Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 01

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“Take my cum my gorgeous little slut.” The phrase had been echoing in Linda’s head all day. She could hear her boyfriend’s lust maddened voice crying out the words as she put some milk in her trolley. He had shouted out these fateful words as he drove up hard into her as they made love the night before. As far as Linda was concerned she and Mark had always “made love.” She was 32 and in great shape. Five five with lustrous dark hair, smokey eyes and curves in all the right places she was never short of male admirers but had been with Mark for 6 years. He was a caring and supportive boyfriend and they had got an apartment together 2 years ago. The harsh tone of his comments had shocked her and she could not believe he could have referred to her in that crude way. She was his girlfriend not some cheap slut that he used for sex. She had gotten very angry with Mark and kicked him out of their room and he had been gone in the morning when she got up to go to the hospital where she worked in administration. Mark was an architect and had to be in the office early every morning. Linda had been glad that she missed him, she felt like she could barely look at him.

Linda pulled into the drive and was surprised to see Mark’s car already there before her. She nervously fumbled with the key and walked in carrying the shopping.

“Hello honey,” Mark called uncertainly from the kitchen.

“Don’t you honey me, Mr,” Linda replied acerbically.

“Honey sit down, we need to talk,” Mark pleaded.

Linda rolled her eyes and sat down radiating hostility her eyes flashing and combative.

“I really think you are getting angry over nothing Linda,” Mark began but Linda tried to interrupt.

“Please honey, let me speak and then I will listen to all you have to say. Now I know you think that slut is a derogatory term and it can be used that way, but only about women who sleep around with anyone. It was used to describe women who could not control their sexual urges to the extent that they became the local bikes. But in the context of a safe, healthy and respectful relationship being a slut means giving in to all your dirty and naughty impulses and desires and revelling in fulfilling the desires of your man. It means letting go of the pressues to be prim and proper and liberating yourself from your inhibitions. Unlocking your inner slut can be a passport to a very saucy part of your psyche. A slut loves sex, and when I say you are ‘my slut’ I am saying that I love having sex with you and I hope you love having sex with me. In the confines of a healthy relationship a slut is someone who gives, takes and wants to find pleasure in sex, someone who is greedy for sex, someone who likes to feel like and be treated like a sex object in the bedroom by the man they love and who loves and adores them just as I do you. All men love women who are sluts when it comes to sex, it means they are sexual creatures and honey you are a very sexy lady, I think you just have to release your inner slut and embrace sex and let loose. You might get past the censoring part of the mind, the super ego and release your id. If you take away the element of sleeping around what’s not to like about being a slut, when it comes to sex all men are sluts and love their women that way too. It creates the freedom to enjoy no holds barred and mind blowing sex.”

Linda was listening half in disbelief and half in shock, she had never heard Mark talk this way. He continued,

“I think we have got in a bit of a rut sex wise and I would like us to use our imaginations to enhance our sex life and add spice and excitement. Things like dirty talk, role-play, outfits and other things could add a bit of playful flavour to our love life. Dressing sexy for sexy time is a great gift for us men who love visual stimulation, it adds some flair and can have us melting you look so hot. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, I think if you are open minded you will love it, and I would love it if you became my gorgeous sexy and slutty girlfriend. I will always love and respect you and treat you right, that will never change.”

Linda stared into space her mind mulling over these words. If being a slut meant giving yourself over to giving and taking more pleasure in sex with a boyfriend that you love, well what would be wrong with that. The thought flashed across her mind but still left a bad mental aftertaste but she was trying to digest Mark’s impassioned appeal as best she could.

“I don’t know what to say Mark, I thought our love life was great.” She answered Pendik Escort haltingly a tear forming in the corner of her eye.

Mark’s heart melted and he gave her a great big hug “I’m just saying you could be a bit more open to some more adventurous play in the bedroom honey, don’t be so uptight and guilt ridden about exploring your sexuality with me. Anyway think about it. Let’s have dinner and relax for the evening.”

Linda was in a fog for the next few weeks, she was still trying to come to terms with what she had heard. She started to red articles on the net and began to get a handle on where Mark was coming from. She began to think about the male sexual psyche and what turned them on. She thought about how a woman who really embraced sex in a passionate encouraging way gave both herself and her man permission to find fulfilment without shame or apology. She began to think that it also allowed women to suspend the voice in their minds that made them ambivalent and hesitant about sex. Linda read widely and even began to watch some porn to gain an insight into different sexual dynamics. She saw couples really getting their freak on and losing control during some intense sex sessions. She started to feel the beginnings of an animal like arousal as she saw women getting and giving fulfilment by losing control to assertive and aggressive men. Slowly her natural aversion to the sexual openness implied by a term like “slut” began to melt as she thought more about it. She loved Mark and loved sex with Mark, so why would she be so opposed to being a slut for him. The more she could say the phrase in her head the more she became curious about what this new mentality could mean for them and their relationship. She started to learn some dirty talk phrases and ways to be a naughty girl in the bedroom so as to drive her man wild.

A week later in bed Linda cuddled up to Mark and whispered into his ear,

“I think I might like to be your slut, baby.”

Mark’s breathing stopped all of a sudden and he lay quite still. Then he turned towards her

“Ohhh my God Linda, those words are such a turn on.” He grasped her hand and pulled it down to his crotch. She could feel his hard on straining against his boxer’s.

“Look at the effect you have on me,” Mark said “What does that make you baby?”

“I’m your naughty little slut,” Linda said with a giggle and slid under the covers.

She yanked down Mark’s boxers and hungrily engulfed his velvet smooth cock. Mark let out a prolonged and agonised groan.

“OHhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh”

Linda’s relished those moans and thrilled to the next words out of Mark’s trembling lips. She lifted her head and whispered in a sultry voice,

“I love having your big cock in my mouth, what does that make me?”

“Ohhhh fuck me, ohhh that’s it, ohhh you’re my dirty little slut, ohhh yessss, milk me with your talented mouth.”

Slut was now a positive term of endearment, it praised her for her sexual prowess and openness. She was fucking his cock with her mouth now and little slurping noises escaped her lips as she dived upon it with abandon. Linda felt Mark’s hands pushing her off him and back on the bed. Her pussy was wet and juicy and she had never felt so aroused in her life. Mark eagerly climbed over her and knelt before her. He lifted her legs up high and then lunged into her embedding his cock within her. Her legs rested on his shoulders and Mark began slamming into Linda in fierce and savage spearing thrusts. Some sweat dripped off his brow and landed on her bouncing boobs. Linda’s eyes were closed and mewls of mindless pleasure spilled out of her mouth as she surrendered to the sweet beating her pussy was getting. She let her legs slide down and wrap around his lower back and then pulled at the back of the rutting beast that had taken the place of her gentle boyfriend. She knew now the difference between ‘making love’ and fucking, the slut in her just wanted a hard fucking, to be used by her man just as she was supposed to be, to be a naughty girl in bed, to feel the hot passion of rough sex where she was ravished and ravaged by the lust she had provoked in her man.

Mark was grunting slurred words as he crashed against her whimpering form.

“Take my cock you fine piece of ass, ohhh h ahhhhh in our bed you are my ohhhh fuck slut, aghrrghhh, you are a slut for my cock, ahhh what are you babe?”

“I’m aaa ohhh I’m a slut ohhhh for your aghhh cock.” Linda struggled to find the breath.

“That’s righhhhhtttt,” Kurtköy Escort Mark’s hips were a blur now and he was bouncing on Linda’s juddering form. Linda clung to him as he ramrodded her exhilarated and beside herself.

“Ohhh drill meee, ohhhhh drill your dirty slut,” Linda groaned almost unaware of the words she was uttering.

Suddenly the building heat exploded in her loins and waves of intense pleasure coursed through her body. She arched her back and and pulled wildly at Marks back scraping his skin with her nails. She cried out her release in a low animal like breathless wailing scream. Mark barrelled into her in long sweeps and then hissed in her ear

“I’m going to cum, ohhh yeah take my load you hot slut.”

Mark cried out as with one last juddering slam he stilled and loosed himself deep within Linda’s sopping passage. At his words and final shove Linda’s mind and senses reeled and melted around her deranged boyfriend. He was deranged by lust for her and joy that she had embraced this new sexual dynamic and given herself to giving and finding pleasure in sex. He held her tight until he had drained every last drop before collapsing on her spent body. As his erection subsided he slipped slowly out and embraced his trembling girlfriend whose body was still alive with pulsating and tingling sensitivity.

“We’re only getting started on this journey together.” Mark whispered into her ear. Linda said nothing but squeezed his arms more tightly. Her body was basking in the glow of a powerful orgasm. She was thinking that she had never had such satisfying sex before. Very soon they fell into a deep slumber together their bodies still tingling with pleasure.

Mark woke up early the next morning with Linda still asleep naked beside him. The thoughts of the night before and Linda’s willingness to cast aside her inhibitions soon had his cock iron stiff. Linda was asleep on her side and Mark began to run his hands gently up and down the length of her legs. Linda’s breathing became a little shallower and a soft almost imperceptible moan escaped her lips. With one hand Mark reached across and began to palm her breasts and tug at her hardening nipples. Linda shifted a little and cooed in her sleep. Mark began whispering in her ear,

“Wake up my gorgeous little slut, wake up baby.”

Linda could hear Mark’s words in her half-awake half dream like state. Her body was responding to Mark’s ministrations as he lay alongside her and pulled her close to him. His hard cock pressed against her ass. Mark grabbed one of her hands and pulled it back until it was touching his throbbing shaft.

“Look what your hot slut body does to me.” he whispered. Linda moaned a soft sigh.

“You want this?” he pushed his hardness up and down her hand.

“Mnnnn Yesss,” Linda muttered vaguely.

“What do you want, you need to tell me what you need.” Mark was now brushing and rubbing Linda’s sensitive slit that was now flowing with her juices.

“Do you want my hard cock, for me to fuck you hard, to use your hot slut body?” Mark hissed his need and pulled Linda’s head back arching her back. He kissed and nipped her neck. Linda’s mind was more awake now and her body was wide wide awake with arousal and desire.

“I want your cock in me,” her soft voice moaned quietly.

“Beg for it, tell me what my slut wants.”

“Ohhh please give me your hard cock, have your way with me, I need you to fuck me, now.”

Mark’s cock felt even harder at these wanton words and he positioned his cock head at Linda’s wet opening. Then with one hard thrust he opened her up to his ramrod. Linda let out a quick gasp as she was jolted by the pleasurable intrusion. Mark pinched one of her nipples eliciting a sharp cry from her lips. Mark thrust up firmly against her in a steady rhythm and she could feel his hot breath on her cheek as he pulled her against him. Before long he was jack hammering her, his hips a blur while he cursed his satisfaction in her ear. She felt like a rag doll been pitched about by an elemental force. A long drawn out moan was all that escaped her lips. Mark was fucking her like a man possessed and all the while he was mauling and pawing at her boobs and slapping her jiggling ass.

“Ohhh fuck yeahhh, oh take it like that, ohhh baby, take my thick cock you sexy little slut, arghh . ohhhh fucckkkk.”

Linda’s eyes were closed as she relished the sweet erotic assault, her body was pitched back and forth, her mouth hung open and she could feel her juices lathering Tuzla escort the cock that was fucking her so good. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body and her mind just faded away as she was overwhelmed by pure sensation. Each pounding thrust took her further from reason to a world of instinct. Each beat possessed her and was an act of possession. She could hear David’s words but they seemed distant, her urgent need to get fucked, to be used by her man for his and her pleasure was all consuming. Her body was rocked by a few fierce thrusts and she heard David growl through clenched teeth,

“I’m close to cumming, your hot body is going to make me shoot my load ohhhh,” his thrusts were more urgent now as he rammed up against her. “oohhhh fuck”

Then Mark pulled out of Linda’s sopping pussy, he rolled her onto her back and told her to sit up a bit against the headboard. He knelt over her his pulsing prick pointing at her face. Linda opened her mouth and massaged the head of his cock, caressed it with her lips. He pushed in a few times and she felt its velvety hardness running along her tongue and the roof of her mouth. He pulled out again,

“It’s nearly time for your reward, I want you to wank me while you beg me to cum over you, to use your face as a canvass to paint with my precious cum.” Mark placed one of her hands over his wet cock.

Linda started stroking “Cum for me baby, shoot all over my pretty face.” She found the words a strange turn on and stroked him more quickly, his cock millimetres from her face and open mouth. Mark reached down and teased and tweaked her nipples, he squeezed and caressed her breasts while he could feel her hot breath on his cock head. Soon he could feel his spunk welling up inside him.

“Ohhhh Jessssuusss yessss, say please babbee eohhh fuckkkkk”

“Pleeeaasssseeee, please give me your cum.” She looked up pleadingly.

“Ohhhh that’s my naughty little slut,” Mark moaned as he could feel the surge in his balls as he passed the point of no return. Then his legs almost gave way as his body tensed and his cock started convulsing in Linda’s hand. He looked intently at her beautiful upturned face as he spurted his release.

“Ohhh fuckkk,” he growled as the first spurt struck Linda’s cheek.

“Ohhh yeaaah, yeahhhh, take it, ohhh take my cum you gorgeous, wonderful slut.”

All his other faculties went blank as a powerful orgasm wracked Mark’s body. Linda felt the next spurt land in her mouth and then the next hit her chin as Mark’s hot load poured out of him as he grunted and cursed. Stream after stream of semen rained down on her face, some was hanging from her nose, her cheek, her chin while some filled her wet mouth, and some rested on her lips and across her mouth while one thick rope landed on her forehead. Mark pressed his cock head against her lips and one final jerk and spasm shot some sperm against the back of her throat. Linda slid the tingling and tender cock half way down her mouth and sucked it clean. Mark looked down at his lady tenderly and turned her head with his cock still in her mouth until she could see herself in the mirror. Her face glistened from the jizz glazing she had received. Cum had dripped from her chin and onto her boobs and was hanging from her flushed and cock stuffed face. Linda stared at her reflection and could see a brazen slut staring back. She was a proud slut for her boyfriend and his hard cock. Mark’s erection began to subside and he withdrew. He stared lovingly at his cum coated girlfriend who was wearing his load like a badge of honour. He reached down and brushed her hair and kissed her forehead.

“Thank you, that was incredible, “he said quietly his crazed lust all gone. He was gentle and caring Mark once more. He beamed down at her while she licked her lips lecherously.

“Let’s get a shower.” Linda suggested and they showered together quietly and Mark washed the cum from her face and hair.

They lathered each other and cleaned each other off and kissed passionately feeling an even deeper connection than before, their wildest carnal passions now untamed. As they kissed a dim part of Linda’s mind understood that it was a good thing to be a slut for her boyfriend. It meant an uninhibited greed and hunger for sex and openness to having fun with sex. It meant energetically embracing her sexuality in an open minded way and taking pleasure in giving pleasure and really enjoying sex with her lover. It meant giving encouragement and permission to her boyfriend to give free reign to his masculine urges to take her and use her and claim her when she provoked lust in him. It meant revelling in the mind obliterating delights of the flesh that his lust brought her ravished body. She looked forward to exploring this new phase of their relationship with him.

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