Locker Room Shower

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Jake was a very sexy 18-year-old senior in high school. He was always at the gym or running for football. He was very muscular and had the smoothest skin ever. He had a six pack that formed a V going down to his crotch were lay his shaved serpent that was 6 inches soft and grew to 8 inches, and not to mention the thickness of it.

One day after football Jake had to run extra. He was going to be late getting to the locker room. When he arrived at the locker room all the coaches were gone and only a few players were left outside the showers putting their clothes back on.

Jake stripped down his clothes grabbed his toiletries and went to the empty open shower space. He turned the water on and jumped at how cold it was. He let it warm up a little before going under the stream. Jake scrubbed his whole body but when he got to his crotch felt a little tingle and his cock began to grow a little. He poked his head out of the showers to check if anyone was there. The coast was clear and he went back to the shower and he started to stroke his cock.

Jake got so horny that he did something he never did. He put gaziantep bayan eskort some gel soap on his fingers and began to slide his hand up and down his asshole. Jake started to moan has he slid one finger up into his hole and was startled by what he heard in return.

His quarterback, Jason, was standing at the doorway with a devilish grin. He said, “having a little fun their Jakey.”

Jake turned away and got embarrassed but Jason wasn’t at all. He was standing there looking up and jakes body and eyed him in a sexual way. Jake turned his head and looked at Jason. What he saw awe struck him. Jason was butt naked, he had a 9-inch erection that Jake couldn’t take his eyes off. Jason finally spoke up and said, ” like what you see sexy.” And walked over to Jake and groped his firm butt.

Jake was stunned at this and didn’t know how to react but did. Jake turned around and kissed Jason very long and passionately. The two swirled there tongues around the others mouth and interlaced them. Finally Jason broke off and started to kiss and lick his way down Jake’s muscular toned body all the way down to his cock. Jason opened his mouth a little but didn’t take it all into his mouth. He just sucked the head and fed on his pre cum for a while.

Jake wanted more so he took Jason’s head and thrusted it all the way down the shaft or at least as far as Jason can handle. When he started to gag Jake pulled his back a sec but thrusted back in. Jake started pushing Jason’s head faster and faster until he felt his dick twitch and a load of warm cum exploded down Jason’s throat. 2 more waves went down but for the last one Jake pulled his dick out and for one last time spurt out all over Jason’s face.

Jason hopped back up and Jake licked his own cum off Jason’s face and started to make out with his friend. Things started to heat up even more. Both of the boys hands were exploring each others hot toned ass with the occasional slide of the finger in the crack. But Jason slid his finger deep in Jakes tight toned ass. Jake squealed out like a little bitch. “UGGGHHHH!!! YYEEEESSSS!!! DO THAT AGAIN BABY.”

Jason didn’t hesitate; he shoved one, two, three!!! fingers in jakes hole. Each finger and thrust of the hands brought Jake louder and louder, “OHHH MMYYY GGGOOOD!!! I WANT YOUR COCK IN MY ASS SEXY!!!”

Jason took his fingers out of Jake’s ass and turned him around so that jakes sexy ass was facing him. Jason shoved his big fat cock in that nice virgin ass. Jake squealed and squealed in both pain and pleasure. He never felt anything like this before. It was the best thing he had ever felt in his life. Jake screamed, “harder!! Harder!! C’mon go harder!!”

Jason was pumping away as hard as he could and gave Jake a slap on the ass and said, “Shut up bitch. You don’t speak till you’re spoken to. Now just take my cock in your ass and moan your little whore ass off.”

Jake loved the dirty talk and screeched, “Yes….. mas…..ster… uuuggghhh ohhh mmmyyyy gggooooddd.”

Finally Jason screamed out in ecstasy, “I’m GONNAAA CCUUUMMM.”

And cum he did. He shot load after load of cum in Jake’s ass that the hot sticky white stuff was over flowing out of his ass!!! Both boys fell to the ground and just laid there completely out of breath and completely aw struck at what happened.

But what they heard in the doorway to the shower shocked them both. It was Mark, “he said wow that looks hot room for one more?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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