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This is my first submission, though I’ve been lurking on Literotica for a few years now. Any and all feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!


A few years ago I was working at a bar in a small town in Florida. It was a struggle living on my own so I ended up making friends with one of the bartenders, Alexa, and rooming with her. It was pleasant enough at first, but after a while living together started to put a strain on our friendship. She had this habit of coming home with different men every night, some of which I knew, most of which I didn’t. I didn’t mind so much that she was bringing home men, but some of the ones I didn’t know looked a bit too shady for my tastes and it did nothing but add to my irritation.

She was also in a complicated relationship with this man named Thomas who I found incredibly attractive. He was Puerto Rican with dark skin and hair, brown eyes, low, grumbling voice and a lean dancer’s body. Why she wanted to string this boy along I never understood, nor did I understand why he came when she called, but I was sure glad to see him when I got home from work at night.

One night I had gotten off of work and stopped at a friend’s house before going home. Alexa and I had started avoiding each other at this point, so we tended to stay away from the house whenever possible. I decided to head home around 1:00, thinking she’d either be out with friends or sleeping, and it was late enough for me to go to bed if she did happen to be home. She wasn’t home, though, so I changed and got ready for bed. I drifted off to sleep, but was awakened a few hours later by the front door. Alexa must be drunk I thought, hearing her giggling and stumbling in the hall. Then I heard Thomas’ voice. I couldn’t make out any words, just the sound of voices coming through the hall. I rolled my eyes, turned over and attempted to fall asleep again.

What seemed like a few minutes later (but could have been longer; I had kind of drifted into that space between waking and sleeping where time doesn’t seem to really mean anything) I heard a soft moan, or at least Sefaköy escort I thought that’s what I heard. Was it? I held my breath and strained my ears to listen. Did I just imagine it or did I really hear it? I hear another moan, a bit louder this time. Our rooms shared a wall, but while her bed was pushed against that shared wall, mine was on the opposite, so I silently crept out of bed and walked over to it, putting my ear against it.

Now that I was closer, I could hear that the moans were his, which turned me on to no end. I love listening to people having sex (I’m a bit of a voyeur) but hearing a man being vocal gets me turned on and wet in an instant. I stayed standing there, my ear pressed against the only barrier between Thomas and me, imagining what was going on in the other room. Was he naked? Was she exploring his body with her hands, or was she using his mouth?

“Yesss….Oh god, Lex, please suck my cock…”

Ah, she was taking him in her mouth. Oh how I longed to be her right now, taking his hard cock in my own mouth. I slowly let my hand drift down under the waistband of my shorts to rest on top of my panties and lightly rubbed myself. I didn’t want to cum too fast; I wanted to cum with him.

“That’s it Lex…God your tongue feels amazing! Keep doing that…”

In my head, I was on my knees, taking his cock as deep inside my mouth as I could, holding the back of his legs for support. I “saw” him looking down at me, and then throwing his head back as he pulled on my hair.

“Yes! Oh god, yesss….ohhhhh Lexa stop! I don’t want to cum yet!”

I was slightly disappointed, but only slightly, at his proposal to stop, and took that opportunity to walk to my dresser, silently open the drawer and take out my vibrator. I needed it. I crept back to the wall, but this time I sat on the floor with my legs spread out in front of me.

“God, you’re so wet!”


I wished at that moment that there was a hole in the wall or that I could phase through the solid material, ANYTHING that would let me Escort Yenibosna see what was happening. I was left with only my imagination, which was driving me wild, but was keeping me so hot. I slid my shorts and panties down now, lightly rubbing my clit with the wetness I was leaking.

“Come on; just slide a finger inside me! You’re driving me crazy! Please!”

Hearing my roommate, the woman who had every man at her beck and call, the woman with so much power, beg turned me on even more. I lifted the shirt I was wearing and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts fall free. With one hand I ran my fingers around the nipples, circling closer and closer until I was pinching the nipple between my fingers. With the other, I was still stroking my clit, but I went just a little faster.

“Lick my clit Tom! Just like that…god I’m gonna cum! Ohhhh yessss FUCK!”

I could hear the squeaking of bed as she thrashed around. I could feel her orgasm as if it were my own; feel his tongue rubbing my clit and his fingers thrusting in and out of my body. I allowed myself a small orgasm, keeping as quiet as I could.

“Get up here now and fuck me!”

“Oh yes, with pleasure!”

I heard them both moan as I assumed he slid himself inside of her. With that, I placed my feet flat on the carpet, raising my knees, and slid the vibrator inside of me. I didn’t turn it on, just slowly slid it in and out, steadying myself by leaning back on my hand.

“God, you’re really wet. Fuck!”

She only answered in moans and whimpers. I closed my eyes and started thrusting the vibrator just a little faster. I could almost feel his hot breath on my cheek and neck as he panted, see the sweat glistening over his skin and feel it against my own hot flesh. I’d place my lips right against his neck, feeling his heartbeat against them, gently biting him as his pace quickened.

“Yes! Oh GOD Tom! Ohhhh!”

“Get on your hands and knees.”

I did as he had said, pretending it was me he was talking to. I got on my knees, resting my head against the Halkalı escort bayan wall, making sure the vibrator didn’t fall out as I changed positions. I finally turned it on, assured that their own passions would cover any sounds me or my vibrator might make.

“Fuck me hard! Yes! Ohhhh goooodddd….I want to cum! Make me cum!”

“Fuck…yesss….god you feel so tight like this….”

“Pull my hair! Yes!! Harder! HARDER!!”

In my mind, it wasn’t her screaming for him to fuck her harder, it was me. I turned the vibrator up more, thrusting it hard into me, using my other hand to rub my clit furiously. I wanted to cum, I NEEDED to cum, and I was going to cum hard, but not without him. I could just barely make out the sounds of their flesh as he fucked her from behind and the groans of the bed as their passion rocked it. Their moans and groans were getting louder, I could almost hear him growl. God, how I wanted that cock to be fucking me, feeling his cock slamming into my pussy.

“Oh god, Lex…yes…Ohhhhh…..”

“Fuck me harder!! God, I NEED it harder! Slam it into me! OH pleeaassseeee!”

I didn’t know if was just the drinks that had made her so vocal (I had never heard her before this night), but she was expressing everything I was feeling. I didn’t just want it hard, I needed it. I switched the vibrator to high, pulling away from the wall slightly and bucking my hips back and forth as I rubbed my clit.

“Fuck! Ohhhh fuuuuuckkkkk….Lexa, I’m….ooohhh god I’m gonna cuuuuuummmmmmmm”

“yesssssss….oohhhhh gooodddddd” I whispered. I couldn’t have stopped if I tried. In my head he was cumming inside me, filling me up. My body went rigid as I came, and came hard. I kept plunging the vibrator inside of my pussy to the sounds of her squealing as she came, but I was thinking about him writhing behind me as he unloaded into me. My body was writhing and twitching, now, as I was panting and biting my lip to keep from screaming as I felt my juices slip out of my pussy past the vibrator.

I came down, panting and trying to catch my breath, and slowly made my way back to my bed. Part of me hoped that he somehow knew what I had done, maybe had heard me or maybe just felt my presence. Part of me was embarrassed that I had listened in on their intimate moment and gotten off. All of me was hoping he’d be back soon and I could do it all over again.

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