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After college, Jake rented a house with a rotating cast of roommates for about three years until he felt grownup enough to get his own apartment in the city. More than a dozen different people, girls as well as guys, shared the house, though there were never more than five roomies at a time. The constants were Jake and his best friend from college, Sandy. The longest lasting housemate was Sandy’s girlfriend, Vallery. They dated in high school and college—although Jake accompanied Sandy on many pickups of other chicks—and were unofficially engaged by the time she moved into our house. At first, she had her own room, but when two other people moved out and freed up a double-sized bedroom, Sandy and Vallery shacked up.

Just before that time, they sublet one of the rooms to a young college co-ed named Shawna. She was a tiny girl with long red braids and a talkative personality. She didn’t even look eighteen, but claimed to be of age. Shawna’s chattiness annoyed Sandy and Vallery thought she was a dork. When Shawna moved into the house, her father and elder brother virtually interviewed each one of the housemates. Jake especially impressed them, washing the kitchen floor and cleaning the oven when they came over. He promised them he would watch out for little Shawna.

The reality of the situation was that Shawna only needed a summer nest to fuck her boyfriend from school because they couldn’t live in the dorms till September. Jake and Sandy thought she seemed awfully young to be sexually active, but they certainly had been getting nooky since high school. Still, Shawna was very much a kid, for one thing, being afraid of thunder and lightning. When a storm came through one night, Shawna meekly tip-toed into Jake’s bedroom. It was 3:00 a.m.

“I’m scared,” she whimpered. “Can I stay in here?”

“Sure,” said Jake, pausing at the flash of light. When the thunder clapped, she shrieked.

“I’ll stay right here on the floor,” she said in a quivering voice. “I won’t bother you.”

“Don’t be silly,” Jake said as he lifted his bedsheet and beckoned her. “I’m not an animal. Come on.”

Shawna hopped under the sheet alongside Jake. They wore matching outfits, boxer shorts and white tee shirt. Shawna edged closer to Jake with the sound of every roll of thunder. She gasped with every flash of lightning, and by the time the steady rhythm of rain surrounded the house, she was hugging and spooning him. They slept through the rain and awoke to the heavy glare of sunlight through the bedroom window. Jake opened his eyes to the sight of Shawna crawling on all fours under the covers.

“I wanna thank you for protecting me.”

The next thing Jake knew, the little girl who looked like jail bait was sucking his cock. His morning wood was hard and strong. Shawna’s cheeks puffed in and out as her lips smooched the tip of his dickhead. Jake reached inside her tee and rubbed her small titties, barely nubs, while she blew him. He spewed his precious manly fluid into the young lady’s mouth and she gobbled it up with relish. Jake breathed in the odor of her sweat as she kissed his face before departing. They never hooked up again, and Jake couldn’t really tell anyone—not Sandy, Vallery, or certainly not his girlfriend, Lilly.

The night with Shawna wasn’t the defining moment Ankara escort of Jake’s life with his housemates, however. The kickoff was one day when Vallery called Jake from her bedroom. He was out in the hallway. It was mid afternoon. He cracked open the door and saw Vallery lying bundled up in her bed.

“What’s up, Val?”

“I’m sick as a dog,” she croaked. “Can you get me a glass of water and that bottle of pills on my dresser?” Then she pointed, letting the blanket fall way, and revealing her bulbous right breast, dangling in mid air.

Jake dutifully ran to the bathroom, filled a glass with water, and returned to the room, grabbing the pill bottle from the dresser. He held the glass and pills before and Vallery threw aside the covers and sat topless, her gorgeous mammaries danced and her corkscrew red nipples sang a happy tune to Jake’s eyes. Jake’s cock stiffened and grew hard against the flesh of his inner thigh. After popping the pill and washing it down, she said thanks and Jake left the room. He felt a bit guilty about letting his friend—his friend’s fiancée, at that—turn him on. That feeling didn’t last long.

Vallery was a beautiful young woman, light brown hair, green eyes, long legged, skinny except for broad muscular hips and double-D boobies. Vallery’s high-cheek-boned face was sharply carved, her wide mouth sported bright white prominent teeth, and her pointy chin was dimpled. She was a pal and a brain—she majored in physics and was working on a master’s in electrical engineering. Yet she was a sexy head-turner.

On a cool summer evening, one of the few when Lilly couldn’t come to visit Jake, Sandy and Vallery were partying in their room, drinking wine, snorting coke, smoking weed, and presumably indulging their carnal lust. Nobody else was home. Jake went into the kitchen to grab a snack when Sandy joined him—naked, his ding-dong flapping and his balls hanging halfway down to his knees. Sandy and Jake made small talk and shared a peanut butter sandwich. Then Sandy invited Jake to join him and Val in their room.

At first, they hung out, smoking and drinking, talking and laughing, listening to tunes, as a trio of friends might do. The only thing odd was that Jake’s two house buddies were in the nude and he was fully clothed. Of course, he enjoyed seeing Vallery’s glorious tits again, and also got to meet her vagina for the first time. She had an overly bushy pubic patch, much darker than her hair, and a bulging mound with a prominent clitoris that looked like a little dick.

“Come on, Jake. Get naked.” Sandy spoke the words, but Vallery came up to him. As she started to unbutton his shirt, Jake smelled the odor of her sweat, breath, and sex. His shirt came off and Vallery went to work on his pants. Her awesome areolas were next to his face, and when she pulled down his pants, he kissed the tip of a nipple. Vallery’s boobs jiggled over his rising penis as she wriggled off his jeans and underwear. With Sandy nodding his approval, his fiancée began to lick Jake’s cock like a lollypop.

Vallery was a talker. She narrated everything she did as Sandy watched, amused. “I wanna lick your dick up and down and then underneath … You have a nice one. I never saw it before. It’s just as big as Sandy’s … Let me scoop the head in my mouth and slurp Ankara escort bayan the tippy-tip … Like that? I can see you do, ha-ha-ha! … I’m gonna suck it now… Um, hmm, umph, ahh! … You want me to kiss your thingy? Watch. Smack! … Yeah, you like that.”

Vallery’s next move was to snuggle up to Jake and let him feel, lick, and suck her gigantic tits, which she lifted and played with as he did. “Like my boobies? … Put your mouth on my areola, now suck the nipple into your mouth … That’s it … Use your tongue … Now bite the tip … Oh, yeah! … Now pull my nippy with your teeth and let it snap back … Ow! … Again …. Ow! … That’s enough. Now lick my whole booby … All over it, uh-huh … That’s nice … And the other one … Ooooooh!”

After enjoying playing with Vallery for several minutes, Sandy came over and rubbed his long dong against the side of her face and she sucked on him while Jake continued fondling her wondrous breasts. Then Jake found Vallery’s nether regions. Her thickly hedged cunt was plump, pulpy, and wet. He massaged her large mons and rubbed her fleshy labia before putting a finger inside her spongy cunt. His finger tip felt her large swollen vessel and swam in a puddle of her juice. He brought his head between her legs and kissed her erect clitoris. Vallery popped Sandy’s rod out of her mouth momentarily to command Jake, “Eat my pussy.” Down below her aroma was a blend of musk, sweat, sex, and flowers. She was so wet Jake had to gulp and swallow. He sawed her Venus with two fingers while giving her clit a tongue lashing. In a few minutes, Sandy jiggled his legs and shot his wad into her mouth.

Vallery resumed her chatter, telling Jake, “Okay, get your tongue on my clitty … Keep rolling your fingers … Yeah, now switch. Massage my clit and lick my pussy lips … That’s it. Get your tongue right in my slit … Oh, you’re really good at this … Hold on a sec …” Vallery reached down and used two fingers to spread her vagina open wider. “Come on, Jake, honey … Get your big fat tongue up there…Ooh, la-la-la! “

Jake was drunk on the taste of the goddess. He saw Sandy reclined next to them on the bed watching Jake give his fiancée cunnilingus. Jake felt Sandy’s hands patting and stroking them. Vallery paused and flipped onto her belly. Without any prompt whatsoever, Jake began to lick Vallery’s buttocks and rectum. When she used her hands to separate her ass cheeks, Jake darted his tongue at her anus. After she farted into his mouth, he ate out the most delicious ass he ever tasted.

“I want to see you fuck her, Jake,” said Sandy, as he put his hands on Jake’s shoulders. Jake rose form Vallery’s luscious bubbles and turned to his friend, whose hands moved down from Jake’s shoulders to his chest, abdomen, and groin. “But first … ” Sandy said as he took hold of Jake’s manhood. Jake watched in shock, mute, as Sandy opened his mouth and went down on his cock. Jake saw Sandy’s moustache wrap about his shaft and his red lips move up and down. Jake felt the force, warmth, wetness, and pressure of Sandy’s fellatio as Vallery joined them, alternately kissing her future husband and their friend whose dick he was sucking.

Vallery whispered in Jake’s ear, “He’s making love to your cock, isn’t he?” The trio completed Escort Ankara their interlocking when Vallery gobbled up Sandy’s cock and Jake twisted to put his mouth on her teeming cunt, all at the same time. Then Jake felt a surge at the base of his spine and from his groin to his thighs. He came in a torrent that gagged Sandy even as his own ejaculate was pilling from the sides of Vallery’s mouth. Jake never before came with such force in his life.

No one spoke about what they had just done or its implications. The three friends pulled down a bottle of wine, drinking straight from the bottle, smoked a series of joints, snorted some blow, and opened another bottle of wine. This was cheap stuff you could get for $2.99 in those days. Sandy and Vallery poured wine on each other’s genitalia and licked it off. Then they both went after Jake, soaking his dick and balls in booze and then lapping it up. Jake still hadn’t wrapped his head around his best pal having given him a blow job.

Their respite ended and Vallery took charge, climbing on top of Jake and rubbing the head of his penis against her oversized clitoris until Jake’s erection swelled. Then she mounted him reverse cowgirl style so that Sandy could straddle them both. She proceeded to expertly and simultaneously screw Jake and suck off Sandy in a loud, roaring ride. When they were spent, Sandy came over and slurped Jake’s creamy deposit out of Vallery’s cunt. Then he started licking and sucking Jake’s spent peni s.

“I never expected you to do this,” Jake said to him.

“Don’t you like it?” Vallery asked as Sandy kept on sucking.

“It feels good,” he replied while Sandy rolled his tongue up and down the length of his cock and tickled his balls. A moment later Jake came again, heartily and furiously in his buddy’s mouth.

“Does this mean we’re queer?” Jake asked them both.

“No, we’re just friends having fun,” said Sandy.

“So, what if your friend sucked your cock?” said Vallery.

“It’s no big deal,” Sandy continued. “I didn’t mind Vallery giving you head.”

Vallery giggled, “Lilly snuck into our room to give Sandy head one night when I wasn’t here.” Jake froze. “You didn’t know?” Vallery was truly surprised. “I’m sorry.”

“No problem,” Jake said easily. He had to have a talk with his girlfriend.

Needless to say, the three housemates slept the following day away. As he arose, Jake wondered if things would ever be the same. Would Sandy blow him again? Would he end up blowing Sandy? Yes, he thought about it. Would they have more threesomes? Would he be fucking Vallery at will? Would he bring Lilly into the mix? She was already in it, as Jake realized. Should he tell Lilly he knows she gave Sandy a late night blow job after Jake fucked her and fell asleep, or should he keep that info for later use?

The next weekend things became clearer. Jake came home late from a date with Lilly and found his roomies only starting to party. Vallery called Jake from upstairs. “Take off your clothes and come on up.” Jake disrobed in the hallway and left his clothes in a heap outside the bedroom door. What was in store he didn’t know, but was willing to give it a go, whatever it turned out to be.

Jake found Sandy lying on the bed face down with his ass up in the air. He patted the bed next to him, indicating that Jake should join him. That’s when Jake looked over and saw buxom beauty Vallery, gloriously nude, except for what looked like a leather harness and a foot-long black plastic strap-on.

“Who’s first?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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