Little Ball of Fire

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I wasn’t so excited when my friends started trying to hook me up with their own after my last breakup. It was awkward, to be honest. They meant well, but usually things just… Didn’t quite work out. You’d think San Francisco would be the easiest place in the world to find someone for your tastes. It’s a melting pot, and no, everyone’s not gay. Let’s be honest while we’re at it—there are a lot of absolutely drop dead gorgeous women here. I wouldn’t stretch to call myself a skirt chaser, but if I was, I’d be in heaven, especially in hot days when gorgeous women come out in force, in dresses of all types and colors. More about that later, though.

I wasn’t expecting much when Sarah, a college friend of mine from Berkeley said she had a friend who was in the same boat as I was: Open, but looking.

“Kelly is totally adorable,” Sarah vouched. “She’s from Berkeley, but you’ll like her, I promise.”

So, she was Berkeleyian. That was the term I decided on, long ago, though, someone else has to have thought of it before. People from Berkeley are something of a different breed, when I think about ’em. There’s always something that’s the least bit strange about them.

“So… Should I set up a date?” she asked.

“Sure,” I responded. The deal was struck.

We were set up to meet at Dolores Park. I’ve always loved Dolores Park, because it was something of an anomaly. It spans a couple square blocks and is situated on a bit of hill. You can see downtown and a bit beyond if you look that direction. It’s usually populated by hipsters from the Mission district, and parkgoers from the Castro. It’s also usually warm there, at the park. San Francisco is cold city if you didn’t know. The fog can get bone-chillingly cold, but it never seems to hang around the Mission district too long. Today, the entire city was warm, and Dolores Park was twice as such. It was sweltering today.

The plan was the same as most other people in the park—Bring beer and weed to last a few hours, and relax the day away. I’d done it by myself quite a bit, so even if the date went sour, at least I’d have company for a bit. The park never did much for my hormones, to be honest. Since it’s usually so warm, women turn out in droves, oftentimes in dresses and skirts. Bikinis and the occasional topless sunbather weren’t oddities, either.

We met around 12, my back was to her when she walked up, and she gave my shoulder a light squeeze when she arrived.

“Mike?” She asked.

I nodded, she smiled. “I’m Kelly,”

I held out my hand to shake. She batted it away playfully, and hugged me. She was shorter than I was, at 5’1″ maybe, and I stood at 6’2. I looked her over after the hug, behind reflective sunglasses. She was my fantasy. Every inch of her was gorgeous—she had milky white skin, without a blemish to be seen. Her hair was cut very specifically, she had a city-chic thing going on, don’t ask me, I’m not keyed into fashion, so I really couldn’t name a style. Her brown bangs stopped just above her eyebrows and the rest of her hair stopped at her shoulders, sheered completely straight. It gave her a bit of an exotic look, though, it’s not a rare hairstyle in the city. She had a gorgeous summer-type dress, a deep reddish color, with spaghetti straps over her shoulders. Her fingernails and toenails seemed carefully groomed, bostancı escort and polished with a deep red. Her lipstick was the same color. Can’t forget her eyes. They were green, but piercing. It was a bit of that creepy kind of piercing, where it seems like she could see into your thoughts. If this ended badly, I would definitely be masturbating tonight.

We found a nice spot under the sun and began to talk about this and that. We actually had quite a bit in common. She didn’t seem like the type, but she loved comic books and that kind of art in general. She worked for an art supply store in Berkeley. It was really casual, unlike all of the other dates I’d been on. Usually, it was dinner, or movies, or awkward conversation, ending a handshake– oh the handshake– a brief hug, or, on one occasion the fastest kiss on the cheek in the world. This wasn’t anything like that, though. Here we were, at the park, in the sun, halfway through a six pack of beer and a couple of bowls. She was lying on her back, using my stomach as a pillow while we talked. It got to the point where we eventually ran out of things to talk about, but the silence wasn’t awkward. We broke it with humorous small talk every so often, but we were both content to lie in the grass. Okay, maybe Sarah was right.

In one of our silences, Kelly attacked. Her hands shot up over her head, and she began tickling me. I tried to fight off fits of giggles at first, but she was good. We started to wrestle a bit, and she climbed on top of me, straddling my lap as she continued her onslaught. Her dress was big enough to be splayed around her.

“Well, looks like you’re having fun,” I teased when she stopped.

She smiled and leaned down, giving me a quick peck on the lips, grinning afterward. Everything about this girl, even the peck on the lips aroused me, but I somehow managed to keep an erection at bay. It was already hot, but I could feel the warmth of her pussy on my pelvis. She stood up, finally, and pulled me up by the hand.

“Hungry?” She asked. I could go for food by now.

“Sure,” I replied. “Where to?’

“I dunno,” she replied.

“Well, there’s tons of Mexican food around, if you want.”

“Mmmmm… Not in the mood for Mexican.”

“Well… Fuck.”

“I kinda want vegetarian pizza.”


We gathered our stuff and began to wander the blocks around the park. Somehow, all of the places we hit were out. We settled on oven-bake pizza and decided to go back to my house. I was only a couple of blocks from the park, and the BART station she’d have to take to get home.

If this was a date, I didn’t know what to call those other trysts my friends sent me on. We held hands, we laughed, and she occasionally planted soft pecks on my lips, each time having to rise on the tips of her toes to reach them.

“Give me a piggyback ride?” She asked, as we left the store. I couldn’t help but laugh, but, hey, how could I say no? She was light, and not much of a burden at all once she settled in. Again, though, I had to fight a powerful erection as I felt the warmth between her legs grinding just a bit on my spine, every step of the way. She let out a contented sigh, though, long and drawn out as it was, it could have been a pleasurable groan, in retrospect.

I let her down ümraniye escort bayan when we reached my door, to unlock it. She went in first. Good thing I cleaned my room a couple of days ago. Then, as the cliché goes, the unexpected happened. She whirled around and kissed me. This wasn’t a peck in the slightest. I’d barely closed the door before she pushed me back into it, a smile on her lips as they met mine. She was already softly moaning as her tongue explored my mouth, her hands both on my cheeks, pulling me closer as though I could be sucked in. She broke the kiss briefly, I’m sure, only to look at me hungrily before attacking again. The girl had ferocity. My erection sprang to life almost immediately. It was angled down my pantsleg, but she felt it the moment it began to twitch. Her reply was devious giggles between kisses. Then, just as quickly and shockingly as it started, it stopped, and she was digging through the grocery bags for the pizza we bought. Do I even need to say I was absolutely astounded? I stood there; I don’t remember what I was thinking, until she came back out, having put the pizza in the oven.

She grabbed my hand, pulled me toward my couch, and turned around, letting herself fall onto it, still holding my hand. Of course, I fell on her. As soon as our bodies contacted, her lips went to my neck. It had begun again. I was in heaven. She sucked, nibbled, and kissed my neck so expertly that I couldn’t even manage to stammer. I did the same every opportunity I got, but she was largely on the offensive. It lasted the 20 minutes it took for the pizza to cook. Again, she just got up went about business as though nothing had happened. I figured I’d be best off doing the same.

It was remarkably comfortable spending time with her, despite the exponentially building sexual tension. She finished eating first, and sat against the arm of the couch, putting her legs up on my thighs. We talked a bit more, and soon I was done with mine as well. We had the last couple of beers in the pack, and finished the weed we’d brought to the park with us. There was more in my room if we wanted.

After a bit, she made a lazy stretch, and swung her leg, the one closer to my body, over my head, onto the head of the couch. Her other leg stayed put. Her grin was back, devious and chesire. She began to hike her dress up her legs, until she exposed her thong-clad crotch. The smell of her was intoxicating now, sweet from her perfume, musky from her exposed, though clothed mound. One of her of her hands travelled down the length of her leg, to her warm, wet sex. I was speechless, but finally managed to squeak, “Do you want me to…”

She bit her lip and shook her head. She was putting on a show. She slid the cloth covering her vulnerable, shaved, swollen pussy over to the side and spread its lips wide. Man… She was wet. She rubbed the whole of her sex, as she became even more wet. She smeared her own natural all over her pink, wet lips, they were slick and glistening. She began to use fingers, one at first, then two. I could hear every move they made was such clarity that my cock was rock hard. She had a very quick orgasm. It couldn’t have been more than a minute or two, when she doubled in on herself and let out a loud groan. Her legs shot closed–Yes, she did end up kicking me in the head, but kartal escort it wasn’t all that hard– as she convulsed and rocked for the next few moments. Feet together now, she opened her knees, exposing her pussy once again, which now clearly glistened in the light coming from the window. Her skin had a surreal glow to it as well, in the amber light of the setting sun, and wake of her orgasm.

“Come here,” she said, beckoning with a finger, sitting up. She met me halfway, and our lips met again, one of her hands on my face. Her hand was trailing down my chest and over my stomach. She had me unzipped and out before I even noticed.

My cock was throbbing in her hands. They were delicate, but very warm, still damp from assaulting her vagina. She stroked slowly, very, very slowly, from the base of the shaft to the tip of the head, using her own juices and my precum as lubricant. Her musk was strong, and intoxicating. Still stroking, she broke the kiss, and went again for my neck, then, down my stomach.

“Close your eyes,” she said, in a whisper. I did. She kissed the head of my cock and adjusted her seating arrangement on the floor in front of me. She kissed again. She gave a lick, just the slightest probe of her tongue, which grew in its aggression. Soon, she was lapping at my cock, moaning as she did. I couldn’t see, but I could feel the whole thing was covered in saliva. She went down, taking most of the length into her mouth. She was slow, almost calculated in what she did. I could hear her fingers in her pussy again, the sound was unmistakable. Her tongue danced around any place it could, tasting everything. She moaned in delight, and I did too, almost as though it was a cue. She came up off my cock.

“Look at me,” she said, almost demanding. I did. Her green eyes were looking right back as her lips closed over my engorged cock again. All of the buttons of the front of her dress were undone, and she wore no bra. Aside from her back, she was completely exposed. While she sucked, she stroked my cock with one hand, while her free hand went between her gorgeous, perky breasts, and her pussy, which, by this point was practically dripping. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were firm, her areolas probably perfect circles, encircling perfect-sized nipples. It was like she was cut to be perfect. Well, for me at least. Finally, she went all the way down. She’d been working up to it, and now achieved her goal. I was in absolute euphoria. My orgasm began. I’d never had one like this before. I let out a loud moan, and she sucked harder. There a good few second delay between the feeling washing over me, and the first cumshot, followed by four more, which had to be the same size. She even stuck out her tongue to show me she swallowed every last drop.

She sat up next to me, her breathing finally regulating, as was mine. She buttoned her dress and straightened her hair. She was damned good at going on as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. It was Eight o’ Clock by now, and her time to gp. She made plans with some girlfriends of her’s in Berkeley in about an hour.

I walked her to the BART station, and we said our goodbyes.

“I had a lot of fun,” She said, smiling brightly.

“Me too,” I responded, giving her hand a squeeze.

“So, we’re going to meet again, right?”

“Of course!”

She smiled, “I have a secret for you,” she said, placing her hands on my shoulders, to bring me down.

“I’m a virgin,” she said, giving my ear lick before she went through the turnstile, innocently waving after another quick peck on the lips.

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