Lonely@30 and Missygail25

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Author’s note–

As a lot of my stories start, I met this man online. Well, most have been fiction, but this story is a true encounter of my nights with a wonderful man. I have to say that these dates with Richard have been the best I’ve had since moving to my parents after leaving my now ex-husband. Richard is a very sweet nice man, and I like him a lot. I have started a relationship with him and I just have to say he is the best at oral I have ever experienced!

I have an Internet friend named Sherry that wrote me because of reading and enjoying my stories on . Sherry and I became friends going back and forth giving each other our female advice. When I told her of my relationship woes and my wish for a man in my life she told me about a site called Adult Friend Finders, telling me about all the friends she’d found from this site. Well, you don’t have to tell me twice, I promptly joined the site, choosing the username misygail25 since my regular was taken. The results from that site were less than stellar. Mostly I got emails from men wishing to run around on their wives or have sexual escapades during their lunch break from work or they were just too far away to ever actually meet. Oh Geez! Well, I explained my frustrations to Sherry, and she told me that what I might need is a ‘friend with benefits’ and that I should alter my profile on the site to acquire this sort of thing. Well, I thought about her suggestion for a while, but didn’t really think it would work for me.

‘Okay, if a man is my friend then that means he is a good man, and well, if I’m having sex with him that would make him so much more to me,’ I thought to myself.

Well, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my emotions at arm length, even if I knew all he wanted was to be just friends. And then I also knew if this possible ‘friend’ was to find another girlfriend all of a sudden, well I would feel heartbroken and such. All and all I do have to thank Sherry cause she did point me to the direction of the site, and I eventually met a nice man there.

Well, one day when checking to see if I had any emails waiting for me on AFF, I began to play around on the site. I first checked out the new members section and there was nothing very interesting, so I clicked on the recently viewed section, which lists everyone that has viewed your profile. This also tells who has added you to their ‘hotlist’. I saw a man with the username Lonely@30 had recently viewed my profile and added me to his hotlist, so I checked out his profile. His profile said he was six foot eight inches tall! Also, it said that he is not religious and is interested in cars. Well, cars are okay, but I don’t cream my jeans over a sports car. They are good to get us from point A to point B. I’m not necessarily religious; I don’t attend church every Sunday, but have my own set of beliefs and don’t push them on anyone. Anyway, he smokes and so do I; Shame on us both, right? Well, all this was all well and good, but it didn’t really make me want to send him an email. And I didn’t email him because of his picture ‘cause I’m not a paying member to the site and couldn’t see it without a magnifying glass. It wasn’t his height either, though 6’8” is definitely nothing to sneeze at. What really made me want to email him was further below on his page. It was questions that the website asks to tell you a bit more about the person and their interests. The question that got my attention was “what is the most important thing in your life?” His answer was “I will know when I find her.”

Well, all the ladies out there can you give out an “ah ain’t that sweet!” ha ha!

I liked his answer and decided to send him an email. I didn’t know if the site would let me send an email from a profile, because, until this point all I had done was respond to the emails I had received. But, luckily the website let me respond. The next day he responded back to me. His email was short and sweet, but he also did something very rare; he actually asked me about my kids. Hardly any man that sent me an email from that site asked about my children. Also, he told me his name was Richard. Well, I liked this, and I responded back to him telling him about my children and their ages. To make a long story short we ended up exchanging regular email addresses and corresponded back and forth almost everyday. After a few days we went one-step further and exchanged phone numbers.

Through our emails and phone calls I learned a good sum about Richard. For one he is thirty years old, which is just the right age. Also, he is part Cherokee Native American, with dark brown hair and intense green eyes. He is, of course, a mountain of a man, or rather a tall drink of water, which ever way you wish to describe him, though he is not one of those tall, skinny men that looks like a zipper turned sideways with their tongue hanging out! He has some real meat on his bones.

I told Richard bits about my life, and warned him that I sometimes give out too escort bostancı much information on the web. But that was okay with him and it actually allowed him to express more to me then he would normally talk about to any other woman. Richard told me about his life as a long-haul truck driver for the last seven years, and had recently gotten off the truck around February or March of this year in favor of finding himself a life. He told me that it was difficult to find any kind of social life driving a truck for so long, and impossible to find a woman to dote over because he was usually called back out on the road after only a few days or so. Now he works at an auto repair shop as a mechanic in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The shop usually does good business, but lately has been lacking cause of the economy, though he is still looking around for an in state driving job there or possibly one here in Tulsa.

We knew each other on line for about three weeks before getting the chance to meet because we had to wait for when my ex had my children once again. We arranged to meet on the weekend of August 22nd thru the 24th. . Actually, Richard was only going to come down here for only one day, but I told him he was welcome the whole weekend. He, of course, said okay but was uncertain about how much time I would want to spend with him. The 22nd rolled around and I got my kids ready to see their dad. I received one email from Richard that he sent on his lunch break with his hopes that his boss wouldn’t keep him at work too long so he could get on the road for the two hour drive out here.

After my ex picked up the kids I took a quick shower and went shopping. I wanted to buy a nice outfit to wear on my date with Richard that night. Plus going out shopping let me distract myself so that I wouldn’t think and get nervous about my date, like if I had just stayed home waiting for him to arrive. During my shopping excursion he called to tell me he was on the road and on his way to Tulsa. My shopping took longer than I had planned for and when I finally decided to go home to change, I was surprised to find that Richard was already in town. I was about half way home when my cell phone rang.

I answered the phone and Richard told me he was in Tulsa and near my house, though not quite sure how to get there. After a bit of discussion about his actual location, I went there to meet him. He was sitting at a gas station that was out of gas. That’s how I figured out where he was located because I had cussed at that same gas station many times. The station had been robbed a few times and I think that is why they closed off the pumps so often to avoid having the gas stolen as well. Not even a minute after we’d hung up I pulled into the gas station. Richard was by the nonfunctional pumps, sitting in his truck.

I pulled my father’s car up near his truck and after a bit he looked up and saw me. He wasn’t quite what I had expected, though I knew what he looked liked from his pictures. But meeting “in person” is always different than pictures. Also, even though I knew that he was 6’8”, I wasn’t ready for that height. I had to crane my neck to look up into his face. I tried to get the full impression of him; he was attractive with chestnut colored hair and intense emerald eyes, along with a smooth clean shaved face. His form was, of course, impressive, but he also gave a sense of protection, standing tall and straight, towering over me like my own personal skyscraper. His rugged figure was Grande, with a pair of wonderfully broad shoulders at least a yard wide and a set of long, sturdy Viking type legs. I paused from my measure of him to actually take the time to meet him, instead of just study.

We said our “ hello’s” and he asked for a hug, bending down to my 5’8” frame to get the hug. He told me that I was taller than he thought I would be (I’m taller! Yeah right!). I asked what he wanted to do first, get some gas or go to my parent’s house. He said that he could wait on the gas for a little bit.

I got back into my father’s car and he followed me to my parents’ house. I got all my purchases and told Richard to stay outside until I made sure that everything was fine with my parents. When I went inside my parents knew he was here. For one thing I’m sure he called their house first and another thing his truck, which is rigged up for drag racing, kind of announced his arrival to the entire neighborhood. Well, suffice it to say my father was in a real state and my mother just basically followed his lead. I asked what the problem was, and my father griped that I hadn’t given them any warning as to when Richard would be here. It was my date; I didn’t know my parents needed warning. They weren’t going out with him! I offered to help because my parents were running around getting stuff gathered up for trash night, but my father just responded with something that was a less than cheerful statement. So, with no where to turn but out I announced I was leaving ümraniye escort and just left my new outfit in the bags sitting on the couch and turned tail and ran for the door.

I stepped out on to the front porch and Richard was sitting on the steps. He got up as soon as he saw me and asked what had been going on and I told him that basically my father had a bug up his butt. This was just great! Starting off a date cranky as hell because of my father. I got in Richard’s truck and he started up the engine and goddamn, that thing was loud as all hell. We couldn’t carry on a conversation while it was running without screaming at each other. I pointed him in the direction of a gas station with working pumps and he pulled into the station, turning every head that was there getting gas. He turned off the engine and my ears were still ringing a bit.

We talked while he pumped his gas, and he asked me about all I had bought today. I told him what I had got, and then he went inside to pay for the gas. He got back in the truck and started up the loud monster and we went to a restaurant called the Village Inn, a country type restaurant not very fancy but with good food. As we waited for our food to be served we continued talking. I was a bit nervous and told Richard as much, he told me that he wasn’t nervous at all! Even though I was nervous I was determined to carry on a conversation and not let my shyness interfere, which mostly it did not, I was surprisingly rather at ease with him.

“Why did you buy all of that stuff?” asked Richard.

“Because of our date. I was looking for a casual but slightly dressy outfit for our date,” I replied.

“Oh, you thought you’d have time to change before I got here, did you?”

“Yep, but I guess I got carried away with my shopping,”

“Well, yeah you were shopping when I left. Were you shopping the whole time I was driving out here?”

“Sure was.”

I hadn’t had time to change like I thought I would, and was just wearing a buttoned up short sleeved red checked shirt and loose jean shorts I had put on before my ex came to get the kids, along with a pair of sneakers. Real fancy! It was okay, though, because, as I said before, Richard didn’t have many dress clothes since clothes in general are hard from him to find that actually fit his large frame. Besides, later on he told me that he liked me in shorts because, he says, I have long sexy legs. Flattery will get you everywhere! Richard was wearing a black tee shirt and what I think were his work slacks, which were part of his uniform from the mechanic shop, and a pair of sneakers.

We talked more through dinner, and after we were finished went back out to his truck. We decided to go see a movie, and I showed him the way to AMC20 a theater that is near my parents’ house. Richard parked the truck, probably to the relief of the ears of the moviegoers waiting outside around the ticket window. We decided to watch “American Wedding”, but had an hour to wait for the next showing. We sat on a concrete bench outside to enjoy our last cigarette before going into the theater. After our nicotine cravings were satisfied we went to the ticket window and got our tickets and went inside the theater. At the concession stand I got a pop and some milk duds, a movie-must-have, and Richard got popcorn and a pop. As we got to the room where our movie was to play, the last crowd was just leaving. So we sat on a wooden bench near our theater and talked a bit.

The excitement had been there since meeting Richard, replacing the previous anxiousness I had before meeting him. As we talked Richard caressed my leg and along with all the other emotions going through me, his touch just sent an erotic spark of electricity through me. He marveled at my smooth skin and I mentioned I had shaved in the shower today.

“Did you shave for me?” he asked.

“Well, in a way yeah, but I shave each time I go on a date whether I need to or not.” I replied.

His hand grasped mine and he expressed his like of my soft hands and my long, real nails. I wondered if he was thinking about those nails scratching up and down his back because a similar thought was going through my head.

As we were sitting and talking another theater let out and a crowd of people walked past us. I noticed a girl walking past with “PREP” boldly printed on her ass.

“Well, at least she gives everyone a warning.” I said.

“What’s that?” asked Richard.

“Oh, some chick walked past us with “PREP” printed on her butt.”

“Oh, I didn’t see that. You should have pointed it out to me!” teased Richard.

“I just figured it was a warning. I’m a “prep”, so if you talk to me be prepared for an annoyingly cheerful personality, or just annoying in general.”

I’ve often wondered about the clothing that says prep, brat, slut, or hottie. Are the people choosing to wear these clothes broadcasting their personality or what? I wonder what my ass would say if kartal escort bayan I chose to broadcast my personality, computer nerd, mother, pain-in-the-butt, goofy, or wanna-be erotica writer (Ha! Not so far in with this story, but read on; it gets better!).

Well, after a bit more talking we noticed that people were going into our theater so we got off the wooden bench with now numb butts (that’s what my ass would say, “numb butt”). We got into the theater and I chose our seats, somewhat toward the back, but not all the way. Though the seats in AMC20 are fairly big, it was still a bit cramped for Richard, though at least he didn’t block the people behind him from seeing the screen. We talked some more as we waited for the movie to start, and Richard said that he wanted to ask me for a kiss, but didn’t know if I would let him have one. I wanted to tell him that I wanted a kiss too, but ended up only nervously smiling at him.

Finally the lights went down and the previews for movies came on. Richard grabbed my hand into his, and his large hand nearly covered my own. Then the movie began to play and Richard whispered into my ear about a kiss, and I turned to him and our mouths met. It was a difficult kiss ‘cause of the backs of our seats. We couldn’t turn our heads right, but it was still a good kiss. Richard’s thick full lips nearly covered my own, and I wasn’t able to get my lips wrapped around his tongue and thought to my horror that maybe he had a small tongue. We separated our mouths and watched the movie. It was a good, funny movie, just as good as the first two “American Pie” movies.

Throughout the movie we were constantly touching, holding hands or giving each other light caresses. Each time his fingertips softly touched my hand or arm, it sent tingles through my body, centering between my legs. We shared another kiss just before the movie was over. After we left the theater, I had to stop at the restroom and found out how turned on I was when I wiped away my wetness. After my bathroom visit I rejoined Richard out in the theater hallway. We walked to an exit and I grabbed his hand. The way to the exit was a large hallway, leading to a couple of glass doors. In the reflection I could see the site we made with him standing a full foot taller than me. It was interesting and neat at the same time because I’ve never dated a man as tall as Richard, though there are not many women that have, I suppose.

We got out to his truck and he asked if I wanted to sit beside him on the bench seat of his truck instead of all the way over by the passenger door. I told him sure, and got in on his side of the truck. Once we were both in the truck, our lips rejoined once again, this time in a better position. His lips completely covered mine once again, and after a bit I was able to get him to offer up his tongue and was glad to find that it was quite large. I promptly wrapped my lips around his tongue and sucked it into my mouth. He seemed to really like my bit of tongue sucking cause he kept offering it back up to me. We separated to wipe the saliva off our mouths from our very wet kisses.

“You are very good at that,” said Richard.

We began to kiss again, and once more he offered his tongue for me to suck on, which I enjoy doing, though I like to suck on other things as well. After we finished this round of kissing and I had sucked on his tongue thoroughly, he looked at me.

“How did you learn to do that?” asked Richard.

I responded only with a sly smile, and a thought went through my head, ‘guess’. We stopped our making out session for a bit because people were walking through the parking lot. Richard asked me what I wanted to do next and I said that we could go search for him a hotel. He said something to the effect that there would probably be nothing else open since it was so late, sine that is was a little after 2am. We could have gone somewhere else because there were places still open, but at this point I was so aroused that I just wanted to go to a hotel with him and see what happened from there. Richard said that he’d seen some hotels along I-44, so we headed for the highway. After driving a bit Richard spotted an Econolodge. He went in and got a room while I waited in the truck.

He came back after getting the room, and he fired up the truck and drove around the building to where his room was located, and in the process of that little trip I believe we woke up every sleeping hotel patron. Well, we got to his room and went inside. The hotel room was like most, a queen sized bed sat in the middle of the room in front of a TV. There was a desk, so that just in case you have some homework to do while on vacation, and also a couple of chairs along with a little end table, and the bathroom was off to the side of the hotel door. The room was basically designed in your usual hotel style earth tones with probably too many flower patterns, your basic Martha Stewart nightmare. I sat my purse down on a little table and sat down on the bed. Richard sat down in a chair across from me and, as we talked a bit he took off his tee shirt and had a muscle shirt underneath. I got to see more of his massive shoulders and broad chest, though he had no chest hair, it was still quite a chest.

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