Long Autumn Afternoon

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Michelle’s parents were off at a political fundraiser in another city on that day. It was not exactly an overnight trip, but the city was far enough away that they had left at ten on Saturday morning and would not be back home until close to midnight. Michelle had told her boyfriend Dave that she was going to be alone all day, so he came over to see that she wasn’t.

They had been going together for four months, since the beginning of the summer before their senior year of college, and they had gotten fairly serious by now. And Dave hoped that this long afternoon together with nobody else around would maybe let him get still more serious with the tall thin girl.

He got her warmed up by putting his tongue in her mouth as they sat on the couch downstairs. Michelle was breathing fast, and Dave could see the light of a strong physical desire in her eyes. He whispered endearments in her ear, and mixed in a little description of what he would like to do with her. That got her more excited, he had found.

She got up to cool down, but he joined her again and soon his kissing and holding her made her knees weak and at his gentle urging they sank to sit on the living-room rug, and then to lie on it. They fit together very well, since Michelle was less than an inch shorter than her boyfriend. Dave put his arm around her to cushion her a bit while he stroked her freckled face but the rug was still too uncomfortable to be on for very long, and soon she (and therefore he) was sitting up again.

“It is so nice to lie beside you,” he whispered. “But we could do it more easily on your bed.”

Michelle was silent for a little while, not quite willing to say no to what was almost a reasonable idea. It did feel nice to lie with Dave, and she finally decided that she could still remain in control of the situation.

“Yes, let’s,” she replied.

Dave stood up and reached a hand to help her to her feet. She had agreed, and he was sure that she was going to agree to a lot more today.

As they entered her bedroom, the first time he had ever seen it, he eased off on physical contact with Michelle in order to avoid scaring her away from continuing. He even sat on her bed instead on lying down at first, just holding her hand.

But she grew impatient and daring and soon Michelle pulled him down to kiss her, her fingers digging into his curly reddish hair to hold him. He leaned over and gave her his best shot, gently stroking her cheeks and face, and when he raised his head from her mouth he touched his lips to her forehead before resting and listening to her racing heart.

“Oh, Dave, that’s so…” And she shook her head, making the long straight red hair ripple.

Dave lay beside her full-length now and put his arm under her shoulders. He touched her neck and stroked it, and soon he reached her fingers to the top of her blouse. She looked over at him, took his hand and kissed it, and then smiled.

He undid one button at a time until her blouse was completely opened and her white cotton bra and pink soft midriff were exposed. Also the top of her soft breasts, which were also freckled.

He tongue-kissed Michelle again, holding her naked waist with his hand. Then he raised his hand as his tongue went deeper in and caressed the skin above her breasts. And as his head came up again, his hand went under the cup to hold one mound. His fingers found that the nipple was rigid and responsive to his touch. She was on the small side there, though Dave was not about to complain.

He lifted the bra-cup so that the breast was uncovered and lowered his lips to the nipple. It was also reddish, though of course of a different shade from her hair. Michelle drew in a breath as he pulled on it.

“Oh…” she said. That was new to her, though his hands had been there before, as had a few others.

He bared the other breast and raised her upper body. He held her to him, and over the course of a minute or two first removed her blouse, then undid and took off her bra, and finally opened his shirt.

He quietly lay beside her, pressing her to his bare chest, and looked into her eyes. He had touched her breasts many times before, and she had explored his chest with her fingers, but never before had they been in a situation where they could see so much of each other so clearly.

When his hand found the top of the zipper on the side of her skirt, she was not quite ready to escalate, and she held his hand still. But his kisses clouded her mind and weakened her will and soon she removed the hand to throw her arms around him and hold his head against her. Somewhere in her mind was the idea that she could still control this situation, but more and more of her did not want to.

She was not really a virgin, but the two men (boys, really) she had been taken by had done so when she was drunk or close to it, and she had not really enjoyed it — or remembered it — very much. On the other hand, she had not wanted it as much then as she did now.

The skirt was opened at escort bostancı the top, and tugged down and put aside. His left hand held the outside of one thigh, went to the knee, and returned to graze the inner leg. As the hand moved up between her legs, toward her panties, Michelle suddenly clamped her legs together… But soon she relaxed. This too they had done before, though by going under the skirt.

Dave’s hand at length reached the bottom of her panties and he pressed his fingers down there. Then he touched the top, and went under it, and one fingertip made her jump as it contacted a very wet place.

Michelle hissed slightly, but not in anger. The sudden sensation made her want to move her hips, maybe to relieve the tension, she wasn’t sure. What she felt was very strong, as strong as what she felt when she touched herself there, but as strong as if she were almost at orgasm. She was not far from that now; having Dave do all this had made her more excited than she had expected to be. Perhaps it was that he had built her up more slowly, since when she did herself she wanted relief fast and did not give it much time. Perhaps it was that they were getting close to really going all the way and that was what made everything seem stronger.

Certainly the feelings she was getting now were more than she bargained for. But she wanted more.

And so did Dave. He slid one finger over her vaginal lips, spreading the wetness and exciting her again. Soon he had Michelle twitching and bucking at his touch. Then he lifted her hips and tugged her panties down. All she had now was loafers and long stockings, and he reached to remove the shoes. He liked the way the stockings looked on her.

He also liked seeing for the first time that her pubic hair was almost as bright as that on her head.

Now, perhaps too late, Michelle began to wonder if she wanted to go on to where they were obviously going. Things were almost totally out of control now, but did she care? She wasn’t sure.

Those other two… She had gotten to not like them, for the way she had treated her after they got in. Especially the first one, the boy who had taken her virginity. Surely Dave would be different.

Dave quickly removed his trousers and shoes, leaving socks and trunks. And the front of the trunks was visibly distended, and her blue eyes were staring at what was obviously making them stretch forward.

As he rejoined her on the bed, Michelle reached her hand to cup and grasp his erection, first through the cloth and then by reaching through it. What she felt was very hard and very hot, and seemed very large and long to fit inside her.

“I am a little afraid, but I want you,” she whispered. “I just am not sure I want to go through with it.”

“I want you,” he replied. “There are other things that we could do, but I would like to really make love to you.”

Michelle looked seriously into his eyes, and after a while he broke off the gaze. He began to kiss her cheeks, then her neck, and worked his way down her body until he reached her navel. He paused there, and suddenly shifted to plant his lips on the opening to her cavern.

He opened her slightly with his fingertips, and the tip of his tongue made her freeze up. She bit the inside of her lip. She had never felt anything like that before, never imagined that such a thing could happen. Without any thought or conscious action, she spread for him and her knees raised and her legs lifted to let his mouth have the greatest possible access to her body.

His lips pressed against her, his fingers spread her labia again and again, his tongue shot in and out, he licked and sucked on her clitoris, never stopping until her hands dug into the bedsheets and her body arched over and over until the tension was relieved by the strongest orgasm she could ever remember. As Michelle lay there gasping, she held Dave.

But he did not go very far back up her body, and to her surprise his fingertips could arouse her again in only a short time. He spread her open wider than before and knelt before her to build her up again with his tongue.

The feeling grew more and more intense, until he had almost brought her to a peak, and then he turned away. When he returned, his shorts were gone and his rigid penis had a condom on it.

His lips returned, and built her up again, more quickly this time because there was less distance to go. As she approached a climax once more, once more he lifted his head, this time to move his long body over hers and touch the end of his erection to the outer lips between her legs. He paused there, the labia growing wetter from the contact and making his shaft slide slightly forward, driving her crazy.

Michelle drew in a breath, and said with a tremble, “Yes, I want you to. I want you.”

“I want you,” he replied, and kissed her on the lips as he moved his hips. The liquid she had produced made his entry easy, so there was no need for the lubrication on the outside of the condom. The ümraniye escort head of his erection passed through her outer lips, and the shiver she gave then made his pleasure even greater.

Dave gave her short gentle strokes, and after a few he felt the tight ring of her canal that prevented his full entry. Here he paused, and slowly backed out, then as slowly pressed down, looking into her open wide eyes, until they felt a stretching and then the slow slide as she opened within for him. Michelle’s mouth opened then also, in a ring of wonder as she for the first time in her life felt just how good it could be to have a man in her when she was fully conscious.

Now Dave entered her more fully, increasing the length of his strokes, until he was sinking all the way into her, or as far as his bulging shaft would stretch. But she was perhaps still a little nervous; for this or another reason Michelle was so tight inside still that the pleasure he felt was almost painful, and he had to slow down to avoid ending before she could possibly join him.

He had brought her to an orgasm once before in the last hour, then twice approached it, and now he quickly took her beyond it again. Her arms clutched his back, her legs pulled on his hips, and her face became drawn with intense pleasure.

With the physical hesitation went the emotional one. Michelle had no restraint now on how she could react. She had no reason to worry about going too far; she had done so. Now she only wanted to bring herself pleasure and to give her partner pleasure so that he would give her more in return.

It took much less time than either would have expected for his steady pistoning to bring her to another peak, and then to a fourth at the time that he erupted violently and filled the condom with his glistening seed. She contracted inside, milking him with her tiny muscles. She trembled and cried out with the stroke of passion.

They lay there afterwards, talking and touching each other softly. After perhaps a half-hour Dave got up and walked nude down the hall, dropping the used condom into the toilet bowl. He gave himself a fast shower, emerging just as Michelle came in to follow his example.

He gave Michelle a fast kiss as they passed, and it became clear then that their desire for each other had not yet been thoroughly satisfied. Dave put on a bathrobe and went downstairs to find a snack; Michelle was some minutes behind him.

They sat on the couch again after they ate, but between the knowledge of each other’s bodies that they had shared and the greater accessibility of those bodies through the loose clothing they wore now, they kissed and explored and fondled much more easily now.

Soon enough it was plain from the wet softness that Dave found and the hardness that Michelle held that they still or again wanted each other. Up the stairs they went again, and dropped their robes to the side.

They held each other close and naked as they stood, his tube slowly pressing into her belly, and sat on her bed. This time Dave had Michelle lean forward, her back to him, as he put on another condom, and then touched the end of his shaft to her entrance.

“Yes, I want you, I want you in me,” she whispered.

He lifted her body back up, holding her small breasts in his hands, and kissed her on the lips and through them, her head leaned back. As their tongues wrestled, he moved his hips. She felt the walls within her spread open and the mass of his masculinity move upward into her, and thought she might die from the triple assault of his hands, mouth and baton of flesh.

This new angle of entry was a surprise to Michelle, and she began gasping and shuddering with sensation until she reached completion.

This time his climax came more quickly, only a few seconds after hers began, for the sensation was stronger for her now, perhaps from the absence of her nervousness and worry, perhaps because this position seemed more decadent and therefore exciting.

The hours after this would have seemed almost normal for a pair of teenagers talking together, if you could ignore the fact that they spent them naked or close to it. They even dressed and went to a movie, an early evening matinee. But when they returned at nine that night, their appetites had also returned.

Both wanted to enjoy each other’s bodies before they parted for the night. They stood in the middle of her bedroom floor, removing the clothing from each other and dropping it to the floor. Dave pushed his erection down to glide between her legs, and Michelle opened and closed her legs several times, trapping and releasing the shaft that wanted to rise between them.

Once again he knelt to give her a vaginal kiss, but after he had spread her labia and was licking her with long strokes and pushing his tongue deep in and wriggling it about, Michelle asked him to stop.

“I think — I would like to do it to you too,” she said softly. And so they shifted. Michelle stared at the head of his penis, brought kartal escort bayan her hand to touch it, then stopped.

“Touch it, ” he said.

Michelle ran a finger over the shaft, testing the smoothness, and the way the skin slid easily over the flesh beneath. She made a ring around it with her finger and her thumb, and began to pump gingerly with the ring.

“You can squeeze, if you want.” He said.

“Show me how.” She whispered. Dave pulled her hand off, and showed her. When he let go, she carefully wrapping her fingers around him as if my penis was made of crystal.

“Now move your hand up and down,” he told her. “Stroke me.”

Michelle squeezed lightly and began to move. Her grip was firm enough to stimulate, but still light enough to make him want to beg for more. He leaned in for another vaginal kiss and began to play with her again. She eagerly pressed her mound up to his face. Her movements became a little more rapid and less controlled as I resumed stroking her clitoris.

Leaning forward, she blew her hot breath over the head of his penis. Dave looked up when he felt this, and almost exploded at the sight of Michelle’s mouth barely an inch from his member. She turned her head and looked at him.

“How does it taste, do you know?” He brought his finger up and took a little bit of pre-come from the tip, presenting it to her mouth. She looked reluctant to taste, so he brought his finger to his mouth and licked it clean. He had never done that, but knew it was harmless, and felt this situation called for more extreme measures.

“Salty,” he said. He brought his finger down for another dollop and said “want to try?” Nervously, she stuck out her tongue and touched it to the bit of semen on his finger.

She held her position for a second, trying to discern the taste, then licked the rest. “I guess you taste okay,” she said. “I guess I won’t get sick.”

He now put his lips to her clitoris and sucked on it before returning to lave her inner walls with his tongue, and Michelle very gingerly kissed the head of his penis, then dipped her head to lick the underside. She started out lightly, but as she grew accustomed to his taste, her tongue became more bold. Soon she was running her tongue the full length, from his root at the base to the top of his glans. It felt heavenly, and became even more so when, without any prompting, she positioned her mouth above the head and circled the bulb with her tongue.

He gasped and Michelle gave me a quick grin before she returned to work. Unafraid now, she opened her mouth and let his head slide in. Her tongue darted over him, swirling around the head before it returned to the top, her eyes closed and tongue slowly circling. She continued this torture for a couple of minutes before she decided to see how much she could take in her mouth. She lowered her head so slowly as to be almost imperceptible, the only giveaway of her motion being the steady increase of warmth around his shaft. As she went, she continued to swirl her tongue around, treating him like a giant piece of candy.

Michelle had to stop after five inches. She pulled back a little bit to make herself more comfortable, and began to concentrate on using her tongue to turn him on. She was very successful at this, and soon he was impossibly rigid.

After a few minutes of this, Dave was in ecstasy. “I’m going to come soon, you know.” He told her. “Would you like to taste it?”

She came up for air from his penis, and considered the offer. “Does it taste any different from what’s come out?” .

“No,” he said, “there’ll just be a lot more of it.”

With a little smile, she asked “Do you want me to taste it?”

“Yes, I would love that.”

“Okay,” she said, “then I will.”

Michelle took him back into her mouth and began to suck harder, milking him cock as well as she could. It wasn’t long before he had returned to the edge of a climax. Noticing that his body was tensing up, she sucked and worked her tongue even harder than before, which triggered him into a thunderous orgasm. As the waves swept through him, he began to shoot into her mouth.

The first blast caught her by surprise, and she opened her mouth. As soon as she realized what was happening, however, Michelle clamped her lips back down and began to suck what came out into her body. He poured squirt after squirt into her mouth, directly down her throat. After his orgasm subsided, she continued to work on him. When she finally let the shaft slip out, she began to lick the base.

To his surprise and her delight, he recovered in only a few minutes and could easily build her most of the way back to a peak.

This time he lifted her legs all the way up before he entered her, and he entered her swiftly and fully and gave her an orgasm almost at once. She cried out as he came down. He made a point of holding back his own reactions, because he wanted to feel how she was without any artificial barrier at all. There was a danger in this, and that may have added to the thrill for her.

When her gasping slowed, he withdrew to put on the last of the pack of three condoms he had brought. But her second orgasm came soon after, as he shot his sperm out for the fourth time that day and she called his name.

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