Little Oral Erin

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As always, the characters depicted are over 18.


As I opened the door I could hear the haunting voice of Sarah Brightman singing ‘All I ask of you’ from the Phantom Of The Opera. I knew it was going to be a great evening! Erin likes to set the mood with music and candlelight. Sure enough, as I rounded the corner into the living room, there she was, kneeling on the floor wearing nothing but a black, lacy bra encasing her generous young breasts and matching panties, barely hiding her meaty, already damp, pussy She turns her head to look and her face lights up as she sees me smiling down at her.. Erin is 20 years old. I am over 60, but we seem to be quite compatible.. We like the same music, movies, and foods. And other forms of entertainment

Erin is such a joy to have around. She is tall, a tad chubby by American standards (but I like my women to have a little substance!), young, enthusiastic, very pretty, with curly red hair that falls in ringlets about her face. Best of all, she adores me! Almost as much as I adore her! She tells me how good I make her feel, especially when she stands naked in front of me. She can see the love and lust in my eyes as I look her up and down, smiling slightly as my gaze rests upon her breasts, her mons, her face.

I tell her how lovely she looks and she blushes. I love making her blush, watching as her skin flushes, starting at her cheeks, running down her neck, spreading across her freckled chest and shoulders. From there I never know where it goes. My gaze always stops at her nipples. Her luscious nipples! Those pointy little pink buds that stick out from her creamy round breasts, just aching to be sucked.

She is so wise for a young woman, so innocent looking, yet so wicked and wanton. She knows just how to get me to do the things she wants, especially in bed. Just this morning, as I was walking out the door, she bounded up to me, her breasts bobbing, kissed me deeply on the lips, wishing me a good day. Before I could turn to go, she dipped two fingers into her pussy and smeared the fragrant juices onto my upper lip and nose. “Think about me.” she said sweetly, “All day!”

And I did! I should have known she was up to something! “And what does my little vixen want?” I asked, dropping my briefcase and stepping up to her, my waist at the level of her head.

“You!” she whispered, bursa escort unbuckling my belt and fishing my semi-hard cock from inside my pants. She smiled at the sight of the bulbous dusky pink head as it emerged from my trousers.

“What! Don’t I get a peck on the cheek and a ‘How was your day, dear?'” I teased as she gently pulled on my manhood, stroking it to full hardness.

Teasing me back, she replied, “I don’t care how your day was. I’m only concerned with how your night is going to be!” She smiled up at me, then at my cock, leaning in and planting a wet, sloppy kiss on the head. “Did you have a tough day at work, sweety” she said, mockingly at my now fully erect manhood.

Looking back up into my eyes, she tells me to get comfy, have a seat in my leather easy chair, while she pours us some wine.

Having a good idea whats coming next, I doff my shoes, pants and boxers and take a seat. I jump a bit as the coolness of the leather reaches my balls as I sink into the overstuffed chair.

Erin returns with two glasses of white wine, her signal that that she wants to play with my cum before I get to play with her cunt. White wine means we eat, red means we fuck. She leans over, her breasts threatening to spill out of her bra. Seeing me look at the orbs, she shakes her shoulders, making her tits jiggle and roll. I smile at the show, thinking of how nice it would be to have my head between those warm, creamy, soft breasts.

“I know what you’re thinking!” she says softly, “And it will have to wait! I need my protein!” Dropping again to her knees, she parts my legs, lifts my prick and buries her face in the crinkled skin of my scrotum. Inhaling the days sweat, she starts licking and moaning.

“Don’t you want me to shower first?” I ask, scrunching down in the chair to give her better access.

“Unh Unh” she moans as she pops my left testicle into her mouth, rolling it around gently, massaging it with her tongue. The warmth of her mouth makes my cock twitch. She lets the little egg slide from her mouth, then slips the other one in, sucking gently.

“Oh God!” I moan softly, watching her as she washes my balls. Letting the orb go she slowly licks her way up the underside of my shaft. She is in no hurry. She knows exactly what she wants. And how she’s going to get it! This whole evening is planned, so I just go with it. She bursa escort bayan will pleasure herself by pleasuring me. I, in turn will pleasure myself by pleasuring her.

She tickles the sensitive spot just under the crown of my cock with the tip of her tongue. It makes me squirm with pleasure. She sees this and continues, swirling her tongue all around my helmet. She squeezes my shaft, forcing a droplet of pre-cum to form at my slit. Smiling at her success, she purses her lips, taking the head and smearing the clear liquid gift that she has coaxed from me all over her lips, like lip gloss.

“Mmmmm!” she says, licking her lips, “I love the taste of your cock!” Ovalling her shiny lips, she envelopes the head, while teasing the slit with the tip of her tongue.

“And you look so damned sexy, sucking on it, girl” I reply, looking down at her through half closed eyes.

Her eyes brighten at the compliment and she engulf as much of me as she can without gagging, as a thank you for what I said. I resist the temptation to grab her head and fuck her face, although I’m sure she wouldn’t mind it. Tonight is for her enjoyment.

She bobs up and down, slurping and drooling on my prick. I can feel my cockhead bump the back of her throat with each thrust.. My hips start to move in time with her head. My hands have an iron grip on the arms of the leather chair. I just can’t help it. Her lips and tongue feel like velvet on my cock. I moan again!

She senses that I am close and pulls off. I open my eyes and look at her face. Silently, they plead for her to continue, to finish me, empty me.

“Patience!” she whispers “patience!” and she kisses her way down the shaft toward the balls that she denuded of hair yesterday. I had asked her why and she had told me that she didn’t want any short and curlies to get in the way of our enjoyment.

Hefting them with her hand, she kisses each, licks all around, then pops them into her mouth again, still gently stroking my cock from base to head and back again. Gently sucking, she rolls the delicate organs around her mouth, careful that her teeth do no harm. Letting go, she slides up the shaft, like she’s playing a harmonica, humming as she does so.

It’s then that I notice she has unclasped her bra, and, shrugging her shoulders, frees her breasts from their lacy prison. Straightening escort bursa up, she surrounds my spit soaked member with her glorious tits, sliding me up and down in the valley of her cleavage.. As my head emerges from between her breasts, she extends her tongueswiping it along the pre-cum oozing slit.

“Mmmmm! God, I love it when you do that” I groan as my hips thrust up and downward.

Between licks, she says, ” I know ….That’s why I do it …cuz you love it.”

Dropping her hands from her breasts, she frees my manhood, but only for a moment. Cupping my balls, she devours the head of my cock again. She is sucking harder now, taking me deeper, grazing my shaft with her teeth. My eyes close, but only for a moment. “Ohhhh fuck” I gruffly whisper, giving in to the need.

Unseen by me she has slipped a hand into the black panties, sinking two fingers into her wetness while continuing to feast on me. She groans almost constantly now. Her way of letting me know that it is time. My balls are soaked with drool, her head moving faster, bobbing up and down, her tongue caressing my crown.

I reach down with both hands, feeling her nipples against my palms, gently kneading the soft globes with the hard pebbled tips.

The fingers on the hand hefting my scrotum extend, teasing the sensitive skin behind. Extending further, her middle finger slips into my ass, wiggling, massaging.

That triggers my orgasm. Grunting, I lift my hips, feeding her all of me. Feeling my helmet bump the back of her throat. Involuntarily grasping at her nipples, pinching , pulling,. Feeling the rush of sperm as it courses its way from my balls up my shaft. My cock erupts, pumping warm liquid, spurting onto her tongue. Feeling her throat open and close as she swallows my gift.

The intensity subsides, as does my hardness. But that does not stop her. She continues to suck, to lick, wanting every last drop of my essence in her mouth. I’m on sensory overload, but grit my teeth until she is done.

She lifts off the flaccid tool, sits back on her haunches, turns her head slightly to the right, and smiles. With the smile opening her lips slightly, she lets a dribble of cum escape down her chin, stretching across the void between her face and her breast. Looking down to check her aim, she sees that she is right on. The drip of sperm hit the upper slope of her right breast and drizzled down to the raised flesh of her nipple. Dripped off, hung in the air for a moment and landed on her thigh

“Did you want something to eat?” she asked as she rose to kiss me and sip her wine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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