Life and Time of Lady Vargos Ch. 20

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“So Be It”

Martin stopped dead in his tracks as he entered the study and saw the dozen red roses in a vase on the desk.

“Oh no you didn’t,” Martin hissed.

Martin closed his eyes and shook his head. Taking a deep breath he opened the card and read it.

“Hope your days are getting better,” the card read and it was signed by Darren.

Martin took another deep breath and tossed the card on the desk. He had somewhat mixed feelings about Darren at this time. A knight in shining armor and anger. None were emotional fondness for the man.

Darren had become Martin’s only ally in this struggle to be free of his enforced lifestyle. Someone he could talk frankly with about his true feelings. Darren was very aware of how much Martin hated the Baron and being forced to be his wife. Darren was also was very aware of how Martin detested being forced to live his life dressing, and acting as a woman, but yet here were a dozen red roses. Roses sent no doubt to convey the warm feelings Darren had developed for Martin’s feminine appearance. Darren was still treating Martin as a woman, in many ways just like everyone else.

“Damn you Darren,” Martin said aloud at the show of affection. “I’m not your woman.”

But Martin couldn’t deny the last time they had met he had another mind crushing orgasm that nearly sent him into convulsions, had him screaming like a damsel in distress in some B horror movie. His body quaked, he could hardly breath.

“Damned prostate,” he snorted. “Why did I have to discover that.”

It had been a week now since the plan Martin and Constance had discussed and had been initiated. Martin had met with Darren regularly in public for short lunches and semi private dinner dates, with only the two motel rendezvous’s that Martin tried to block from his consciousness. One because it was having sex with a man, and two because he loved the way it rocked his world.

Martin picked up the tabloid that was opened to Phoebe’s column on his desk. His head housekeeper made sure that each of Phoebe’s column’s were at his disposal per his instructions.

There was no Leanne this morning. A young man with expertise in doing make up on men, everything from drag queens to TG’s just learning, had showed up and did Martin’s face. Martin needed to stay in true character as Lady Vargos to make this masquarade all believable to the public. At least for now dressing as a woman had some meaningful purpose for him. Escape.

Martin was wearing a sleeveless white knee length dress. It had a pleated skirt and the bodice was embellished with swirling designs of bright orange. Orange? A very bold color indeed especially with the orange patent leather pumps with 5″ heels he was wearing. His D-cup padded bra gave him an exaggerated bust line yet somewhat sexy profile, at least it was a sexy profile for a woman.

Martin crossed his pantyhose clad legs and began reading about the lies that were to be the beginning of the end of his public image as Lady Vargos, a socialite male diva pervert tied to the richest man in the country. He would now be seen as a lying, cheating, gold digging deviant that tried to take advantage of a lonely man’s wealth. If that was the case, Martin could live with that.

“When the Cat’s Away?” the headline read.

“Has Baron Vargos’s little kitten lost his way?” the article began. “There have been rumors ever since day one about Lady Vargos’s uncontrollable appetite for men. Why else would he do all the ancient marriage traditions. The Three Nights of Consummation, and wearing the Bliss Mask of his mother in law so proudly and publicly. Taking the Vow, in a public ceremony. Even the wedding where he requested a very unusual full surrender scene for us all to see. Only a very passionate and nymph like man would request all that.”

“I didn’t do that,” Martin said out loud putting the paper down for a moment. It was all he could read without pausing. This was going to be more demoralizing than he had thought, and it was going to be harder to swallow.

“His decadent desires Ataşehir Yabancı Escort seem to overwhelm him. Why else would he do all these things so publicly? He wants us to watch. Is our Lady Vargos some kind of lifestyle exhibitionist? Hmmmm.”

Martin closed his eyes for a moment. So many people in his social group would be reading the same words and forming opinions. They would be shocked or entertained by these lies, but either way Martin would be the object of discussion and the butt end of jokes from here on out.

“Rumor has it that since Lady Vargos took the Vow of Chastity for his husband and agreed to have his male organs locked away, that there has been an uncontrollable desire for sexual activity that has engulfed him. Before the chastity, when he was left alone it is said that Lady Vargos was entertained in his bedroom with numerous male concubines nightly at the request of his husband. Rumor has it the Lady would sometimes request to his husband to be entertained by up to four men a night.”

“You bitch!” Martin snarled.

“But since the Vow, there were no more concubines only his husband to satisfy his lust. Has Lady Vargos found it hard to wait for his husband’s return? He has been sneaking out and seen by himself recently having lunch and dinner with other men. Is there something to this? What if these other men were all the same man? Yes, we have photographed our beloved Lady Vargos snuggling up kissing and more, to a new squeeze while the Baron is away. I will be posting these pictures in our next issue.”

Martin knew all this was going to happen. It was suppose to happen, but just sitting here and watching this huge fabrication being spread as the truth and allow people to believe it was more than he could take. He even felt angry with Darren at the moment taking the dozen roses and throwing them into the trash. It was probably more so other people wouldn’t see them and add fuel to the fire, but he hated everybody in the moment.

Martin picked up the paper one more time,

“I had the opportunity to talk with Lady Vargos’s aunt. She told me about his last two years of high school and the efforts his mother had gone through to get the school board to allow him to attend classes dressed as a girl. But since he was not doing it for TG reasons, but because he just liked dressing in girls clothes, it became a public issue. If it hadn’t been for his father’s great wealth it surely would not have happened, but in the end Martin was allowed to wear dresses to classes his senior year, and soon after his graduation it was suggested he met and seduced his first…”

Martin threw the paper in the trash, because that was what it was. He couldn’t read anymore. What was worse was that everyone he would meet from now on probably had read the entire column, and believed every word.


Felix stood back with Constance and looked at the dress he was designing for Martin. It was a very unusual and surely would be highly controversial when he wore it. Constance smiled.

“I want two of these designs Felix. I want one for the initial public reaction. Make it frilly with little bows in the lace and ribbons, pearls, etc. You know what I mean. Lots of fluff, the kind of things boys that dress like girls like to wear.”

“Oh yes, yes, yes. That sounds like a marvelous look for Lady Vargos. I just love it darling,” Felix squealed in and exaggerated manner.

“And the other a little more business looking but in a bright bold unbusiness like color for another event,” she said tapping her finger on her lips as she contemplated her thoughts.

“His court appearance for the divorce,” she thought to herself. A little over the top borderline public disrespect for the courts wouldn’t hurt his image one bit,” she thought to herself.

“That will be no problem Mrs. Vargo.”

Felix walked around the design he had been working on, his high heels clicking on the hardwood floor Ataşehir Yeni Escort making he sound of feminine gracefulness.

Felix as usual was sporting beautifully manicured fingernails all polished a brilliant red. Gold 1″ hoop earrings in each ear and his hair, it was a little different than normal. His hair was usually pulled back with gold hair clasp holding it in place. Felix’s hair was teased and in a smooth helmet of curls. It was obvious Felix had had a roller set.

“Honey,” Felix called out now walking across the floor in quick short mincing steps, wiggling his ass in a very exaggerated manner and holding both wrist limps out to his sides. A tall young man appeared from the back. It was Felix’s boyfriend. “Baby doll, would you please help Mrs. Vargos here with some paperwork. I have an extraordinary design to work on.”

“Sure. I’ll take care of you right over here,” the polite young man said. Constance was always taken by this wonderful specimen of a man that was Felix’s boyfriend. She wanted him on top of her now, right here on the counter. Just the thought of it and staring into his blue eyes made her all wet.

“I’d suck this man’s dick. There’s no way Felix is poking this hunk,” she thought waiting at the counter.

“Thank you sweetie,” Felix said now turning.

Felix gave a big smile to Constance.

“I need the first dress before his husband returns.”

“Darling, I will turn this out ASAP. I simply must get started though. I have so much to do,” Felix gushed giving a simple fag like finger wave to Constance as he minced off in his women’s heels.

Constance laughed softly at the mincing man with the limp wrist hanging from straight out his sides. She would never insult Felix by referring to him as a fag to his face, though in her mind that’s exactly what he was. She respected him though. Was it because he was not ashamed of who he really was and not afraid to show it publicly? No, not at all, it was because he was famous and well respected everywhere in the most social elite settings. In her mind that made him adorable, an asset, and someone she needed to be associated with.



Tabatha stepped out of the room and closed the door to allow her client a few minutes to regain their composure. She walked purposely to the back area of the establishment holding the two foot long wooden paddle she had just applied to her clients bare ass. There had only been the sound of wood against bare ass cheeks coming through the doors since the client was securely strapped down and bent over a leather horse and effectively gagged with a leather gag put in place.

“So what’s up. You two want to be next?” she said her six foot frame standing even higher in six inch heels, looking down at Dorothy and Jessica.

“No thank you. Who’s in there,” Dorothy asked gently.

“I don’t discuss clients. Especially the social elite hypocrites that have to have their little fanny’s secretly spanked on a regular basis.”

Dorothy grinned at the thought. “Hypocrites and scoundrels,” Dorothy thought to himself. “The client in the room probably actually deserved an ass beating, for being the biggoted hypocrite he probably was, except for the fact that he likes it.,” Dorothy mused to himself.

Sorry to bother you at your place of business, but I don’t know who is telling who what anymore,” Dorothy said. “I want to keep things quiet amongst us.”

“We are having problems getting close to Lady Vargos right now,” Jessica chimes in.

Dorothy looked at Jessica in a manner that cowered the woman somewhat.

“What???” Jessica said looking at Dorothy’s glare. “I thought you had this big plan to inject his nipples to make them bigger, I mean you paid me already to help you with this. Whether we do it or not is up to you,” Jessica said looking at them blank faced.

“There have been some restrictions applied at the manor. Ataşehir Masaj Salonu The Baron has been away and I just found out Lady Vargos is sneaking out to meet with another man. Obviously he is being helped, probably the Baron’s mother. I’m thinking we will need to plan to catch him off guard and do this while he is out one evening, before or after he meets his new boyfriend.”

Dorothy knew that Martin didn’t have a real boyfriend. That’s not what happens in these situations. Dorothy had been through the same thing. What happens is he is doing what he has to do to get away, and Dorothy was now very suspicious that that was exactly what was happening, and Dorothy wasn’t done yet. He needed to get satisfaction and concessions from Martin before things got more difficult.


Missy answered the phone. She had left the country with her boyfriend after being unable to coax Martin into signing over the country side estate. Even the things she had tricked him into signing she found became very complicated. She couldn’t cash the checks, his assists were in his new husbands control but not name. When she last met with Martin he had turned the tables on her insisting on her publicly humiliating herself to receive some funding from him.

Martin knew of her greed, and that someday she would be back with a different angle. She had nothing accept the dowry and wanted everything.

It was a call from Constance. She invited Missy back telling her of Martin’s sleeping around and that her son would soon be back and insist on a divorce. He would need someone there to help him get himself together since he would probably be leaving with nothing.

Missy giggled to herself picturing Martin dressed as Lady Vargos in her head.

“I have no sympathy for you Martin. I think you should be forced to stay in that country and become a woman. I deserve at least half of that estate and you know it. I will help you get out of the country after your divorce, but it will cost you dearly.”

“Who was that?” a male voice said walking up behind Missy and giving her a hug and a kiss on the neck.

“Rags to riches babe, and riches to rags.” she said turning to him and smiling. “I have to go back to see my son, and we will live happily ever after.”


“Hi, my name is Leanne. I will be doing your feminine transition for you. What is your name?” she asked the shy young man.

“Carl,” he said softly.

Carl was very nervous meeting Leanne. He knew what she was here for and the direction his future was to take, but seeing it actually happening now, he became weak.

“Carl, did your mother ever dress you like a girl when you were younger?”

“No,” he replied

“Have you ever dressed like a girl before. Put on dresses when your mother was out?”

“No,” he replied softly.

“OK, right now I want you to take all your clothes off for me.

“What?” Carl said surprised.

“Oh Carl, I will be seeing you naked daily. Get used to it. Now strip down. I need to get you bathed, treated, nails done, and do your hair.”

“I uhm…”

“Carl, listen to me,” she said taking him into the next room. “That is the chair you will be sitting in,” Leanne said gesturing to the styling chair with the restraining straps hanging from it.

Carl was visibly shaken by the sight of the chair.

“Let’s not pretend here. You are basically going to become a woman with male genitalia. Right? You will be marrying a man? Are you in agreement with all this or do I need to strap you in extra tight, because either way it is going to be done.”

“I…yes, I am doing it for my family.” he said in a shaky voice.

“Honey, I don’t care why you are doing it. Today was your last day as a young man. The better you can get a grip on that and accept it, the easier your transition into womanhood will be. Now strip.”

Leanne realized this young man was going to be an easy transition. He at least felt some noble purpose for becoming a feminized male and in that Leanne would see to it that he became the ultimate female socialite.


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