Lights Out Fun

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I walked through the doorway to my small one-bedroom apartment around 8pm after a long day at work. I went straight to the kitchen to find something for dinner. I made my self a ham & cheese sandwich and sat down at the computer. I had recently joined a couple dating sites since I was single and recently unattached.

I logged on and read through the e-mail advertisements from the service provider. I clicked on the local chat room and joined in on the normal conversation. The room was populated by mostly regulars but there was one person that was chatting that I didn’t know. I checked her profile but she hadn’t completed it. I started a conversation with her when I saw that she was from the same general area. I found out that she was single and about the same age as me. Even though I had no idea what she looked like or anything else about her I asked her if she wanted to have some “fun” tonight.

We went to a “private” chat room and I told her what I had in mind. I could tell that she was intrigued by the idea but was hesitant about meeting a complete stranger. After a few minutes of debate she finally relented and asked what my address was. I gave her directions to my apartment and what to do when she got here.

I logged off and made the necessary preparations for her arrival. I took a shower and shaved. While combing my hair I wondered what I was doing that for since what we had planned it wouldn’t matter how I looked.

About 45 minutes after logging off the buzzer went off letting me know that she had arrived and was in the lobby. I buzzed her in and unlocked the door. I retreated to the bedroom to wait for her arrival.

I heard the apartment door open and close so I knew that she had found the right apartment. My heart began to race as I waited for her to come into the room. Then I heard her go into the bathroom. I guess she needed one last look in the mirror.

As instructed she knocked on my bedroom door and counted to five. I told her I would I hide in the closet so we would not see each other. I heard her close the door. I told her to place the towel at the base of the door to keep all light out of the bedroom. I had already blocked the window and pulled the shades so no light would get in that way either for what we had planned required no light…no light whatsoever.

I called out to her and followed her voice to her. I felt for her hand which I had told her have out in front of her. I didn’t want to run her over. I found her hand and brought it up to my mouth. Her hand was smaller than but not dainty. I kissed her hand and introduced myself. She told me her name was Katie. She had a soft voice and sounded kinda shy. Although, for the situation I can imagine that she was rather nervous. She had put herself in a pretty vulnerable position. After all, here she was standing naked in a stranger’s Sinop Escort bedroom. A stranger with strong yet gentle hands.

I moved my hand up her arm feeling her soft skin. I noticed that she a little hair on her arms and for some reason that really turned me on. I imagined that it was a very light blonde hair that you could only see when the light hit it right. Otherwise, it just blended in with her skin.

Once I reached her shoulder I felt her shudder under my touch. I reached out with by other hand and put it on her other shoulder. With my right hand I continued on around the back of her shoulder to find the end of her shoulder length hair. I brought my hand back to her shoulder and turned her around so her back was to me. I began to massage her shoulders hoping that she would begin to relax and enjoy this night even more.

I heard her sigh and she reached behind her to caress my thighs with her hands. My cock, which was already hard, sprang to attention at her soft touch. I pulled her close to me so that our bodies were touching. I began to whisper in her ear how good she felt to touch. My hands moved from her shoulders to sides and then to her stomach. I could tell that she wasn’t skinny but her stomach was flat. I slowly brought my hands up to be tits. They fit nicely into my hands and felt amazing. I could feel her nipples growing as I massages her tits.

As she sighed at the new sensations she began to slowly grind her butt into my cock. Keeping one hand on her breasts I moved the other back down her stomach and down her thigh. I felt a very strong leg. She must work out or play sports. I slid my hand around to her butt and felt a very nice butt. She wasn’t skinny but she definitely wasn’t fat. Not even sure I’d consider her “thick” either. Everything just felt nice.

Time to turn things up a notch I thought. I stopped whispering in her ear and began to kiss her starting at her ear and down her neck. She began to purr…kinda like a kitten…a kitten in heat. I moved my hand to her pussy. It wasn’t shaved but it had been trimmed or so it seemed to me. I slid a finger between the outer lips and found her clit. She jumped at the touch and encouraged me to continue. I slowly began to massage her clit and then slid the finger inside of her. She was very wet and I began to smell her unique musky scent.

After a few minutes she pulled my fingers out of her and turned slowly in my arms so she was facing me again. I wondered what she looked like since it was too dark to see her. I ran my hand along her face to see if I could make a mental image based on touch. She began to do the same to me. I wonder if my image is even close to reality. I could tell that she was smiling and imagined a beautiful smile.

She moved her hand down my cheek and my neck to my chest. Hopefully, she was not disappointed Sinop Escort Bayan that I was a bit soft in the middle and didn’t have a “hot” body. She kept going. She moved her hands down my legs. As she went farther down she began to kneel in front of me. I could feel her heavy breathing on my cock. I longed to have my cock in her mouth but we had previously agreed not to force the issue.

She brought her hands up the backside of my legs to my butt and gave it a firm squeeze. She continued her exploration by bring her hands around to my cock. She gently took a hold of it and began to gently stroke it. I could still feel her breathing on the tip of it. I thought it was going to jump right out of its own skin.

Then as if she could read my mind she began to slowly kiss my cock from the head the bottom of the shaft to my balls. I thought I’d explode right then and there. She slowly licked her way back to the head telling me how good I tasted. Either she was a good guesser or she knew what she was doing. After a short pause she resumed kissing and licking up and down my shaft. After a couple minutes she finally began to swallow my cock. I wondered how long I could how out. I had never had anyone give me a blowjob this good before.

To show my appreciation I began to run my fingers through her hair. She worked her lips down to the bottom of my shaft. It took all of my strength to continue to hold back the building eruption. She had found the sensitive area at the bottom of the shaft and kept her lips right at that very spot. Then she must have made up her mind that I was going to explode and explode very soon. She stepped up her rhythm and began to suck the length of my cock. She began to lightly massage my balls and encouraged me to cum.

I couldn’t hold out any longer. The semen that had been building these past couple months erupted into her mouth. She managed not to gag on it and managed to swallow most of it. I reached down to find some of running down her chin.

I pulled her up and found her lips with mine. I gave her small kisses on her cheek and then the corner of her mouth. Our lips met again. We kissed slowly and deeply. Exploring each others mouth with our tongues.

Slowly I moved her toward the bed. Hoping that I was going in the direction that I thought I was. As we found the bed I broke the kiss and sucked her nipple into my mouth. She sighed loudly and began to grind her pussy against my leg. I continued to suck and gently bite her tits. I could feel her wetness on my leg. I pulled her tight and sucked harder on her tits. She began to grind quickly now.

I pushed her down so she was sitting at the edge of the bed. I gave her another deep kiss and pushed her onto her back. I knelt down in front of her and began to run my hands up and down her thighs slowly working my way to the inside Escort Sinop of her thighs. Her musky scent was very strong now but it smelled great to me. I couldn’t wait to taste her so I didn’t. I spread her legs and licked her from the bottom of her opening to the top. Wow, she tasted great! I continued to lick the inside of her pussy lips. Every once in a while I’d lick her clit. She began to moan softly. I buried my face between her thighs and began to lick and suck as deeply as I could. She began bucking her hips and grinding her pussy into my face. I replaced my tongue with a finger and sucked hard on her clit. She humped my finger and ground her clit against my mouth. I sucked her clit and slipped another finger inside of her. I knew that her orgasm was imminent.

Sure enough she began bucking like a wild bull. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting around my fingers. Her juices began to flow like a river. As the orgasm began to subside I switched. I massaged her clit with a finger and thumb and dove in with my tongue deep inside her pussy. Again, she tasted really good.

Finally, she lay back on the bed with her legs still draped over my shoulders. She said, “Wow that was amazing!”

She scooted all the way onto the bed and I followed her. She tried to trace my smile probably wondering what it looked like. We laid there together on our sides kissing for a while. After a while we began to explore each other’s bodies again.

While we were chatting earlier she warned me not to expect her to go “all the way.” I was hoping that she was about to change her mind.

During her exploration she found my cock to be rock hard again. I loved her soft skin, the way she smelled and how she kissed. I found myself hoping that this would be more than a one night stand even though that’s all this was supposed to be.

I had been the aggressor when the evening began. Now she had become the aggressor. She rolled over and straddled my hips. She slid my cock head between her pussy lips and slowly lowered herself down onto my cock until it couldn’t go in any farther. She lowered the top half of herself and we began kissing again. She slowly moved up and down on my cock. As our kissing became more intense so did the gyrations of her hips.

She raised herself up and held herself in position using the head board. She moved her body back and forth sliding my cock almost all the way out of her pussy and back in again. I began to massage her tits and pinching her nipples since I had found out earlier that she enjoyed that. Her thrusts became quicker and it was apparent that we both had orgasms on the brink of explosion.

I reached in between us and managed to get a finger on her clit. She began bucking like a wild bull again. Slamming herself down onto me so that my cock was buried deep within her pussy. She let out with a load groan as our orgasms came together. I pumped my hot juices deep inside of her. She kept going until finally slumping back down on top of me. She laid there with my shrinking cock inside her and her head on my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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