Lincoln Center Encore

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(A Dylan James Story)

This is the follow up to my story Subway Encounter. This is another story of Dylan James as a young man in New York. Dylan was introduced in the One for the Road series. Hope you read the whole series and enjoy. Thanks for the positive feedback.


He noticed her when she first came into the bar; her olive skin contrasting nicely with the tight white tube top, short white mini-skirt and white stiletto heels that she wore. She had short dark hair, dark eyes, and she looked very familiar to him. She was about 5’6″; mid-20’s and had a very sexy way about her. Her tight top showed off nice sized breasts with large nipples that prominently showed thru the thin material. Man, she looked familiar to him.

She was with an older guy in a suit and it looked like they had been out on the town. They headed for a table further back in the bar. As they passed she glanced at him and her eyes widen in surprise, but they kept moving toward the back. They got a table past the bar area and she sat down facing in his direction.

It was a hot, sticky August night in New York, and Dylan and his roommate, Jeff were having a couple of beers at their favorite Irish bar, O’Neal’s in the 80’s on the upper West Side. They had been playing softball all day in the Park, and were now watching the Yankees kick Boston’s ass again.

He glanced down the bar in her direction. Her legs were crossed and her short skirt had ridden very high up on her thighs showing acres of exposed skin. She stared back at him, but he just could not place her. She was very hot though. He turned back to the game trying to think of where he knew her from, but it wouldn’t come to him. However, every time he glanced her way she was looking back at him.

Finally, the beer got the better of his bladder and he had to go relieve himself. As he passed her table headed toward the men’s room, he smiled as she looked up at him. “Who is she?” he asked himself as he went into the restroom. As he pulled his large prick out of his pants, the answer came to him. “Rachel!” The girl he’d sex with at Lincoln Center about three months ago. He had felt her up on the subway, and then they had gone up to the Terrace at the Tulley Theatre and fucked. It had been so great. “So that was her boyfriend. Kind of a dud.”

He finished taking his leak and put his monster back into his shorts. He was washing his hands when the door opened and Rachel appeared in the mirror in front of him. He turned around towards her.

“Dylan, right?”

“Yeah. Rachel?”

“I knew it was you.” With that she locked the door and almost leapt at him. She kissed him hard pushing her tongue deep into his mouth as she pressed her body against him. Then she dropped to her knees, undid his shorts, and yanked them down to his ankles. His large penis dangled between his legs. She grabbed his limp member with both hands and looked up at him.

“I have been dreaming of this beauty for 3 months. I have 10 minutes tops!” With that she stuffed his dick into her mouth, swirling her tongue over the head and underside of his large penis. Dylan was caught completely by surprise. His tool began to grow rapidly under her thrilling stimulation. As he grew harder, she started bobbing her head up and down taking his full length into her mouth all the way to the base.

“Oh Jesus” Dylan moaned.

He was quickly reaching his full length of 9 very thick inches, but she still managed to take him down her throat to the hairs each time. Dylan’s naked ass was leaning against the sink, and he naturally began to thrust back into her throat matching her rhythm. She nodded her head in agreement encouraging him to continue to thrust his great dick down her throat. She placed both of her hands on his strong thighs to help guide his thrusts. Every time he pulled out, her tongue would swirl around his great head, and then back he would drive into her clutching throat. She yanked down her top, revealing her tits. Her nipples were fully erect, and her tits began to shake and swing from the motion.

Dylan was in heaven. This had happened so fast. Her warm wet mouth and throat were like a great tight pussy, and he could not help but fuck her face in earnest. She massaged his heavy balls with one hand, while the other dove under her skirt. She had gotten him to the edge very quickly. Dylan usually took forever to cum, but he felt it coming on quickly. He began to drive down into her throat. Her lips were stretched tight around by his wide girth. His great head was crushing into her gullet where her throat muscles milked him with each thrust. He began to savagely pound her throat in his excitement. Her hand left her pussy, and grabbed his muscled ass and pulled him deeper. A high whine came from her throat as he plunged past her tonsils.

“Oh God,” he groaned as he exploded in her mouth. She now had both hands on his ass and was holding him deep in her throat He fired volley after volley straight down her throat. As the volume of cum decreased he pulled escort ataşehir back, and her tongue and lips began to nurse his dick like a pacifier. Finally, when there was nothing left in his dwindling cock, she eased her mouth off him. There was a little dab of cum in the corner of her mouth, and her tongue found it and licked it off.

She stood up and gave him deep wet kiss. He could taste himself on her tongue.

“God, I needed that. Thanks.”

She ran some water in the sink. She took a mouthful, rinsed and spit it out. She checked her teeth, pulled her top back up, and fluffed her hair. She kissed him again and was out the door. Dylan just stood there completely confused. What had just happened? He pulled up his shorts and washed his face and wandered out to the bar. She and the boyfriend were gone.

Jeff asked him where he had been and he told him the story. Jeff knew about Dylan’s success with women, but even he didn’t believe the story about the bathroom. Pure bullshit! Dylan finished his beer and ordered another round as Jeff laughed at him. They went back to watching the end of the game.

About twenty minutes later, Rachel appeared at the entrance to the bar. She moved over to Dylan. Dylan glanced over at Jeff, who just stared at her speechless.

“Can we talk in private?”

“Sure.” He led her outside in front of the bar. She grabbed him and kissed him hard again.

“Look, I just sent my date home. I want to be with you tonight. I have thought a lot about you and,” she paused for a moment. “And your big cock. I want you to fuck me. Okay?”

“Great. Do we have a place? “

“I was thinking about Lincoln Center again.”

He looked at his watch. It was almost mid-night. The Tulley would be closed by now. The Terrance would have no one around. He walked to the street and hailed a cab.

As he looked for a taxi, she moved over to him and began to run her hand up and down the length of his cock. It lurched in his pants. She was doing this right on the street. This girl meant business!

“I want you to give it to me hard. Hard and fast. Will you do that for me?” She whispered in his ear.

“As hard as you want.” he said looking into her dark eyes. And his cock lurched again.

A cab pulled up and they jumped into the back. Rachel immediately began to kiss Dylan hard. She took his hand and put it under her skirt. Her cunt was bare and she was very wet. She spread her legs wide as he slipped a finger into her hot cunt. As he kissed her neck, she grabbed his dick and started to jack him again. It was like she could not wait to get to Lincoln Center. She threw one leg over him and straddled his lap. She pulled down her top and fed one of her large nipples into his mouth.

“Hey, you can’t do that in the cab,” the driver said.

“Fuck off,” she moans at the driver as Dylan continued to finger her cunt and suck her tit. Her juices were already beginning to flow out of her pussy. She was still jacking him thru his shorts, and his large dick had grown to full mast and was painfully crammed into his underwear. After what seemed like hours, they pulled up in front of Lincoln Center. Dylan threw a twenty at the cabbie. And they raced up the stairs of the Tulley and into the courtyard. No one was around at all.

She jumped up on the ledge near where they fucked before, and yanked her top down revealing her lovely tits with pencil tip nipples. She hiked her skirt up to her waist and parted her legs wide. Her pussy was wide open and ready of business. Dylan knelt between Rachel’s legs and started kissing his way down her inner thigh. He could smell her deep aroma. He saw her clit peeking out at him from a patch of light black hair. He leaned in to suck it, but Rachel stopped him with her hand.

“Dylan, I have girlfriends to suck my pussy. I want your very large hard cock up my pussy. Please?”

‘Okay.” He took his shirt and shorts off, and stepped out of them He was butt ass naked at Lincoln Center and his giant prick was pointing straight at her dripping pussy. He stepped between her wide spread thighs. Rachel took his penis and rubbed the large head along her vagina.

“Now fuck me, stud. That is why I came back. No one is better then you,” she whispered in his ear as she inserted his prick in her slick pussy. Her pussy was already so wet that juice was running down her crack.

“This chick is hot and ready to burn,” Dylan thought to himself. “If she wants it hard she came to the right place, but I am going to fuck her my way.” He eased about half of his dick into her and she sighed. He pulled out and drove about three- quarters into her, and she moaned. When he slammed into her using his full length and the head of his cock bounced off her uterus, she screamed.

“That’s what I want, baby.”

He pulled her ass to the edge of the ledge and hung her legs over his shoulders. He took hold of her hips and thrust with all his power. He sent all 9 thick, muscled inches of prick up her cunt as kadıköy escort bayan deep and hard as he could.

“Uhhhhh… Oh yeah that its!!!!!”

He started slamming into her using his full length on every stroke. She grabbed his muscled ass in her hands and hung on. He was pounding her in and out, his giant head forcing her cunt to open wider. The angle was perfect for him as he bottomed out into her cunt on each stroke. She was thrusting back at him matching his thrusts. Five strokes, ten strokes, fifteen strokes, and suddenly her snatch caught fire. A fire that only a lot of cum can put out. She locked her strong legs behind his neck, and reached down to her clit and began to rub it for all that she is worth. She felt it building and it was going to be good. Real good!

“Uuuuhhhhhhh… uuuhhhhhhhhh… oh yeah… Harder… harder… fuck me.!!!!!!!”

Dylan drilled into her famished cunt with all his might. Her core was so hot and wet and slippery. As she began to moan with each thrust, he could feel that she is very close. He wanted her to get off fast. He knew he can fuck her lights out, but he needed her to cum fast to take her to the levels that he wanted. As he pounded her pussy, he reached up to her large distended nipples and took them between his fingers tweaking them.

“Oh yes pinch my nipples. Pinch them harder. Oh yes!!!”

He twisted her nipples hard between his fingers. She winced, but the combination of pain and pleasure did it for her. She went over the top and began to cum all over his thrusting cock.


He double timed his thrusts powering thru her orgasm. Her pussy had become like a swamp with her juices running down all over his dick and balls. She furiously strummed her clit as he continued to slam into her climaxing pussy.

“AAAHHHHHH… God that was good!!!… Oh Dylan… That is what I wanted!!!!!”

He smiles at her. “Baby we are just starting. That is nothing compared to what is coming.”

Dylan was not even close to cumming yet, and he wants the full ride. He wanted her asshole, but had to get there one step at a time. He slowly pulled out of her molten pussy, and she groaned in complaint. He pulled her down off the ledge and turned her around. Understanding what he wanted, she bent over bracing herself against the ledge. Her white tube top and skirt were both bunched around her waist giving a strong contrast to her dark olive skin. Dylan stroked the cheeks of her beautiful ass. He pulled the globes apart revealing the secrets of her dark cleft. He looked down and saw her wet cunts lips and puckered anal ring staring back at him. Moving behind her, he lodged the large knob of his big dick inside her slick hot pussy, and drove hard into her fuck hole.


Dylan grabbed her swinging tits as he thrust full length into her cunt time and time again. Rachel was a really hot number and he was sure he could get her off a few more times before he came. He drilled his big dick into her harder and harder. She grunted every time he bottomed out in her cunt. His big mushroom head rammed into her cervix on every thrust driving her insane with pleasure.. Her cunt was running like a river. Rachel was throwing her ass back him as hard as she could trying to get him deeper inside her. Slipping one of his thumbs into her gooey crotch and getting it all slick with her juice, he started massaging her puckered asshole. He pushed and probed against her tight little ring trying to force it to relax and open up just a little. The added pressure caused her to groan deep in her throat and start trembling. He caressingly moved his other hand down across her smooth belly to the top of her dripping pussy, and located her hot little clit. It was wet and slick from her juice and he began to rub it in time with his powerful thrusts. The triple stimulation of prick, clit and asshole pushed Rachel over the top. She gasped loudly as her hot channel clamped down on his raging prick.


As her contractions started to milk his powerful cock, Dylan continued to drill deep into her churning cunt. He looked down at their hot sticky union, and her little ring winked up at him from between her shaking ass cheeks. He knew it time for the big next phase. This was the one thing he had wanted since he was with her the first time, and that was to plunge his prick deep into her ass. He pulls his iron hard prick out of her quivering pussy, and pushes the slick mushroom head against her lubed rear hole.

“What are you doing?”

“Finishing the ride, baby.” The lubricated ring is already starting to give under the pressure of his massive dick.

“You won’t fit back there. You’re too big. Ohhhhhh!” The tip of his cock had already pushed into the ring, and her asshole was opening like a rose.

“Baby, I’m already in,” he grunted as the great head pushed past her tight ring and he buried 4 inches of hard escort bostancı cock in her warm dark passage.


Her groans echo off the marble walls.

“Now the fun starts! Hang on!” he growled to her. He pulled his great prick back until only the head was still in her clutching ass. He grabbed her ample breasts again. Her nipples were like hot coals burning in his palms. Using them like handles, he pulled her back onto his hard prick as he thrust deep into his prize letting her warmth and pressure envelop him. In three strokes, he was in her to the hairs.


“Now this is what I like,” Dylan thought as he drove his thick column of flesh into her upturned ass.

“UUUUUNNNNNNHHHH… AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Rachel had never had a prick this big up her ass. She felt completely filled by Dylan’s great prick. “God this guy knows how to fuck! He is driving me insane. He is like a machine. A fucking machine.”

Again and again Dylan drove full length into the searing heat of her ass. His big balls were bouncing off her juicing cunt hitting her throbbing clit with each powerful thrust. Her secretions were flowing down her thighs and covering both of them. He was in heaven. His thrusting prick was stuffed up the ass of a hot pretty girl outside at Lincoln Center, a woman who had sought him out for a hard fuck. She had sent her boyfriend home so she could fuck him again. Hard! That is what she said, and that is what he was going to give her.

“Uh… uh… uh… uh… uh… uh…!!” She grunted as again and again he drove into her wonderfully tight ass. She was trusting back at him trying to take him deeper. He began to feel that wonderful tickling in his balls as his orgasm starts to build. Dylan could feel that Rachel was starting to tire from the constant pleasure that his dick is giving her. He hoped she had enough for the big finish. He moved his hand into her dripping pussy and again coated his thumb in her hot sticky juices, but this time he put it at the entrance of her hot fuck hole. With the very next stroke of his cock into her ass, he drove his thumb up into her wet core. The double penetration drove her over the top once more. Her orgasm washing over her like breaking waves.


Both her pussy and ass clamped down on his thrusting body parts, her cunt muscles rippled along the length of both invaders sending her higher and higher. He kept thrusting into her cunt and ass at the same time increasing the intensity of her orgasm.


She was trembling and shaking because she was cumming so hard. If he can just get her there once more it would be perfect. Double thrust! Double thrust! Driving into both her orifices at full strength, he continued to build her orgasm.

Oh Dylan… Oh Dylan… Oh My God… I can’t take anymore!!!! OOHHHHHH!!!!


“No, baby you have one more in you,” he whispered to her. He was very close himself, and he needed to finish now. He took his slick thumb out of her gushing cunt and grabbed her hanging tits again.

“But we are going to do this one by cock alone.” He pinched her nipples hard as he slammed his massive prick into her plundered ass. Again and again and again he slammed into her clutching ass. She could feel a new climax building on top of the old one as he relentlessly drove into her. The building pressure was centered in her pinched nipples, rock hard clit and clutching asshole. She felt it coming and it was going to be HUGE! Suddenly, her world explodes in a wash of wild colors. Her ass muscles clamp down on his ramming manhood milking his length searching for his cum. A flood of juice flowed out of her gushing pussy and covered both of them.


Dylan yelled out as the first volley of hot cum fired deep into her ass from the tip of his thrusting prick. Her rippling ass muscles took him over the top as rope after rope of hot cum poured into her torrid bowels. Her squeezing ass was giving him incredible sensations all along the length of his massive tool that he savored as stroked into her. Finally he stopped thrusting and she collapsed in his arms. As he gently pulled his cum covered prick out of her dripping ass, she stumped to the ground barely conscientious as his hot seed leaked out of her gaping asshole.

Dylan felt like a king. The King of New York City! He felt like he could do that again. But he knew that she is finished for the night. He bent over the exhausted Rachel and helped her up. While he retrieved his clothes, she sat on a bench recovering from the sexual overload that she had just experienced. She smelled of sex and her thighs and legs were covered with semen and pussy juices. Dylan helped her down to the street, and hailed a cab for her. He kissed the tired girl good night, and watched as the cab disappeared into the night.

He glanced at his watch. It is only 1:30AM. He wanted a drink. There was that late night hot spot in the 70’s on Amsterdam. He’d go there and who knows maybe he could score someone else tonight. After all this is the city that never sleeps.

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