Long Island Cuckold Ch. 07

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Some people have asked me via email, feedback to the postings, and in real life, “How did you two get involved in this?” “What caused you both want to do this?”

While questions are typically addressed at both Donna and I, they seem to be really “What made Donna want to get involved in being with other people and abusing her husband?”

It’s a good question. Tough to give a written explanation for it. I think Donna has always lived a bit of a charmed life. Smart, pretty, popular, always seemed to be in demand. Her family did not have money for sure and she had a good family life, but without going into it, she had her challenges in that area. Perhaps that gave her the drive to control and manipulate to some extent when so much was out of her control when she was younger.

What went on during our honeymoon (Ch 01) brought this out naturally. She always seemed to like to tease me or in little ways, that I always took as teasing, make my life a bit more difficult. I’m fortunate that she kink only seems to be to torment and humiliate me. Over the years she has had opportunities to dominate and use other men and women and she has never been interested.

This explanation may make sense to you or not. It is all I have to offer. We are lucky enough to be a good match and to be with each other. It isn’t that we don’t have disagreements or disappoint one another once in a while, it is that there has never been a question of trust. For whatever reason, we don’t have that fear with each other.

After Rob left to go home to Canada and Donna let me know that we were going to plan a Las Vegas weekend for the three of us, as well as wanting to make a visit to the Adult Video Store to make use of the glory holes there, Donna and I had about a month of high sex activity.

Donna would find little ways to exert her domination over me. Her strapon got a workout (as did I). She developed a passion for having me massage and worship her feet. Just about whenever we sat down near each other, she had her feet in my lap and I was massaging them. If we were alone, I was on the floor licking, sucking, and worshipping them as they rightfully deserved.

I had always had an office in my home and since part of my business was to visit clients, it was typically for me to work days at home or part days at home. She would love to come back from a run or from the gym when I was on the phone with a client. Upon seeing her enter my office, I would need to strip, get on the floor, untie her shoes, take off her socks, and worship and lick her feet. When I was lucky, she would allow me to do the same to her armpits and other parts of her.

There was plenty of “normal” couple sex during that month, too. I would take the lead as we made love. We were both talking about, reading the internet about cuckolding and Female Lead Relationships, and anticipating what was to come.

Life does not always allow for plans. Rob was not able to break away from his work any time soon. That lead into the summer and between family events and getting our second child off to college, there wasn’t any time.

The intensity of our play went down a notch (or three). Our lovemaking resumed to pre-cuckold levels, which was about once a week or so. We still did still with the dominant activities. The strap-on or bondage sessions would drove to maybe a couple of times a month, but her superiority and my submission to her became natural. It became a normal thing for me to worship her after a workout, foot worship was without thinking. and Donna was able to make motions for me to respond to without any effort on her part for me to be a receptacle for her spit or urine. We were both anticipating more activity and exploring, but were pretty happy.


Finally we did set a weekend with Rob to go to Las Vegas in October and as Labor Day approach, we found ourselves empty nesters. We also didn’t have much to do for Labor Day weekend. The boat needed repairs, so we decided to take it out for the winter. We joked that we did not have any invites anywhere, although whenever we invited people to our house or out on the boat they never seemed to turn us down.

I had a competition that Saturday morning with the Dojo. Thank the martial arts gods that we didn’t have to travel to NJ, but it was in Brooklyn. We did well overall and I was very happy with my own performance and was home by 2pm. Since it was a beautiful day, Donna suggested that we spend the day and evening at Otto’s in Freeport.

Those of you who know Long Island, know that it has some of the best weather on the planet in September. Often the edge of summer is fading and there are sunny days with blue skies, and a light breeze, that is really quite perfect. Otto’s is a restaurant and bar on the South Shore of Long Island in Freeport on what is known as the “Nautical Mile”. It is a row of boat slips, bars, and restaurants. I wouldn’t say it has the best food, but it is a very fun place to spend time at during the summer.

Otto’s İstanbul Escort has an outside space that is a bit like a Tiki Bar. They actually have two bars outside and there is a band stage in the middle. We tend to hand out at the bar that is right by the street and listen to music and watch all of the people walk by. The people there are always friendly. When you’ve had a couple of cocktails there on a sunny day and the band starts to play a Jimmy Buffett song, you can’t resist being happy.

I got home, changed, we hopped in the Corvette and cruised to Otto’s with the top off. To get the mood going, we were playing Jimmy Buffett on the radio. Donna was wearing a light blue tank top and a white skirt. With sun glasses on, she was incredibly sexy.

We pulled onto a side street parallel to the Nautical Mile and found a parking spot, then made our way to Otto’s outside bar. There was a little bit of bar space by the street and we claimed it, with the bar stools for our own. At the bar by the street, beer is the adult beverage. You have to go to the other bar or inside to get anything else. So, we both started to drink whatever was on tap while listening to the music.

The band was 4 middle aged white dudes. They were doing a good job of playing a mix of music, leaning heavily into Credence Clearwater Revival. We quickly feel into enjoying the weather, the music, the beer, and the people at the bar. We struck up a conversation with a couple of guys who were already at the bar that we sat down next to. One was a high school teacher enjoying the last moments of his freedom and the other guy was an IT-something or the other. Their names were, oddly enough, Mike. So we joked about all of us having the same name and the four of us had a great time. We enjoyed their conversation. They were very funny and clever guys. Clearly they knew each other for quite a while because, they knew all of the same movie lines and one would start a joke and the other would finish it.

As the day wore on and it got closer to 6pm, the Mikes decided they were going to go and get some dinner. I shook their hands good-bye and Donna gave them both a hug and a kiss good. Both Mikes were married and I was amused that both Mikes enjoyed the embrace by Donna, one more overtly and the other a bit more red-face.

As the Mikes made their exits three bikers pulled up and parked their bikes right on the street. Since the departure of the Mikes made a space at the bar, the bikers took that spot. They were about our aged and as I’ve found at Otto’s they were nice people and there for fun. They were two guys and a woman.

Donna and I were already pretty buzzed at this point. We got to chatting with the bikers. The woman was married to one of the guys. It was clear that this wasn’t the first bar they had stopped at because they were equally lubricated as we were and all 5 of us were being a little silly.

Turns out the two of them worked as electricians. The woman was an accountant. We all had a few cheeseburgers at one point for dinner as the rounds of beer continued. I noticed the single guy was always right next to Donna. I looked for signals from Donna and there definitely weren’t any that she was giving me that indicated she wanted to get away. She was enjoying herself.

Donna was asking him which was his bike and after pointing it out, he offered to give her a ride on it. She giggle and said “Sure!” The next thing I know they were outside on the street on the bike. He gave Donna his helmet and they took off with her on the back of his bike.

I spoke with the couple for a while. I hadn’t thought of it too much, but all three of them were attractive people. The two guys were in good shape. The husband had darker hair and the guy giving Donna a ride on his bike had lighter brown hair. All three were in boots, jeans, t-shirts and wearing leather vests. They were all tanned, from spending the summer riding I assumed.

They were gone for about 15 minutes when the woman said to me, “I hope you’re ok, our friend it the kind of guy you can trust with your money and your life, but not your wife. Women like him and I think he and Donna are doing more than riding right now.”

I just laughed. Wasn’t sure what to say other than, “I’m sure Donna is ok”.

The husband chuckled and said, “Better than OK, I’m sure”

We all had another round, talked, and listened to the music. It was close to 8pm and Donna and the biker had been away for about 40 minutes when they came rolling back up to the street, right by where we were sitting. They parked, Donna and walked over. He was smiling ear to ear. He said something to his friends and they laughed, I don’t remember what it was.

Donna just had a smirk. Her hair was a bit of a mess from the helmet, the ride, and whatever else. I did notice that her tank top was a little bit askew. As they walked up, he went and started talking to his two friends and Donna came right up to me with that smirk on her Kadıköy Escort face. She put her hand around my mouth with was our signal for me to open my mouth so she can spit into it and I opened it. She then drooled what was quite a bit of his cum into my mouth.

I remember hearing “Holy Shit” from our friends and “Yup, that’s me!” I was embarrassed and I know my face was turning read, but Donna kept her hand by my face which normally meant for me not to swallow, so I didn’t.

When she was finished, she ended with a little bit of a dramatic spit that was different from her just drooling into my mouth. With her mouth now empty, she said, “Don’t swallow”

The guy who gave her the ride said, “Fuuuuuck, you have to come back to my place and let me fuck you.”

Donna said, “No, we have to be going. Thank you for the ride. It was almost as good as you.”

The couple laughed. She hugged both bikers and kissed them on their check to say good bye.” I was impressed on how gentlemanly they were. While they did groper her, they didn’t try to hold her back.

The wife of the one biker kissed Donna on the lips goodbye and said, ‘Next time you have to join us.”

Then Donna turned to me and said, “Swallow”. I did, then Donna said, “Thank him”

I said, “Thank you sheepishly” to the biker who obviously got at least a blowjob from my wife.

He just laughed and said, “There is more where that came from.”

My wife then took my hand and we walked back to the car. As we got to the car, she leaned against me and gave me a slow romantic kiss. She said, “That was so much fun.” She rubbed my crotch and I was already hard. She smiled as she kissed me some more.

We got into the car and started to drive back home slowly through the streets of Freeport. Her hand was in my crotch rubbing me. I said, “I’m surprised you didn’t want to go back home with him.” It was really more of a question than a statement.

Donna said, “I was tempted. We drove to a park and were making out on his bike. He had me naked. He really wanted to fuck me and I was very tempted. He is hot and big. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. He told me that we all could have been in a foursome,” (obviously with me not included)” but I wasn’t ready for that. I told him about you and instead gave him a blowjob. Maybe next time. When I got dressed, he put my panties in his back pocket. I guess as a trophy of stealing me from you or something.”

Donna spread her legs and pushed up her skirt. I saw her wet pussy and her red bush. With one hand she was playing with her pussy and the other stroking me through my shorts. I was hard as a rock and dying to get my sexy wife home and make love to her. After the beer I drank I realized I should not be on the road and drove home as carefully as possible.

I thought that when we got home we would jump into bed. As we got into the house and I went to grab Donna, she pushed me away and smiled saying, “Strip. Now.”

I remember thinking, “This empty next thing is going to get me in trouble.”

I stripped and we went over to the couch. She said down and told me to get her some ice water and Advil. I did and when I came back, Donna had the TV. I hander her the Advil and water and she took the pills and drank most of the glass of water. The beer and the sun was having an effect on both of us and one of Donna’s practices was too take plenty of water and a couple of Advil before she felt bad.

Donna had kicked off her shoes and pointed down at her toes. I knew what I was to do and I kneeled down in front of her and as she raised her toes to my lips I took them into my mouth and began to lick and suck them. I pulled my head back as I was getting sand in my mouth and when I did that she kicked me in the head (It was more of a very hard slap with her other foot) and said, “No! You lick and clean and swallow.”

I replied, “Yes Ma’am” and I went back to licking and sucking her feet and toes. As I did this and as I licked and swallowed all of the sand and grime from my wife, she told me about her time away from me. She told me how hot he was, how good of a kisser he was, how he grabbed and held her, and how big of a cock he had.

His cock was bigger than Rob’s and that is what made her stop. He didn’t want to be unfaithful to him in that way. Not at this point. As she spoke I was moving up her legs. She made small gestures guiding me. When I was close to her pussy, I could feel the heat and smell her. She was wet, hot, and on fire.

She pulled my face into her and I did my best to go down on her. It wasn’t long before she had me lying face up on the floor as she rode my face. She was on all fours, still clothed, with her skirt up around her waist. She rode my face from my chin up over my forehead and on my hair and back down again. She kept doing that until she had a massive orgasm. She collapsed a bit with her pussy right over my nose and mouth. She remained there for about 2 minutes. (That is a long time in that position.)

I Ataşehir Escort was hard while lying in that position and she wasn’t paying my dick any attention, so I went to stroke myself. She casually pushed my hand away. She lifted herself off of my dick and lifted herself off of my face until she was about four inches from my mouth.

She then said, “I really have to go.” “Open.” “Don’t dare get any on the rug.” Then she pissed into my open mouth. She had to piss quite a bit and it was more than she had in the past. She paused, but I had to swallow quickly to keep up. I noticed my stomach was filling and I was feeling the urge before she was done.

When she finished, she hovered and I knew I was to lick her clean. As I did, I pushed my tongue deep inside of her. That earned me a smack on the head. She said, “Clean me, don’t eat me.” I finished carefully.

She then got up with a bit of a grunt. She was tired, as as I. I was laying naked in front of her and she straighten her skirt a bit and then plopped on the couch again. She was watching TV, I think half dazed. She was lightly rubbing her foot on my dick. If she would apply more pressure or do it without stopping briefly I would cum.

After a bit, she said, “Get cleaned up down here, then come to bed.” She kicked my balls just enough to hurt slightly, but not too hard or in a mean way. “Don’t play with your dick or I’ll kick these”. Then she padded to the bedroom.

I took my time knowing that she would want to get cleaned up herself. I used our downstairs bathroom. I had to pee for a while myself. I hopped in the shower to get clean head to toe and then brushed my teeth. I grabbed my clothes on the way to the bedroom.

I was sobering up quite a bit by then. I think the shower helped. When I walked in, I noticed that Donna was drunk. She was slurring a bit. I hadn’t noticed it a while ago. It was sexy. (Ok, every damn thing this woman does I find sexy. I’ll confess to that).

She was coming out of the bedroom bathroom in just a t-shirt. She grabbed me by the dick and led me to bed. We kind of both fell into bed lying down face to face. She was still lightly holding my cock. Lightly stroking it. She could tell I was dying to cum. She wiped some pre-cum off of the tip of my dick, then wiped it over my lips like it was lip gloss.

Donna kissed my cheeks, my nose and my forehead while very lightly stroking and touching my dick. She said while doing this, “There is no need for you to cum. So don’t.” She wiped the pre-cum on my lips a few more times then said, “It is going to be so much fun when we are in Las Vegas with Rob. I can’t wait to be with him and feel him next to me.”

Then she whispered in my ear, “Eat my ass while I fall asleep.” And she rolled over and spread her legs. I dutifully moved myself down, lifted her t-shirt and began to eat her wonderful ass, burying my tongue as far inside her as I could. She briefly raised her calf to glide over my straining dick. After about a minute Donna was asleep. Within 3 minutes she was snoring.

I desperately wanted to either jerk off or just rub my dick on her leg until I came, but I knew better. I wanted to honestly please and be obedient to Donna. Instead, I kept worshipping Donna’s ass for a few minutes more. I fell asleep between her legs.

I remember waking up around 2 am or so and her thighs being by my head. I kind of moved around to the back of her again, spread her cheeks and put my tongue back into her ass again. After doing that for not too long, I drifted off again.

I woke up with Donna lightly running her toe along my hardon again. It was about 8am. She was mostly sitting up and I was towards the bottom of the bed, and she woke up and was laughing at my state. After a minute, she said, “I have to pee”.

She positioned her pussy over my head in the bed. This was the first time she ever did this on our bed and warned me, “If you let any pee get on my sheets, you’ll regret is, cucky-boy”. I drank the strong liquid from my wife loving every second and every drop. I then lightly licked her clean.

I was rewarded when we were done and Donna was making her way to the bathroom, “Good boy! Go make coffee.”

I had to pee as well and I pretty much ran to the kitchen to make the coffee. As soon as I had the Bunn coffeemaker brewing (Only takes a couple of minutes to pump out a pot), I ran to the bathroom for myself, then brushed my teeth and washed up.

When Donna came into the kitchen, she was smiling. I poured her a cup of coffee, then myself one. We sat down opposite each other. She smiled. She was wearing just her t-shirt and I was naked. While we drank our coffee, she used one of her feet to make me hard.

She didn’t have a hangover, but I was noticing I had a small one. She saw me making a face, then got me a couple of Excedrin and a big glass of water. She stood behind me and stroked my hair while I drank the glass and took the Excedrin. Then went back to drinking her coffee and playing with my dick.

We talked about the weather, about how we were going to spend the rest of the weekend. We decided to spend the day in the pool. While she was lightly playing with my dick with her foot, she said, “I really don’t think you need to cum. What do you think?”

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