt like he was going to rip me in half. He went slow and waited for my cunt to adjust to his girth. It was starting to feel really good, when I felt a sharp pain and I cried out.

Matt stopped his rhythmic motion and asked, “are you okay?”

I felt so full with him inside me. It was pleasure and pain all in one feeling.

I told him it felt good, I just wasn’t accustomed to having something so big inside me.

I could feel his cock swell even more with my comment. He started his rhythmic motion again. Once I relaxed and was able to open myself for him, the pain subsided I really enjoyed him fucking me. He grabbed my hips again and started pulling me onto his cock as he pushed harder into me. My legs were up in the air, and I was screaming for more. I was so vulnerable and had been so afraid. I succumbed to my body completely letting him do what he wanted with me. He leaned over as I rubbed my nipples and took one in his mouth. I wrapped my legs around his waist tight and put my arms around him, I held on for the ride of my life.

He fucked me long and hard for almost an hour. Pumping his throbbing cock in and out of me, sometimes nice and slow and other times hard and rough. When he was ready to cum I was exhausted from the brutal fucking I had received. He held me in place and pounded my raw pussy so hard it hurt. He drove his cock deeper into me than before and I felt a flood of warmth deep inside of my womb. He held me there until he was done. Using my pussy to milk every last drop from his prick. My pussy was tired and stretched beyond its limits, it was raw and tender.

Once Matt dismounted me, we both started getting dressed and he saw through the moon light that there was some blood on his cock and asked, “are you alright? I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I said “Yes I’m fine I just never had a cock as big as yours before.” In reality I thought I had popped my own cherry long ago. I didn’t tell him he was my first. To this day I don’t think he knows that he got my cherry. As we made our way back to the bowling alley I could feel that I was walking funny. All I could smell was sex. I thought everyone would know that I had just been fucked.

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