Lisa and John Ch. 01: The Meeting

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Dedicated to my lover. Lisa

This is a true story that develops over the years. Please be patient if you are looking for quick sex scenes. They will come, believe me. I hope you enjoy it.

This story started several years ago in Yonkers, New York. I first met Lisa online as I was going in and out of chat rooms. We started chatting about a lot of things and soon realized that we had a lot in common. She was divorced and my wife stopped having sex with me for some unknown reason and we both were missing out on its pleasures.

Lisa told me that she was in her late 40’s and loved sex. I told her I was in my early 60’s and resorted to a lot of jerking off. We both laughed. Then she told me where she lived, which turned out to be less than three miles from me.

We chatted online for months and then I asked her if she would like to meet. My wife was away so it would be easy to get together. We picked a day and time to meet for dinner. I know I was nervous as I waited for her. When she arrived, I recognized her from a picture she sent me. She was beautiful pendik escort and sexy. She had long black hair, brown eyes, big breasts and a rounded ass. She was such a sight.

We introduced ourselves and we exchanged a little kiss. As we had dinner, we could feel the excitement and tension building. We talked about our lives, where we were and what we wanted. Needless to say, we both wanted the same things and sex was on top of the list, As dinner was winding down I asked her if she wanted to go home and she said no and would like to continue the evening. I asked if she wanted to go to a nice hotel and she said yes.

We got to the hotel and checked in. We laughed because we had no luggage or anything. We got to the room and we went in. As soon as we closed the door, we hugged passionately, kissing and feeling each other up. We removed our clothes and she was even more beautiful as she stood there in a sexy black bra and black thong. I stood there in a white thong with my cock straining to be free. We hugged and fell on the bed, our bodies pressed against one another. escort pendik I undid her bra and her beautiful tits spilled out of their confinement, revealing very large nipples. Then I pulled her thong off to reveal the smoothest pussy I ever saw.

It seemed like forever that we kissed. Our tongues entwined and we shared our saliva. We felt each others nakedness. My hard cock pressed up against her stomach. I reached down to feel her smooth pussy and her legs spread apart, giving me full access to her cunt. I slid down her body and started to eat her pussy. I moved into 69. As I did that, Lisa started sucking my cock. It felt so good. We did 69 for awhile and she told me she wanted my cock in her. I laid her on her back and mounted her. Her cunt was dripping wet and my cock slipped in her cunt very easily. I started fucking her and she met me thrust for thrust. After a few minutes I told her I was ready to cum. She said she wanted me to shoot my load in her cunt so she could feel it. A few more thrusts and I came. My come filled her cunt and as my cock got limp, my cum pendik escort bayan was oozing out her cunt.

We rested awhile and talked. I asked her where do we go from here. Lisa said she would like us to be friends and enjoy each other whenever we could. I told her I felt the same and we kissed.

That night we must have fucked several more times and opened ourselves up to the pleasures we both missed and wanted. We fell asleep with our naked bodies pressed against each other.

During the night, as I was sleeping, I felt something strange. I opened my eyes and there was Lisa, on all fours, her big tits hanging down and my cock in her mouth. She was a sight to behold. As she was sucking my cock, she looked up at me and smiled. Soon, I told her I was going to cum. She sucked harder and I shot my cum into her mouth. As my cock spurted my cum, she was swallowing it as fast as she could.

She suddenly left my cock and her mouth found mine and then I felt the cum in her mouth flowing into my mouth. It was the first time I tasted my own cum and we got lost in the moment.

We staid the night and promised each other more excitement will come.

We checked out of the hotel with a new lease on our sexual activity.

The next installment is entitled Lisa and Nudity.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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