Lisa , her Sister

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Rob and I had picked up Tommy, then Lisa, then headed up the hill to hang out at Barton’s Pub where Bucky was bartending. Lisa had just graduated from college, a year behind the rest of us, so we hadn’t seen her in a few months. She was looking good that night and I’d been wondering if I’d get the opportunity to get my hands on her big titties from the moment we’d first made plans. We had a history of hooking up whenever the opportunity presented itself, so the odds were in my favor.

“My parents are out of town,” she later revealed to just me over our beers.

“Really?” I replied, “Then why are we here instead of there?”

“My sister, Julia, is home so I can’t have a party,” she said, “but I was thinking after we leave here, Julia will probably be asleep and won’t know if you come over.”

“What do we do with Rob, though?” I asked, since I had driven and he was my roommate. Tommy we could easily ditch at his place, but it would be a bit of a haul to drop Rob at our place then drive back to Lisa’s.

We brainstormed a few ideas, but the simplest turned out to be making sure Rob had plenty to drink then waiting until he’d passed out at her house and sneaking off to her bedroom. Knowing Rob as we did, we were certain that, after a long night and even just a few beers, if we left him alone on Lisa’s couch, he’d be out like a light. The hard part was waiting until everyone was ready to call it a night knowing what we’d be up to once we made it up to her bedroom. We’d always kept our “relationship” discreet, so we kept our hands off of each other even though we were itching to tear each other’s clothes off. We did have a good time that night, hanging out with everyone at Barton’s, but we also had no complaints when it came time to hit the road.

After dropping Tommy off, we told Rob that we’d be stopping over at Lisa’s since her parents weren’t home. He wasn’t incoherent but he’d definitely taken advantage of not having to worry about driving. We kept the lights low as we sat in Lisa’s living room and, as we’d agreed, once it looked like he was beginning to nod off, I got up and said that I’d be right back. I took the roundabout route to the front staircase so that, if he was paying attention, he wouldn’t realize that was where I was heading. I quietly ascended the stairs and paused in the dark upstairs hallway. Julia’s room was dark but her door was slightly ajar, which got my hormone laden mind wondering what she was wearing to sleep in. Nightgown? Nightshirt? Pajamas? Panties & t-shirt? Nothing?

Julia was a couple of years older than Lisa and, though I thought Lisa was cuter, Julia definitely wasn’t bad looking. Lisa had bigger tits, but Julia was a bit taller and a bit thinner. Lisa wasn’t fat, but she was a bit more curvaceous than Julia. Julia was also a redhead while Lisa’s hair was dark brown. Before I tempted myself to go check on her sleep attire, I headed for Lisa’s bedroom and closed the door behind me. I stripped down as I crossed to her bed, then turned on the bedside lamp and crawled under her covers. Between the knowledge of what was going to be happening and my speculation about Julia, I was sporting serious wood. Luckily, it was only a few more minutes before Lisa slipped through the door and closed it completely.

She immediately pulled her shirt up over her head, revealing a very sexy bra restraining her succulent tits. She dropped her shorts next, exposing the matching pair of panties and spinning to show off the set, which she seemed very proud of. I told her how hot she looked which I could tell pleased her but she went ahead and reached back to unfasten her bra rather than parading around any longer. I was fixated as it slid down the slopes of her tits and revealed her large, pink areolas and thick, hard nipples. When she leaned forward to slide her panties down, I attentively watched her tits swinging but my gaze was drawn to her trim, dark brown bush when she straightened up again.

I flipped back the covers and her eyes went wide as she saw my raging hard-on. She smiled broadly as she climbed onto the bed and straddled me. While she reached for my cock and guided it to her pussy, my hands went right to her tits. We both moaned softly as her hot, slippery pussy engulfed my throbbing tool. She sat there for a moment feeling it inside her before starting to slowly ride it. Meanwhile, I was caressing the soft, smooth flesh of her tits while also brushing my palms over her hard nipples. Her pussy was incredibly bostancı escort wet so I knew that she was as fired up as I was and didn’t expect it to take very long before she was cumming.

She started out bouncing straight up and down, which set her tits to bouncing as well, so I did release them briefly to watch as my hands moved around to squeeze and caress her round ass. I was nearly hypnotized by the time she started to lean forward and propped herself up with her hands planted on either side of my head. As she went from bouncing to rocking, her tits were swinging right in my face so I started to lick and suck her hard nipples while still squeezing her ass. Her soft moaning was growing slightly louder and longer as I felt her pussy becoming even hotter and wetter. It didn’t surprise me when she went rigid then her entire body started to tremble as she whimpered softly. She rode me slowly as she came, then opened her eyes again and smiled down at me once she’d finished.

When she leaned down to kiss me, I rolled her onto her back as we made out, then started to fuck her again. She wrapped her legs around mine and raised her hips to meet my thrusts while we continued to make out and I felt the stirrings of my own orgasm. I gradually picked up the pace, but couldn’t fuck her too hard because the bed would get noisy when I did. It was fine, though, because it probably allowed me to last a bit longer by forcing me to keep a slower pace. Her pussy felt so snug and slippery, though, that even at a slower pace, I could still feel my orgasm gradually drawing closer. Of course, I had no intention of blowing my load inside her and being done with it. Before I was too close to cumming, I pulled out and moved up to straddle her, placing my cock between her succulent titties.

She squeezed her tits together around my cock and I started fucking them, relishing the feel of the soft, smooth flesh along my shaft. While her pussy had felt amazing, fucking her tits felt an entirely different kind of amazing. I was looking down while bracing myself on the headboard, staring at her tits and hard nipples while she focused on the head of my cock as it repeatedly peeked out of her cleavage. As my orgasm continued to build, I debated whether I wanted to cum on her sternum or not. I decided against and, instead, moved up a little bit further and slipped my cock into her mouth. She released her tits and grabbed my ass in both hands, pulling me into her mouth and taking nearly the full length of my shaft.

She was a good cocksucker and seemed to enjoy it, so it didn’t take much time at all before I could feel my orgasm getting very close. I savored the pleasure of her hot mouth as my cock swelled even more but she maintained her pace. When I exploded into her mouth with a soft grunt, she swallowed my load and continued to suck me off until I was completely spent. She let her head drop back so I moved off to lie beside her. As we talked, I couldn’t resist continuing to fondle her luscious tits. Her hand also ended up gravitating back to my cock, which took some time before showing any signs of reviving.

“What are the odds that you’ll be up for another round?” she finally asked.

“Well, if you were to use your lips and tongue to help revive me,” I replied, “the odds will be very much in your favor.”

She repositioned herself so that she could lick and suck my cock, which moved her tits a bit out of reach but put her pussy closer to my head. Once I started caressing it and leaned in to lick it, she moved up and over me in a sixty-nine. I took a close-up look at her trim, dark brown bush before running my tongue up her slit again. She moaned as she continued to work on reviving my cock, which seemed to be gradually waking up. I slipped a finger into her snug, slippery pussy and focused on licking and sucking her clit, which made her moan a bit louder. I could feel her pussy getting even wetter and more engorged the longer I ate her while also feeling my cock continuing to grow. I figured that, as wet as she was, I was pretty close to being able to slip back into her again, but she seemed to be getting close to cumming again, so I just kept eating her.

When she did gasp and start to tremble, my cock was about at full rigidity once again. I ate her through her orgasm, then suggested that she move off next to me but stay on all-fours. I got up and knelt behind her, guiding my cock into her incredibly hot, wet pussy and grabbing her by the waist. I pulled until my hips touched her ass and I was fully embedded in her, then started to slowly fuck her again. Once I had a nice rhythm going, I reached up to cup her swinging titties, gently caressing her hard nipples. She was moaning softly, pushing back against me, so I whispered for her to reach back and stroke her clit. She lowered her head to the bed and slipped a hand back between her thighs, gasping as she touched her clit. I straightened up again and fucked her a little bit harder, holding her by her hips.

I knew it would take longer for my second orgasm but suspected that her third would come a little bit easier. I was savoring the feel ümraniye escort bayan of my cock sliding in and out of her as her pussy continued to become hotter and wetter the closer she got to cumming again. I ran my hands over her full, round ass and watched my cock sliding in and out of her pussy as I gradually felt another orgasm beginning to slowly build. About when I was thinking that her pussy couldn’t possibly feel any better than it already did, she let out a gasp and I could feel goosebumps on her skin. I continued to fuck her as body trembled and her pussy was flooded with even more lubricant. When it appeared as though her orgasm had tapered off, I didn’t feel the need to change position again, so I just kept on fucking her, my hips tapping her ass and making it jiggle.

I couldn’t tell if she was still stroking her clit but she was pushing back against me harder as I picked up the pace. While the pleasure I was feeling continued to increase, I was fucking her faster and harder. By the time I was on the verge of cumming, my hips were smacking against her ass and the bed had, fortunately, remained quiet. Finally, with a grunt, I started to spew into her and, after the first or second spurt, she gasped again and her body started to quake. We came simultaneously then collapsed together in a sweaty heap on the bed. My shrinking cock slipped out of her and we lay facing each other, catching our breath.

After we’d lay there for a little while recovering, she reached down for my cock and was apparently going to try to revive it again.

“I don’t know if I’ve got another round in me tonight,” I confessed, feeling quite satisfied but also very tired.

“Not even if I use my mouth again?” she asked.

“Maybe in the morning,” I suggested, “but I think I’m spent. Four orgasms weren’t enough?”

“Four orgasms were awesome,” she replied, “but so awesome that I want ten or fifty or a hundred.”

“I would so love to help,” I said, “but I’m going to need more recovery time.”

“Oh,” she replied, clearly disappointed.

“Your other option,” I offered, “is to see if Rob would be willing. I’m sure you could wake him up if sex is on the table.”

“Really?” she asked, “You’d be okay with that?”

“Lisa,” I said, “I wish I could keep up with you, but I don’t think you should miss out because I can’t. Besides, you’ve been friends with Rob for almost as long as I have. It’s not that weird, is it?”

“No, I guess not,” she said, sounding convinced.

“I suggest you go downstairs and just start blowing him,” I recommended, “He’ll be up in no time… in more ways than one.”

“Thank you,” she said and kissed me passionately before getting up and pulling on a robe. She closed the door on her way out and I was probably snoring before she’d even made it downstairs. Unfortunately, I only got in a short snooze because my bladder woke me up and there would be no more sleep until I got up to pee. I pulled on my jeans and shirt just in case I ran into Julia and relieved myself for a long, long time in the upstairs bathroom. When I was finally finished and had washed my hands, I was wide awake again and noticed as I exited the bathroom that Julia’s door was open more than it had been earlier. It crossed my mind that she also may have just gotten up at some point to use the bathroom but I also wondered if she might have gone downstairs for something and discovered Rob and Lisa. I couldn’t resist going downstairs to check on the two of them myself.

I padded quietly down the stairs and found something I didn’t expect in the hallway. Julia was there, wearing a short nightshirt that was pulled tightly enough around her ass to show that she had panties on under it. The reason it was pulled so tightly appeared to be that it was being held up in front and one hand was inside her panties. As I crept up closer, I looked beyond her and could see Lisa riding Rob on the couch, her big titties bouncing and his hands holding her ass. I didn’t want to startle Julia and interrupt everything that was going on by having her scream, so I tried to make her aware of my presence before I said anything. I think she was too far gone to stop even when she realized she wasn’t alone.

“Can I give you a hand with that?” I whispered, noticing her prominent nipples.

“I can’t believe I’m watching my sister,” she replied, “much less doing this while I’m watching.”

“Do you have a mirror in your bedroom?” I asked, “Would you rather be watching yourself doing what they’re doing? I’d be happy to help.”

Because Lisa and I had been friends for so long, Julia and I were acquainted, though we didn’t really know each other well and we’d never hung out together. During her split-second consideration, I assumed that she’d come to the conclusion that Lisa wouldn’t have been friends with me for all these years if I was a creep or wasn’t okay in general. She nodded her head and turned away from her sister, slipping her hand out of her panties and leading me back upstairs. Despite my assertion to Lisa that I was done for the night, as I followed Julia up the stairs with my eyes kartal escort locked on her ass until darkness enveloped us, I was quickly sporting wood once again.

“So I can watch,” she explained, smiling sheepishly after turning on the lamp beside her bed. I’d closed the door completely behind us and noted the big mirror over her dresser that would reflect any action going on in her bed. First, though, I wanted to take care of that itch she’d been scratching in the downstairs hall so that I could get up close and personal with what I was expecting to be a fiery red bush. I took her in my arms standing beside her bed and we made out briefly as I started raising her nightshirt up. She allowed me to lift it over her head and, as I tossed it aside, I admired her freckled tits before caressing them briefly. Instead of going back to kissing her, I lowered my head to lick and suck her hard nipples as my hands moved down to her ass, massaging it before starting to slide her panties over it.

I dropped to my knees as I started to take her panties down, my attention fixed below her abdomen as the first ginger strands were revealed. Her bush was trimmed a bit narrower than Lisa’s but was not cropped as short. As soon as her panties hit her ankles, she kicked them away and I had her sit on the edge of her bed. She spread her legs as I kissed my way along her smooth inner thighs, her hands running through my hair. I took a close-up look at her red-haired pussy then ran my tongue up her slit, causing her to gasp. I started lapping up the juices flooding her pussy while she rocked her hips toward my face, letting out soft moans. I suspected that she had already been well on her way to cumming when I’d discovered her downstairs, so I didn’t expect that it would be long before she was back on the verge. I was in no rush to have her cum, despite the raging hard-on in my jeans, because I was totally digging eating her pussy. I focused my attention on providing her with an intensely pleasurable build-up without torturing her by keeping her orgasm just out of reach.

She was writhing like mad by the time I started licking and sucking her clit while slipping finger into her. Her pussy was hot and slippery and snug, which got me more anxious to slip my cock into it, so I was more determined to bring her to orgasm. She started tensing up and arching her back the closer she got but went limp on the bed as her body convulsed when she started cumming. I kept eating her until she went still and let out a sigh, then sat back on my heels, still admiring her pussy. When she sat up, my eyes were drawn up to her tits, then to her face, which looked happy but dazed.

“You just going to sit there,” she asked breathlessly, “or are you going to give me something to watch in my mirror?”

I smiled and stood up, first stripping off my shirt then dropping my jeans while my throbbing tool pointed at her. I lay on her bed and she moved around to straddle me, looking over at us in the mirror, then looking down to grasp my cock and guide it toward her pussy. We both moaned softly as she lowered herself onto it and her snug, slippery pussy engulfed my throbbing cock. She turned her attention to the mirror again as she started to slowly ride me while my hands went to her tits and caressed the soft, smooth flesh and hard nipples. She started out sitting straight up, allowing me access to her tits and a view of her bush, though her movements were different from the way Lisa typically rode me. She appeared to know what worked best for her though, as she was kind of humping against my cock, first at a slow, steady pace but gradually moving faster.

The longer she rode me, the less her attention was focused on the mirror and the more she was looking down at me with a lustful expression on her face. She ended up leaning forward so that we could make out and I was able to push more deeply into her in this position. My hands also went around to caress the soft flesh of her ass as her tongue explored my mouth. We had a great rhythm going and her pussy continued to feel hotter and wetter the longer we were fucking. I’d have been more than happy to fuck her right through until sunrise, though I might have found myself in a bit of trouble with Lisa at that point. Lisa was the farthest thing from my mind, though, when Julia pulled her mouth from mine to let out a whimper as her entire body started shaking. She continued slowly riding my tool as she came while I just savored the feel of her pussy.

“I’m going to suck your cock now,” she stated once she’d finished cumming and was starting to move off of me.

“Why don’t you swing around this way and let me taste you some more, too,” I suggested, so she positioned herself over me in a sixty-nine. I was admiring her well-groomed ginger bush again while caressing her ass as she took my cock in her fist and wrapped her lips around it. I moaned as she started sliding them up and down while pumping the base, her other hand caressing my balls. Her technique was a bit different from Lisa’s but no less pleasurable, so I relished it for a moment before running my tongue along her slit again. She was still quite juicy, so I lapped up her nectar before slipping a finger into her and licking her clit. I wasn’t so into eating her that I wasn’t appreciating the level of pleasure her mouth was providing and, in fact, could feel my orgasm building fairly quickly as a result.

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