Life Full of Olives

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I checked in at the hotel just about 8pm. Master was giving a heads up that He’ll be late around 9:30pm, so I still had some time to clean myself and get ready for the night. I went down to the lobby around 9:15pm to meet Him, eager from anticipation. When He arrived punctually, I escorted Him up to the room.

We had a short chitchat since haven’t met for over 2 weeks, but He quickly shifted gears and asked if I knew the commandments and why I was still dressed. I’m still not used to this dynamic; when am I supposed to act as a slave and follow the commandments and when is it ok to be the “normal me”.

Anyhow, got undressed rather quickly and got in position in front of the couch by His legs. This “position” is part of the commandments that I had to practice. On my knees, forehead on the floor, hands behind my back. At first it seems easy, but very quickly becomes really uncomfortable mostly because a lot of weight is resting on the forehead. On top, I was tired from driving 7 hours earlier, so as He was asking the commandments one by one, I made a few mistakes. We went through them once more to give me another chance to redeem myself and I had to confirm my final version every time. I was better at it, but my head really hurt on the floor, sometimes I just couldn’t focus at all, the pain just overrides every other thought. So of course, it still wasn’t perfect. I probably had more than 4 mistakes but those were the serious ones where I missed words for example.

“So how many?” He asked at the end. “Sir, 4, Sir.” According to the commandments, I had to use Sir at the beginning and end of the sentence. For short sentences it felt weird at first. “You’ll get punished for the mistakes, 5 lashes each, slave. And you’re to thank me for each and say the number as well. If you miss one, we’ll start over. Is it understood?” “Sir, yes Sir” I confirmed.

I’ve never been punished before, of course I knew it won’t be pleasant, but didn’t really know what to expect. He stood up behind me and asked to move a bit further, then – whack -!

Shit that hurt a lot more than I anticipated. “Sir, thank you Sir. Sir one Sir.” At least composing the sentence and saying out loud took my focus away. But I knew I won’t last, it was just insanely painful for my virgin butt.

– Whack – Fuck!! I had thoughts racing in my head. What the hell am I doing here? Do I really want this? But still was collected enough to say “Sir, thank you Sir. Sir two Sir.” 18 more to go I thought.

– Whack – Holy shit that hurt, He kept hitting the same spot. I was really getting upset, and I had 17 more to go. I thought to myself it’s just a challenge and I’ll be stronger by the end. Besides I really didn’t want to break our relationship which I thought would be inevitable if I quit at that point. So I decided to play along. But at 5 I fell forward, putting down my hands, fuck I just couldn’t stand it any more. “You can keep your hands on the floor” He said. Such a nice sensible guy He is. I thought to call the safe word “Red”. That would stop the punishment and possibly everything. But I still resisted for about 2-3 more lashes. At around 8 however, as I fell out of position, I mumbled “I’m getting red Sir.”

He didn’t care, or didn’t hear it. In that position it’s really hard to speak, the jaw muscles get tired quickly. (Later on He admitted He Lara Travesti didn’t hear it but it wouldn’t matter, the punishment would have to be finished anyway). Since I didn’t want to miss the counting and start over, I collected myself and continued. He gave enough time though, wasn’t rushing anything, for Him it was more of an inconvenience that had to be done. This part of BDSM is still very new to me. He loves me and punishes me to help me get better. I also love Him for helping me getting better at serving Him. Sounds crazy but that’s how it seems to work. So He just patiently waited every time for me to get back in position, say the words, then we continued my beating.

At this point I fell forward with every smack and gone through the “quitting” loop in my head. My right butt cheek was burning like hell, I couldn’t shift my attention away to anything else. Still something kept me at my place. Slowly I felt my brain switched to some resistant state. Like if I disassociated from my body. It didn’t matter any more. Collected myself every time, got back in position and said exactly what I had to.

Maybe He noticed it too and turned up the heat a notch, at 17 the pain was so intense, I couldn’t stand it any more. Falling forward I didn’t get back in position, I sat up on my ass to protect it and asked for permission to speak. I was going to tell Him, I’m at my limit and I want to stop this whole thing. I want out. I knew it will possibly end our relationship, I knew but I couldn’t bear it any more.

He denied. “No you don’t have my permission” He said. I was shocked. WTF, what forces me not to throw Him out? What is going on here?

“Get back in position” – He ordered. And while hesitantly, but I obeyed. Maybe the short break helped or the last 3 lashes were a bit lighter? Perhaps He didn’t hit the exact same spot any more? Not sure.. I knew He knew what was I going to say. I love Him for His wisdom for not letting me quit. My butt was really burning, but it was finally over.

He sat down and put my head on His lap, caressed my head while I was still kneeling in between His legs. He told me how well I did. Apparently some slave applicants have 25 mistakes. I couldn’t imagine how can someone take 75 or more lashes. And I knew that time will come for me too. But this just passed between my ears. All I could feel was this eternal calm and happiness feeling Him caressing my head and I almost cried.

Since I’m always analyzing, I got to the conclusion that probably the contrast does this very profound emotional uplift. During the whole event I leaked a ton of precum on the floor which really surprised me. That actually continued throughout the weekend and more, so He named me ‘leaky’. I like it.

Then we had a small dinner, then shower and hit the sack. Of course we had to try the new nipple clamps. They’re heavier than the ones we’ve lost last time, and they pinch harder too. But this was nothing compared to the beating really and I was already excited about them. Then He laid down on the bed, got me to undress Him and to please His nipples with my mouth for a while. Since it was a long day He didn’t want it for too long though, could have been maybe 30 minutes before He got me kneeling between His legs, playing with His nipples with my hands and His cock in my mouth. The deep throat practices Manavgat travesti are paying off, seems He really likes it. After He came, not one drop went to waste, it seems I’m learning quickly since the first time I couldn’t swallow. Or just the punishment is molding me to be more accepting.

He didn’t tie me up for the night, which was nice, I’m not sure how I could rest tied up and gagged.

In the morning still in bed, of course I was all frisky again. Since He is controlling when I can cum, it keeps me on edge all the time and craving for a touch or minor crumb of pleasure. He tied my hands behind, put His hole hand in my mouth and started playing with my tongue and forcing His hand back in my throat. Since I was struggling, He wrapped His long legs around me and locked me down. Then stretched my head back with His hand still filling my mouth and started stroking my cock. Of course while this was insanely arousing, I would risk a bad punishment for cumming so I was just trying to focus keeping my attention away from the sensation. I was really on the edge and He was actually very kind to always stop at the right time, slapping my dick to prevent me from cumming. After a while he let me go and I was proud of myself and happy for being able to resist possibly the most intense stimulation ever.

Then we got out of bed. He wanted to check my marks, indeed my right cheek was red and swollen, but it didn’t hurt any more. He said it won’t last another day. Before we left for the city, He asked me to wear the thigh high nylons I had to purchase earlier. (Under the jeans of course.) We walked around the shops and the harbor like two friends. Talked about travels, work, music, but of course my mind was constantly racing about this new world and new experiences I was having. But I tried not to annoy Him always talking about sex, and we had a really good time spending casual time together. It drove me crazy not knowing what the now sweaty nylons were for, I thought He wants to use them as gag on me and I didn’t like the idea too much.

When we got back to the hotel, He finally told me that we’ll have a visitor and I’m supposed to be dressed and be a dom in a role play. Wow that was a surprising twist. Apparently there is this old “friend” of His, who is really into smelling and being gagged by a foot with used nylons. So we staged the room, I was sitting in the corner reading when the guy arrived. Master got him to undress only wearing shirt and brief, tied his hands and lead him to me. The guy was literally shivering while kneeled in front of me. At first I was really worried about him. Then I ordered him to untie my shoes with his teeth and remove them. He had a hard time, I had to help, but I think he’s just lazy too a bit. Next time that won’t happen.

Then I started pushing my feet in his face and ordered him to sniff and suck my toes through the nylon. I liked stretching my toes in his mouth and making him lick them. Not just the physical aspect of it, but I felt confident in the dom role. I glanced at Master every once in a while, but mostly I was autonomous and I could see he was pleased. Long story short, I went way above my duties, turned out our friend also loved his nipples pinched while I sat on his face for good measure. All clothed of course, I didn’t even remove the nylons. I also Side travesti tore and cut off his shirt and brief. At the end he came really quick. Personally I think he got some good experience and it was surprising to me how much I enjoyed it too. When he left, we’ve discussed the session a bit with Master. He didn’t mind at all that I became creative, it was really fun.

Before hitting the bed I felt my prostate acting up from all the action and withdrawal, so I thought I’ll ask Master if I can jerk off in the washroom or He could milk me to help with it. Otherwise I would be miserable the next day. But He denied, saying He will figure out something else instead. I was a bit concerned, but I trusted His judgment. Anyway, He is making all decisions and choices for the slave. So we got in bed again. He didn’t tie and gag me again, so I thought we’ll just sleep but then He didn’t seem to be that tired since He demanded me over again to pleasure Him by licking his nipples and transitioning eventually to his favorite position. However this time He had other ideas and before finishing in my mouth, He ordered me to lie on my back. Then He straddled me above my chest and started jerking to my face while His other hand reached behind grabbing my balls.

Of course I got really excited and pulled up my legs wrapping them around Him, but it just made Him tugging on my balls even more almost lifting me up. He then ordered to open wide and when I complied, He released in my mouth. I sucked Him clean, this seemed to go easier every day. Then as I was waiting for Him to stand up so I could leave for the washroom, He stood up and told me to stay there. I felt a bit humiliated lying there with my face covered with his cum while He went to the washroom. But He came back soon and kneeled down between my legs. Then He lifted them above my head and pushed closer to support my back. I knew exactly what’s coming, he was holding me in a position with my cock above my face. He said “It’s your turn now slave, you can start jerking.” So I ended up with 2 milk-shakes and a tad stretched out sack but very happy.

Next day we slept in but before checking out, we did a photo shoot on the table. Master blindfolded me, put a huge ballgag in my mouth, and then tied my arms in a very artistic way, like an arm binder. Took a few pics, then we transitioned to more positions and settings. A simple hogtie, a hard and strenuous hogtie, then finally hogtie with anal hook. Wow that was nice, as I stretched my legs, it pulled in harder. I really didn’t want to get released, but we had to check out of the hotel already. Made about 50 pics, some came out really good. Somehow they make me feel proud though He was doing all the work. But He was happy with the outcome as well.

Then came the last night. We went to His place and since we both were tired just ordered food and started watching some movie. However I was really exhausted so I just curled up all dressed on the couch and fell asleep on His lap. I know many daddies who would be really content from this, but not Master. He was grumpy all night and only the next morning it turned out that he was really disappointed that I didn’t act as a slave. At that point I was really confused when I would have to switch into ‘slave mode’. At the end I left His flat all confused and in a bad mood, I felt like I was punished again psychologically. I knew I completely deserved it, but it didn’t make it easier to accept and it stayed with me for days. It was worse than the beating, where the marks were gone by next morning. I knew I won’t make that mistake in the future, if there’s one for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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